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  1. Maybe bring out the dead here... Anyone want in? 2 posts min. a week. All the other stuff flies. What do you think?
  2. Considering when I carried alot, I used a Goodwill elastic girdle to press it into my stomach and kept it in my pocket (very obvious since it was a full sized late 1980s Berretta 9) w/s skill would also allow it for use in intimidation checks as well. Say a good roll giving a bonus or neg to spot as the situation calls for. But yes every bonus to conceal = neg to fast draw is solid
  3. one phrase Shrink wrap mass murderer Run with it (y'know that ya grew up in a bubble, taste the chicken grease that has putrified on my fingers....)
  4. Chiming in on the orginal topic. 9mm. Small enough to get enough rounds to spray as I run away down the hallway/stairwell/ person hiding behind cover. Cheap enough to learn to use effectively. Cheap to get a good gun onthe black market at a reasonable price (Yes Phipps, I STILL can't seem to get my mind around legit prices, sue me!). Anyway ya look at it, 9 mm (in a beretta in my world) is the all purpose round for shooting folks inthe body and head. Then again, I don't own a pistol, as that would send my as back down that path I have rode before, and it almost didn't end well. Lots of love and flashback The Public
  5. My players weren't overly tied to the year. It was more of a suspension of disbelief to whatever year we wanted the start to be. It is mostly about feel. Dark Future will happen whenever you and your group find tasteful. I DO however suggest starting with the base book as the tech level and raising it incrementally with a chrome book or a few bits of crossover tech as you see fit. It keeps the drive for PC self improvment there, unlike making EVERYthing available on the get go makes the drive for the newest stuff less and takes away a facet that helped keep the game I ran alive for over 10 years. Of course as we see the now prices vs the then prices for cell tech soo different, you should change them as you feel is needed (it was the 90's afterall when it was written). Have fun
  6. About the least fun I can think of in a CP RPG. It's much more fun when the players work together and have their characters voluntarily on the same side. If folks want to start playing against each other, WH40K is that way --> Second that motion to pass the bill. That and WH40K sucks compared to what it used tobe (thats why I WG No Limits!)
  7. Hey folks, Well, you wanted dynamics for fun, sure I gotta few. Things that are just beyond the CP2020 book and make the world feel Real . One: Sandbox: If you can swing it, steal, borrow, inflect, whatever- every NPC you can find and every person you meet- from old friends to the crazy lady in the grocery store line yesterday- into your campaign as NPCs available. This fact alone is the one reason why I can run a Sandbox campaign and not lose my shit whenthe PCs jump off on a tangent. Everyone has a face in my mind, and all have a bit of personality. Otherwise it is just a cheap video game w/o the cool graphics. Sandbox is hard to do for new folks. Don't be discouraged. I use and steal pregen adventures all the time as a rule. The trick is KNOW THEM INSIDE AND OUT and don't be afraid to change shit. The first game I played was GammaWorld in 1982- and it's been alot of others ever since, and I gotta say, pregen works. If you can't shift a pregen to make it fun, it's only because you didn't know it well enough to integrate into your group/ storyline. Dynamics for fun in the rules system. Rather than Kill the PCs when you blow the shit outta one of their body parts, MAIM them. This will allow the PC to live, and give you another story hook or two. From getting the cash for the fix/replacement to who you will go to or owe for that replacement, and the issues of the procedure after (which was the gravy for the meat and potatoes of the Cthulhupunk campaign I ran), the possiblilites are endless fun. No net runners. I have yet to see a group that is patient enough for the GM to go off and run the net while the rest of the party waits. So it should be either all Netrunners or none at all. Make it the NPC of choice instead of a character option. Be prepared and on time. Nothing kills games more than scrambling or GM that say "oh I can wing it' and not being able to keep up w/ the group. This happens in Cp almost more than in any other game I have been in (WoD is the next worst for this in GMs) and most importantly- many of the members of this or any other board will be very free and strong willed about their opinions. Take them for what they are, just points of view. It's your game, and only you know your players. just always be free to ask questions. We are usually pretty helpful. The Public
