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  1. The more reason for you to make it your own place
  2. I'd say - make it your own The one review I've seen for Cybergeneration book was definitely not encouraging, plus the CG material is pretty different form standard 2020 setting anyway. ...geez, I'm getting so fed up I'm considering using When Gravity Fails as a general setting, and making Kaliningrad the place there. With a different timeline (year 2202+) and a location far away from what they do describe in WGF sourcebook, I can do there whatever I effin' want...
  3. Ain't that a thread necromancy...? I say, why the heck no? Just not getting my hopes pumped up much, ya know...
  4. Nah, seems pretty much in-linewith what we have been discussing here
  5. Well, seems a finishing note should be written down, too. In case anyone ever should want to run a similar game: - I intended to add some supernatural elements to the campaign. On the level that touches the "unexplainable": - some NPCs being able to predict the future (not often accurately, but more often than it should be possible on pure guesswork): the pharmacist girl had found her true love (in character history), and he's a high-status Gypsy. And well, a Gypsy fortune-teller is so deeply embedded in the cultural image... - should the characters come into contact with a Native American pack (or someone following a similar spiritual tradition...), their shaman would be in contact with the spirits, and could, perhaps, make the characters contact them, too (using hypnosis, trance, drugs...)... - since the Blaines are determined to be primarily Judaistic, there's absolutely a space to have a practitioner of Kabbalah (using their variant of Chi Flow Theory skill - which I devised for the MedTech material to represent practitioners of the Traditional Chinese Medicine - for the benefit of the players... if they were willing to follow the directions).
  6. ...well, not bloody likely, it seems. The psycho techie guy just dropped out on me. An old friend of mine, but he seems to be becoming less and less a man of his word over the last 20 years or so. The pharmacist girl is not giving a sign of life for almost a month. So I guess she's not seriously into the group, either. I'm left with the newbie guy. [rant] And a lot of my own enthusiasm that just went to waste. Which is a thing I absolutely hate. Enthusiasm, at the very least, my enthusiasm, is a very limited commodity, and as such should not be wasted for a trifle! Anyone starts complaining they don't play RPGs here because there are no GMs, I'll chew through their artery. Femoral. Jugular would mean killin' 'em too bloody quickly! [/rant]
  7. It would be great to have your GM with us here In the meantime, I'll keep flinging ideas at you whenever i should find one (well... SouthAm is outside of my usual scope of interest, sadly...).
  8. I recall a Japanese (-descended) being elected president somewhere in South America years ago.... Colombia might not be the country with most Japanese around, but still I believe the Japanese corporations would have a good point to anchor themselves at in SouthAm Also: mind the role of faith among locals. Both resurgent native beliefs, and dominant role of Catholic Church. The area was, traditionally, very religious, with Roman Catholicism being the most influential religion there. Sure, by 2069 it might have lost some of its influence, but on the other hand, we had enough historical examples of people turning towards religion during hard times - and for the poorer groups of Central / SouthAm denizens, it is always the hard times, nothing changed by 2069 in that respect... Now Catholic Church is a force rarely considered in Cyberpunk, but as Home of the Brave points out, a very influential, and on the rare occasions the situation warrants it, directly powerful one. Bah, one could argue it is the world's oldest (and most successful) functioning megacorporation, with essentially global reach and corporate immunity (in some places at least). A local representative (a parish priest) can't really do much against a cartel, megacorp or government, but keep stepping on a regional, supra-regional or national-level manager's (they call them, respectively, bishop, arch-bishop and cardinal, IIRC) toes, they can activate quite a lot of political, popular, financial and public relations influence to make your life difficult. Church black-ops? Perhaps they have their in-house teams. Few of them if so, I guess, and really top-end (because seems nobody ever heard about them. But that's one of the signs your intelligence / black ops departament is really good: you get what you wanted, yet nobody hears about your spies / agents...). Apart from that - they have enough money to hire freelance agents or professional groups (from C-Teams to Lazarus mercs) whenever they feel it necessary. Just do it via in-betweens, so this cannot be traced back to the church. Remember: the mills of the Church grind slowly... but thoroughly and very, very finely.
