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  1. It's not thinking up ideas I have problems with it's thinking up things like stats and making sure it's balanced, I've made a monster before that I thought was gonna be pretty tough and my PCs have just cut it down like it was nothing, but at the same time I don't like giving things uber stats because I don't really know how much is too much. This is why I was wondering if someone had already compiled a list of monsters (and weapons/armour) for a fantasy setting Even if I just use it as a guide for the kind of stats I should be giving things rather than taking monsters straight out of it, it would be a fantastic help That's a shame, I'd be willing to put the time in myself but my knowledge of the Cyberpunk rules isn't really up to scratch for a project like that. Me and my group play by simplified house rules that we've been refining for a while now. Not only that but as I said in another reply the problem I have with making monsters myself is figuring out the balance of stats, damage, armour etc, the same thing goes for when I'm trying to think up my own weapons and armour sets. It's too bad you aren't more interested in fantasy but I'm prepared to wait patiently XD
  2. Don't get me wrong I'm not fond of the idea of using books to the letter. I remember buying a ton of D&D 3.5 rulebooks only to then find out that me and my friends absolutely hated using them. I love cyberpunk because of how easy it is to customise it and adapt it to other genres and subject matter. Me and my friends have used the base rules to play future games, modern games, fantasy games, games based on anime, a friend of mine ran a game based on command and conquer and I'm cooking up something based on Bioshock I love making my own monsters but items and weapons are a bit more trivial and it would be nice to have a guide that lists them for you, same for monsters really because then at least it's there for you to use, adapt or completely ignore. Plus if you don't have to think up every single monster the PCs encounter then you can spend more time and effort on making the memorable or recurring ones
  3. So as I mentioned in my previous topic here (cyberpunk and magic) me and my friends love the cyberpunk system but we like to adapt it to fantasy settings. Before I discovered this forum I would always design my own monsters, weapons, armour etc but I was wondering if there was a pre-made book for things like this, a monsters manual for cyberpunk so to speak. The Interlock Magic system I was linked to in my previous post here was very useful so I thought it was worth asking if there were more references like this that help change cyberpunk to fantasy
  4. The interlock magic book Master Drow linked me to was very useful, I like the idea of letting my players make up their own spells too. One of the major things I was worried about was the simple idea of how the spells would actually work on paper, as in would they have a general control of fire skill that they level up or would the skill have to be more specific so that my mage doesn't fill up her skill list with control of 'insert element here' skills. The interlock magic book kind of answered that question though and I suppose there really isn't a right or wrong way it's just a case of what would work best for me and my players
  5. Thanks for the reply I was a little worried when I saw how inactive some of these threads had become. What exactly is the interlock system? I've heard the term before but I'll be honest, me and my friends are all very casual, I have a copy of the core 2020 book and haven't really looked into any more than that until now. Looking forward to seeing just how much variety there is out there though XD
  6. Hey everyone, I've been playing Cyberpunk 2020 for a few years since a friend of mine introduced me to it. I love the rules over traditional D&D but the problem I'm currently having is that we use Cyberpunk rules to play within a D&D setting (fantasy, magic, dragons etc) I'm pretty sure me and my friends aren't going to be the only ones out there who do this so I was wondering if anyone had some advice for creating a mage character as it's not covered in the book. In a few weeks I'll be hosting a game for a group of three entirely new players along with a friend who I've played with before, the thing is one of my players wants to be a healer/white mage. I love letting my players have complete freedom over their characters so I said yes but now I'm finding it really hard to come up with spells myself and making sure they'll be balanced within the world. I really appreciate any help or advice
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