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  1. Thanks for all the great input everyone! run.net sounds exactly like what the game needs in terms of speed and realism! Ill let you all know how it runs in a few weeks after the first session, I will probably run a few test scenarios with the runner to get out minds in the game for it and thanks malek for the hands on advice so far I bow to your knowledge
  2. Thanks malek I will take you up on the offer soon, will help me process thedata quicker if I have someone teach it to me. Are you in Sydney?
  3. Thank you interrupt, I will begin to go through all of the information and try to intergrate it into the game!
  4. I am starting a new CP 2020 campaign and I would like to have a net runner in the group, but from all the posts I have read previously and from looking at the rules how can i do this without having to stop the play with the other players and just run the net for what may take an hour? Any advice and tips would be great or links to alternative rules. Id rather not have to cut runners from the game like ive read suggested around the net Sorry if this is already discussed somewhere I did a quick search but nothing caught my eye. EDIT: Just done another search in another part of th
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