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  1. One thing that is bugging me - how you are going to treat EV of body armors? Counts vs Dex, vs Ref, vs both...? I don't have much experience in that area personally, but in my feeling, it shouldn't do much to affect one's ability to shoot guns or drive cars. Ability to run, jump, wrestle, engage in knife-fighting, it would. Also, I believe it should apply as a negative modifier for Initiative.
  2. Actually, I never used handouts of my own, and very, very rarely ready-made ones...
  3. I have it in my notes, but haven't posted it here - the Districts of Kaliningrad: Moskovsky Rayon (Moscov District). A "good district" for those well-off. Mostly free-stnading houses and small villas. Housing here is at x4 prices. Municipal services (cops, ambulance) are here in no more than 20 minutes form call, usually about 10 minutes. (2d10). Pontar. A Soviet-derived "bedroom district", i.e. blocks of flats for the average denizen (prices x1) and townhouses (x1,5) for those a bit more successful. Generally nothing to write home about. Municipal services turn up witihn 30 minutes max, usually half of that (3d10). Leningradsky Rayon. Similar to Pontar, but a bit nicer - flats in a block are x1,5, townhouse x2. Municipal services turn up witihn 30 minutes max, usually half of that (3d10). Tsentralnyy Rayon (Central District). Mixed build - cheap houses (esp. north-western part) and office / factory / service space. Close to the airport, so rather noisy. Houses priced at x1 (close to the airport) to x1,5 (better neigbourhoods).Municipal services turn up witihn 30 minutes max, usually half of that (3d10). Oktyabrskyy Rayon (October [revolution's] District). Unoficially known as "the new Oktyabrskyy", the main business centre of Kaliningrad, excellent office spaces, and some living spaces too (priced from x4 to x6 for premuim real estate. Actually very few people do live here - if they can afford it, they are likely owning a mansion "in the countryside" and an aerodyne to bring them to the office every morning). Municipal services (cops, ambulance) are here in no more than 20 minutes form call, usually about 10 minutes (2d10) - provided anyone bothered to call thme at all instead of relying on paid-for private security and medical rescue services. Osyen-Lyubino. An industrial district - most large factories (and the like) of Kal is located there. Houses priced at x1, up to x2 in some very rare better spots. Municipal services turn up witihn 30 minutes max, usually half of that (3d10). Oktyabrskyy venice, aka "old Oktyabrskyy". The worst slumses of Kal. Knee-deep in water, for the most part. Falling apart buildings. No running water, electricity, central heating, police, ambulance service, nothing. Just ruins, water, and low-lifes. Pricing: take an empty spot, or kick the previous squatter out, and it is yours. Until a stornger squatter kicks you out, that is. Also, there's a corporate business-center of the "new Oktyabrskyy" next door, which is not a preferred neightbourhood - private security goons don't even let the squatters into their district, and have been known to go to the venice nad brutalize everybody they could catch there on occasion. Downtown venice. Considered a nicer venice than Oktyabrskyy, as the buildings here were made more sturdy, so they are less falling apart. Also, there's no corporate office district next door. Apart from that, it is still a venice. Baltitskyy venice (Baltic venice). Actually covers the old township of Pribrezhnyy, too. A significant part of it, especially in the neighborhood of Pribrezhnyy, is still on a dry land, and if you know the paths, can be reached by car. Still, a venice, and far away from the center of Kaliningrad, so the cops don't show up there even more than in any other venice. Making the place the most desirable location for everone who want to take care of their business far away from prying eyes. Of course, this makes it the most dangerous of Kaliningrad's venices, as such premium real estate draws in well-armed, well-connected and usually not very courteous or forgiving people.
  4. Can't say I used a lot of RL firearms, but between a number of variants of the AK platform and PM-84P SMG (and osme bolt-action sporting rifles in .22LR, and a Benelli Nova shotgun), the technique / body mechanics of shooting one is - as far as I can see - exactly the same. Besides, there are SMG variants of some popular assault rifles (same body, a bit different chamber, maybe internal mechanism, of course appropriate barrel and magazine). Even the controls are the same: from the user's perspective, the only difference is the ammo used. Say, there's a standard M4 rifle, and Colt 9mm SMG patterned after it. There's Steyr AUG rifle, and Steyr AUG Para SMG version of it. I'm pretty much convinced anyone familiar with the rifle form could pick up and use the SMG form of their respecitve rifle far easier and simpler than the other rifle! I have much more experience with airsoft (hey, the plus here is that you can shoot people, and these people are still your buddies afterwards ;)), and here I can say with confidence that the basics are absolutely the same, regardless of what the plastic bb-spitting toy looks like. I owned a couple over the years, sent a few thousand bbs out of each of them at my buddies ;). So yeah, for me it is Handgun for pistol-shaped weapons, and Rifle for shoulderarms. Then there's Heavy Weapons and so on, but this is rarely needed in my games (nb. my extremally limited experience with PKM MG indicated that when it goes to the very basics, man-portable machineguns still aren't that different from other shoulderarms when it goes to placing your sights on target and pulling the trigger to send some hot lead downrange). Oh, and something that tends to be often ovelooked: Athletics allows you to throw stuff, including grenades. Form a practical point, there is no difference between hurling an F-1 "pineapple" defensive frag grenade, and throwing a fist-sized stone (note: I suck at both...). If you can throw one accurately, you'll do fine with the other as well. In fact the US M67 hand grenade was specially made to resemble a baseball - something, the Army assumed, everyone in America knew well how to throw...
