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    Science fiction (cyberpunk, transhumanism, technological singularity) * Comic books / graphic novels * Anime / manga * Mecha (giant robots, powered armor) * Weapons * Erotica * Graphic design * Writing * Illustration * Film studies * Angelology & comparative religion * Animals.
  1. That's effin' cool. Reminds me of Priss' airbrushed makeup in good ol' Blade Runner!
  2. Wowzers. NICE! And you're right -- ditch the Fantastic Four "The Thing" super powers and it's mighty cyberpunk indeed. Heh... of course... Keep the Fantastic Four "The Thing" super powers and it's like Cyberpunk v3. Ewwwwwww.
  3. Nnnnnooooooooo....!!!! ARRRGH. Le sigh.
  4. I carry this in my underpants. http://www.slipperybrick.com/2008/07/wrist...psycho-jewelry/
  5. Thanx for the review. I liked the first issue of the comic book, but I'll probably pass on this novel.
  6. Two things struck me as especially distinguished about cyberpunk. One of them is inherent to the overall movement and literature, and the other is specifically from the RPG: Cyberpunk really caught my attention, back in the day, because it extrapolated from the present day. Instead of taking place in the FAAARRR-flung future and/or after a conveniently slate-wiping war or holocaust, cyberpunk stories took place in the near future and built upon current trends in technology, economics, and sociopolitics. That struck me as important -- revolutionary even. RTG's Cyberpunk game had one r
  7. I've actually been toying with the idea of running a FIRST EDITION Cyberpunk adventure. No house rules, no outside supplements, just the basic game as it was available back in the 80s. A friend inspired me, after he told me about the first edition D&D game he ran.
  8. greboguru


    Sometimes the people on this board sorta scare me. :-) Here's the thing: why would you WANT to survive an apocalypse, be it zombie-flavored, nuclear, plague, or anything else? I mean, it would be horrible, horrific, depressing, hopeless, painful, lonely, and just all around awful. What's the point in surviving in a world where everything you cared about is gone? If a nuclear war does happen... Well, I hope I'm standing right at ground zero. I'd want those nukes to hit me right in the face! Grebo
  9. Nashville is the new capital? Jeez... this really does sound like a nightmare!
  10. In 2020, that fella could probably integrate most of that technolgy into his own body!
  11. No, the pirates were modern tech-savvy humans just like the players. It's just that this was the first case, in-game, where this had become an issue. I hadn't thought about the matter much previously, so I hadn't come up with any countermeasures. But afterwards, I couldn't help but obsess over the thought that in certain situations, the matter of interfering with/disabling wireless headware would be a very important consideraton. Grebo
  12. Heh. A lot of that video used footage from the Japanese tokusatsu show "Space Sheriff Gavan." Amusing.
  13. Ah yes, Voice of the Whirlwind, that was it. Not very cyberpunk, but a good read.
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