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  1. Ok... another post of random thoughts... I have been playing Batman: Arkham Knight recently and my son (who plays CP) made the comment that it looks like how he envisions Cyberpunk. This started me to thinking.... GOTHAM 2020!! The basic premise is that Batman is sick... the Joker blood poisoning (See the videogame) is taking it's toll. Batman plays a drastic gambit. He entrusts Dick Grayson with the mantle of BATMAN!! He realizes that he must heal himself to allow for a possible future. Blood is drawn and then Batman is placed into cryogenic stasis. The blood
  2. OK... slightly.... err.... seriously strange question.. Has anybody made conversions for dinosaurs for Cyberpunk?
  3. The mouth laser was the "OMG" weapon of the show... I never could figure out why they mounted it in the mouth of these constructs. A fully borg'ed out build could smash a Boomer to pieces, but in the Bubblegum Crisis universe, the idea of that much cybernetics makes you considered a Boomer yourself. There are bigger and nastier builds for Boomers. The other nasty point to a Boomer is the Regeneration ability. The example above has a regeneration/recovery of 22 pts/turn. So every turn, the Boomer can heal itself. That is what makes them scarey!! Advanced nanite machines.
  4. Just had to share..... I dug out my Bubblegum Crisis books.... I started to convert the Boomers to cyberpunk stats... I knew they were monsters.... but WOW.. the mouth laser does 22d6 BU-55C Combat Boomer WEIGHT 600 kg ARMOR 45 SP STRUCTURE 70 SDP Running 24 Fly / Skim 9 INT 5 COOL 8 MA 9 REF 9 ATTR 6 BODY 12 TECH 6 LUCK 4 EMP 9 RUN 26 48.5 mph LEAP 7 LIFT 480 SAVE 12 Carry 120 FLY 9 16.8 mph Weight 600 kg WEAPON WA Range Damage
  5. This question came up during a game... I read and then re-read the rules and I did not locate it.. SO... I come to you and pose the question. And the question is..... Can you improve stats? I realize that you can improve stats through the application of cyberware (IE: body enhancements etc) but I didn't locate rules for allowing a character to improve a stat through other means. Any thoughts?
  6. That sounds really cool. I have been reading through the different posts and I am finding a lot of really interesting ideas. I introduced "Project Aries" which was a government secret project that used bio-engineering and gene-therapy to mimic cyberware and create soldiers that were able to perform at "cyber'd" levels but also had enhanced / rapid healing and no need for mechanical support and were immune to EMP's. My character is an escapee from ARIES.
  7. I am a noobie here and I I have been reading a lot of old posts. Something that I realized is that Cyberpunk 2020 is a dying ember in the night. Some of us gather around and squander the fading light and dwindling warmth... OK... the muses struck me... (slaps them away)... OK... I'm back. Honestly though... I previously posted that I started playing Cyberpunk 2020 in 1990 and played it avidly until around 1997. Then along came a wife and children and friends moved away. Cyberpunk 2020 faded away and the books got stored on a shelf. Flash-forward to 2016... I made c
  8. I am in the prep stages of running the campaign series "Land of the Free" from the same-named boxset. I have read it over and made copious notes... I was just wondering whether or not anybody else has run this module and if so.. any hints? I realize that a lot of the members (that are active) seem to be out of Europe... but I didn't know if somebody converted it. Thanks
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