  5. Thank you for providing us a reason to open our faces Continuing - since your rules mod seems to be influenced by Cyberpunk RED jumpstart kit - which itself is heavily based on Fuzion mechanics (an attempt to evolve Interlock), I decided to grab a copy of Fuzion free kit 5.0 (whelp...1997...). See, Fuzion seems to be the first place where they had REF & DEX as separate stats. If Fuzion, , DEX skills include: Acrobatics Athletics Contortionist Melee evade (i.e. Dodge blows) Pilot (aircraft) Ranged evade (...dodging bullets, actually a thing in Fuzion...) Riding (animal riding, that is) Stealth While REF skills include: Autofire weapons Driving (ground vehicles) Firearms Gunnery (vehicle-mounted weapons) Hand-to-hand Heavy weapons Melee weapons Sleight of hand ...yeah, on its own this leads us exactly nowhere, but shows us a few things about what R.Tal tried to do to balance REF/DEX. And it isn't set in stone. You just need to find the sweet spot that suits you. Also, note the "autofire" skill: Fuzion did away with the Handgun/SMG/Rifle ladder of Cyberpunk's Interlock. Which was, actually, a decent move, IMO. If it is not in a handgun format, it will be, in most cases, intended to be held with both hands and braced against the shoulder - some form of a buttstock will be provided. So essentially a carbine / rifle format. At which point it won't be making any difference what ammo does it use - handgun, shotgun, rifle, or gorram laser: you aim it just the same way. Save for odd modifications - like stockless shotguns - it is actually rare to find a gun dessgned to be used with two hands, but without arm brace of some kind. Which is why I dumped the SMG skill from my games, too. Fuzion goes a bit further, calling for a separate skill to shoot autofire effectively. I don't really know, my personal experience is a mite limited there - but I'm not convinced.
  6. Having given some reading time to the Hardwired manual hacking system I must say I really like it. System Knowledge, Database Search and Programming skills, rather than Interface special ability and canned programs. Also, it can be all handled with a couple of rolls (if needed) rather than an elaborate VR adventure (that left the rest of the team idling...) we were suggested in CP2020. Of course it means the entire Rache Bartmoss' Brainware Blowout sourcebook sitting on my shelf becomes completely useless. But I'm not going to miss it! Manual hacking for the Age of Jackal, then.
  7. Yup. Note - what I mean by "not a serious difficulty" (I feel I'm telling it too often...): A character that is averagely talented (Stat at 6) and has no training / experience in a given area (Skill at 0) has a 60% chance of passing an Easy test (Diff 10), but just 20% for an Average test (Diff 15). Same character with good training (albeit amateur, not professional level, say Skill at +3) passes the Easy test 90% time (save for a botch roll of 1) and Average test 50% time. Note that unless they have some form of bonus (equipment, skilled help, extra time taken... or spending up some Luck points) neither of them has a practical chance of beating a Difficult (Diff 20) test, except by a strike of blind luck (Critical Success of 10 and re-roll). For that, out Averagely talented character would need a professional level of training (+4 or better in my book, up to +6) to have a very slim chance of success. Or an elite / veteran training (+7 to +9) to have a decent chance of succeeding a Difficult test. (40% to 60% if my math is right...). Therefore, I'd suggest making the players do a lot of Easy Wardrobe & Style, Personal Grooming and Social tests in the Easy difficulty, and if the situation warrants it, Average difficulty (remember, Average is something a professional in a given area can get right about half the time!). And be ridiculed mercilessly by the NPCs when they fail. I guess they'll learn pretty quickly 😈
  8. Well, make everyone - the Solo, the Netrunner, the Cop etc. roll their own Wardrobe & Style to pass the selection / bouncers at the entrance to the club. Who did not pass - does not enter. "We need no trouble here". Make every single one of them roll their own Social to fit in, blend into the crowd (in a club / corporate lobby / wherever). Not a really serious difficulty, but if they don't have the skill, there's a good chance they will be ostracized. And thus they will get nothing done. Any other EMP-based skill you need used more? Simply make it used more, then. They will start with burning Luck points to pass, but soon after they'll notice they could use that Luck elsewhere... provided they had proper Skills!
