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  1. My game world is more like the stereotypical cyberpunk Europe - things are clean, the government is strong and the people feel safe. That's not to say that the corporations don't really run the show, and organised crime is still a vicious force beneath their veneer of armani suits and legitimate cover businesses. I make it difficult for my players to use guns, or any large weapon. Carrying a gun in a world much like our own will attract the wrong sort of attention - people will start running away and calling the cops. I make it hard to use and buy weapons that I consider would be illegal: assault rifles, submachineguns and large handguns. Cyberware that is obviously combat oriented is illegal too. Although I am willing to make both available at inflated prices from the Ripperdoc's or from a fixer. So long as they know to use them wisely. Because of this combat is usually made with handguns, cyberware and martial arts, and maybe a silenced smg or wolvers. I save bigger hardware for the enemy, and to dissuade my players from 'foolish courses of action'. The style of game that I referee favours high technology, dramatic set pieces and stunning scenery, rather than grime and a fight for survival down on the street. I've just finished reading Count Zero (by Gibson) - the life of Turner (the extraction specialist) in that would be a good model for my kind of campaign. I also prefer manga style action to gritty realism.
  2. Statistics ~= All primary stats range from 1 to 10 for normal human beings. ~= The Stun Defense derrived stat isn't used in FuzionPunk. ~= Stun is calculated as CON X 5 - NOT BODY X 5 (as in the standard Fuzion rules). ~= The Humanity optional derrived stat is used (as in Cyberpunk 2020), however, it is calculated as EMP X 10 - NOT WILL X 10 (as in the standard Fuzion rules). ~= The Luck optional derrived stat is used, however, all characters are given a fixed 5 Luck points at the start of each 'adventure'. Also, Luck points are applied to change the outcome of rolls only after the results are known - not before (as in the standard rules).
  3. Although there are several ways to play a RPG online, I would prefer to run FuzionPunk on a forum like this one. I've seen freeform roleplaying games on forums, and I've been really impressed by the level of creativity that you get in them. People think more about what they're going to say, things are easier to visualise and long descriptive statements are easier for the referee to deliver. However, there are disadvantages to playing on a forum. Firstly is the pacing: the games progress slowly. This shouldn't matter so long as players post regularly (perhaps several times a day) and everyone (more or less) talkes turns to post so that nobody is disadvantaged. Another problem is how to roll dice. This forum doesn't support dice natively, but others do, and I'm sure that Admin could impliment a php dice script if we found one for them. If this is not possible then we could use an online dice rolling system - one that I've found is Irony Games Dice Server which could e-mail all members of the group whwnever a roll is made, to keep things fair (except for secret referee rolls of course). Private messages from the referee to players could be communicated using this forum's own private message system.
  4. FuzionPunk Damage ~= The Stun derrived stat is calculated as CON X 5 in FuzionPunk. ~= Stun Defense is not used in FuzionPunk. ~= A character is stunned if any non-lethal attack against them deals more damage than half of their total Stun points (before being modified according to the location hit). A head injury of this type will knock the character out (their Stun points will be reduced to 0). ~= If a single lethal attack deals more damage than half of the character's total Hit points (before being modified for the location hit), then that body part is severed or crushed beyond all use and the character is automatically Stunned. A head wound of this type will kill (their character's Hit points will be reduced to 0). ~= Whenever lethal (Hit) damage is completely stopped by armour, it is converted to Stun damage at 1/5th the rate, as Blunt Trauma. (This Stun damage is still subject to the usual collateral damage rules) ~= Hard armours protect against both lethal and non-lethal damage. Soft armours only protect against lethal damage. (This only applies to non-lethal damage from bludgeoning weapons like fists, and does not usually apply to tasers or other technological stunning weapons)
  5. FuzionPunk Hit Location Table Damage Aimed Roll (3d6) Location Modifier Shot Penalty 3 Right Foot x0.5 -4 4 Right Hand x0.5 -4 5 Right Arm x1.0 -3 6 Right Leg x1.0 -3 7 Head x2.0 -4 8 Right Shoulder x1.0 -4 9-10 Chest x1.0 -2 11-12 Stomach* x1.5 -3 13 Left Shoulder x1.0 -4 14 Groin* x1.5 -4 15 Left Leg x1.0 -3 16 Left Arm x1.0 -3 17 Left Hand x0.5 -4 18 Left Foot x0.5 -4 * note that this is for attacks from the front. (this borrows heavily from the Atomik Fuzion hit location chart)
  6. The Basics ~= In CyberFuzion, ability checks are made by rolling Stat + Skill + 3d6 as suggested in the Fuzion rules. (My justification for this is that 3d6 produce a more realistic distribution of results than 1d10). ~= There will be no critical successes or failures. ~= Stats and skills will range between 1 and 10 for mortal human beings (as in Cyberpunk 2020).
