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  1. We also do it in the order TigerGuard suggests because we feel it allows for characters to better fit their background. But of course with this approach it wouldn't make sense and you need to do skills and stats first. Which is fine as I think this method actually does reflect the character as made by the player in the roll results where the original was purely random. Personally I would use base Empathy and not cybered Empathy. The book and results often seem to indicate to me that gear and cyber comes after Lifepath due to injuries and such.
  2. Thank you for the insight. And sorry to hear you are missing players. Did you ever consider playing or running online? It's pretty much how I get my gaming done these days. On topic: doesn't really sound like it speeds it up a lot but I like the idea of not being impervious to pistols anymore. As I understand it Cybergenerations system is based in that?
  3. Personally I feel 2020 will still be worth it after RED. They are different games with the same DNA. We also wanted to start playing again prompted by RED and went with 2020. I also believe it will be easier to transition from 2020 to RED compared to the Jumpstart with House rules.
  4. I have ever only played FNFF and I do like it. However, there is some complexity in there that makes it cumbersome and timely to use. I did house rule some stuff like Automatic Fire to reduce the rolling, but I am not quite happy with it. Just now I understood that there are more combat systems that are compatible with CP2020, mainly High Noon Shootout from Listen Up and Saturday Night Skuffle from Cybergeneration. I have not read Listen Up (just started it) or Cybergeneration and was hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on the differences, share experiences and conversion guides maybe? Any input welcome.
  5. Welcome fellow Newbie. As the Jumpstart just uses simple damage categories for weapons the actual weapon a character has exactly is just a cosmetic choice at this point. So go hog wild and choose from all the sources you have. If you don't have any just get the CP2020 core PDF and use the weapons and gear from that book with the standardized stats from RED. Since the main book is still a few months off from the sound of things your best bet is to get some older Material for 2020 and use that. I personally wouldn't start a CP RED Campaign yet though as the starter kit is really not meant for that, there is too much missing in the rules department, vehicle rules being a part of that. It doesn't even have the special abilities yet! And if you start tacking on rules from 2020 you might as well start playing 2020. But I do know of some people running successful RED campaigns, so YMMV.
  6. I honestly never bothered with languages much. In my experience English is enough to get around most places so the intrinsic language lists feel overdone to me. I don't feel they add much to my games. Especially since all characters already speak Streetslang.
  7. I think EMP should not govern how many romantic involvements you have, that may be more ATT, but rather if it is successful or has problems or ends in tragedy.
  8. Ah I get that. Indeed, could work. Interesting idea. Not sure If I have the time and creativity, but maybe this would be worth its own thread? I would probably just do "roll 1d10 under Stat = Good, higher than Stat=Bad.
  9. No. When they roll it on the life path they get it for free, good or bad.
  10. I think you mean these http://www.ambient.ca/cpunk/lifepath.html Great memory Mikael, nailed it pretty much. Will give them a read. And yes, a lifepath system that incorporates the characters stats sounds fantastic but horribly complicated and lots of work I sadly can't do.
  11. Let me see. Changed starting cash to fixed amount, some typos, removed some Benefits I didn't like, added the Agent item. Those are the ones I remember. Was mostly a change from A5 to A4 with new fonts and new art I have actually the rights for. And a "new" character sheet I modified from a pretty great existing one. Can be printed A4 Horizontal too. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lKHyWrovF5E-VAcMzatam4YbSyrykZwAf5tyXI1ZHNg/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Which tables are you referring to Mikael? The ones I have from Interlock Unlimited don't really use stats except in Hounds prison table. Updated the PDF https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vdYg_7bPNp5e4geEWvHhf2ZpeRssn49G
  13. I am not yet happy with the rules for Starting Cash. I think INT+LUCK/2*1000 does make sense but it puts emphasis on the stats again. The SA Table from core is just a mess with wildly varying starting cash. Does anyone have an alternative?
  14. @Geist just sent me his map and it is amazing and much better than mine. So I will abandon this project for now and look if I can work with his.
  15. I usually ignore it. If it was for me I'd remove it completely from the game. But my players want them.
  16. 30 Points because everyone gets 16 points worth of basic skills "for free". In total they get 46 Skill points. 15 for pickup for the reasons Mikael mentioned. Since I am also using an advantage/disadvantage system to garner more points that's just the base.
  17. Cyberpunks don't get old they get digitized. Or something like that.
  18. Thank you MartyrTEK! I am still tweaking it and hopefully have some time this week to finalize it, so we can finally plan session 0. The Elevator is not bad, it just removes a lot of complications. First you need to separate what where sprawling server networks into different "machines", maybe based on CPU, because the elevator approach breaks down when you have a lot of levels I fear. You could have levels as "Jump off" points into other servers I assume. Then it is a matter of looking at what's in there and bring it in a sensible order from Easy to Hard. Every "Level" can just hold one thing. If a file is supposed to be protected by ICE the ICE needs to be in the level above the File. I think a Server should not have more than maybe a dozen levels or so at maximum. It's abstract but seems to work well as every level just needs a single check to solve (except ICE or Netrunner combat). I just realized this whole thread should maybe go into the rules section of the Forum?
  19. Thank you! I figured it was all Authors and tried to Google but my knowledge in that are is non existent. I often pay attention to it because I like to be able to tell my players "Corner of 21st and Dick Street." And be able to point to it in the map as a frame of reference.
  20. Hopefully one of you can help me, what's these two street names, I can't read them. Is it FARREN and SPEIRAD? Thanks in Advance!
  21. That is very cool eraser! I had no idea this existed and is a thing I wanted to do but had no idea how. Fantastic. Thanks for the tip! I like Wisdom's map a lot but the detail is a bit overwhelming. I am now adding street names and will add the new ones from the Night City Sourcebook as far as I can make them out. I only have the PDF and its very tough to read.
  22. Hi all, I have looked up and down for a high res map of Night city from the CP2020 core book as it includes the southern part. As I could not find one I recreated it as an SVG so it can be freely scaled to whatever you need. Its very simple and not annotated or color coded or anything yet, street names are also still to come. But before I go there I was wondering if any of you had suggestions / wished that would make this more useful to you. There is also a PNG of the map. The night city book map is nice but I always preferred this one as I like it simple to leave room for the imagination. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O75dYt4Zc0yL3CJ74HurDNzmn_jwMpJx
  23. That's a good thought. I am for "simple" first so would apply it to both. Before it did apply to everything under REF too, so I don't see the need to change that as the skills aren't new just in a different place. Have it also affect Initiative is an interesting idea I like a lot.
  24. Let's start off with some I am creating right now for Slow Boat from Chiba. Going to get these printed on thick card stock, so I can hand them to my players.
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