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  1. I liked them, and that's not a faint praise given how turned off I am from other Finnish sf writers.
  2. Good interview. Fell from my chair when the phrase "new Chromebook" was uttered. Liked his assessment of the Cyberpunk V3 thing and why it didn't work for a lot of people (me included).
  3. It's in the Datafortress 2020 Archive.... which is down right now... send me your e-mail though and I will get you a copy. This is offtopic, but I'm looking for a copy of CheapFBC 2.8, and I think your archive is the only place I could find it As an aside, it'd be great if this kind of things could be available as bittorrents
  4. A rewrite is a huge unknown, and a huge possibility. The way I see it, if the book is at least good-looking and not incredibly stupid, I'll buy it :-) As for cool contemporary phenomena that would make cool gaming material, I think Anonymous and Wikileaks are definitely interesting ones. A decentralized "organization" dedicated to a million different causes is a much more fitting embodiment of Chaos than a gang of killer clowns ever could be, for one thing.
  5. I'm not impressed by a sudden shift in release date from "tomorrow" to "in 6-7 months' time". It does not bode well.
  6. I just learned of the existence of this thing about 4 minutes ago. I am quite puzzled, to say the least.
  7. Isn't it an interesting thing how easily things vanish in the Internet, even over timescales as short as mere 15 years? Even things like the identities of authors become impossible to trace, even of people who're not actively trying to avoid detection. I can only assume that in terms of actual material, too, we've lost a while kaboodle of stuff.
  8. Of these two, I think I'd go with option 2. I know D put the limits at 10/12 for Interlock Unlimited, where 10-11 points was serious head trauma with risk of unconsciousness/coma, and 12+ is death. Something similar for limbs, IIRC, so you're less likely to lop a guy's knee to bits with a bowie knife. Damage multiplication is a problematic mechanic, though, as well, also. I wonder if there could be some other way to represent hits to vulnerable spots.
  9. It would be quite feasible, unfortunately I'm absolutely hopeless at designing rule systems, so it'd have to be someone else to put that suggestion into practice.
  10. It'd help, and would also stop the armor-shopping phenomenon many characters engaged in, trying to get maximum coverage over their entire body. I suppose you could somehow abstract body armor in that kind of system.
  11. That's actually a a well-put synopsis of what I intended to happen with the rule (though I didn't really consider the option of burning the point permanently). I wonder if there's a middle ground between permanently burning Luck points, and replenishing them every session. One idea I literally thought up just this moment would be handing out Action Points like experience rewards, so at the end of an 'adventure'/campaign chapter, the character would get, say, 50 IP towards his skills and 2 Action Points he could redeem for 'stunts' or lucky breaks during the next leg of the race. I su
  12. I'm struggling with the notion of this "unfairness". The game isn't "fair" at all, in that if the GM wants to, he can kill the PCs with effortless ease. A PC can have advantage over an NPC, sure, but shouldn't they? They are, after all, the protagonists. Oh well, that was my little house rule idea, see you all again in a few years.
  13. Either I'm far less cruel, or I see the game as not very realistic in the first place, but I really do not see eye to eye with you on this. I see CP2020 as a cinematic action RPG, not a hardcore sink-or-swim simulation. To say nothing of the condescending implication that this minor addition to PC survivability against random one-shot kills is somehow "handholding" them.
  14. I've thought about using it like that as well. In my idea, the character is by no means saved, he's still taking the undoubled damage. I'm wondering if it should be an un-doubled headshot (so by stroke of luck the character isn't hit in a vital part of his head) or whether the target point should be moved to a random body part (forcing the attacker to reroll the hit location). In the absence of helmets (which I'd like to encourage, because characters turtling in heavy armor at the slightest provocation isn't really genre-accurate in my opinion), the character is more likely to survive alt
  15. Now, chatting on IRC a thought came to me. Because of the lethality of headshots in the game, characters are "encouraged" to wear helmets when going to firefights, which might cut it in a warzone but which is a major faux pas in the style-before-substance world of the Street many characters inhabit. What if a character could temporarily burn off a point or two of Luck to downgrade a headshot to a generic x1 damage body shot? As-written, Luck can only be used on skill rolls the character instigates himself, but really, what's more unlucky than getting hit by a random bullet and dyin
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