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  1. On 26/04/2021 at 16:54, StreetDragon said:

    Honestly I think actually naming weapons are an important part of Cyberpunk and think the generic gun aspect of RED was a mistake. It an important part of Style over Substance! A player never has a generic 9mm, he has a Militech Arms Avenger. The shopping list aspect of it is important part of the RP. The mechanics shouldn't complicate things, but the appearance should. 

    Its a way to get past the D&D "I am a fighter with a longsword and Chain Mail" type of playing where the characters are interchangeable and they dump their gear once they get a +1 kill stuff magic item.

    Yup as La Aracrana does not simply have an AK rifle. She has a custom built rifle by her gurlfriend Lexie Raven that has some really nice options that put it above some Chinese Type 56 that came up from Central America via Vietnam.



    AK Shorty.png

  2. On 06/04/2021 at 20:23, Allen1 said:

    The range is a bit shorter too, but maybe not, as extended range would still be the book 1600m.  Watching videos of this monster being fired, to hit something at 1600m would be quite the shot!

    Not really, I actually have a paper on the long range accuracy of 40X53mm projectiles. The thing limiting an Automatic grenade launcher is usually the sighting system. While wind drift is a factor it's usually people misjudging the distance that's the issue. The round itself will hit targets at ranges over 2km.

  3. Somewhere on this forum I think I posted a "Corrected" version of various Max metal Weapons.  Instead of "generic" weapons I used the stats for IRL weapons as a base.


  4. A westmarch game is one where It's player driven and whoever is there groups together to adventure.

    In this case the PCs start out at say a nightclub and decide to go out and do something. they then end up back at the nightclub at the end of the adventure. Whatever they did affects Night City and if another group goes to that same area they see the results of that previous adventure.


    I hope to get a small group of GMs and a pool of players and set them loose in Night City.


  5. Hey all,

    On the Discord fan group someone asked about a Cyberpunk2020 Westmarch. Since there did not seem to be one I have made one. I am now trying to find both GMs and Players.

    I am starting out with the Official places in night city and the PCs conapts. After that it's wherever the Gms and players want to go.

  6. On 05/01/2021 at 07:20, TigerGuard said:

    I’d rather have that fully loaded then a box of .45 ACP and an angry demeanor. 

    I have ammo cans of .45 ACP.  the issue is resupply.  It's not fun when you can only find less than a chest pack of AK ammo. I think I need to get back into Airsoft.


  7. On 27/12/2020 at 19:43, TigerGuard said:

    Once upon a time we bought ammo for the guns we had, now we buy guns for the ammo we can find....  oh how my grandson will enjoy me telling that story over and over.  Not quite as dramatic as the trek my grandfather had to make just to get to and from school every day, but I'm sure it will be just as eye-roll inducing.


    So since all I can find is .32 ACP I need a Vz. 61 then?

  8. Well my 2020 could die in a fire. In addition to having a job that attracts crazy shit. My Grandmother went round two with cancer. She died at age 88. Mom was the one who could go down and take care of her. I was cut off from my friends and my usual outlets of stress relief. Alas ammunition is not going down anytime soon. My car died so i had to get a new truck.


    Yeah I've had a shit year. As for things getting crazier. I'm buying more body armor just in case. With the way my luck has been going I'll have more blood splattered women walking up to me saying "I need love. I need a hug."

  9. On 25/12/2020 at 08:25, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    Now, not to rain on anyone's parade, but I'm not that sure 2021 will be automatically much better.

    If i could find any i would be stocking up on more ammunition. I currently have about a ton of it but it's not all in common calibers. Thankfully i have firearms that can shoot it.

  10. On 14/11/2020 at 20:19, Prime_Evil said:

    I'm working my way through the PDF. My impression so far is that it has some good ideas, but that it also has some substantial flaws. Perhaps the biggest issue is the implausibility of the setting. I understand they are trying to explain the forces that will shape the world of 2077, but it's hard to buy the disruption caused by the Fourth Corporate War. The economic situation doesn't make sense. 

