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  1. Distraction By Bruce Sterling. Gaaag!
  2. Well, to me it is apples and oranges, but I don't consider Whedon's sarcastic / funny dialogue to be a substitute for character depth. I could not even tell you "Steve the Pirate's" name until I saw his grave marker. Again, I am saying this as a stand alone movie, not a continuation of the TV series, which I did not know it was from. Also, he has the advantage of a linear plot line, where as what you criticise Lucas frankly has never been done. I think he handled it well considering he could not possibly live up to 50 million different expectations. And for Serenity, I went into the movie with NO expectations or pre-conceived notions. That's why I think it is an unfair comparison.
  3. Never watched Firefly, so I went into this cold. I thought it was very good. Highly entertaining. If I had to complain, I thought that some of the props were a little weak, mainly some of the weapons, although I liked the "old west feel", I just thought some of them looked, well, like props! Otherwise, darn good movie. Evry review I read insisted on coparing it to ROTS, so for my 2 cents I will say I wish Josh Whedon had written the dialogue for ROTS. Otherwise I thought ROTS was the better movie. But hey, Lucas has been doing this since Whedon was playing with Star Wars figures, so I think it is an unfair comparison.
  4. I love it when people quote the Geneva convention withouth having read it. ++The post has been moderated: Dartmurph expresses his low opinion about opponents knowledge of the said source material++ THe conventions that govern the use of weapons and ammunition are the Hague conventions. 87151[/snapback] Sheesh! After all the things I've posted on here, I got moderated over that!? How anti-climatic...
  5. I love it when people quote the Geneva convention withouth having read it. ++The post has been moderated: Dartmurph expresses his low opinion about opponents knowledge of the said source material++ THe conventions that govern the use of weapons and ammunition are the Hague conventions.
  6. Don't know how this came back to life, but I think Moore's relevence was deomnstrated when Bush was re-elected despite Fahernhype 9-11, Abu Grhaib, Guantanamo, the 9-11 Commission...edtc. Ultimately Moore is the CPT Ahab of the Left.
  7. Why does caseless ammo do more damage?
  8. CyberMurph


    Dude, Goteki is sooooo commercial. They TOTALLY sold out! just kidding
  9. CyberMurph

    6.8mm Stats

    Have any of my favorite gun nutz done the Guns3 on the Remington 6.8x43mm SPC round? If so could you post the stats? Tanks! 6.8mm
  10. QUOTE (eraser @ Feb 8 2005, 11:34 PM) here it is pondsmith interview it's the second to last question QUOTE GG: Do you play any online RPG's (such as Everquest)? What's your opinion of them? Have you tried any of the Cyberpunk-themed ones (like Anarchy Online?) MP: I've played Anarchy Online, City of Heroes, Everquest, The Sims, There and Toontown, to name a few (LOL). I've been working as a designer on Matrix Online for the past year, which is about as close to a Cyberpunk MMORPG as you can get without being CP. That explains things nicely! Good job! Also, as far as interlock in the game, remember that in a computer game the stats and rules are transparant, so it may actually look nothing at all like the pen and paper version.
  11. I am probably gonna give this a whir when it comes out. But, I noticed something interesting on the FAQ page. Check out what they call their combat system... http://thematrixonline.warnerbros.com/web/faq.jsp
  12. CyberMurph

    I, Robot

    QUOTE (wilphe @ Dec 27 2004, 04:03 AM) Why do I read all this and hear? "Why do those idiots in Hollywood persist in making movies that people actually come to see? And they dare to make money out of it. They should spend millions to produce a movie only I and the rest of my cool friends will go see" AMEN BROTHA! Like people who think Tom Bombadil should have been left in LOTR:FOTR, and the movie (just the first one) shuld have been 5 hours long...
  13. QUOTE (manu @ Dec 18 2004, 11:02 AM) You won't reduce the momemntum of the horse, but a few wounded horses going astray wil turn a packed, high-shock charge into an afwfull mess of almost zero efectiveness. You don't shoot the horses at point blank range. At the time the weapons / shooters in question were only good out to about 50 yards. A little late to stop a cavalry charge. That is why infantry in line were in trouble vs cav, but infantry in square, with bayonettes fixed were well protected vs cav.
  14. CyberMurph

