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  1. They tried to bring them to me. Plan was to act when I had my surgery, so they'd have easier time to get inside. They also had a good security nwtwork, so we had to do the modificatons as late as we could to not risk it being found. But they were forced into combat and stealth until that time.
  2. Couldn't have much tech in me yet, it was my first session as a player (so far I had been the GM) so all my money went into necessities like guns, tools and C6 explosives. And no need for netrunner, I forgot to mention the very hospital I'm being treated in, happens to be the place the drugs are coming from. We get some proof and the PMC pulls out it's troops (they're the ones who hired us) and we make sure the hospital owner leaves, either in bus out of town or a bodybag. I agree, there was little to do to kill the downtime. But I wasn't even given anything to do in the hospital. Even when I asked for them to bring me my tech tools when they were visiting the hospital (to prepare the security in there), they never managed to even get back to me.
  3. I agree I would be down for some time, but when almost entire session was me doing nothing and the investigation itself couldn't advance until I was operated, so it was mostly enemy hunting the other players and them RPing the avoiding or fights (they needed me to continue investigation since we had to bypass some electronic security measures and neither of them had any tech skills). It's a good thing the hospital had heavy security from a PMC so going after me was next to impossible. My hope now is we can shut the hospital down completely and I can skip paying my hospital bill since it was a huge bill for operation and the 11 day stay in there. PS. Yea, it was the leg. I just never separate the words in my mind since English isn't my first language.
  4. So we're tasked with tracking down and destroying the source of a new combat drug that's causing the city security some heavy workload. Soon after start we find out one booster gang is connected to it and set a trap to capture a few of them and interrgate them. However thins don't go quite as planned and my character gets shot in the foot, only unarmored area I had. I'm the group techie so my body score was below average and I fail my saves both aganst death and stun. I barely avoid dying when Trauma team gets there and I get rushed to the hospital. This I don't blame GM for, dice went badly for me (I use custom-made weapon with decent gun skill and reflex, need 3 to hit, roll 2. Enemy isn't good with guns and needs an 8, makes it.) and it was just bad luck. However, this is where things get real boring for me. I took 11 points of damage from the gunshot and since my leg was a goner, I took another 13 points in surgery to get me a cyberleg once I was recovered enough for it. Means 11 days in the hospital. And the GM plays a ton of stuff in between. We were maybe 1/3 through the session when I was hospitalized, so the rest of the time I sit on my ass and surf the internet, waiting to get back in. I never do, the stuff lenghtens so far I haven't even has my leg surgery before the session ends. I don't hold it against him that much since he admitted he didn't do the session too well, both with me and in general. Still, this was even more boring than the time we played All Flesh Must Be Eaten and the session was basically "You go up one floor in the tower, shoot everything in the room" over and over with so much firepower and armor none of us were ever in danger.
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