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  1. Hey, Jagged Alliance and all its various sequels are currently pretty cheap on GOG (www.gog.com). I actually picked up a copy of the core game again (for the ease of having one stored digitally and to run fire-and-forget rather than having to fiddle with DosBox myself), and immediately got sucked back into the addiction... I think the fiancée is starting to get jealous of the time I spend in company of Ivan, Grunty and Speck on Metavira island... Links to the individual games: http://www.gog.com/gamecard/jagged_alliance http://www.gog.com/gamecard/jagged_alliance_deadly_games
  2. You sure you wanna wish me luck? You know that once I pass the exam, I'm gonna lord it over all the americans .
  3. I had an idea for maybe something healery, but coming to think of it, I think I'm kidding myself by pretending I can regularly post and attend, as much as I would love to play with the lot of you again. My current schedule however is haphazard at best. If things clear up in 2 weeks after my CPE exams, I'll call back, just steam full ahead without me *salutes*.
  4. Oh yes. eraser loves to poke fun at my non-efficient characters that waste credits and ability score points on annoying things like immersive, developed, holistic background and personality . But no, don't see what she or even my mafia fencer would have to do here .
  5. *rubs chin* I suppose that leaves a proper sneak open?
  6. So what party roles are covered yet? 8)
  7. Well hello, so what is this...
  8. Ugh. I suppose I'm one of those "untrained idiot euros", but mate, those were some uncalled for, and in the first case cowardish, ad hominems. Now apologize, hug and make up .
  9. I just thought I'd share this... http://www.e-motionaldesign.com/blog/nazi-robot-attack/ I quite like the animation. Of course it's rather unrealistic - everyone knows it would take at least 5 american bots to take the nazi one down...
  10. Great... I'll be gone 16th to 19th. I might be able to check by during that time though - not sure yet. Joe has my full confidence that he can move Sylvaine along as to not stall the game.
  11. See, that's why I asked for an ooc overview, it's been a while. kk, disregard the post then.
  12. Pursing her lips ever so cutely, Sylvaine hesitantly opens them to speak... closes them again and just stares out of the window. OOC: Any convo or anything else, or we arriving at Corrie's place?
  13. OOC: Can we get a quick situational overview where who is? I assume we're all riding in hector's truck thing, but I don't want to fall completely off ^^. Sylvaine's head perks up a moment at the call, her eyes definetely betraying her curiosity, but she turns away again and doesn't ask, content for now to watch the houses at the sidewalks floating by.
  14. I would totally agree... apart from the darned TZ's...
  15. Sounds interesting. What's the deal with the V2? I mean, we haven't been toying with them since Penem√ľnde got shut down. Seriously, I don't assume you mean the nazi rockets...? CP2020, as in, 2nd edition? Hrrr.
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