  8. Played Shadowrun, but after 2 months found it was just silly and dropped gaming altogether for 6 months. IRL went out crime-ing, promoting, thuggin' in general. My buddy Dave, technogeek supreme said he had a good system instead of Shadowrun. Cleaner, more RL, more easy to die from getting shot. I said, sure. The system was sweet (now this was 2013 cyberpunk now) but Raw. It was missing alot of stuff (medtech rules were bad, drug rules worse) but it had me making a new character about every 4th game. Crazy thing was, I LOVED writing up new characters!! Usually it was a chore and the PC didn't have much fiber until 2 months down the line, but PC allowed me to fill out a PC with all sorts of detail that ACTUALLY MATTERED. Dave when to school, handed me his books, and as an old C o C GM, it just seemed a natural fit (D10 and % systems are an EASY convert). The group was good (recruited from the 12-16 person pay to play D&D group I had for the best players) and my knowledge of the seedy underbelly of cities (Chicago in particular) was RL based and spoke to my players and their interest. Twelve years, I must say it was the best campaign I have ever run. The rest, is history. Because of great sites like Datafortress, the various works of MorninMan, Deric, Blakchammer, and all the rest, I never was want for material. Now as I get older, players are harder to find (haven't found any for a while) and the DarkFuture is right now. But I still love that damned game. The Public
  9. I took the pregen Cabin Fever and instead of making the psyberpsycho just nuts, I made him flamingly gay and forceful as well. Considering that 90% of games are all dude, it made for one hell of a laugh as the PC that had a cowboy thing going had the "moo moo Buckeroo" psyberpsycho hitting on him and not taking the rejection well in that little bar surrounded by a large cloud of HF Gas. Tense, funny and a good time was had by all (and the scar still show onthe group) the essence of fun is: Take a good story line, with sidetracks and various possiblilites for a mainline story Add 2-12 real good roleplayers, folks who love their character concept and aren't afraid to act a bit Add a GM that know the rules well, but is not bound by them in the need for cinematic play and plot development Meet either once a week or once every other week (as folks start to forget things after a couple weeks) Add enough food and snacks to make the sessions 3-6 hr long and play until folks move away/ have kids/ RL interrupt.\\THe Public
  10. looks over at the comdeic excercise in juxtapostion and looks up slightly "I Don't know, but what ever it is, it's gonna just BE." returns the look at the mounds of flesh. (I have a new daughter on the way any time now, so I may be sporatic)
  11. Ha Ha! Sure thing Mosca, let's go poke a bear!!! IC: Sandy has been watching that pile of muscle for 30 minutes now. What is he waiting for? Sandy just hunkers down long the west wall to the right of Fossey. Nothing special, dishwater brown hair chopped at the shoulder, white target cloth shirt and the Mens Warhouse $100 special blue bullet resistant suit and last season's rental shoes, thank god wingitps were in style. Yeah, other than the 10 inch bludge of the o/u 12 gauge pig leg under the jacket, nothing special at all about that 5 foot 7 , 145 pound frame. What is he waiting for. Whatever it is, it should've turned up by now -or else when Fossey is done it will be a score of real substance. Not that robbing the down is a great art, but it does pay the rent on the cube and the week's kibble. What is he waiting for....
  12. The best way to get back in (and it's free) is to find Datafortress 2020 and pull down the Interlock Unlimited rules. Cyberpunk needed a new edition change, and Interlock Unlimited is how it should have been done. Check it out and good luck getting a new group! The Public
  13. Ph yeah, I got one,in a link no less Burn your books and Go Here
  14. Maybe chance to fool x ray :35% Nothing shoots like bone, muscle and flesh (not even modern RL grafting material). To fool an actual plain film x ray (or it's digital counterpart) it would take more than just ceramic and myomer....
  15. Just know that if steady post are needed.... I offered.
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