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  1. This is the weirdest I've felt sober. Good luck, everyone.
  2. I do have that game but I've only watched my husband play it so far, I'm going through an XBox dry patch at the moment (been sidetracked by The Path & Plants Versus Zombies) - I have to say that I've played RockStar games before but I have never found any of the narratives interesting until RDR. I'm impressed with the game so far.
  3. boneshaker

    Tv Fish

    youtube.com/watch?v=A_tohfIKNuU youtube.com/watch?v=7oQP3lRgabg youtube.com/watch?v=8LREi-Jv0Ag has anyone else seen Gregory Horror Show? I might have mentioned it before as I had the spin-off game, I've been watching the videos recently. the characters are so funny & so sad. they have flaws which make them prisoners in Gregory's hotel (Cactus Gunman's a coward, Neko Zombie can't let go of the past, Catherine can't decide between career & love).
  4. you got the touch, you got the power the last great Transformers moment. let's not taint the memory.
  5. boneshaker


    I liked The Hitman better. insert Chuck Norris jokes here
  6. I stole some red panties once. I felt so guilty for months but they were really exciting to wear. I probably would've come up with an excuse like that if I was caught. or I would've done the where am I? who am I? what's going on? thing. why would an elf want lingerie? perhaps a pair of knickers & a bra, but a suspender belt is not something an elf would wear. if an elf wanted to steal lingerie I would recommend Accessorize as they have a cute selection of floral print briefs which are more in tune with elf style. seriously, some people know nothing about fashion. if anyone feels the need to steal from a shop please contact me beforehand.
  7. I remember Maneater, though I wish I didn't. I haven't heard Big Bam Boom but someone told me a friends wedding recently (when the DJ played Kiss On My List) that it's very funky & plays homage to Grandmaster Flash. so I shall probably download some tracks at some point.
  8. oh my gosh, this guy kills me askaninja.com
  9. Live Code is my ultimate fav. I haven't heard any of their stuff from this century - I'll have to check it out.
  10. well, I find this time of year I want to sit down in front of the television & not move until it is bedtime. normally I go to the DVD rental shop & cannot find a decent film so I end up watching a rubbish 80s action thriller (I've recently come to love Kurt Russell / John Carpenter movies & I find I can really relate to Rocky... but that's a different thread altogther). the other week, however, I picked up a copy of American Splendor - has anyone else seen this? I found it so touching. & I noticed yesterday that I haven't pitied myself once since I watched it (a great achievement for me). I find Harvey Pekar to be very likeable & his quotes had me in stitches; I don't have it any worse than a lot of people, but I pity myself more. it's hard to describe the movie 'cause it focuses on everyday life, but the way Harvey views it is funny in a unfunny way. & I've been doing genuine nerd impressions ever since.
  11. boneshaker

    Dark Arts

    darkarts.org.uk is a website for alternative models, performers, extras, stylists, photogrphers & artists. they are looking for UK extra's for cyber / goth (related scene) events. you can register for free to become an extra & then you'll be notified when bands & clubs need your services. you can join no matter what your level of experience is.
  12. is it just me, or does CN have the best cartoons? Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi Transformers PowerPuff Girls Dexter's Laboratory Samurai Jack Mucha Lucha & has anyone seen Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO!? great cartoons
  13. I loved it, but nothing warms the cockles of my heart like a civil uprising with a touch of romance. maybe that's just me. I've got my cut-out mask
  14. my most listened to albums at the moment
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