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  1. So apparently the old link died. Here is a new linky. I now fade back into the ether for another 4 years.
  2. I agree on every point. Remember, if you're ever fighting a Techie, the worst thing you can do is give him time to think. Although you did bring up an interesting point. I find it is often the otherway around, my PC has knowledge that I as a player have no idea about. Like if my Rockerboy had to give some motivational speech to rally a crowd of a thousand to march on the local embassy I don't even know where to start, what words to use, anything. But my character, with his EMP of 8 and a SA of 10, would be causing a stamped just by saying hello and flashing a smile! So with the TECH skills I often find that players have no idea how to fully utilize them simply because the are not Techie people in real life. Sure I can make thermite out of children's toys, and if my character has a high enough skill then he can too. But if I handed my character sheet to another player at the table suddenly the PC becomes 'dumber' (for lack of a better word) simply because the player has never even heard of thermite, much less its base ingredients. It is like the exact opposite of a player who metagames, I don't even know what to call it, it is like un-metagaming? de-metagaming? Still the point is that all PC's are just various parts of the player which he is expressing in this story. It is impossible to separate the PC and the player, short of writing a play where the characters/players are just actors force fed lines and actions by some script the GM wrote. Which we can call agree, is not a fun game.
  3. Tap? My training as an engineer lets me know that the standard wall has a stud every 16 inches, center to center, the corners are often double studs. So, with that and a bit of estimating I could fairly accurately guess where a wall stud was by knowing that about 2 inches from a corner is a stud center, 16 inches from that is another stud center, another 16 inches, another stud center, etc. So with a fairly quick look I could probably find a stud to within a few inches, my 12mm SMG would do the actual finding. Now floor joists are commonly every 6 feet. Using basically the same idea as above I could tell you approximately where a joist was. My 7.62mm Assault rifle would be my stud finder in this instance. So, my basic drafting class has allowed me to fairly accurately know the weak points of a building. Now that is a Tech skill. The question is which skill? I would probably use either demolitions (as destroying buildings is its job), maybe a basic tech at VERY DIFF, or any expertise skill such as Civil Engineering or the like. Granted it does help that I have years of real world engineering training to help me, so I can probably get more millage out of the same skills.
  4. Where is 6? Also, I personally find the techie as a very powerful class. Run across a door that is locked with card scanner? Jury Rig it, now it is open for 1d6+1 turns. Need to disable a security camera but don't have access to the computer it is connected to? Some Basic Tech and you can blind it, or jam it into a useless position (like have it look at a wall 2 inches away). Come across a Full Borg and don't have much in the way of anti-borg munitions? A few quick Tech rolls and you could know where the floor joists are, a few well placed shots and that floor is not going to hold any borg. Hope the borg likes falling damage. In short the Tech stat is not underpowered at all. It just needs to be applied in non-conventional ways. The worst thing you can do is give a techie enough time to think. The more he thinks the crazier the plan will become, and with his skills, it might just work.
  5. I have done a similar thing. If the character rolls a 1 then they roll 1d10 if the result is under their luck score it is a 1. If the roll is over their luck score then they fumble, and I get to grin an evil grin and pull out my fumble chart.
  6. Don't worry, when I become a multi-billionaire and buy the IP rights for CP2020 I'll hire you Wis. But I am excited for a re-release, I have been meaning to by hard copies of the books but they are now "classics" and sell for ridiculous amounts of money. Finally I will be able to own my own copies!
  7. Actually, this not correct. The brain has proven to be very plastic, it has the ability to add new senses fairly quickly. For example: Infrared sense Here the rat was implanted with an infrared sensor in its skin, so when exposed to infrared light it "felt" it. The rat learned how to use this new sense in just a few weeks. Exhibit B: Telepathic senses Here two rats were connected and they were able to relay information about their environments to each other. They could incorporate an entire other rats senses in just a few months. (The most interesting thing about the telepathy is the idea of a "brain net" discussed at the end of the article.) So really it would appear that their is no computational limit to the brain and senses. However, at some point you run out of places on the body to put such things. Example 3: Tadpole with an eye on its butt. So sure you could be like this tadpole and put eyes in the back of your head but that means custom helmets, no hair, etc. As for interference, depends on biologic vs technological improvements. I think I am going to have fun with a few of my cybered up characters and a large crane magnet. Or maybe just a bunch of electromagnets placed all over the compound to mess with their senses. Unless of course my characters spring for the extra faraday cage, however that can only work on some systems. I love giving characters extra info based on their extra senses, it makes them feel like that two grand they spent on thermal vision was actually useful. Like you can tell how long the target car has been parked just by how cool the engine is. Or if you are entering a room and the light bulb is still warm you know an enemy is near. Now the player could have gone and felt the thing, but with thermals they can see it from across the room. Snazy.
