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  1. Ok... another post of random thoughts...


    I have been playing Batman: Arkham Knight recently and my son (who plays CP) made the comment that it looks like how he envisions Cyberpunk.


    This started me to thinking.... GOTHAM 2020!!


    The basic premise is that Batman is sick... the Joker blood poisoning (See the videogame) is taking it's toll. Batman plays a drastic gambit. He entrusts Dick Grayson with the mantle of BATMAN!! He realizes that he must heal himself to allow for a possible future. Blood is drawn and then Batman is placed into cryogenic stasis. The blood is examined and a cure is finally found. Batman is thawed and the cure is administered. Batman starts to recover but then he drops into a deep coma. He is immediately placed back into cryo. Nightwing continues to be Batman and the original Batman sleeps in cryo.




    Gotham has grudgingly drifted into the world of Cyberpunk.


    The blood that was taken from Batman was stored and then at some point, it disappeared. The individuals that took the blood moved forward with cloning the sample. The process created a physical specimen, but no mind. A neuro-recording had been made before the Joker died and now with the new body, the Joker was reborn.


    A new madman starts to terrorize the citizens of Gotham. Around this same time, the daughter of Nightwing finds hidden notes kept by her father. She starts to put the pieces together. Soon, the rooftops of Gotham see a new heroes running around.




    OK... This is breakdown... admittedly it is rough.... but the idea is intriguing. I started to look at the equipment in the books. Linear frame-assisted body armor with gliding cloaks and grapple-guns. Advanced combat armor with less-lethal ammunition. Sensory-cloaked equipment. Image enhancement, thermo-graphic vision, targeting scope, etc, etc...


    An armored AV ... black in color zipping through the skies...


    Team Batman is back!!!



    Any thoughts???

  2. Yes. This is way above the tech level of the CP2020. Or even Cybergeneration (2027).

    Especially given the fact the most powerful laser weapons of 2020 are, IIRC, the ACPA-portable Meta Arms "Photon" laser rifles, capable of 10d6 output maximum - and with very limited power banks to fuel these (IIRC 30d6 total worth).


    You give no "ammunition capacity here"...


    Also, any combat 'borg out of the Chromebooks is going to wipe the floor with these BU-55c's in terms of raw stat values.


    All in all, it seems, in my eyes, a creation form a different world, and entirely out of place in a CP2020 campaign.

    You could be converting stuff from RIFTS just as well...



    However, this is my perception of it. If you want this kind of stuff in your game, hey, it is, like, totally your game, man ;)



    The mouth laser was the "OMG" weapon of the show... I never could figure out why they mounted it in the mouth of these constructs.


    A fully borg'ed out build could smash a Boomer to pieces, but in the Bubblegum Crisis universe, the idea of that much cybernetics makes you considered a Boomer yourself. There are bigger and nastier builds for Boomers. The other nasty point to a Boomer is the Regeneration ability. The example above has a regeneration/recovery of 22 pts/turn. So every turn, the Boomer can heal itself. That is what makes them scarey!! Advanced nanite machines.



  3. Just had to share.....


    I dug out my Bubblegum Crisis books.... I started to convert the Boomers to cyberpunk stats... I knew they were monsters.... but WOW.. the mouth laser does 22d6


    BU-55C Combat Boomer


    WEIGHT 600 kg

    ARMOR 45 SP


    Running 24

    Fly / Skim 9


    INT 5

    COOL 8

    MA 9

    REF 9

    ATTR 6

    BODY 12

    TECH 6

    LUCK 4

    EMP 9

    RUN 26 48.5 mph

    LEAP 7

    LIFT 480

    SAVE 12

    Carry 120

    FLY 9 16.8 mph

    Weight 600 kg


    WEAPON WA Range Damage Location Notes

    Hand to Hand 0 Melee 11d6 RA, LA

    Blade Weapon 0 Melee 14d6 Arm

    Mouth Laser 0 800 m 22d6 Head

    <Alternate weapons>

    Heat Cannon 3 725 m 18d6 All 2.5 m Area/ ROF 1/2

    Laser MG 1 750 m 19d6 RA ROF = 20



    Flight Jets Calves and Back

    Shieldable Optics Targeting, Low-light, IR Vision

    Scrambled Radio 100km Range

    Human Disguise feature Perception -vs- 20 to detect

    Limited fusion Level 1; Absorb / Control 150 KG of material



    Perception +5

    Persuasion +5

    Hand-to-Hand +5

    Athletics +5

    Firearms +5

    Melee +5

    Driving +5



    Any thoughts?

  4. I have kept a log of older characters so that I could pull them up as NPC's.


    I have been working on a way to craft my own CP_V-3 setting. My concept is to pull the world into the future a little more and bring off-world settings into play.