  9. If anything... nah. Let me phrase it differently. What does a gunfighter need? Quick reaction is one thing, but good eyesight and steady hand is the other. Especially when we're talking about long-ranged shooting. Taking it to the extreme scenario - a sniper who's spending several turns aiming for a target that is not even aware of his presence. A quick reaction could be - perhaps! - useful, if something unexpected happens. But even then, if we're talking about really long-ranged shots, the bullet may actually take a while to reach the target. Talking a second, two, three (depends on the velocity and distance, of course). So, in conclusion, quick reaction isn't going to help there that much (an Initiative bonus is a separate thing, though!). Moving faster, however, might be useful in hand-to-hand / melee combat. A slight alingment problem simply isn't going to matter there, while with a ranged weapon minutes of angle do matter. But being able to move faster could mean you can bypass opponet's block, or set your own in the path of his strike... One of the known effects of adrenaline rush is that people become faster... but less clear about thinking. Adrenaline is our natural "fight-or-flight" drug... except when we, mammals, were evolving this mechanism, we didn't had an idea about ranged weapons. Not even at the flingin' poo level yet back at the time! What I intend to say is that, IMO: - if it used to give an Initiative boost, it still gives Intiative boost - if it used to make you more agile (REF boost - drug-based, or Adrenaline Generator, or transform virus REF boost), it should now apply to your DEX. Because it enhnaces your body's natural agility. - REF as such shouldn't be boostable, except for specific cases. Say, weapon smartchipping was made exactly to make you a better shooter, as was targetting optics. Vehicle smartchipping is there to make you a better driver / pilot. Both things you weren't exactly evolved to do. Keeping all old stuff as REF boosters and having to develop a full spectrum of equivalent Dex boosters would be, IMO, multipliyng entites beyond need. Edit: I can think of two pieces of gear in Cyberpunk that could be an actual "REF & DEX boster" - the higher-end contorl systems for ACPA (supposedly making you both faster, more dexterous and assisting you in targetting) and full 'borg Reflex boosting (since we're talking FBC, and the boost was flat across the board, up to +5 REF). As for EMP - one of the ideas I was toying with one day was treating Humanity Loss not as a flat stat loss, but as a negative modifier in interpersonal rolls with people who have a different HL level than you. Thing that could work both ways: you have a problem talking to them ,and they have a problem talking to you. Say, I'm EMP 7, with current HL making me lose 2 points of EMP. I'm trying to negotiate things with a fellow who has EMP 9, -2 due to HL. We are at 0 difference, so there's no negative modifer. But if he was on his full EMP 10, there'd be 2 points of difference, being a penalty for each one of us... As for stressing out the HL - adding skills to the EMP list won't work, IMO. Not if they are just ballast there. I'd suggest doing it the other way: actually putting EMP-related skills to use. A lot of use. Things like Human Perception, Social, Persuasion getting used all the time around. This will show your players that losing EMP due to cyberware does, actually, limit their chances to succeed in an activity that does happen all the time...
  10. That's a great idea I might end up stealing a couple of your solutions for use in the Age of Jackal REF superstat: That being said - how do you deal with REF/DEX and REF-boosters, both cyberware and drugs? This seems to be my main problem stopping me from going for the Dex/Ref. ATT - I'm OK with dumping it, but I believe the skills from it (rarely used, to be honest) don't fit in EMP. I mean, your interpersonal skills have nothing to do with fashion (Wardrobe & Style) or your ability to put on make-up (Personal Grooming). I'd say Wardrobe & Style could be an INT skill (knowing what is in vogue, what is an evergreen classic, and what can be mixed with what - also, what can be worn for which occasion, that's all cultural code...), but Personal Grooming should be a Tech skill (make-up, hairdressing etc tend to require manual dexterity and artistic approach, much like Paint/Draw). Roles - myself I'm in favour of levelling the playing field by dumping the Roles and Special Abilities alltogether. I mean, you're a Solo because you're good in combat situations, not because you have Combat Sense skill. Maximum Mike could dump the D&D'esque "character class" concept already, we have actual year 2020 2,5 months away! I don't like Specaial Abilities being added to normal skills, because it tends to create monsters in a given area. Also, I'd like to point out that Corporate's Resources shouldn't - IMO - have anything to do with Accounting. Resources is about how much clout you have when getting stuff done with company's assets. Not - how good you are in bean-counting. Most managers I know have very basic understanding of the accounting area - that's what the accountants and Chief Accountant are for. That being said - it is my take on your ideas. As they are yours, I simply wish you good gaming (and tell us how it worked out :))