  9. Yup, Chinese definitely would be in. I guess they have some past with Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path, a nominally Maoist guerilla / terrorist organisation. Sure, nomonally Peruvian, and theoretically not really active IRL past 1992, but that could still mean some ties in 2069!). I wouldn't rule out the Japanese, either - there seems to be a sizeable community of ethnic Japanese in SouthAm, primarily in Peru (1,4% population!) and Brazil (in Colombia, there seems to be a small Japanese population, but still an interesting one). Again, that means some ties a Japanese megacorp could use to make an entrance for itself (so if your GM wants to have Arasaka, for example, rearing its ugly head there, well...).
  10. Be careful there, guys... a special forces detachment of just 3 men? Nope. Not likely. Smalest groups I've heard about regarding SAS were 4-man patrols. So there's at least one more guy you haven't yet seen, or the "SAS" are not whom they pretend to be. Also, special forces detachment operating in another country's territory, with no state of war formally declared, and yet doing it with unit badges? That screams "false flag operation"... remeber - they are, like your group, doing something essentially highly illegal. Anyone observes & identifies them (even if they are not killed or captured!), and SHTF. Especially if it leaks to the media... They're there in just as an illegal capacity as you. Do you wear big CIA patches on your sleeves...? And there are still (wounded) Cartel men in your group. They will report - and while they aren't likely to recognize the patches, they will be able to describe them to their superiors...
  11. Well, do not forget about the other SoutAm countries, especially Brazil & Argentina (and I'd keep a place for Chile, too, they historically were pretty feisty and their military intelligence was one of the best). I mean, they're next door, close enough to consider Colombia their sphere of influence (or at least, interest). Brazil is a potential superpower in 21st century, and certainly a regional power in South America. While they may tolerate some European influence in the theater, they certainly would want to have some stuff for themselves... and they are to handle their business as they see it fit. Ain't it their front yard, after all? Of the Brazilian corporations, I'm afraid we don't have much. In the official books, we have Fabrica des Armes (Brazilian, firearms, mentioned primarily in Solo of Fortune 1), and Engesa (military hardware & vehicles, mentioned in Chrome Berets. A real-life company in fact, it went bankrupt in '93. Their factories were bought over by Embraer). Fan-made, I don't really recall anything beyond Corporation Farmaceutica de Belo Horizonte, and I found Valdez Chemicals in the forum's corporate section
  12. Well, I guess the Datafortress' Conflict II: Central & South America is a good place to start. Also, according to CIA World Factbook: and Also, as per Wikipedia: So, while the government might be weak (or at least, unwilling to put the foot down), and organized crime running loose*, I'd say there's a place for megacorp exploitation: 1. Mining industry. There's still oil there, not affected by the MiddleEast Meltdown (well, unless you decide that by 2069 it had dried up...) 2. Agriculture. Coffee & cocoa - of which colombia is, AFAIK, a major producer - are luxury goods. doubly so under 2020 standards (again, unless you decide the climate changes killed it...) 3. Biotech industry. All that immense biodiversity to tap on (in search of wonder dugs and valuable DNA strains to be used in bioengineering). Also, being way smaller and less powerful than its neightbor, Brazil, Colombia is easier to bring in line by megacorp interests. * I mean, CIA & DEA killed out their drug plantation in the late XX / early XXI century with a designer bioplague, right? Must've hit the cartels like a freight train. Undercut their primary business & source of income. By 2069 they might've came back with coca plants resilient to that bioplague, but it was too little, too late: "classic coke" is but a nostalgia thing by 2020, another luxury good. The market is flooded with synthetic drugs, which can be made in any basement rather than grown in Colombia. My guess the Cartels are more diversified and less powerful than we use to think of them IRL.... heck, perhaps they're now growing and smuggling coffee rather than cocaine! (I mean, coca is a thing too, for sure, but by far not that much of a thing). They might have also evolved. A lot. Just look at the Mafia - made big money and then turned to white-collar crime... But, back to the corporations. Since SouthAm thaditionally didn't liked USA much, and Euro influences were more welcome there, I would expect some EuroCorps to be pretty active there. The Conflict book actually places Colombia as a firm part of the SouthAm Alliance (organized and ran by the Cartels), rather than Euro-controlled, but in my eyes, that's all shades of gray. My take, as you see above, would be slightly different.