    It was once posted that CP2020 was a sign of the times. Like the Iron Age of comics. Times change and the world setting should evolve too. I remember when RTG brought out Bubblegum Crisis, I thought that this was the future of CP2020. I envisioned BGC being a template for what CP203X could be. Alas... it was not to be.


    I envision my Cyberpunk world advancing more. I have always liked "big robots" and with RTG making Mekton.. I see this as a viable option. Starblade Battalion was a possible future of Cyberpunk (based on the CP world as history for the SBB) I also like the Jovian Chronicles. I see the Cyberpunk world moving to the stars to escape the corporations. I feel that this would be a good expansion to follow after the latest Corporate War.


    In my campaign, the Mars government sees the writing on the wall and decides to break away from Earth. The Earth-friendly corporations are shut down or forced under by the Mars-loyal forces. Mars then starts to establish their own forces and a defense force. All the while, tech is secretly being built up.


    Ironically, As I type this, I am watching a news article about Elon Musk putting forth his plan for long term colonization of Mars.



  5. This question came up during a game...


    I read and then re-read the rules and I did not locate it.. SO... I come to you and pose the question.


    And the question is.....


    Can you improve stats?


    I realize that you can improve stats through the application of cyberware (IE: body enhancements etc) but I didn't locate rules for allowing a character to improve a stat through other means.


    Any thoughts?


  6. In London, my players have encountered militant implant-fetishist skinheads, infosocialist media pirates, East End gangsters, jacked-up Mods, shiro-nuri go-gangers and been attacked by autonomous HGVs; they've stolen neural archiving technology from Apple, kidnapped an AI masquerading as an autistic 11 year old, had a firefight with bioroid zero-hour-contract workers in the food court of the local Consumertopia, tracked an Arasaka employee undergoing a narcotic psychosis to a Gynoid Row brothel using hijacked drones, visited the bloated tech-queen of the Central District, Moby Shaz, in her floatation tank, and they are about to perform a hit on the local Yakuza Kumicho, for a teenage girl, at a party in a Yakuza owned hotel!


    And so far, as usual, it's been a fucking blast. :D


    If it wasn't for some of the more creative and prolific posters on this site, particularly those who push beyond canon limitations, I guess we may have moved on to something else. So, THANKS GUYS!




    That sounds really cool.


    I have been reading through the different posts and I am finding a lot of really interesting ideas.


    I introduced "Project Aries" which was a government secret project that used bio-engineering and gene-therapy to mimic cyberware and create soldiers that were able to perform at "cyber'd" levels but also had enhanced / rapid healing and no need for mechanical support and were immune to EMP's. My character is an escapee from ARIES.


  7. I am a noobie here and I I have been reading a lot of old posts. Something that I realized is that Cyberpunk 2020 is a dying ember in the night. Some of us gather around and squander the fading light and dwindling warmth...


    OK... the muses struck me... (slaps them away)... OK... I'm back.


    Honestly though... I previously posted that I started playing Cyberpunk 2020 in 1990 and played it avidly until around 1997. Then along came a wife and children and friends moved away. Cyberpunk 2020 faded away and the books got stored on a shelf.


    Flash-forward to 2016... I made contact with an old friend and after several conversations, the books were pulled down and characters generated. We started playing again, with a new group and renewed zeal. That is what ultimately led me to this board.


    As I read the posts, it seems that people are slowly drifting away from the core game. I see GURPS Cyberpunk mentioned frequently and also SolSpace.


    So I ask this question in hopes of bringing our collective minds together to craft, even if online only, a "new" Cyberpunk. A sort of gestalt of sorts...


    Let me begin...


    I am running a "standard" Cyberpunk 2020 campaign while I am working towards a Martian (Jovian) Chronicles spin-off that will have the Cyberpunk world moving off-world. This is being done with a heavy reliance on DEEP SPACE and JOVIAN CHRONICLES.


    I am drawing a lot of the conversions and rules from MEKTON ZETA since that system also used the INTERLOCK rules system.


    SO... what are you doing?


    I figure that by sharing campaign ideas, we can bolster the world and maybe give a creative spur to somebody elses' world.



  8. I am in the prep stages of running the campaign series "Land of the Free" from the same-named boxset. I have read it over and made copious notes...

    I was just wondering whether or not anybody else has run this module and if so.. any hints?


    I realize that a lot of the members (that are active) seem to be out of Europe... but I didn't know if somebody converted it.






  9. Since my last post won't let me edit it.......


    I was an avid cyberpunk player back in 1990-1997. That was a time of great campaigns and epic confrontations.

    I recently started running Cyberpunk again with a new group. I still like the game, but I have to admit that the world is a little odd now that we are so close to the actual date. We are 4 years from the 2020 date.


