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  1. Thanks I'll have a look at the IU Magic. I might even try running Shadowrun 4th using Gurps 4th edition. Hope I won't be shot for posting that on here.
  2. They have a reputation of trigger happy killers ,they either get their man or die trying.Their right of passage is to take immune suppressants knowing that their 'new' prototype blood is going to kill them eventually anyway.A crazy drug addled clown poser gang that if they're going to Nirvana they're going out in buckets of purple blood. They're new , they're scary new and they just don't give a XXXX.
  3. Thank you for your offer of help. I do like the Shadowrun DAVID STILES idea/ scenario:- http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?105375...is-David-Stiles Don't know how well it would work in CP.
  4. Remember when Ray took a 10mm to the chest , he was spraying purple all over the backseat. I never knew a guy could have that much purple in him !. It was a blood bath. Even though we cleaned it up the car stunk of bananas it was like a monkey's dinner in there !, any cop with a half decent nose could smell it. The ultimate style over substance ?
  5. Sometimes they do come back but with memory blanks ,previous body flashbacks, mental instability and doses of survivor guilt?
  6. For the above scenario:- One man , one name :- Snake Plissken And maybe... Nikita and Kyle Reese for backup. Then we'll do Sub Attica.
  7. Cheers ! No worries! ,I'm used to dealing with drunken debauched old farts it's just getting used to dealing with cyberpunked drunken debauched old farts!.
  8. This assassin was known for very subtle hits , he made a lot of his 'hits' look like accidents & suicides. He reviewed intel about a potential target , found that his target had had a certain model pacemaker fitted. Followed the target to his regular subway station.He jostled the guy through the moving crowds ,planting a wireless monitor/controller on his shoulder blade, it was thumbnail sized , covered in the same coat material and velcroed so it stuck to the back of his coat. They both got on the crowded train , the assassin a few metres away, he pulls out a PDA, links with t
  9. The only way to win is not to play. If the enemies game is to use a few borgs as guards then you must change the game. I like it Master_Drow , nice !.
  10. Hey Companero , I see you're in the UK , where about ?
  11. Humans will have red blood , but clones/applicants will have...a different colour blood to differentiate them from human stock. There's diesel and there's pink diesel.
  12. Will they actually get enough time to work out the hitting range?.
  13. Bribery....bribe the borgs?. Yes good stuff !. Simple but elegant.
  14. Ah yes , it is very very cyberpunk but with a ,mmmmm how should I say , with a subtle Technothriller twist perhaps ? ( If infiltration , theft and borg take down are Technothriller?). The 6th and final member of the team is William Gibson (re -uved and re skinned), how about that !. And the rest would all have chrome cybernetic parts with mirror shades and vat grown leather jackets with music by Vangelis. Can't get anymore cyberpunk than that surely?. That should make you 2020 & 2013 cyberpunks happy , don't know about the cybergeneration or 203X's but hey !. Is the interpr
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