  7. When I eventually start up a FuzionPunk campaign of my own, I plan to take my own spin on the Cyberpunk 2020 setting. On the surface my world is more mundane than most Cyberpunk campaigns. Think of my world as our near future: it's post-modern, not post-apocalyptic. Normal people are not cyborgs or edgerunners: normal people work normal jobs, like we do today. Normal people have no knowledge of the Cyberpunk world that we know from other campaigns - they don't live in fear, but ignorance. They work for the corporations all of their lives, but would never have heard of an extraction or black op. They probably would never even have seen a firefight. But the player characters are different. The player characters are special. They're a cut above the rest, and live in the grey underworld of the mercenary - they are edgerunners. They are able to provide a unique service to those who need them - for whatever purpose - but inevitably for high stakes and a high price. My world isn't gritty and without hope though (like the textbook Cyberpunk campaign). It's high-tech and high-energy - this is the Cyberpunk of The Matrix or Ghost in the Shell. (I think 'Primitive Screwheads calls it an Anime Style campaign) Your characters have great skill and exotic cyberware - why shouldn't they be able to perform amazing feats? I wouldn't punish a character who charges four armed corpsec guards with only his mono-katana - I would reward him! I'd rather see creativity and flair than caution and nervousness and I am willing to fudge the rules to create a great scene.
  8. FuzionPunk is Cyberpunk, but using the freely available Fuzion rules, much like the (often talked about, but long delayed) official Cyberpunk 3. Fuzion is based upon the Interlock rules system that's used in Cyberpunk 2020, but contains many refinements. I feel that Fuzion is more consistant and better balanced. I also think that Perks and Complications work far better to create cohesive character backgrounds than Lifepath (a very controversial oppinion on a forum of Cyberpunk players...). Finally, where Cyberpunk was written authoritatively in a weighty book and claimed realism, Fuzion is light and encourages you to use it how you would like. I think this makes for a more casual approach to the rules, and is fertile ground for creativity and improvisation when you are playing the game. That's very subjective, but I do think that using Fuzion makes Cyberpunk a better game.
  9. I will post house rules and plugins that I plan to use, as well as enterpretations of the Fuzion system here. Please don't post in this topic - to keep it tidy I'd rather that any questions, suggestions or disagreements were raised elsewhere in this board. Please do read this and tell me what you think though - no roleplaying game is played by only one person, and the rules should be agreed upon by all those playing. And in any case, it is easy to make mistakes and oversights.
  10. Wow! I don't know how to say this, but I'm really sorry that I let this project slip. I was really psyched about running a Fuzion/Cyberpunk game online, but college took over my life and I lost my concentration. I must apologise to TekXombie and Delta and DragoonCav who all agreed to join the group, and I feel like I let Cyberjunk down after he set up this board for me. I'm really embarressed that I abandoned FuzionPunk after getting peoples hopes up. But I'm back now! I'll try to take things a little more slowly this time. I feel that I'm older and wiser. My plan for the present is just to post my thoughts on the Fuzion rules: my house rules, the FuzionPunk rules; and eventually I would like to use them to referee a game online
  11. This topic is over - we've got a bigger and better one (our own board) in the online games section (FuzionPunk). I'm going to be transfering all of the rules related stuff from here to there soon.
