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    Almost Human

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwxg534yAw has good pedigree from producers (Fringe), man I'd love this one do do a 5 season arc.
  2. The 6th day is another film which sets lowish tech + cloning and memory (Plus arnie and killing, but I think it's one of his better movies tbh). CP issues the concept isn't that far, as has been stated memory transplanting and cloning have both been established and both work, all be it not great. It's certainly not mainstream but you could make a number of interesting campaign ideas. e.g. Arasaka are looking at perfecting the technique to rejuvenate their ceo, they use the PCs as a clinical trial, trying to kill them off, only to bring them back.
  3. Well, MSG has 'white blood' which is an artificial blood using a different binding mechanism. In low tech it's not likely to happen, in medium/high tech I can't see the problem with replacing the natural blood supply with an artificial one; say by removing the spleen with an artificial organ, I guess you could do a marrow transplant as well. There are numerous research institutes working in this field (true story, the University of Transylvania specialist in artificial blood development) and their not always red. The military has a massive interest in a blood substitute which doesn't need the level of storage as real blood, is type non-specific and has a longer shelf life. FTR you don't freeze blood, that would burst the cells and re-injecting would probably kill you via toxic shock. Blood needs to be kept chilled to preserve it's life span, but even then it doesn't really last very long. Also blood doping can be easily detected. From someone who works on Angiogensis
  4. Raxxman

    The Prototype

    very strong cyberpunk theme here.
  5. Raxxman

    Robocop 2013

    Viral website in action atm as well http://www.omnicorp.com/ TBF the omniocorp website is cool.
  6. Raxxman


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmJzX15UEkM...;feature=relmfu It's out in the US apparently, anyone seen it?
  7. Raxxman

    Total Recall

    While I didn't feel this film was actually bad, it manages to have less of a plot than the original film, with more action sequences, and the logic breaks down hard towards the end. Being out plotted by an old school Arnie film is kinda funny imo. Plot ends up taking a definite back seat in the film. Is it punk? Well not really imo, it has a decent setup but lacks asking any real questions I personally believe define cyberpunk. It does have a mega corp which controls everything, but that's as far as it goes. 6.5/10 movie, worth a watch but don't have high expectations.
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