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  1. I aplologise for going AWOL; what I should really have done was stop directly after the pay off and have a dignified exit. You will not being seeing me again for a while, but thank you playing with me and I am glad that I am to help create games that people have (twice now) wanted to carry on after I finished GL and HF
  2. Jake does not even bat an eye lid at Alek's abortive questioning, instead he goes to stand behind his mother. Oleg: "We will look into this for you. I'll contact you at the same number when we have results." "Excellent," she not so gently pushes Jake into the car and the taxi heads off. The gangers over by the arch watch it go and then go back to their drinking ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Rori pockets her share of the cash, "So now what? We more on from being finders of lost children to striking down with great anger and furious vegence those that would harm o
  3. I try to avoid giving my real opinion on anything http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/1991-11-27/ So I apolgise to Mark if you have taken to heart what was meant in jest If I had wanted to initiate a flame war I would go to the smoking room.
  4. I am cool with whatever you guys want to do. I can either finish up after the meet and be done, spend some loot chill out and get ready, or g "less ethics more money" I am generally far happier, as I think everyone is, with exploring how far people are prepared to go. I am also happy to keep Rori as an NPC, for the same reason you are, and for the practical ones that she has both a purpose and a personality.
  5. Really, remember talking to any of the genuinely anti-gun people who used to be here? Bookwyrm? Strawberry Cream?
  6. Oleg and Andrei: "Da, 11,500. The abductor was not part of the deal - you hired us to retrieve Jake, not punish his captor. She did not cooperate quickly enough to avoid injury. We left her on the floor of the dive where we picked up Jake. Her injuries were not life threatening, though being unconscious in that neighborhood may be. If you want name and address, we will sell them to you for another 2,500." She ponders this for a moment, then begins getting the credstick out of her pocket. Alek: "alright then, thanks for the help.the musical number was a nice touch."
  7. There was an or in that question? Apart from telling me tha Obama was ruining the country? Which is not exactly a fringe opinion even if I don't agree with it. Question of mandatory training was raised and discussed "with merits on both sides" (not by me it might add), which I am sure any of the self-appointed 2nd ammendment guardians here would be quick to denounce as the first step on the road to a communist sponsored genocide. No strong opinions on the merits of cartridges either (9mm, 10mm, .357 and .45 all talked about as potential for self-defence. Got told no w
  8. Oleg: Jake sullenly gets out of the car, "Hello mother. "Hello Jake dearest" A truly touching and insincere family reunion that is. There is the sound of singing from where you are trying to pretend Alek isn't; or what someone thinks is singing. "11,500 to settle then, and the abductors?" Andrei: Everything looks to be going okay outside, Jake gets out and stands by Oleg. Are you staying in or getting out? There is noise from the Gate where Alek went but does not sound like trouble. Alek:
  9. Oleg/Andrei: You see the passenger shuffle to the far side of the backseat and then get out. It is, rather to your suprise, your principal. She is weraing a black coat of some desciption, as their is a fur collar showing around her neck. Her head is wrapped tightly in a scarf. Most of her body is behind the car and only really her head is showing. "It is late, it is cold. I am not planning to double cross you, you have nothing to gain by double crossing me. So let us do this and get on with out lives. You have the goods?" Oleg: She is entirely on the le
  10. Alek gets out, there is not a lot of wind blowing around here, or it would be bitterly cold. As it is it is just cold, well, cold to someone who was not Russian, to Alek this is "Nice wheather for a stroll," "you know what I had better be indoors wheather" would start about the time you feel the hairs in your nose freeze. There is not anyone you can see in the park itself as you walk down along the eges, getting to the gate it gets to about 15m range and you can see some of the figures. There look to be about 6 that you can see, dressed in a variety of cold wheather clothing an
  11. Why the heck do you think I got out of California the powers that be there want their own Communist state. Seriously if you ever listen to what some of the long term California Politicians have said it's obvious that they want to control peoples lives from the cradle to the grave. Rocky, You wouldn't know a Communist if it bled on you.
