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  1. Hi everyone! Sorry I don't stop by more often. I'm glad to see that this place is still around. Hope all is well with everyone. I'm still in the Army - currently deployed to Kuwait - and in graduate school when not deployed. I got back into RPGs with DND 5E in 2017, but never found a regular group. I'm going to give it another go when I get home. Maybe I'll get a CP2020 group going.

    How is everyone?


  2. Also keep in mind that social media has taken the place of forums for most folks. They are more intuitive, easier to do "cool" things with, and you can post of selfies! :rolleyes:


    Having not run a CP game in over a decade, and having pretty much zero interest in running a different game with the aging-poorly dice engine, this has by an large become a "Let's see how the homies are doing over here" kind of thing. Sad certainly, but since the computer CP RPG fell through, 3rd was utter garbage, and all too many of the tropes are reality as Stray has pointed out, it was pretty much inevitable.


    There's always Cyberpunk 2077



    Holly it's the one and Only Cybermurph.


    Next thing I know the cyberpuppy will be Glomped by Boneshaker.


    Where have you been and lets get the juicy details of the Runs?


    Well, I was in Afghanistan 2008-2009. Since then I have become the corporate security director for a Japanese Wall Street firm, so I am basically living CP2020. I played City of Heroes until they shut it down. I'm on Star Wars The Old Republic now and again. I was addicted to World of Tanks for a year, but finally gave it up cold turkey. I'm staying away from computer games until BioWare Andromeda comes out. I've also been doing this thing where I 'read books'. How are you and everyone else?


  3. You know, I wasn't making a comment on persnal musical / entertainment tastes. I really don't give a flying fuck what your personal music likes and dislikes are. I was just trying to have a CyberPunk related conversation, but as usual, socially retarded gamers make that an impossibility.

  4. As far as "Deadliest Warrior" or any of those shows go, its all about "flash, bang pow" (an actual quote from History Channel producer). It has nothing to do with reality and the results are so subjective, its not even funny. I mean, what if the ninja was near sighted? <_<


    Anyway, comparing a SWAT room clearing drill and an infantry fire team is apples and oranges. The SWAT team is there to serve an arrest warrant ( you can argue that all you want, but you can be sure the US Constitution trumps all cool-guy gear). A fire team is there to kill people. Although I do tend to agree with RockWolf. A 249 is just as good as a tricked out H&K USP for Good Ol' Battle Drill #6...

  5. Well, for my $.02 on the bullpup, you will note that very few countries have adopted bullpup designs in recent years. That may change, but as of right now, the forerunners in the basic infantry firearm have a generally conventional layout with the magazine well and chamber to the front of the firing hand. Most designs have quick-change barrels with free-floating sights that do not require the shooter to re-zero his weapon when he changes barrels. (FN SCAR and H&K XM8 are two prime examples). Obviously not intended for use during a firefight, it does allow leaders to decide how many short or long barrels to bring and who will use each.


    Remember, in combat, down to the fire team level, soldiers fire their weapons as part of a team. They don’t run around shooting at whatever they want. That is only in FPS games and Hollywood. On the other hand, your character, or players, will obviously want what is the kewlest and most bad-ass guns. Personally, I don’t think that if a weapon is bullpup or not has actual impact in game terms.


  6. Well, I am back from Afghanistan. I actually got back to my apartment in NYC on May 13th. I left for France on May 15th. I am here for a month for vacation / language school. I'm learning me some French. I am halfway through and decided to let myself think and type in English today.


    Anyway, the only CyberPunk thing I have / have done is downloaded the first episode of the Ghost in a Shell TV series, which I have not watched yet. I'm going to do that in a minute and then do my homework.


    So, what have I missed?


    Anyway, thank you for all the support while I was away.



  7. We've been living with the internet for over a decade now and nothing surprises me anymore. But imagine it's 1992 and you are reading a CP novel and the author includes this, AshleyMadison , to the story. Using The Net to have an affair. That would have been CP story genius!





    (Disclaimer: I am in no way promoting or supporting any aspect of the AshleyMadison website. In fact, I think that there is a special place in hell for both creators and users...)

  8. Actually, the reality of armed private firms in Iraq and Aghanistan has soured the whole concept for me. The reality is that Blackwater, DynCorps etc act as extention of the US Government to fill a troop gap. There simply are not enough US troops to handle protection duty and fight the war. There is some good source material out there and some really bad, heavily biased (pro and con) material out there. Thomas Rick's comments in "Fiasco" are pretty on the money.


    Really, the whole corporate war thing is dead and buried for me. In reality, what CP did was take coroprations and have them behave like small, non-geogrphic nation-states. If you really look at corporate behavior (to include current events) you will see what I mean.


    And at the end of the day, is a "merc" or corporate soldier going to be as willing to go in harms way for a paycheck from a buisiness entity as he or she would defending the constitution? I speak from experience. You have a few bad TICs (troops in contact), you start to think twice about going outside the wire. In the end it is a sense of duty to your country, your comrades and yourself that keeps you going. If the Iraq war had been fought exclusively by corporate guns, the whole company would have quit in 2005.

  9. Given my current disposition I am not going to speculate on 2009 deaths. However, I will say this:


    A black man in the white house.

    The Arizona Cardinals are going to the superbowl.

    THE APOCALYPSE IS NIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

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