    Unlike Stray, the world around me does not disturb me so much as to warrant putting the game away... I am currently trying to craft an extension onto the game to move it closer to Mekton. I am tired of the D20 glut of games. I have tried several others and for simplistic, fun game play, the Interlock system is still a favorite.


    I found this board while looking for others that still like/play Cyberpunk... and I am glad that I did.

  10. Just because the cyberchrome is starting to dull and flake, the neural upgrades are only Gen III and the boosted reflexes are giving me a case of Tourettes doesn't mean I'm down or ready to be parted out yet. Still some life in these old nanocarbon wrapped bones, auxiliary power is holding steady at 23% and there's revenge left undone.


    Cry Havoc into the encrypted commo channels and let loose the cyberhounds of undeclared internecine conflict!



    Very well put....

  11. I'm here too.....


    I have been running a Cyberpunk 202X campaign for a few weeks and my group really seems to be enjoying it. I also want to move the game a little more into the future. I have been looking at a Cyberpunk / Martian (aka Jovian) Chronicles setting, where I want to introduce mecha and the such.


    My glitch is trying to incorporate more Mekton aspects without ruining or taking away from the Cyberpunk feel that my game likes.


  12. Having ran a few long campaigns (and played a few, too) I feel there should be "last chapter" and then maybe epilogue / afterword. You've just finished an epic story, epic adventure - are you going to run a next one with the same characters?


    Didn't really worked for me.


    I'd prefer to end it right there - with the dust settling after the final act. Then simply tell the players what happened to the major characters (both player characters and NPCs). Even if they "lived happily ever after" (yeah I know, not in Cyberpunk ;)).


    For me, The Lord of the Rings has this type of ending: Bilbo and Frodo sail away (along with Gandalf and the Elves). Sam returns home and lives happily ever after with his family. Then, it is noted that many years later Aragorn chooses to pass the kingdom to his heir and die peacefully, Merry and Pippin - both very old already - bid farewell to their families and travel south to live their days in the courts of Rohan and Gondor and be buried beside their kings, and Legolas builds the last ship to take him and Gimli to the Western Isles.

    They've finished their epic adventure in Middleearth. No point adventuring further, but a good storyteller (and Tolkien learned form the original Nordic stories) doesn't leave the loose ends of the story...


    You may turn the characters into NPCs and have them reappear in your next campaigns as powerful figures (not necessarily movers and shakers, but that's possibly too) in the sidelines.



    I agree that there is a point where characters should "walk into the sunset" but that is not our time... not now.


    Many years ago... I created a Cyberpunk campaign that was long-running. We had many adventures and we became legends. Our REP got high and we started running missions of high levels. It got to a point that we could kill almost anything we faced and in all honesty... it got a little boring.

    Real-life cropped up as it often does and the campaign faded away. My friends and I joked about one of our characters (a full-body conversion) probably went to Central America and overthrew a small country.


    Now... years later...

    [i started Cyberpunk in 1990 and played it until roughly 2000... Then life happened and I have only started to play it again this year ..2016.]


    Some of my old friends (and their kids) have gotten back together, dusted off the old books and started playing again. I want to run a campaign that will be fun and draw them in but I don't have 10 years to do it. :(


    So... I was thinking of running a few adventures and then running them into the Corporate Wars. This will give them a solid story to follow. At the end of that stretch I want to change their world setting a little. Originally, I was looking at Mars.. but then my son expressed a disliking of the Mars idea for Cyberpunk. He is all about the dark city streets... That and all the money he has spent to build the "super rifle" might be lost. That made him tear-up .. :blink:


    Now... I have some decisions to make and in all honesty, I would like to try a Martian Revolution campaign.

  13. I found some "less-than-steller" reviews of Chrome Berets. I think that I am going to skip that purchase and I will build my own stuff.


    Basically, I am running a group of characters that are heavy on the gun-slingers.


    Solo.... Akin to Navy SEAL

    Solo.... "Deadshot wanna-be"

    Solo.... Martial Arts killer

    Private Detective




    They tend to shoot first while the detective tries to keep things calmer. The martial arts killer is the most kill-happy.


    I plan on running them through the corporate wars, outlined in the Firestorm books... culminating in a bad day at Arasaka Tower (They will love it!!). That then raises an interesting question... What next? It reminds me of the commercials... "YOU JUST WON THE <insert great thing> WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW?"


    SO.. I am opting on having the group leave Night City for a while. Either to Mars, Europe or Central America.



  14. Wow! These are some great ideas.


    This will help me flesh out the campaign, scenarios. I have a lot of planning ahead. I think that I am going to pick up the Chrome Berets supplement (If I can find it)


    Between this and my Mars designs... I have a lot to work on. Thanks again and keep the ideas coming.