  12. Yay! The more the merrier! I've got two minor points with the fuzion rules I'd better point out (and then that'll be nearly all the house rules I think are needed). 1: Because fuzion uses damage classes for damage rather than xd6 or xd10, when converting weapons that used d10's for damage in CP 2020 (heavy weapons), multiply the number of dice by two, and this is the new damage class. It makes them slightly more deadly, but it is the simplist way of resolving the matter. Also - any weapons that previously had modifiers on top of their damage (eg 6d6+1 or 3d6+1 both have a modifier of +1) will loose their modifier in conversion to fuzion (heavy weapons or not), unless they had a mod of +3 or more (usually this will only be a heavy weapon that is half-way to being converted) which will loose it's modifier in exchange for an additional DC. 2: I think there is a misprint in the fuzion rules (and atomik fuzion agree with me on this) that the difficulty values for tasks are too high. They should be as they are for shooting, and I've written them below. Difficulty Fuzion says Should be Challenged 10 4 Everyday 14 8 Competent 18 12 Heroic 22 16 Incredible 26 20
  13. We're still looking for players - come! (role-)play! and be merry!
  14. Excellent! - I might be away for a day or two, but don't hesitate to contact me - e-mail is probably the quickest, try Tensaiji@talk21.com, or if not then just leave a post on this forum.
  15. 1st thing - I though I'd better mention that I'd prefer edgerunner characters, even if only part time or for fun or whatever. Todays Topic: Fuzion Character Generation. Characteristics 50 Characteristic Points. Characteristics: Remember that 8 is now the highest for any feasibly normal human (without cyberware). Below I have put together a little conversion chart for CP2020 to fuzion stats (as a rule of thumb, stats and skills are 2 points lower in fuzion): Fuzion Interlock INT INT WILL COOL PRE ATTR TECH TECH REF REF (coordination and reaction time, eg aiming, juggling etc) DEX REF (physical dexterity and agility, eg dodging, athletics etc) CON BODY (physical health, resistance to alchohol, drugs and poison etc) STR BODY (upper body strength, eg punching, climbing etc) BODY BODY (physical resiliance and build, eg endurance) MOVE MOVE Derrived Stats: One house rule for this campaign is that I am abolishing the stun defense derrived stat. Armour will protect against stun damage the same as it will against lethal damage (people who are "hard-to-stun" just have higher stun stats than normal people, not that and higher stun defense). Other than stun defense we will be using all of the derrived stats and the humanity optional derrived stat (for obvious reasons). We will use Luck if you players want to, but I don't care much for it. Options 45 Options Points. Cash: 1 OP can be converted into 500EB to buy equipment at the same prices as CP2020 (discuss with me the effects of cyberware that directly affect stats like muscle and bone lace - but generally the value that they modify by will be the same - amplifying the power of cyberware due to the fuzion rules). Skills: Use skills from the fuzion rulebook - but if there are any that were in cyberpunk 2020 that you'd like to use then ask me. Skills can be bought at 1 option point per point of skill. The old role special abilities (eg combat sense) are mostly covered by talents now or are better served by other skills. Combat Sense is now a talent. Resources is better served by a combination of the membership and/or wealth perks (with wealth I will allow more cash to spend on gear etc too). Credability is now a combination of the renown perk and public figure complication (although these do not really replace the skill itself - they basically replace the idea of being a media - if you want credability - get a high PRE stat and persuasion or acting skill maybe). Family - use the membership perk. Jury Rig - use jack of all trades skill. Authority - get license perk and maybe persuasion or intimidate skill (depending on whether you are a good cop or bad cop....) Rockerboy - get perform or leadership or both. Medical Tech - get paramedic skill. Streetdeal - get streetwise and trading skills and contact perk (as many times as you like - also, please detail each contact slightly - it makes roleplaying v interesting!). Interface - ok - there aren't really any comparable skills in Fuzion - so I'll allow this as a talent, with a number of levels up to 5. If you plan to play a netrunner then talk to me because many 'runner's skills aren't in Fuzion. 8 is the practical maximum again due to the different scaling of fuzion, or 2 points lower than CP 2020 Complications, Perks and Talents: These I hope to use to add depth and character to your characters. Please use complications and perks to build up your characters past life and job/jobs. I hope that some of them will appeal and you'll pick them up, adding personality to your character. I positively encourage you to create new perks, talents and (especially) complications if you can't find ones that you like. Or look on the internet for more. I'll negociate with you, but if you like an idea enough to take it up with me then I'm sure you'll roleplay it enthusiastically as well!
  16. Hehehe - sound even better - a player who doens't know the netrunner rules too well, not because I'm an evil sadistic, rule bending GM - it's because I don't know the net (or it's rules) very well either to be honest!