  11. Allright, to celebrate the new old forum, I did a translation of the 20 Questions I did for my prospective players of the Age of Jackal (keep in mind, that's a orugh translation form Polish, & it is meant for people who, likely, aren't familiar with CP2020): What is the deal with religion? All the old favourites are holding on. In Kal, an Eastern Orthodox church is easiest to find, but if you look around, you’ll find also a Catholic one, a Protestant one, a synagogue, a mosque, and even a few paganic shrines in the neighbourhood, for at some moment paganism was pretty much in fashion. There are also a few new religions, some of them being really crazy… Where can we go to buy standard equipment? To a store, like the Zapad 39 mall in the Leningrad District. Or on-line, though here in Eastern Europe that doesn’t work all that well. Or ask around, and have it brought for you from somewhere where it is easier to get. Import, export, petty theft, you get the picture? Where can we go to get custom fitted equipment? You know where, then you’ll have it done. There are experts on various fields in the city, but they in general aren’t cheap, and you need to know people who know the right people. Sometimes it will have to come from abroad, under sacks of potatoes… or in the mail, labelled as “lawn mower parts”. Who is the mightiest hacker in the land? There are many who claim to be “the best”. This club is rather hermetic, and reasons for fame and glory do change pretty often. Who is the greatest warrior in the land? Again, many candidates, much depends on what you exactly ask about. As for gladiators, “Teddy” Vlasov is currently top of the line in bare hands category, and “Snake” Sybirashidze in knives. Who is the richest person in the land? In Kal? You really think mafia bosses publish their bank balances? But the word in the street is that Vassili Sergyeyevitch Drygalsky is the wealthiest of that bunch. Which might be true, who knows. Or it might be not… Where can we go to get some healing? Depends on what you wanna heal, but in general, hospitals here are quite sensible. If you can afford it, there are private clinics, really good standard. If you want to go even better, you’d have to go abroad, eg. to Westfalia or NeuesDeutschland. You prefer unofficial? Plenty of doctors run a “private practice” where questions are not asked, just money is taken for keepin’ their mouths shut. Also, quite a few of the street tough have had themselves stitched at a vet clinic, which is a common front for an unofficial croaker. Wouldn’t trust one to instal me a neural implant, but when what you need is setting ribs after some kickin’, there’s not that much of a difference between a man and a dog. Where can we go to get cures for the following conditions? Poison, disease: every competent croaker should be able to help you. Especially with the more common poisons. And there’s quite some of that used in the streets… just remeber - if it is designed to coat weapons, it tends to act fast. You may not make it to the doc in time. Loss of a hand / leg / other body part: the good news is almost any part of the body can be replaced - grow in a cloning vat (that’s gonna take time - a few weeks, depending on what we’re growing. An eye is pretty fast, an entire arm isn’t), or install a cybernetic prosthetic, even better than the original part. Bad news - that requires surgery in a well-equipped surgical theatre. City hospitals can handle that, no problem. But it gonna cost you. In a private clinic, gonna cost more. Curse: you do believe in fairy tales, don’t you, moron? Grandpa Frost and his granddaughter Snowflake too…? Level drain: brain damage due to oxygen deprivation is, essentially, incurable. So you better don’t let these catch in. Lycanthropy: let me give you a piece of good advice. Don’t you ever take dodgy drugs, you'd be blown off the goddamn board... Unless you mean those exotic, cosmetic makeovers, in that case - you pay and you demand. You want a tail - you’ll get a tail, want a fur, there’ll be fur, in a druknen fantasy you got the idea into your stupid brain that you wanna have a snout like a pig - you gonna have a snout like a proper hog. Ain’t cheap, but doable. It is, after all, you who’s gonna live with that, and see that pig snout in the mirror every morning. I mean… unless you pay the croaks once more to get rid of it. A matter of money. Death: if you mean clinical death, then… one can get back from there. Assuming someone competent in first aid takes care of you, and doesn’t mess things up. And better sooner, than later. Much sooner. If you mean real death, aka brain death, then there’s no helping that. Sorry. Chrysanthemums will do? For the funeral, I mean… Undeath: what did I told you about taking dodgy drugs? Unless you mean those rich assholes who do live way too long thanks to replacing worn-down organs for fresh ones (your liver went tits up because of too much booze? Cloning yourself a new one and replacing ain’t a bad idea. Just - not gonna be cheap) - trust me, shooting through their head or sticking a knife under their ribs and other old, trusted methods still work just fine enough. Is there a magic guild my MU hacker belongs to or that I can join in order to get more spells software? You mean hackers, right? There are various groups. But they do not advertise, it is a closed group. You need to have connections, know the right people. Then, you can have miracles done. To put it shortly, the most valuable thing aren’t programs, but passwords… keys to open otherwise closed doors, got it? Where can I find an alchemist, sage or other expert NPC? Seems the Internet would be the best place to look. Unless you have a really