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    No longer work work work, down to one job, dangerous job a well paying job nontheless. I love Cyberpunk and am looking to get into a game either on line or find someone around my area of the world.

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  1. Whoa a lot of good input. I never thought of the aid paint all idea. Alas the f___tard himself got banned from the house after making some rather rude comments to his girlfriend. So acid balls to the face.
  2. So e have a new player who is too use to power gaming and is currently ruining my game and no matter how hard I try and clue him in he just doesn't get it. Two of the other players have now asked me to remove him from the game. At first I was hesitant then he said something that pissed me off as he as leaving. The next time e play they volunteered to act as back stage security. My plan is to have five gangers hyped up on drugs to try and force their way past the PC's and one is going to have a cyber arm that splits apart to reveal a flame thrower. So my question is, how do they work? DO they a
  3. This is my Cyberpunk story. It's not in the actual Cyberpunk setting but is heavily based on it. If you have any compliments, complaints or suggestions please post them here and not in the story portion. And please, do not add to the story.
  4. Wraith

    The New

    Hey guys, sry about disappearing on you. I got sick a couple of weeks ago and thought it was the flu. After taking some OTC stuff I went and seen the doctor and they gave me antibiotics cause of me being sick and having a sinus and ear infection. The Infections went away but I continued to be sick and got worse. That's when I found out I have damaged kidneys/liver. Through testing I found out that my body isn't processing food the way it should. Give me to next week and I'll be as good as new....sorta.
  5. Wraith

    Here We Go

    The crowd cheers and jeers as fights continue else where... @Atta- "That's pretty cool. If I had a good print out, could you do a whole pic?" @ Gratwin - Sera get bumped around a bit as the crowd jostles around. You see Livewire get bumped a good one and you see her give the culprit a good hard stare "You want to step in ### ####?" Behind her you can see the next contestant step in and speak to the ref .... @ Tigerguard "Well son, that depends on you and if you have any friends out there that will bet on and for you. The more you bet, the more you'll win. If you have someone out
  6. Wraith

    The New

    Hey guys sry this is going so slowly. I plan to try and check in on Wensdays too besides just on the weekends. Tigerguard, the crowd seems to be a mish mash of peoples though you don't see any of them rich bastadiges any where.
  7. Wraith

    Here We Go

    The sun shines and it's starting to warm up even more. Maybe today will be a good day after all... @ Gratwin - Sera and the girls pile into the cab and Livewire tells the cabbie where to go. After about 10 minutes drive he stops at the destination and the girls pile out and you follow the small crowd going into an abandoned Industrial complex of some type. Fights seem to be going on in separate parts of the complex. Harli and Natalya split off and go one way and Livewire takes Sera by the arm and takes her over to watch another fight that's just starting. Some how Sera and Livewire wiggl
  8. Wraith

    Here We Go

    The sun peaks around a cloud and the day is looking bright... @ Atta - Ariel turns to you with a serious look on her face and does a good Imitation of "Masterly Sheathing her sword" and bows to you. I didn't do too much damage, though I did dent a metal tray or two. I think he was looking for a free hook up on something. she walks around the corner and stoops over to pick up some of your shop items off of the floor. @ Tigerguard - She gives you a once over look and well seem's unimpressed and ask's in Russian Dimitri, you sure he knows what he is doing? Dimitri smiles and nods All
  9. Wraith

    The New

    Um, I think I did mention somewhere that you could have a vehicle, something around the 5k range for a price. And I'm sorry guys that I'v been gone so long.
  10. Wraith

    Here We Go

    The sun starts to shine and a slightly warm breeze flows through the air.... @Atta - The guy looks at you bewildered and shuffles to get up and heads for the door. He IS about 6'4" with a stench radius of at least a meter. Ariel chases after him with the adjustable wrench still held high screaming "KKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" andn chases him to the door and stops. After watching the man flee for a minute her arm with the wrench drops down. She slowly turns to you with a sickly grin "I thought I really was going to have to hit him in the brain pan."
  11. Wraith

    Here We Go

    The sun starts to peak as @ Atta - You move to the door and peek in you can't really see anything in the entrance as the lights are still off. As you move into the foyer you hear Ariel scream "KIA HA!" and you do see though one of the temporary walls being knocked over as a man stumbles over/through it. Man stands about 6'3" - 6'4" and at a guess very thin/lanky. It's hard to tell with all the mixed matched clothes and coats he's wearing. He's currently laying on top of the fallen temp wall with a arm raised to ward off any blows Ariel might send his way. Standing their looking like a
  12. Wraith

    Here We Go

    The rain seems to have stopped for now. @ Atta - You see Ariel's car parked down a few car spaces down the road and you decide to call her. She answers with heavy breathing "Ello? GET OUTTA HERE YA DAMN JUNKIE!" The Ello you hear through the phone and everything else you hear through both phone and in the shop and a loud crash from inside and phone. @Gratwin - Livewire lives by her name, meaning she's a bit ...touchy to be around. She loves her guns and fire from either hand pretty well. Harli lives life much like the cartoon character she named herself after. Natalya is the brute of
  13. Wraith

    Here We Go

    As your day begins, the rain lightens up and even a spec of sunshine even creeps through the cloud cover... @ Atta - As you pull in near your shop you notice that the screen door is slightly askew and at the back of the shop you can see the lights are on. @ Tigerguard - "Come my friend, I'll introduce you to my wife and maybe we can help you out with something? If not... I know of a little something you can possibly do to make some fast cash. Can you fight?" @ Gratwin - You some how worm your way out of the bed and manage to find your shoes/boots and coat. Smells like someone sc
  14. Wraith

    The New

    Hey guys sry I'v been gone so long. Uncles gone and buried, moms not taking it too well and my son started some problems. Meh. Characters look good and Atta, I'v decided that half of your jury rig SA be used on Technical Skills.
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