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  1. thank you that makes a lot of sense
  2. that makes a lot of sense! My big concern is jumping systems too much because my players are very inexperienced with ttrpgs
  3. I might invest in cp 2020 then. this is my first cyberpunk campaign so i wasn't too sure going in.
  4. My plan was to start with the things in the jumpstart kit and tack on homebrew as i go, that's what the people on reddit seem to be doing. I wanted to start playing cyberpunk, and figured it wasn't worth it to get 2020 if red will be out soon.
  5. I have recently started a cyberpunk red game using the jumpstart kit, and I've been curious what other people are doing. I could also use some help with ideas for weapons, vehicles, armor etc because the jumpstart kit is extremely sparing in that department. Anything about the new rule set is appreciated to help a newbie out!
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