nice connections in the city… Where can I hire mercenaries? If you have connections in the city, then finding folks ready to rough somebody up for a penny is a breeze. If you need serious, professional soldiers for hire - that’s doable as well. Just more expensive, and likely to take a while longer. Is there any place on the map where swords are illegal, magic is outlawed or any other notable hassles from Johnny Law? Regarding magic - no, ‘cause officially there is no such thing. Apart from that… In Kaliningrad, most nice guns are of dubious legality. Same with drugs. Not that anyone cares. Unless the cops need to show off their efficiency, and you lack money for a brible. Because the cops in general aren’t shy about taking one, though sometimes you run into an overzealous one, you know, one whom his senior colleagues haven’t yet explained the ways of the world. Which way to the nearest tavern? Nearest bar is around the corner, hotel is two blocks down the street. A so-so one. Wanna a better one, ask a cabbie. Will suggest something, for sure. What monsters are terrorizing the countryside sufficiently that if I kill them I will become famous? It is not called “monster” these days, just “businessman”. Drygalskis, Kirylenkos, Sokolovs, Prochorovs and so on. Blast one, and another one will step up to take his place - and make the right arrangements to have you taken down, as a matter of principles. But you may just have your five minutes of fame… Are there any wars brewing I could go fight? “Brewing”? There’s always a war going on somewhere, but you need to be well-oriented, who is fighting whom this week. Because it is rare to see a country that could afford actually swingin’ the saber for any serious period of time. How about gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous cash prizes? Sure. Rather unofficial, of course, but if you know the right people, you’ll find your way there. There’s always one mafia or another running that kind of entertainment. You prefer bare hands (current champion being “Teddy” Vlasov, 230 kilos of muscle, sinew and implants), knives, clubs? More exotic weapons competitions do happen, too, but are rather rare. Y’know, lack of popularity. Are there any secret societies with sinister agendas I could join and/or fight? Sure they are, but, being secret, they don’t exactly advertise, y’know. Not to mention the world is so balkanized you’d have to take over every breadcrumb of it individually. Perhaps you mean spies, then? For example the infamous agents of the Tiergarten, NeuesDeutschland’s secret service. Who, as the word goes, can walk walls like flies, fly through thin air and do all other tricks that make japanese ninjas in the comic books yellow with envy. Yup, of course there are dragons in those tall tales, too. But remember - no serious institution denies the existence of the Tiergarten. Luckily, those guys can’t be everywhere at once, so if they do things, they are rather into tippity-top secret stuff. Thank God they aren’t likely to waste their time on small fry like you. What is there to eat around here? Beluga caviar, washed down with Dom Perignon champagne. I mean, if you can afford it. Usually, you can’t, so depending on your wallet’s thickness, either real food you cooked yourself (...can you cook?), or prepack - ready-made, packaged meals (microwave it / add hot water and stir, or something along the lines. The average ones are quite edible, the better ones actually really nice). In fact, real food isn’t that difficult to get - almost anyone, if they want, can have something fresh once every so often. Long live the old tradition of making do - and your won manufacture. Though allotment gardens went dead with the acidic rains, but a lot of people do grow stuff - in flower boxes on their window, on the roof i hotbeds, or even in the basement with artificial lighting. Quite a lot of such installations are computer-operated and highly automatized - they do water themselves, apply fertilizers, de-weed - or report the owner about being ready for harvest. It is a mite more difficult with meat - some folks do breed rabbits or guinea pigs. But that’s far from common, as these are not very cost-effective. Mealworms (dry-fried are said to go well with vodka) or crickets are better in that aspect, but then of course, not everyone is going to swallow these. Eating out is pretty common. And then there’s kibble. You hope the manufacturer writes the truth, and it is really made from processed soy / seaweed / plankton, or what-not. And that there’s not too much artificial chemical shit in it. A package of kibble is about a kilo of stuff that looks, smells and tastes quite like dried cat food. It should keep a man going for a day. Hardly inspiring, I know. But it is cheap and keeps you alive. So, Ground Edible Concentrate no.15, sounds well? Any legendary lost treasures I could be looking for? Well, if they were legendary, someone is already looking for them, and usually for decades at least. On the other hand, the Amber Room went missing somewhere in this area, about mid-20th century, and haven’t been seen ever since… Where is the nearest dragon or other monster with Type H treasure? ...what was I telling ya about dodgy drugs? You want to mess with something really dangerous, try finding one of the AIs in the Net. The word out there is they lay on so fabulous databanks the fairy-tale dragon Gorinich seems small fish, together with his treasure. ...ever wondered why they do still sit on these banks, eh, wiseguy?
