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  1. Yeah, like giving Uwe Boll the rights to Johnny Mnemonic to reboot...
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    I know this is an old thread but I think the oft overlooked and under appreciated corp deserves more attention. Wildside did Corps a disfavor by saying Street Deal can be used like Resource. They delineated corps and fixers inappropriately in my opinion. They basically said that corps are from corporations and fixers are strictly blackmarket. Why? Every other role has it's place on both sides of the economy. Why are these two roles different? If someone wants to be a fixer that works for a corporation, call him a broker. If a corp is in a crime syndicate he's a made man. The key difference between the abilities is Fixers know where to get it. Corps have it. Getting a corner office and an AV-7 is just a perk. A fixer specializing in corporate contacts should get similar perks. A fixer trafficking guns on the other hand may have access to an assortment of weapons but that doesn't mean he can just take them as he pleases. He just has better access to them via his connections. He still needs to pay for them. If his contacts like him enough he might get kicked a gun here and again, but that's just greasing wheels. Wildside did a great job relating how fixers need to maintain their network of contacts, Corps need to do something similar. They need to manage their resources. I've had players shut down rival corps through effective management and denial of critical resources to other departments. I think that's pivotal in understanding the resource ability. Resources are finite; when a corp takes resources from the company it's denying another corp from using the same resources (which is also a good reason to deny resources and a great way to create internal competition and rivalries). So let your players stage some corporate espionage to get that newtech they can't live without. Give the players the opportunity to put together a presentation on why this tech is so important for business and maybe just maybe their boss(es) will back the project adding their resources. Next thing you know instead of attempting to steal the tech, there is a team waiting and ready to extract the lead designer because the resources were there to offer him a better deal. That's Resource. Of course it takes a fixer to contact the designer and negotiate the deal. Essentially in business (legitimate or not), you have networkers and managers. Distributors and suppliers. Fixers and corps. They can't succeed without one another, and without a doubt play their own roles.
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