  13. As for your drone option, it al depends on what role you need filled. In rural environment and the mission you are planning, I'd go for a big, powerful fire support design. You are out in the wild, so it shouldn't be difficult to hide it, it can (with the proper equipment) fulfill the aerial reconaissance role, and since you're far away from any backup, it can also be your on-call fire support. As for making your own drones - keep in mind most normal vehicles can be equipped for remote control IRL, there were a few builds converted from small helicopters (think Hughes 500 or Bell Jetranger) to deliver supplies to troops in dangerous areas of Afghanistan, for example. The added bonus is that a remote control rig is lighter than the crew (so you can pack quite a few kilograms of cargo extra). Of course, it calls for a proper ground service crew just ilke a normal vehicle. For operating in rural Central and South America the way you've done & are going to do, I'd suggest a converted fixed wing plane, a home-made COIN style aircraft: - take a commercial, small fixed wing aircraft, something that actually is locally used (so it wouldn't actually turn heads). I'd suggest giving a look to crop duster builds (they're made with good cargo payload in mind). If a local forrest / fire prevention service uses fixed wing planes, that's a good pick too. - rig it with remote control equipment. - add weapon mounts under the wings (since these give you a great flexibility - you can use them for gun pods, bombs, missiles, but also additional reconaissance equipment, fuel tanks and airdroppable cargo containers, to deliver supplies to the tam on the ground). And you're basically done. Sure, structural reinforcement, suoped-up powerplant, missile defences (flare/chaff), armor and other such things are catchy, but they're mostly a gimmick. I'd have a scuttling charge (with a dead man's trigger) in, however - so the plane couldn't be tracked back to your organisation if it is shot down or lost to a malfunction. Important factors to look for: - low profile: it should not stand out. Toursit planes, crop dusters, water bombers fit that one. - long range / loitering time. Important, as it will affect its ability to remain on-call near the area of operation. - STOL characteristics, so it could operate from an improvised airfield. - simple, rugged, low-tech construction, to keep maintenance requirements low and need a minimal ground crew. A good piston engine beats a turboprop, and turboprop beats a jet here (though bringing in an M-15 Belphegor - if you could get your hands on one - would have a certain retrofuturistic feel ). ...in fact, I'd love to see an An-2 Colt modded for that role
  14. Well, thermite grenades went damn useful once when we had to get rid of a gang making drugs in a warehouse (mean: entire cargo pallets of volatile chemical drug precursors). Once we got rid of the gangers, it took one half-decent grenade toss to take care of their entire stock (I specifically didn't wanted explosive grenades there, as the warehouse was of rather flimsy construction, at least inside - think sheet metal and lots of drywall... and the area was within city limits. So I wanted neither us, nor bystranders to be affected by random fragmentation. also, the chemicals were to burn when I wanted them to burn! ...plus, as my civil defense classes told me back in high school, thermite charges are basically unextinguisheable). I later observed that if not for the friendly NPC we had to rescue from the inside, a Bumblebee-sized aerial drone with a couple of these grenades could've taken care of the entire warehouse without us getting in the harm's way at all. Nb. I quite impressed the rest of the group that day, requisitioning a pack of DetCord (and a Demolitions skillchip...) so instead of fighting our way from the front entrance all the way to the back office (thermal scan suggested that's where our ally was being held) we simply blown ourselves an entrance right ot that room, tossed in a couple of flashbangs, and went to drag our ally outside, to a waiting vehicle
  15. So, let's try some interpretation on what the rolls have brought up:
  16. Oh, no, not exactly. When you say "McGuffin", everybody knows it is a plot device. You can actually tell somebody you need przyczałpy do bulbulatora and it sounds like a legitimate high-tech shit... unless the person in question knows the pun
  17. Two pieces of ordnance that came to my mind as useful when reading this: 1. "Lazy dog" bomb. When you need to wreck something, and you have aircraft assets - yet you want it cheap and / or non-explosive. Lazy dog is a simple kinetic projectile (making it very cheap to produce) - and if dropped from sufficent height, it can achieve deadly kinetic energy in free-fall. If you want precision strike rather than a cluster bomb-type effect, I see no reason (save for cost) to not equip a lazy dog with a guidance system. 2. Thermite grenades. My personal favourite for demolitions and making stuff useless. In fact, you could even place them on a roof, and unless we're talking reinfocred roofs, it'd have a good chance of burning through it and wreaking utter havoc below. How to put it there? Well, a small drone should be able to carry a hand grenade, or even a couple of them, right?
