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  1. Well, for the last five (5) years each summer has been 'the hottest on record', exceeding the one before it by no small margin. This summer's heatwaves started mid spring and are still ongoing. It was 40Âșc inside my house last week for a few days. It's now untenable to live here without significant insulation and air conditioning. I talked to some friends at the climate research centre at the University of Tasmania and they tell me that I'm not the only one. There's a steady and increasing Australian migration south that's putting pressure on house prices, rentals and infrastructure
  2. I'm in a new play-by-post in Dischord which is looking for players. We won't be using voice channels. The premise is Militech is hiring ACPA pilots to test new armour. The posting rate is fast, every two days minimum, but you can disappear for a few days or whatever and come back of course.
  3. I was wondering what sort of bonus you get with a Red Dot Sight or a Holographic Sight. Standard scopes give the shooter +2 at extreme range and +1 at long range. I was thinking +1 to hit and +1 initiative at short range. Thoughts?
  4. Has anyone made up a Maximum Metal format such as exists for ground vehicles etc for lightweight drones similar to those used by modern armies for scouting? I've just finished reading McKee's The Friendless Sky, an account of the genesis of aircraft in The First World War. Technological advancement went something like this: - Prototypes. These aircraft were simply the effort of designers getting the 'aircraft' concept to work in combat situations. This milestone has already been passed. - Scouts. Aircraft immediately became useful as scouts giving real-time information of th
  5. RPG.net has its phases of moderation. It was once a pretty 'everything goes' place but that time is gone. I'm running a Call of Cthulhu: Invictus game at RPOL but unfortunately no Cyberpunk. I'll keep my eyes open
  6. 9 players, looks like its full already. Whenever I do a search on RPOL for Cyberpunk or variants thereof it always comes back blank. Rocky has a game running he might let you in
  7. There's a new game being advertised over at RPOL.net. It's not my game, I just saw it come up and thought I'd mention it here.
  8. . . . and it looks like the actual game won't come out until 2020 - 2021 along with an updated CyberPunk 2020
  9. Did the maths and worked out that modern infantry armour is SP40! We may have to rethink some of the armoured vehicles and power armours
  10. Anyone know of any other subterranean rail systems?
  11. The London Tube is of course a good one. In Split Second it was flooded and abandoned but it could be a great dystopian underworld
  12. Continuing on with this, has anyone else used an underground railway to create a culture? Sadly, Sydney's underground is broken into sections. Hobart hasn't got one and I haven't seen an underground rail in Brisbane yet.
  13. Very true But my interest in the book on a near future angle is how the separate stations evolved their own micro cultures
  14. ChalkLine


    Cyberpunk 2020 has all sorts of cyberware for the eyes that should be neuralware. Rather than write a list I just rule that anything not needing hardware (IR vision) is a neuralware app.
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