    I, Robot

    QUOTE (Companero @ Dec 17 2004, 05:44 AM) Apparently they aquired the rights to the Asimov story half way through production of the film, and added it in. That could have been an issue of needing to get production off the ground and not being able to wait for the lawyers to get the rights befrore begining.
  15. Well, Cuirassiers were still wearing their Cuiriass during the Franco-Prussian war in 1870-71, and the breast plate was not in any way effective at stopping a chassepot round. Again though, cavalry was not fighting formed infantry anymore, but rather scouting or, in the case of heavy cavalry chasing down units that were already broken and fleeing.
  16. Well, if I can convince myself to play an hour or so less of City of Heroes I think I might be in.
  17. QUOTE (wilphe @ Dec 15 2004, 10:01 PM) QUOTE (Daeglan @ Dec 15 2004, 06:25 AM) QUOTE People often used non-proof backplates for exactly that reason. Dunno if it's a myth or not - bullets that penetrated the armor would often get stuck in the padding. not a myth. Early guns were unrealiable. but were reliable enough that armor was discarded as they improved. Not necessarily true as it stands. Armour was discarded whilst it was still effective against the guns of the time (that's what armour of proof is - it had to be able to stop a musket ball). It was however expensive and heavy and it you couldn't raise a mass army equipped with it. It also slowed the cavalry down at a time when the most progressive commanders were trying to make the emphasis on speed and shock. More accuratly commanders were begining to see cavalry as more efective in 1) a recon role where armor is a disadvantage, and 2) in a shock role to destroy already broken units.
  18. CyberMurph

    I, Robot

    QUOTE (Psiberzerker @ Dec 14 2004, 12:14 PM) I've finally seen it, and there's not a recognisable shred of Asimov, much less that collection in it. If Now THAT is an overstatement. Asimov's laws of robotics was prominant, in fact key, in the movie.
  19. QUOTE (malek77 @ Dec 10 2004, 05:13 AM) (They're really good. Does the site that hosts them have like a gallery I could see them all in? I'd be interested in nabbing them...) Don't think so. I used "Image Shack" Image Shack
  20. QUOTE (malek77 @ Dec 10 2004, 05:13 AM) That's nearly 500 rounds! Just how much can you carry before it gets ridiculous? Rookie mistake. I did it during the invasion (which for me was helicopter borne for the first 150 mils). I had 210 in magazines and another 300 in my ruck, plus a SINCGARS and spare batteries. My ruck HAD to have been ~100 lbs. Then I got off of the helicopter...
  21. QUOTE (psychophipps @ Dec 7 2004, 10:28 PM) No, it's an SAS statistic. Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) That came out of the FBI's investigation of the FBI killings in Florida.
  22. QUOTE (psychophipps @ Dec 7 2004, 06:24 PM) Actually, most individual engagements take place at around 5-7 meters. Sure you can bang each other up with your arty and crewed weapons at much longer ranges but two grunts pulling the trigger at each other with "Oh sh*t!" in two different languages tends to happen a lot closer than even 200m despite most forms of terrain. So why do we carry more than than pistols or shorty SMGs? <===rhetorical, sarcastic question with a hopefully obvious answer Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) No, that's regarding police shoot-outs. Both sides generally have to close to those ranges because they are A. indoors, or B. armed with pistols and shotguns, or C. Both A and B. That's an FBI statistic, BTW.
  23. I do recall reading somewhere (must be credible since I was reading it) that most infantry engagements take place at under 200m. Most because, like in my experience, when you engage at longer ranges your crew served weapons and vehicle mounted weapons do most of the work.
  24. QUOTE (psychophipps @ Dec 6 2004, 06:15 PM) I shall correct my statement then: A Marine, fresh from USMC Basic and on his way to be a Cook, will tend to shoot better than a US Army grunt, who just finished US Army Basic and is on his way to AIT Infantry. Sound better? The second statement was sarcastic, which is why it doesn't make much sense. Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) Well, OK, that I will agree with.
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