  12. By the time you get back to K'Grad there is very little traffic, whle there are streetlights in the road the woods are not lit. There are only a few drunks, deliquents on the streets as well as a few very optimistic streetwalkers. The parkland itself has a reputation of being a hangoutfor the homeless but not of being particularly dangerous to anyone. Rori, rather than drive straight though, heads down Yuriya Gargarina and pulls a right turn, decelerating enough so that you can get a good look around. There is a yellow cab parked on the plaza between Frunze and Litovsky - oppsite to t
  13. Just as well really, as that shit is more addictive than crack and even more expensive. Last thing we need out of this is a crime wave by people trying to feed their Warhammer $40,000 habit.
  14. Thank you all for your advice. You will be pleased to hear that the Wilphe passed; you may now fear my mad leet skillz.
  15. Having finished at WBC this was what I discovered I see chat is down though
  16. "You might need to cut down on the outright honesty if you want to move out of Grey Ops into PR. I have nothing to offer against your desire to live and get paid even if I wanted to, and no one has anything else either. So yeah, you are returning me to the highest bidder, that the highest bidder is also my legal guardian is only of importance if it helps you sleep at night. "I'd quite like to sleep now, wake me up when it is time for to get paid," he leans over onto Alek's shoulder and will drift off if you let him. "So, do we have a time and a destination yet? What time do
  17. Note to self: Do not say you are going to post at a convention because if it is any good you will not have time
  18. I think that theory only applies to Alek. Anyway, your GM has a "repaired" computer that now boots to a black screen with some blue stripes. I leave for JFK tomorrow at pigs tail, and will be buying a new PC in Delaware on Friday. So, inshallah, there will be an update then
  19. "Does what I really want really matter?
  20. "you recognize this woman?" Jake looks at the picture, "yeah," "Your mother hired us to retrieve you. My friend is curious why you cooperated with your 'extractor', I think." "yeah, my mother," he seems to settle down a bit, "You were hired to come looking for me, you didn't do it out of the goodness of your hearts I think. So I don't owe you anything, not gratitude, not a thank you note "Dear Edgerunners, thank you so much for counter-extracting me. Love Jake" and certainly not an explanation. There is only one person I have to explain myself to, and it isn't you.
  21. Technically anything in english is a missile so long as it travelling through the air at someone Bullet, arrow, stone, rocket, giant wooden rabbit, whatever. But it normally has the narrower implication that is a "guided missile", in this context ICBMs are missiles too, but not by definition guided (though that becomes a grey area). No one shoots those at individual tanks though
  22. "That settles that. Get us out of here as fast as you can without crashing. If we run somebody over, sucks to be them." Rori, who had been in third gear, abruptly downshifts into second and revs hard, as the clutch comes up the car pitches foward. In the hands of someone with less finesse this would be abrupt and jerky, with her however, it is more like being slowly pushed back by the acceleration. No tyre squeel either, this making maximum use of every one of the horsepower. She shifts back into 3rd as the Lada heads back down towards the main road, no sign of anyone taking an in
  23. Bin Ladens objectives were fairly clear, not least of which was the get the US out of Saudi, which he suceeded in doing, though after 9/11. But it is not as if he was going to get that by asking nicely anyway. the US isn't interested in making a deal. Their goal is to kill all those whom they see as enemies. No. Their goal isn't terror, but death. They just wish to kill. US aren't idiots. They know AQ will not cower. They just wish to kill as many as they can. That's not war. Fixed your typos for you. Nobody pre 9/11 was going to talk to AQ, and they are certainly not
  24. As discussed in a thread below. This promises to be interesting... We will supply all the actual firearms related equipment but you do need the cap listed, a reasonably heavy belt (preferably 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" wide), etc Okay, hat with brim I can do. At very least I can get a baseball cap, not sure what the aesthetics of wearing a panama to shoot with are. Requirement for a heavy belt though; this appears to be because they prefer a hip holster. So, does this need to be some special belt one only gets in gunshops or something else?
  25. Rori already has the engine running and seems glad to see you, this is not a place she wants to be hanging around even with the doors locked. She is even happier that no one is covered in blood or smells of cordite. Andrei: "I strongly suggest that we attempt to make haste on our exit" Rori: "Let's get out of this charming neighbourhood and get paid haste or I can't believe they haven't started shooting at us yet haste?" Oleg: "Do me a favor? Keep an eye out for a couple of minutes, I don't want anybody following us. Dosvedanya, tovarisch." "No problem, look foward to worki
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