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  1. Well I have a couple loadouts with ballistic steel inserts. They will stop a 7.62X51mm FMJ but they will have trouble stopping 5.56X45mm. Something to do with the bullets velocity and the fact that most 5.56mm nowdays is steel cored and if it doesn't punch through it leaves a crater in the armor. Now if I get shot while wearing said armor it will hurt but it probably will not kill me.
  2. I'm tempted to make a Cyberpunk2020 dedicated Facebook group.
  3. Hey all, A year ago I lost my dad to a fatal heart attack. He was 70 and had lived for 15 years past when the doctors had expected him to die. It was at a family camping trip. I was working so I wasn't there. he had a good time with the family and right after dinner he collapsed. it took my Uncle an hour and a half to get dad to a hospital. According to the coroner it wouldn't have mattered if he had the heart attack at the hospital itself. It's been a year and I am still getting used to the fact that Dad is gone for good. We are still organizing his stuff but the major stuff is
  4. As Mark Said I'm on Facebook. if there is a VFTE Google+ group I could use a PM for the link.
  5. The map of Night City is based on the map of San Fransisco. Look at "frisco" if you want to have some idea of how big Night City should be.
  6. Mike, your costs to run a light Helicopter is rather low. I have various manufacturers data on multiple aircraft and for say as an example the MD500 light helecopter I get. Fuel and Lubricants 1: Fuel @ $3.93* gallon @ approx. 27 gallons per hour.$ 106.11 Lubricants @ 3% of fuel $ 3.18 Total Fuel ..................................................................................$ 113.97 then at the bottom of the page it has. Total Direct Operating Cost4 ........................................ $ 328.87 that is the factory lowball numbers for an Hour of flight not
  7. Yeah and those Mosin Rifles used to be dirt cheap. Now days you would have to make your own SVD/PSL pistol. From watching the video you can almost hide one under a jacket.
  8. If I remember correctly some of those Butter Smugglers were using Surplus German Armored cars from WWII.
  9. Am I a horrible person for thinking Johnny5: 1 Some Asshole: too many?
  10. Me I'm hoping that someone improves the prototype of flexible ceramic body armor. I have a PDF for the prototype some Mine clearing guy made but the issue with it was that it let through too much KE.
  11. I used to live an Hour from SF/Oakland. San Fransisco was awash in the Homeless. First thing I remember seeing one time right before i had my throat cut was a homeless guy holding a sign that said "Starvin like Marvin" whatever the hell that meant. I've been to some interesting places and even cities like Manchester and London have those areas that one avoids unless one is a guest of the locals.
  12. It seems that the Combat Zone is real and it's found in Seattle. The Jungle I'm pretty sure that some places in California or the Northeast have similar areas. Somehow this actually does not surprise me as several large cities refuse to properly deal with their homeless problems. I know that where I am living now has issues with homeless as for most of the year the weather is nice. The camps range from garbage dumps to places that people with some outdoor living skills made with some forethought.
  13. Armor so light that a 40mm HEDP might pop it. RPG fire on the other hand will open one up like a tin can. I know that your link has a further link to a pdf I downloaded about the nearly 30 Narcotanks that have been found. As your article states making one is resource intensive.
  14. From somewhere on the web I found an Excel based Cyberpunk2020 character generator. It's an Interesting little file and it works for double checking the math on characters but it's bugged. Like the Skills for a techie don't work right or you cannot add more roles to it. Some of the errors have the name Simpson attached. Dropbox link Hopefully Someone can ID this and the bugs can get worked out.
  15. Well It is confirmed that the perps* were Muslim. What is not confirmed is their motive. Apparently one of the perps knew the people they were targeting. Even though California has the toughest weapon laws in the country it did not stop people with Evil intentions. *I'm not going to say their name as I am a big fan of the "Some A$$hole Initiative.
  16. Most so called criminals have little idea about what to do after the "job" or if they "Escape". That is why most criminals have long rap sheets or they get caught before the job even starts.
  17. Just a question for those who are Still here. How would you stat out MCMAP as a martial Arts Style in Cyberpunk2020? MCMAP on Wikipedia
  18. Rockwolf66

    Getting There!

    Hopefully next up is walking unaided on two cyberlegs then hopefully Quad limbs.
  19. While I don't like bullpups I do think that this is an interesting idea for an Integrally suppressed weapon.
  20. And just think in the Road Warrior they had a wrist crossbow that was fired with a string around a finger. Plus Neotribes had stats for them too.
  21. One issued with making Chainsaws AP against soft armor is the fact that IRL Chainsaw chaps are made up of tough fabric and they keep the chainsaw from taking off your leg by jamming up the blade.
  22. Ah another ill conceived solution looking for a problem. There is a reason that people did not buy the Smith & Wesson pistols with the mechanical locks on them. The locks would fail at the wrong time and lock up the pistol. If it happened in a life or death situation the wrong person would die. With electronics like this you are adding even more "points of failure". Then again what if I want to let a friend shoot my firearm? Am I just supposed to give him my electronic "key"?
  23. That about sums it up. 5 figures is a big ass medical bill. To make matters worse, apprently the laser on his PS3 has also died, so no GTA5 for him atm either... Talk about being kicked while your down. which is a pity as I'm trying to introduce a gal to Cyberpunk 2020. I wanted at least the maps to share with her.
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