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  1. Have you been reading my hard drive? my house rules look very similar, but probably because we read from the same sources! I know! IU is better for most things, but I just want to keep the simple -3 per extra action thing going because it's easy, and have the GM determine what is possible in 3.3 secs with common sense. I agree, kicking is for when they are down already, and I think I mentioned I'm going to institute a D6 roll on the location chart against standing opponents with un-targeted kicks. Very true, punches are not likely to do any dangerous levels of damage without Martial Arts... but BTM can't reduce damage below 1, which still causes a stun save, and can be just enough time to give you time to pull out a weapon (or run away) before they recover Or kick them while they are down :evilgrin Yep, whole 'nother can-o-worms. I just incorporate IP multipliers on character creation... Agreed, anything can be abused and it is up to the GM to let players know what is acceptable.
  2. Virtuality was the most interesting part of Gyber Generation, although I have only skimmed the book. I don't have a copy of VirtualFront. I am definitely mixing a lot of those ideas into my regular Cyberpunk games, but without codeguns and illusions that kill. I love the idea of everyone's business card having Virtuality code embedded in it which throws advertising out into the AR world.
  3. I was going to make a new topic, but this seems to fit here... From this interview: link I had been wondering since I heard of the game by CD Projekt Red how/if the timeline would be tweaked. The world depicted in CP203X does not seem like a place which can return to that 2020 vibe after so much had changed. I imagined they would do what many GMs do, and reorient the timeline with modern day, which explains the 50 year jump. But this tid-bit in the interview sheds some light on the subject: Now it seems that some peoples wishes have been granted and C-Gen and CP203x are going to be alternate timelines to 2077. This answers my questions about the timeline and alleviates some of my fears. Looking forward to the video game and obligatory PnP cross marketing!
  4. I'm going to heavily incorporate augmented reality in my games in the future. Google glasses and smart phones were the inspiration naturally. Check out CyberGeneration, ignore everything in that book except the description of Virtuality. If you have not read the book, Virtuality is AR via the Net. Virtuality takes AR one step further by using interface plugs and wireless technology to make augmented reality that is "real" to all of the senses. So like today, how we have websites with desktop and mobile versions, the Net would have Netspace, and Virtuality versions. Virtuality would allow corporations to plaster even more advertising around, floating pop-up boxes, talking AIs telling you about the next great product while you stand in line at the bank. The advantage here for Netrunners is they could make a simple run while still being aware of the real world so long as they were in the right place. This is all very cool and is something I am going to use, up to a point: The technology gets weird again when CyberGeneration starts detailing black ICE attacking non-netrunners linked into Virtuality which deal illusionary damage that must "unbelieved", and "codeguns" which fire streams of programming to damage ICE.
  5. I seriously cannot wait for this game! I have played both Witcher games and cdprojekt red knows how to create engaging dialogue, realistic characters with ambiguous motivations (now just "good guys" and :bad guys"), and moral choices that impact the whole game. What I am also excited about is an update on cp2020 (not gybergeneration or cp3030). I wonder if it will be a re-imagining of the 2020 world or a direct squeal...?
  6. While we're on the topic of missing rules: What is stun damage? Some weapons say they do stun damage or half-stun. Nowhere in the rules is damage divided as stun or lethal! I assume stun damage is tracked separately and can not cause death saves? CP2013 has bludgeoning damage and lethal damage, but the damage rules are incompatible. Also a question about the interactions between death and stun saves. Is a character passes a death save roll are they stunned? Do they also take a stun roll? Does the death save check override the stun save check and make it unnecessary (this is how I played in the past)?
  7. Thanks I thought I was the only one who noticed, or I was missing some glaringly obvious rule!
  8. This gave me a brilliant idea! Create a competent netrunner NPC and allow the players to act out his mystery run into a datafort. Hand them a blank character/cyberdeck sheet and tell them the stats as needed during the run, his Icon is a grinning green skull. Play this as an interlude when a player shows up early or during a snack break. This is also a way to give them a taste of netrunning if the group does not have a cowboy in it. The players will have nothing to lose, so will be reckless, that's OK. Make the runner good enough to eventually defeat the datafort after several tries. If defeated just end the interlude and wait for another time to allow a different player a chance to crack the mystery datafort. Once a player is successful the scene ends, fade-to-black... . Congratulate the player on a job well done and say no more. The next time that player's character checks their cred account they will notice it has been emptied and nasty taunting green skull mocks them from the terminal screen!
  9. That is true, but sadly this type of common sense is not specified by the rules. But I can see someone making more than one kick in 3 seconds if the target is laying down and the player is just hammering away. Perhaps kicking more than once should be prone to the +4 difficulty modifier for "very difficult acrobatics." EDIT: this does not work, combat rolls are opposed so there is no difficulty.
  10. It has always bothered me that a punch does 1D6/2 damage and a kick does 1D6 damage. Both moves are the same difficulty to perform (assuming no martial arts aren't involved) but one is strictly better. I have not played CP2020 in many years, but the announcement of the video game has made me want to bring it out and rustle up a new RPG group. Now when I used to play, in high school, we just simply conducted combats with common sense. Unless you were a martial artist, kicking was never used unless your hands were bound, or your target was prone. If I end up playing with randoms met in a local game store I can imagine some of them never throwing a punch and kicking in every combat (I swear DnD trains players to min-max)! I cannot find any rule preventing someone from constantly kicking (Pacific Rim mentions something about punch-punch-kick combos but no solid rule restricting their use. Has anyone else run into this issue and had to make a house rule for kicks? If so did it work? My current thoughts are to to allow punches to roll a 1D6 for location while kicks still roll 1D10. This prevents people from punching someone in the legs unless they actually make a targeted attack, thus making punches more appealing for due to the increased chance of a head strike.
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