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  1. Ronin055

    Total Recall

    that look really good ! And for me to say that is taking two major things into consideration. I dont care for the lead actor, and I hate remakes of moveis that I enjoyed in my youth. So with that said, I am SO going to see that movie.
  2. I like where this is going. A random frame work generator. then after you generate the framework, you could fill in the blanks. Nice. And what Wisdom said is awesome as well. When your playing through the life path, why not use the generator? thats a pretty cool idea. And dont feel bad Wisdom. Ive been playing since 89, and I didnt get that idea either.
  3. I thnk IC or Intrusion Countermeasure is a fair term. It implies a firewall with perhaps a bit more than a static dynamic. IC is fair.
  4. We used the blackmind program and blank clones to kinda do a "save point" for our characters. Our game stayed deadly, and we lost all our cybernetics, and skill updates since the "save" point. But people didnt lose their favorite character. Well, not exactly. But you get the idea.
  5. Well let me say this with a sincere heart. I kinda wish that they had made it back then. And it was bad. Like "ahh my eyes!!" bad. Then they could do the only thing hollywood seems to know how to do today. REMAKE old movies. And then people, modern directors and producers would throw a ton of money into it to make sure that it wasnt a flop like the old one. well thats one fantasy anyway.
  6. I watched as much as I could, and that hurt my brain. I mean yes, for real, I need a pill now.
  7. I think what Im looking for is the rules. This does this, and that does that, sorta thing. Also the conversion, making your 2020 netrunner into a R.N , stat conversion. Lastly an way to convert both decks and programs, would be a quick and easy way to get going. Maybe the stats block example for a deck and a program. like a deck and program character sheet. This is what the stats are that we use, and what they mean, and how they work. The particulars can come later. Most roleplaying systems give you some quick examples, and then suplement as they go along. LoL, I
  8. so how close are all of use impatiently waiting (grin) minions, to seeing a PDF of the core rules?
  9. True imortality? Hmm well there is that pesky blood thing to worry about. But in game. Well I think a copy of "black mind" and an available blank clone of yourself and you should be good to go.
  10. Stinkin real life, always messin up my fantasy world.
  11. May I suggest one more thing from a sort of Admin point of view. Not that Im your Admin, but from that line of thinking, just to be clear. Once you get something the way you like it, lock it in. Dont keep going back and forth over the same thing and letting every little opinion sway you. You are not, ever going to satisfy everyone. Nor are you going to make the PERFECT set of rules that will be hailed into the next centurey. So what is your goal? To make a streamlined set of net running rules that you can set out for people to use? Cool. So when you get to a point in the creation, l
  12. What if you had a set of conversion rules. That way you wouldnt have to make ALL the programs, but allow people to convert everthing that exists. Bang !! Done. And no work on your part.. .. .. well any more.. .. er worse work.. .. .. er.... um. Crap, ya its work. Sorry.
  13. not to be a jerk. . . . but how much closer are we to a totally awesome PDF of the consolidated rules ?? (fingers crossed)
  14. F melodramatic! Im sick of people talking down to me! Im,seroius. Im done! All the super brainiacs can run their own frackin games. Im just not up to par. I quit. Im sick,of everyone telling me how to run my world.
  15. Oh i give up. Apparently reffing rpgs since 83 has gottenme nowhere. Oniis correct. I yeild, it can shoot the moon. And doom is correct, its a horrible design that will rend the very fabric of game reality and it should never be used. Now im ever so gratefull that i have been set straightin my fantasy world. I mean for a minute therr i got carried awaylike i was a veteran GM or something. Now i just need to find a reff to run games at my house on tuedays. Whoops, i mean a game to play in at someones house on tuesdays.
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