    The people at R.Tal are not economists or sociologists.  I know that they haven't put much thought into how the world works other than to make it as crapsack as possible. Mind you I have been in Shipping off and on for over twenty years now and i have friends who are still in the shipping industry. I also have friends who teach people how to survive then rebuild after TEOTWAWKI level disasters. Loosing half of one's population is a country ending level of disaster. To put it bluntly WWIII would by Soviet estimates only delayed M1 Abrams from thunderrruning through Red Square by ten years. That was even with the Soviet strategy of spamming nukes whenever they could.

  11. Yeah the Homeless I have known tend to wander all over. While I get choked out by wildfires they are elsewhere. Sometimes they disappear for weeks at a time. A couple of them I know might be dead from medical issues now.  I just have no clue as there is no way to track or keep in touch with some of them.


  12. On 12/10/2020 at 04:50, Strawberry-Cream said:

    Damn, 2020 is a weird year if things like this start ticking me off :D

    I think that 2020 has almost everyone pissed off. I mean some of my friends have dodged legit Riots.


    I'm just sitting here sitting back, wishing I had some good booze and Hoping that enough people retain sanity so the world does not burn.

  13. The issue with that is well modern body armor is really good at stopping injury. There are men who have taken multiple rounds to their armor and continued fighting. This included rifle ammunition.


    Even older body armor was very effective. Richard Davis used to show off how effective his armor was by shooting himself with a .44 magnum then turning and shooting a target. While it did leave bruises it was not a serious injury.


    Simply put body armor is effective.

  14. 17 hours ago, Strawberry-Cream said:

    Please tell me some of you still lurk out here - because I think I need a hug, big time 😄.

    Thanks for humouring my rant, friends!


    I know the feeling. Politically I'm all over the board.

  15. On 16/08/2020 at 17:39, Cybernetic Jesus said:

    Everyone's worried about corporations mirco-chipping people, but they don't realized they already have one; they paid $1,000 for it and it's in their pocket. 

    Why do you think I stick with a $20 pay as you go phone?

    I want my time to be mine. My work does not need to know where i am 24/7.


  16. And to think the last "Corporate" I gamed with.

    Was under fourty

    Drove one of multiple cars including a Mclaren F1

    Worked a 70~80 hour week on average

    Don't know what she had for lunch on average

    Not only owned her own home but bought and renovated at least one a year for charity

    The closest thing she had to a boss was her husband

    She was thinking about retiring and spending more time with the kids but was worried that 40 million might not be enough to live off of.

  17. Ok, I was a certified Forklift operator and I've operated a few other bits of equipment including steep wooded slopes. With say a bobcat skid steer you have to co-ordinate your feet, hands and fingers. This makes it a REF based skill as if you don't move the controls at the right time you will end up in a wreck. In some cases like operating on said wooded hillside you need quick reflexes in order to avoid terrain hazards. It's fun having to go off an embankment, dodge a tree and then clear a hillside of brush. By hand it would have taken weeks but with a set of rakes with clamps the hillside was clear in under an hour. Mind you that in places I could not back up because of the slope.

  18. I do actually find languages useful as not everyone speaks English fluently. I still use some Spanish even in rural areas outside of California. In the Bay area I actually had a few conversations in Swahili as I had a customer from Kenya. My Great Grandfather learned Chinese in Western Canada.


    For a fictional example look at Firefly and how they integrated non-english into the characters daily speech. 

  19. As a member i would go with Option #1.


    I like this place and the kicker is that While things may be in the cloud they don't always stay there.


    This place is also a fount of cyberpunk culture and knowledge.


    While I do like the R.Talsorian discord it does not have decades of searchable back posts to find an answer to questions that come up. As for it's moderation I have only seen them come down on somebody because they were deliberately being a scumbag and personally attacking people.

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