  18. I hope so, too. I'll keep you guys posted, here. The thing is - I can send them to bring przyczłapy do bulbulatora* only so many times. Aww. I'm too frustrated (by non-RPG-related matters) to think, today. * Polish, informal: some gizmo no one has a gorram idea what it is and what it does, but it sounds like it is some very specialist stuff kind of thing!
  19. Well, seems I got the characters: two techie-types, and a pharmacist medtech. No-one particularly good for any interpersonal interaction (the pharmacist has some EMP, but both techs are below-average. One of them has good COOL). One of the tech's ugly as sin. Not really much in terms of combat skills, vehicle skills, or survival skills. Some serious technical skills though. Ehh... I intended them to be a scouting party, but with the party composition (no dedicated scout or combat-type), that won't work. I'll have to repurpose them into a scavenging party, I guess - the Blaines have enough equipment to be in need for spare fuel pumps, brake fluid and what-not...
  20. While trying to figure it out I realised I see very little difference between the wilfully ignorant and the conspiracy theorists. I mean - every group of the wilfully ignorant that comes to my mind is convinced they are a victim of a conspiracy. The flat earthers are conspired against by the government & NASA, who supposedly go to great lengths to keep "the truth" about Earth's shape. The anti-vaxxers are supposedly conspired against by doctors, pharmaceutical industry and yes, the government again. Bah, I've asked a friend about an Asian wilfully ignorant group, and he told me that in Korea there are people who believe the vaccinations were introduced as the Western conspiracy to reduce Asian penis sizes... and having known him for years, I don't see him as a person to be selling me tall tales. And so on. I might end up rolling Conspiracy Theorists and Wilfully Ignorant into one category.
  21. ...aaand I'm back to it. Filling, sanding and testing: Now, that's the bare, even most bare bones possible, part of it. Some elements of this random-generated scenario do click together well already, some other ones don't. I'll have to sit on it and interpret the rolls into a gameable scenario idea - but the Remote Droning experience is going to be pretty useful there
  22. Well, to keep you posted - in case anyone is interested - there might, actually, be a game. Scratched a player (which I find advantageous: she was already starting some drama... gosh, I hoped the ~15 years since we two gamed together have made her grow out of that), added a potential (absolutely fresh) player, and we're scheduling character creation for the last weekend of July. There are, likely, to be at least two non-Nomad characters, as two of my prospective players reported they are short for ideas for a dedicated Nomad. But as I said, by far not all Nomads were born Nomads, so a city punk who turned Nomad, even pretty recently, is absolutely acceptable. One of them is, as the player declares, intended to be a psychopath patterned after The Expanse character, Amos. Which might be interesting. The rest, well, remain a mystery now. Can't say i had much of a success populating the group, so I guess I'll have to fly it by the seat of my pants. I'd appreciate some suggestions on what could be an agri-pack do (be hired to do) throughout the year in terms of farm work. I assume they travel from southern US to southern Canada and back again on contracts, as the year goes on. Not that the characters are going to actually work in the field themselves, at least not on usual basis, but it would be useful as background info.
  23. Note: under Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads armor rules, both Malorian SubFlechette and 4mmLP flechette seem to have a 50% chance of penetrating (if with minimal damage) anything that is not an ACPA / 'borg armor (any SP short of 36!). Granted, it won't do much damage, but 4mmLP can be poisoned, and this will do. 10mmSF travels in packs anyway. It has even 10% to penetrate SP80 ACPA armor, dammit. That "double AP" rule makes it work. Malorian Arms Sliver Gun almost starts looking like a decent idea, too: 2d6 projectiles per hit, each projectile doing just 1d6/2 damage - but at "bladed AP" modifier. So, cuts through a standard Skinweave (SP12) 50% of time, and anything short of a Medium Armorjack (SP18) 10% time. Sure, it is going to be all "blunt trauma", but we're talking about 7 hits on average. Can cause pretty a bleedin'...
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