  8. I would actually classify it as borderline transhumanist. (spoilers ahead) the whole part with Motoko uploading herself to the net, and the swapping of brain cases to get change bodies is classic transhumanism. However, Motoko was the first to do a full psyche upload so you could say it is set at the end of Cyberpunk and at the beginning of transhumanism.
  9. In the background of the video at one point you can see a wall of text (Pic of Text), here is what it says. So the current estimate is 2015, subject to change as needed.
  10. At this rate might I suggest changing hosts. And if 110mb has a contract with you then tell them they either need to fix your site or you will hit this with a breach of contract. Heck just drop them and if they try to go after you tell them they violated contract. This is getting ridiculous. A quick google search got me a dozen hosting companies that have amazing reviews and are less than 80 bucks a year, a bunch are less than 50 bucks.
  11. Seriously? I guess my ad block works well then.. Here is google docs, and oh god, don't try to run this online, download it. I downloaded it and it worked for me.
  12. I have added another link using a different hoster. Mike feel free to add it to a dropbox, download only would probably be best just because the table is a bit of a processor hog and running online may not be a good idea, but do whatever you want. I made this for the community so the community could use it. Back up link. Too bad that 4shared has started the register only thing, I rather liked it.
  13. Here is the excel spread sheet, sorry it took so long, got busy. 5.56 - 1000 roller.xls Back up link Google Docs link Basically you can put in the Armor, To Hit Difficulty number, and your To Hit Ability (stat+skill+mods) and the table will take your ability add 1d10, subtract the difficulty number, and then rolls a number of 5.56 (5d6) attacks. Then armor is subtracted from each attack (minimum zero) and finally the bullets damage is totaled. Then the table does it another 999 times, for a total of 1,000 rolls under the conditions that you specified. Finally, it gives the average damage before and after armor, based on those 1,000 rolls. Page 2 is a frequency table so you can quickly see of you got a skewed set of rolls or if it a fairly good bell curve. WARNING: This table is a beast, so it can several minutes to do ANY action on, as it may have to roll upwards of 80,000 dice, depending on what numbers you put in.
  14. (2 M - 3 A + N) * H = 4 x damage or (2 M - 3 A + N) * H * 0.25 = damage or ((2 M - 3 A + N) * H) / 4 = damage
  15. If no armor 17.5 = average damage per bullet 14.5 = average number of hits Therefor: Average damage per Full Auto attack = 253.75 This is a very back of the napkin type calculation but as you can see it puts the damage in the right range. Now with armor it gets a bit more tricky. If armor = 10 average damage per bullet = 17.5 average number of hits = 14.5 So it would appear that on average you would do 7.5 points of damage per shot and get 14.5 hits for a total of 108.75 damage. However you are forgetting all of the max damage shots and all of the min damage shots. These are not distributed linearly they are bell curved shaped. So we need to know the number of bullets that beat the minimum number, in this case all of the bullets that are greater than 10 damage will penetrate the armor. If I remember correctly the Standard deviation is around 4 and u = 17.5 so Z = -1.875. This gives us around 96.9% of the bullets that beat the armor, out of the 14.5 bullets that hit the target 14.05 bullets will do damage. Now this damage could be between 11 (minimum number to beat the armor) and 30 (maximum damage the bullet could do). So 30 - 11 = 19 and 19 / 2 = 9.5 so the average damage of a bullet that penetrates is 9.5 damage. We have 14.05 penetrations, for a total of 133.475 damage. The number I calculated with my posted equation was 126.875, and the number my spread sheet gave was 129.48. The very minor damage discrepancy difference comes from the fact that the standard deviation is not exactly 4 and other minor assumptions made to keep this simple, however for a very back of the napkin type calculation I think you see what is going on. Thus I assert that my equation holds. P.S. Malek I am working on getting the Spread sheet ready for prime time. I'll be posting it later.
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