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    Well I've been playing CP2020 for 10 years now and reffing for 9.5 of those. I love seeing examples of CP in RL (and my girlfriend is sick of me pointing them out I'm sure). Other interests are reading, shooting, hiking and computers. And why do I feel like I'm filling out a personals ad?
  1. Nope. It means that any action after the first has a cumulative -3 added to it's skill roll. Ex: Snappy the Solo wants to turn, shoot and then kick someone at his feet. The first action would be normal, the shooting roll would be at -3 and the martial arts/brawling action would be at -6. If he had to move to kick someone then you could say that it's at -9 (turn, shoot, move, kick). All of this is on top of any other modifiers (blinded by light, firing while moving, etc). I'd place a practical limit on how many actions a person could perform in a combat action. I use three simple actions (within reason) a turn for my games.
  2. But what of different economic strata I thought about doing it per zone (combat, corporate, etc) but decided not to. Too much math for something simple. I do like your idea though and if I ever do V2.0 of the rules I'll probably do it.
  3. I got tired with going for the generic "Yeah, there are a lot of people around" for describing a crowd so I decided to whip this up. If subtracting or adding happens to take you above or below a number then just round to the nearest die number. I find this useful for random events and general play. Type of Crowd: Roll 1D10 1-3: Heavy foot traffic (going against the crowd very difficult) 4-6: Medium foot traffic (crowded, typical city street; going against the flow requires a little dodging and weaving) 7-9: Light foot traffic (easy to walk around, no particular flow) 10: No foot traffic at all (it's quiet...) For evening hours, add +1 to the total For after midnight, add +3 to the total For daytime hours, subtract -1 from the total Ex: Reak decides he's going to break into a car in the middle of the day. He wants to know how many people are on the street. The Ref rolls and comes up with a 7. Taking into account that it's daytime he tells Reak that there's pretty decent foot traffic (7 - 1 = 6: Medium Foot Traffic) and chances are excellent someone will spot him even if he uses a distraction. If it had been after midnight when Reak had decided to do his larceny then no one would have been on the street (7 + 3 = 10: No one about). For vehicle traffic use the above and use these modifiers. For evening hours, add +1 to the total For after midnight, add +2 to the total For daytime hours, subtract -2 If you're in a big city then use this for added interest: For rush hour (6am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm), subtract -4 The reason is that chances of people being about in a vehicle are going to be better then someone out walking late at night.
  4. 1) I use the same damage at the edge as the center. 2) I've always rolled to hit location just like a bullet. 3) The height is 5 meters. Treat the blast area as a sphere. 4) Not at the moment. Honestly grenades are a rare part of my game. The few times they come up the above rules have worked just fine.
  5. It was supposed to be a signal amplifier for reflex boosts. It gave an additional +1 to the boost.
  6. She does need an upgrade from that color she's had for the last twenty years.
  7. BaronSamedi

    Nailjet Pro

    Think an inkjet printer for your nails. They're selling them now and from the looks of it, they do great work. NailJet Pro
  8. he can have the stun or shock factor on first sight. Depending on his ATTR it could be sanity loss too. Let him be naked. But where is he going to put his weapons, carry his stuff, etc. But let him run with it. It could be interesting.
  9. BaronSamedi


    Or the Colorado School of Mines. Explosives Engineering COURSE DESCRIPTION This short course is a carefully structured introduction to the main topics in the field of explosives engineering: detonation, explosive performance and chemistry, shock wave physics, shock modeling, explosion measurements and instrumentation, and new regulations on safety handling explosives. Both fundamental theory and practical aspects will be discussed. The topics will be presented by internationally renowned experts in their respective fields and will be addressed to an audience spanning a wide range of scientific backgrounds and levels.
  10. BaronSamedi


    Ah but if you can learn Markc so can anyone else. But you're right. It is a little more difficult then just throwing some stuff together and running with it.
  11. BaronSamedi


    precisely how is it different to the diesel/fertiliser combination I've also heard about. None really. In fact, if I remember right, ANFO simply means Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil.
  12. BaronSamedi


    Cyberware? Probably not. Maybe some boosterware if any though. Bioware? Yep. Something to boost eyesight and low light vision. Not too far. I don't want to have to wear welding goggles during the day.
  13. BaronSamedi


    Besides, it's not that I need a bunch of Tannerite, it's that I can have it. A good philosophy for many things. High explosives, quick setting epoxy, many power tools... you get the idea.
  14. BaronSamedi


    See, I've been reading that it requires about a quarter stick of dynamite to make it explode realiably. I'd always heard that a blasting cap works as well but I've seen several mining companies talking about it and several pyrotechnicians as well and they were all saying that it doesn't work, that the blasting cap doesn't do the trick. So I'm not sure at this point. I knew about it being cheap, I think I saw a price under a $1 a pound. That's just impossible to beat without making dirt itself explosive.
  15. BaronSamedi


    So I've been reading about that wonder explosive ANFO and I'm shocked. It's not in the game anywhere. This is the stuff that most modern mines use by the pallet load and domestic terrorists mix by the truck load. Now I've been reading. This stuff is pretty simple to make. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Chemistry roll of 15 (or simply reading some instructions). As to strength, I've been reading and it seems to be similar to TNT so I'd call it 4D10 a kilo. The only other thing that would make it a little different is that instead of a blasting cap, you need a stick of dynamite to set it off. And the ANFO has to be wrapped pretty thick around it to initiate properly. So this leads to having to use a large quantity. So I say that unless you make a Demolitions roll of 20, you have to use at least five kilos to ensure detonation (hey, it's an industrial explosive used in mines, what do you expect?). This is not a delicate use explosive. You want precision, use C6.
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