  12. Sure Now, the Paris Commune was presented here (RL Central / Eastern Europe, pre-1989) as the first case of "dictature of the Proletaryat", and celebrated as an early attempt at creating a "proper" communism, that was, of course, brutally crushed by oppressive reactionists. Actual historical details being unknown to anybody but dedicated historians interested in this particular period. So, the Commune was celebrated with naming streets, squares, industrial plants (including at least one shipyard - in Gdynia), cooperatives and so on, and so on. In the Age of Jackal, I've chosen the name of Communards for the movement as the USSR collapsed in the grandparents' era for today's Communards. So, compromised "communism" though it was never actual communism in USSR...) is maybe not fresh in the memory, but still fairly recent. Paris Commune, however, is something that happened over 300 years ago: not, it is an idea, a symbol - hisotrical facts be damned (much like with romanticizing Sparta in modern contemporary culture... all the nasty or weird facts about Sprata are conveninetly forgotten by the majority). I have intended all the subcultures of Kal to be large, widespread, and loosely organized. Same applies to Druzhina, the Skinheads and anything else. There isn't a Central Comittee... well, wait, actually there is. A few dozen of these, each claiming to be the sole "proper" one. You do have clear leadership and, let's say, pretty crystalized ideological values (if anyone cares for that!) - but it is smaller in scale, at the kamanda (crew) level: a handful of Communards / Druzhina / Skinheads / Muromtsy who share beliefs and goals close enough to be considered the same. But there's rarely more of them than a dozen, maybe two, and often less than that who make such a single kamanda. Sure, if there's a danger present that would unite a given subculture against a common foe, the crews will form a coaliton - but it is not likely to stand longer than absolutely necessary That's why i'm calling these subcultures, and not gangs. Another thing to consider is the fact few of these are directly opposed to each other - they often interweave. Say, you have the Druzhina, the medieval reenactors, who carry swords and spears and wear kevlar jackets stylised as padded armor (because actual padded armor, as early Druzhina have observed, is not adequate when you have to deal with someone packing needle guns and laser pistols... Still, once you get close and personal, a proper axe swing is as good as for the last several thousand years). But you can as well have Druzhina Skinheads, who emphasize the historical, national (or at least religious) purity of the area that has to be preserved and improved (note, in Kal they may refer to the Russian, Balitc, Polish or Scandinavian tradition, as well as Western or Eastern Orthodox Christian faith, or traditional paganism - in either Slavic, Baltic or Nordic flavour). You can have Druzhina Stiliagi, who concentrate on "historically accurate" garments and customs (well, or what they believe to be "accurate") for a given period, and look down on anyone using reprodctions that are not "authentic" enough. You can have Druzhina Muromtsy, for whom it is all about physical prowess and fighting skill, just achieved with "traditonal methods of our forefathers". And there will be Druzhina Communards praising the primitive communism of the ancient tribes as argued for by Marx himself. ...and any other combination or two (or more) subcultures, if any crew belives it will float their boat (people can make surprising combinations of ideologies, if they believe it makes sense. Actually making sense or not has nothing to do with it!). There will be less infighting inside any given subculture than with outside of it, but infighting will still hapen.
  13. Also, the local spectator sport of choice (the legal one, as gladiatorial combat - while commonly ran by organized crime - is technically illegal, if popular) is , effectively a variation on the basketball played on ice skates (or rollerblades - which is way more common, as does not require maintaining an ice court, whcih is expensive to upkeep) using a rugby ball.
  14. Having caught a friendly Russian for a consultant, I'm adding some fiery-eyed, wild-bearded Communards (in honor of the Paris Commune) working to run the great, world-wide Proletaryat revolution once again. This time properly, right? Might be counterbalanced by royalists / monarchists of some sort - that's not determined yet.
  15. Another subculture for Kal: - Druzhina are, more or less, medievalist reenactors. However, many of them are pretty serious about it - using period-influenced clothing and stylised language in everyday life. Some of them reach to pre-Chrisitna era, and revive pagan practises, too. Many of them are very conservative politically, and they ofthen have common points with skinheads. And well, a good sword swing is just as deadly as a thousand years back...
  16. I'm trying to give Kal some subcultures (not exactly phyles / alt-cults of the 203x, but distinctive separate ideology / style things) in llieu of street gangs. Suggestions welcome. So far I have: - Stiliaga. A classic one, but still alive in 23rd century: stiliagi dress up, fashionably, mixing in what they think embodies high fashion in the wider world (they have their own slang, too). An ill-dressed stiliaga is not even recognized as one of their own. Good skills in wardrobe & style as well as personal grooming are a must (of course, daddies / skillchips are wildly popular there, but the problem with these is they can't learn, and therefore become obsolete quickly as the fashion changes. Not something an Average Joe would notice, but it can mean a lot for your status in the stiliaga community). Note: stiliagi originated as a Soviet take on the British Teddyboys - while they dress up, they can be pretty violent. - Gopnik. Another classic, even older than stiliagi, gopniki are low-life thugs and wannabe gangsters. IRL, those are the archetypal "Russian thugs in tracksuits". Their point seems to be one-up everyone (with point on impressing other gopniki) in terms of loud music, doing drugs and looking tough. Oh, and mugging people for money or just the fun of it. Those who show promise often end up as low-level members of organized crime. They dabble in low-level crime anyway, so if they have the knack, they're