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  1. Has this thing gone longer than NoD yet?
  2. I thought it was a great movie. HIGHLY entertaining. The Bush references were pretty lame. "America's war spread..." without explaining how, just explaining that "Bush is Bad", you now in case any of the anti-Bush crowd had forgot. Then the "Artist tell lies to save the truth" was huge cop out. But, at the end of the day it was a really good movie.
  3. After all these years I have STILL never made it to GenCon. Origins yes, GenCon no. And this year my brother is getting married that weekend, so no dice for me. Maybe next year...
  4. CyberMurph


    Ah! You ruined it for me!
  5. I'll download the wallpapers. because Milla is hotter than a snkaes ass in a wagon rut, but no WAY am I going to waste $10.75 on that movie. I am looking forward to 16 Blocks though.
  6. CyberMurph


    Who has never actually BEEN to Iraq and edited footage in such a way as to lead you to draw the conclusion he wanted you to draw, based in fact or not. "Senator, would you volunteer your child for Iraq?" "That's a stupid f***ing question Mike, since it is impossible to volunteer someone else for military service. Would you volutneer you daughter to defend Dallas? Or liberate Paris from the Nazis? Mike? Mike...?"
  7. CyberMurph


    After an 8+ hour work day, MOST people want to go to a movie to be entertained, not lectured at. And as for the politics, most Americans are savvy enough to know that even when a movie is "inspired by true events" it is still just fiction, at the whim of those that make the movie. In other words, they know BS when they see it. If you want to make a political point make a documentary, movies are for entertaining.
  8. Well, stopped by Compleat Strategist today and checked out V3.0. I need to point out that as I am not currently gaming, and am not likely to have time in the near future aesthetics played a big part in my dicision NOT to buy it. I apprectiate what they were trying to do with the dolls. They do add a 3D falvor, but Holy Barbie Batman! They look like dolls! That really blew the "feel" for me. I also found it contradictory to Maximum Mike's stated objective of making the game more accessable to new players. I would think new players would say "WTF?" and set the book right back down. Maybe they will issue a new edition with some less unconventional art in the future.
  9. I took that guy to be representative of a system rather than an actual particular individual. Probably symplified for the movie's sake.
  10. I thought it was good. It dragged a bit in parts, but overall I liked it. They certainly did not shy away from much, particulalry the scene with the dutch assassin chick. I also liked the fact that the Mossad were not portrayed as Super-trooper Delta force, never miss commandos. Killing is a messy thing not just for all the fluids involved...
  11. "Deadtree"? "Deadtree"!? Are you people actually calling paper "deadtree"!?
  12. So is this suckerout in print now or just pdf?
  13. I got the impression the needlecasting was (somehow) faster than light. Actually, since the author did not bother to explain it I just nodded my head and agreed. "It is faster than flyin there yourself" was good enough for me.
  14. Finally read this. It is HIGHLY entertaining. I would recommend it to any CP fan. Not totally original, but a hoot to read.
  15. I've only ever carried an M-16A2 and I found that when I carried it concealed it caused my underwear to ride up my crack real bad...
  16. So far I am not excited, but I need to get a hardcopy in my hands before I make a decision.
  17. You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! That's the most retarded excuse for a plotline I have ever bloody heard. It's worse than the "The, ummm, magical energies are disturbed if a wizard wears platemail" excuse in AD&D. NINE FUCKING YEARS I'VE WAITED FOR THIS SHIT?!?!? Goddamnit! You bastards! You blew it, you blew it all to hell! Edit: In case it's not obvious, I am very, very upset. I feel like I've wasted all the energy I've spent on this game, only to see it made a mockery of by a dying corporation with all the savvy of a concussed mongoose. I feel like Tutankhamun would feel if he were to walk down Las Vegas Strip and see an Egyptian-themed casino. Desecration. 88780[/snapback] I agree, but keep in mind you are the GM and you can modifiy it however you see fit. I am more intersted in what the game mechanics llok like. The rest is just window dressing you can choose to ignore. It is pretty lame though,I agree.
  18. CyberMurph

    Aeon Flux

    Note to aspiring movie makers: If you start your movie with a three minute voice over explaining the story, you are telling your audience two things: 1) You don't know how to tell a story, so you are going to just explain it to them. 2) You think they are stupid. Some cool fight scenes, and the story actually gets better as the movie goes along, but then they throw in some really jilty ala "Attack of the Clones" dialogue. So close, yet so far away...
  19. For those of you who rmember Phipps criticisms of CP2020, his enthusiasm for CP v3 is somethgin to be noted. My curiosity is increasing rapidly...
  20. CyberMurph


    The mere fact that Tim Thomerson is in it is enough to ensure that I will never, EVER watch that movie.
  21. CyberMurph

    Artillery Rocket

    Looks like a homemade rocket someone stuffed in a 60mm mortar tube.
  22. I hate to say it, but after all these years, it has a lot of expectation to live up to already.
  23. Just remeber "STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE" !
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