    As far as the "simultaneous missions" go.... I am not a fan because it is hard to split the time evenly... and keeping track of in-game time is a pain in the rear.



  15. The team currently stands as:


    Solo.... Akin to Navy SEAL

    Solo.... Sniper

    Solo.... Martial Arts killer

    Private Detective




    The missions will most likely revolve around combat and blowing stuff up. ;-)


    I envisioned breaking the country down into "rings" or zones working from the outside to the inside. Each "ring" would have an objective to complete and then they would move closer to the main objective. The final confrontation was going to be a battle-royale with the ultimate conclusion being the liberation of the country... or the death of the characters.



  16. This is a small side project that I have been working on for a campaign.

    The basic idea is that a group of characters are hired to help liberate a small Central American country from a vicious drug warlord. Ok... a straight forward situation... but How?


    I figured that I could break it down into a series of missions that would slowly bring the characters closer to the ultimate goal of freeing the country.... heck knowing my players... they will keep it for themselves.


    Any thoughts?

  17. The premise that I am working on right now is a hybrid of several different settings.


    I started with DEEP SPACE and elaborated on the Mars colony. I then used aspects of JOVIAN CHRONICLES and MEKTON: STARBLADE BATTALION. I like the idea of a more science-based game and not relying on the more Anime feel of the STARBLADE BATTALION.. that is why I was reading JOVIAN CHRONICLES.


    I have been working on an adventure tree to plots out multiple adventures that can take the characters along a path where they either a path where they side with the Earth in the Martian revolution or siding with the Martian Rebels... working to sever ties with Earth and form their own world... so to speak.


    As the missions continue, they will run into advanced ACPA's and other tid-bits that point to larger machines being tested. I don't want this to turn into Mekton... but I would like to advance it along a little more.

  18. I like the more "science" oriented approach that JC takes. No flashy ships and a more realistic approach to mecha. They make one or two basic frames and then modified them... rather than making a broad selection of custom designs.


    The Martian Chronicles ideas that I have are pieced together from Deep Space and Jovian Chronicles.


    I found my copy of SolSpace and I have to read it over before I comment on it.

  19. I'd love to hear about that :D


    Oh, and if you want another possible future for CP2020, I think I've mentioned the SolSpace (which was an officially-approved setting for CP2020 - set in 2037). I've found a copy of the document and can share it if you want a look.



    That sounds familiar



    I'll look for it ...

  20. You might want to step up the Martian colonisation programme for that, though. In Deep Space there are, basically, two colonies/ bases (one by NASA/JAB, and the other by ESA/Russian Rocker Corp), and that's it.

    But then again, there are a number of other entities that might want a foothold on Mars - the Russians for sure, maybe other Earth governments - Deep Space lists the following governments as having govt-aligned spaceports on their territory:


    I actually have been working something like this up. I grabbed my old Jovian Chronicles Supplements for Mekton and have been re-working them to be be a "Martian Chronicles" setting. With a year in transit time, there is enough space for there to be a cold-war of sorts. I want to slowly introduce mecha but most likely they will be ACPA's.


    Also, keep in mind that IIRC the final battle for Night City Arasaka Tower in Shockwave takes place in late 2022, or even in 2023 (I'm checking it right now, but can't find exact date). This means your characters - assuming they're shipped off-planet immediately after this mission - will end up on Mars between late 2023 and mid-2024. "Some adventures" (I'd call for at least half of a year till another ship comes by) and then 12-14 months back... they'll be back on Earth in about late 2025, or even 2026. Or later.


    Now, what would have changed dirtside...?


    As I said above, I am looking at the idea of a "Martian Chronicles" setting. The characters would be in space and on Mars for a while... including travel time, they would be away from Night City for years. When they return, the Carbon Plague could be in full effect or a myriad of other things.



    I just wonder how these do fit into Keikan300's "Warframe" concept :?:



    After reviewing the rules more... I see that the WARFRAME is not as viable (tech wise) as I had initially thought and so now I want to look at the Hardsuit designs.


    I also found a couple of designs in an old Mekton Zeta supplement....

  22. I thought that the mass conflict scenario was unlikely, as there is other groups in play that would most likely step in. The US government has been de-powered by the Corporations, but there is still a US military and I cannot see them standing back and letting two corps blast each other with military-grade weapons.


    In the Shockwave adventure, Militech is responsible for the Edgerunners detonating a nuclear device in the basement of Arasaka Tower.... thusly dropping the whole tower and killing untold numbers of people. The US government WOULD step in an do something (I hope). The Cold War idea would seem to play out more realistically.


    Having said that, I plan on running the Shockwave scenario.... then having the characters leave while the dust settles (literal and metaphoric). I plan on taking them to Mars. 12-14 months out... have some adventures and then 12-14 months back. At the very least, they will be away from Earth for 3 years.



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