easy to recruit. - Skin. Nothing more, nothing less, the local variaety of skinheads tend to violently protest (and when you put "skinhead" and "violent" in one sentence, it does mean something!) against being associated with "nazi" (for historical reasons), but they're nationalist and racist supremacists all the same. On the upper tiers they seem to be struggling these days with the world around them balkanized, and old nations fragmented... but when in doubt, blame it on the Jewish conspiracy, it had worked for centuries, and there's no reason why it shouldn't work again, da? Apart from that, their traditional vicitms include anyone whom they perceive as racially or culturally different - although chernozhopy ("black-asses", derogatory slang term for people of Caucasian or Central Asian origin) are centuries-old favourite. - Muromets (this one I just made up). This subculture is obsessed with bodybuilding and physical fitness. Steroid and similar drug abuse is common here, as well as any form of BOD-enhancing biotech (muscle and bone lace, grafted muscle...), with REF-boosts being less popular. There are several flavours of muromtsy - some of them abhor drugs, or bioware, and stick to what they consider "natural" methods of building their bodies (which are sometimes quacky to say the least, and sometimes pretty esoteric. And sometimes apparently effective, though not as fast as drugs & cyber). Raw strength seems to be favourite, but there are visible minorities who go for other physical aspects. A good portion of muromtsy practises some form of formalized hand-to-hand training, making them very dangerous opponents. ...that's roughly what I have for now, I'd love to hear if anyone lese has any ideas
  17. Interesting observation: in the relatively small area of Kaliningrad enclave, I've counted down 4 landing strips (though by the look of it, one is operational, two more might be in use, and the 4th one is apparently no longer used): 1. Chkalovsk, just west-north-west of Kal, outside of the Ulitsa Bolshaya Okruznaya (Main Circular Street / Ring Street, which will be a major communications artery in 2202). The only one obviously in use, currently an Air Force base. I'll turn it into primary commercial / passenger airport of Kal, due to proximity to the city itself - capable of receiving both airships and airliners (assuming the runway will be lengthened by 2202, not a big deal tho - it is 2km today). No suborbital shuttles here, however. 2. Dunayevo, ~15km north-west of Kal. Smaller (yet still ~2km runway), apparently out of use today, though marked as aerodrome. Could be a smaller, "local" airfield - its size would be more than enough for VTOL craft and aerodynes. You need to have those smuggler aircraft to be handled somewhere, right? Especially those going north and west of Kal. 3. Noytif. At the very entrance to the Kaliningrad (Vistula) Lagoon, across the channel from Baltiysk (old Pilau) - ~30km west of Kal. Nowadays seems abandoned. By 2202, this is the actual Air Force base, handling the VTOLs and aerodynes protecting Kaliningrad airspace (and sea patrols / SAR duties). Scratch that one. The rising sea level got better of it, which would render it unusable. 4. Chernyakovsk, just south of the township of the same name (~100km east of Kal, along the A229 road). Any ideas? Could be another local / small airfield just like Dunayevo, but handling mostly south and east-bound traffic.
  18. Another Power That Be worth mentioning: The Church. While many faiths can be found in the Kal area, given the cosmopolitan nature of the Free City (and various immigrants bringing in their own beliefs), the leading one is still the Russian Orthodox Church (basically, the sept of Eastern Orthodox subordinate to the Patriarch of Moscow). It has centuries-long tradition of going hand in hand with lay authority (aka forming an alliance between the throne and the altar), so it generally decides to support the Governor's actions. The Church has little assets on-site, but it holds significant "soft power", even among organized crime bosses - they actually do respect it. The older, more tradtionally-minded ones more than the young and brash ones, but eventually all of them are, one way or another, susceptible to the Church's influence (to a degree - usually minor, but always noticeable). While this infulence is used primarily to protect and enhance the Church's own standing, it is not unknown for the religious authorities to organize, run or support charity activities - sometimes even persuading other Powers That Be into partisipating or suporting these (well, usually on one-off basis, but exceptions have been recorded!). This soft power and influence over the hearts of the majority of Kal denizens are major reasons why The Church maintains its place in Kal politics: in case of trouble, it is usually able to persuade some other Power to stand for it. In very few cases, external assets have been brought in to save their bacon.
  19. Some maps: The continent - still WIP https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rHVC-sT2P...VTVxbyTxB0UwdjS Free City of Kaliningrad - terrain (with water rise accounted for): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K7KC3vMfN...ZXBF5Olh3Kwjp63 The Kal itself - city map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F54c75cu1...0LWfRg9CScic2cH and aerial view of the Kal: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AWE8VIbGI...CREbhnkFG50i-tj
  20. Well, I'd prefer a street-level game. But since at the moment I have but one potential player (who is yet to tell me what does he want...), I can't be sure. The top level is there to give it all a frame. How things work, and why they work the way they do. I have yet to get on the map of Kal / the entire enclave, and this is going to be a bit difficult for me: I never did one before (could you suggest some tools?). There are two factors I have to take into account: 1. Rising of the sea level is going to take a lot of the central Old Town Kal and turn it into a venice / slums / marsh (I mean, you could make a squat / slums out of it, but how many buildings will hold after being standing in water for about a century?). 2. A lot of time has passed by: current day streetplan for Kaliningrad & neighbourhood is "as of 2019". Game time is 2202 or so, meaning nearly 200 years for development... one hell of a lot could've changed.
  21. More street level notes on Kal: - there are no "street gangs" like those we know from 2020 Night City. Instead, we have two things both similar and different: 1. "Crews". Usually a handful members concentrated on some activity - which may be legal or not (eg. mugging people in the street). A potential source of talent, if they get noticed by Powers That Be and recruited - or killed. some of them turn into quality operators in time. 2. Subcultures. A wide group who like to differ themselves from everyone else - by clothing, accessories, music choices - and often are at odds with other subcultures. They are often recognizable on sight, but don't hold a defined territory, leadership structures (or any other structure, to be honest), or a defined "biz". A crew might be affiliated with a subculture, or not.
  22. Okay, a few ideas on Kal (Free City of Kaliningrad) so far: Kal is ruled by a Governor (the title itself is leftover of the Soviet era) and City Council, both being (officially) electable. Powers That Be make sure it is their candidates who win the seats, and actually, in most cases, who run for the offices. The Powers That Be are - which is unofficial yet pretty common knowledge - major crime syndicates of the area, some corporations who have current interests in having influence in Kal, and other national entities of the region who want to spread their influence over Kal... and have assets to do it. Which isn't that common, in this day and place. High-level politics in Kal are a cutthroat game in a pretty literal meaning: while blackmail is more common, assassination remains a possibility. Well, unless there is some other Power That Be who is willing to support a given chairman, and it is known to be able to put their foot down with enough strength to keep others from messing with it. This results in a fairly stable politics, actually, as only factions with enough strength have influence - changes in it are a result of someone making a misstep and losing their base of power. Then the other sharks sense blood and move in for the kill. Otherwise, it is a Mutually Assured Destruction system: start a war, and even if you win, you'll end up weakened and ready to be killed out by non-participants. That's the high level. The street level is pretty much a police state, if a corrupted one. The cops are brutal and effective, but if you have any serious backing, it should be easy to get out of jail free card, effectively. Of course, assuming you did not resisted arrest, as the cops have itchy fingers. There are a number of idealists among the Kal police force, but they tend to be kept in check by red tape and pressure from their superiors (who are on the take, effectively). They come in useful, though, when one of the Powers That Be need to have some real investigation done... or a competition's operation busted. The reason behind it is the organized crime keeping many things illegal to keep black market prices high - but stuff tends to be easily available. Just don't let the cops see you peddling it. The key idea one needs to know when doing business in Kal - especially a less-than-legal business, or potentially highly lucrative business - is krisha (Russian for "roof"). Basically, a from of patronage (not unlike a "Don's blessing" in the old mafia circles) - someone powerful recognizing your operation and thus protecting it with their influence. This may include both passive protection (messing up your business means messing up with your patron, who risks losing influence if they don't retaliate on your behalf... so no one in the know should try to mess up your business!) and active protection (like intervening with the police force to have an investigation off your back). In exchange, the patron will expect you to perform various favours for them - also, if your business is lucrative enough, a cut in your gains. It is uncommon for patrons to harm one's subordinate business (you don't kill a cow to get more milk, da?) though if situation is dire, they won't hesitate to do whatever is necessary for their own survival.
  23. I mean the system published in Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads. It used a table / matrix to generate damage with 1d10 vs damage code of the weapon (also, taking Martial Arts and strength modifier into account). Required some doubling up the damage that passed armor - which is where your system is simpler - but also had a conversion table for body armor that was making body armor way less effective than basic CP2020 rules.
  24. That's one interesting approach Does work well with autofire damage (6 hits? Well, let's roll 6 dice, multiply each accordingly and we're fine). However, you need to handle random damage locations somehow. Roll a location die with each damage die? With standard location mechanics that could work (roll me 2 dice, d6 for damage and d10 for location). Still... after having given a look to the LUYPS system, I think you're kinda reinventing the wheel here, Malek. That system used 1d10 for location and another 1d10 for damage (with a table cross-referencing it against basic die codes of weapons). Loosing a little more fine detail than your system (as far as I understood it, there was no difference between, say, 2d6 and 2d6+3 hit there, while your system allows that), but on the other hand it did a short work of body armors (which are, to my experience, far too effective under basic 2020 rules).
  25. I mean, why not? As well as techno-Cossacks. And a number of other techno-ideas But not ot overuse them. @ CyberBear - thanks for helping me deciding on the stuff. A "frank" might turn up once in a while, then, a "morey", well, rather not. At this moment I'm trying to set up a regional map. TBH, I don't expect needing one that covers entire Europe, leat alone beyond it! So - I can afford to leave a lot of blank spaces around, to be filled when they become relevant. Still, I'd love to have at least the Baltic shores and parts of Russia covered. I could use some help in that region, tohugh (Baltics, Russia and actually Scandinavia too!). I'm running low on ideas, but I'm holding on the WGF notion that "if a country existed in Europe during the last 400 years, it had probably resurfaced". Which literally suggests "since 1800s", but hey, can always overinterpret it and make it "since 1600s" That's how it looks so far: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MYO4eozKCP...iew?usp=sharing Edit: I guess I might just update the world's history to incorporate RL timeline. From what I see, it would merely mean changing a few names (EEC to EU, USSR to Russian Federation), and relatively few events... if I'd bother with it at all.
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