  17. Hey TekZombie - I just saw your "fave weapon" post! Quote "Heh heh, well I've always been partial and a lover of the MonoKatana. Love that thing! Heh heh, I have a thing for swords." Go for it in this campaign! Because of the style I run it - that would work really well! (Oh yeah - I prefer close up fire-fights rather than "you are shot in the head by a sniper at 1700m" or whatever)
  18. Ok - I've been working some more on the campaign. I really want at least 4 players to make a good group, so that still needs arranging (see "plugging manically!"). I've been thinking about what TekZombie asked about character roles - and we'll need (between the whole group) at least one netrunner (or person with a deck + equipment) and someone who can drive. Those two are specific, but beyond that any character will fit in. The interesting thing about the fuzion rules however, is that the classic character role skills have been disolved into different options (perks, skills or talents) that anyone may purchase. So it should be easy to get a netrunner of sorts and someone with drive skill. For example, you could now have a "Netrunner" with combat sense if it appealed to you for example (I guess you could before by having an ex-solo netrunner, but that stretches the system a little). And this idea of delineated roles really appeals to me because the 2nd edition roles could become very restrictive with the 9 (or 10) original ones (solo, netrunner, corp, techie etc.), but with the sourcebooks the number increased to something in the region of 100+ - destroying the point, because you were almost guaranteed a role (somewhere) that had theset of 9 skills that you really wanted (or you could just create your own package - which also wrecks the idea of specific roles). Also, the old role system worked to pigeon-hole characters, in a similar way to AD&D's system. So the new fuzion rules evolve this a step further by making it standard practice to have free choice of skills etc (although you could - if you really wanted - just use the old skill rules i guess ). Okydoke - that's todays post
  19. One of my old players didn't usually have much hard cyberware. But I think that was more to do with the effect that reading about full borgs had upon him. "Oooh - Dragoon eh?, hmm... looks nice... Ouch! Just look at that humanity cost! OMFFFFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MANY EB!!!!!" Well - sort of. But I think he decided that if he was never going to be able/allowed to have the best then you may as well not bother. Interesting point though - the published books seem to have gone from emphasising and glorifying the fully cybered up nightmare in chrome from 2013 to the Jo Average lookalike from 2022 who has probably spent as much on neural, wet and bioware as his predicessor, but doesn't show it.
  20. Sure - welcome - the more the merrier! As for being inexperienced with fuzion rules - no problem - no matter how much I like them - I've never managed yet to run a campaign using them! But do check them out! As for IRC - I'm no expert at that either, but I've been experimenting recently and I have the setup organised (I think!). It should be as simple as typing in what you want to say, and what ever die rolls you need (eg roll 1d6 - type 1d6 - that simple). Right - that makes two players!
  21. I'd like to have run a poll for this question, but they never seem to work and (more importantly) there are too many potential choices. So tell me - what is the one weapon (gun) in cyberpunk that you look at in the book and think YEAH BABY! I'll begin - mine would be the Malorian Sub-Flechette gun from Chromebook 1. If I remember right it was toned down a little in Blackhand's weapons guide, but come on - it fires bucketloads of shrapnel that hits armour for 1/4 SP! The damage might not be great but the ammount of projectiles that hit makes up easily. It's an understated killing machine....
  22. Nice rule LordDemon (although my presonal preference is that I wouldn't use it because I like combat quick and dirty). As for special ammo. Great fun stuff although it can get a little ott (HEP springs to mind) - I mean just how many different types of ammo did this game accumulate over the years!?!?! Good fun, but I'd just make most of it unobtainable. Sure, AP, maybe incendiary and dum-dums, but some of the more excessive types are just.... well - excessive.
  23. Right - today I have mostly been working out Fuzion/Cyberpunk conversions. For those of you interested, Fuzion stats and skills are usually 2 points lower than cyberpunk and task difficulty numbers are respectively lower. Some of the stats have had their names changed but basically do the same thing, but others have been expanded. Cyberpunk's REF has become fuzion's REF and DEX (the later being physical agility - see dodging). Cyberpunk's BODY has been divided into BODY (physical strength and endurance), CON (health and resistance to illness and drugs) and STR (physical strength - see punching damage). The abreviations would be obvious to anyone who ever played D&D but for those of you who haven't - DEX=dexterity, CON=constitution, STR=strength. The beauty of this is that it just makes more sense. I have heard of more than one house rule for CP2020 that included a STR stat, and REF being both hand-eye coordination and agility was always a bit of a silly idea. Ok - why else do I like fuzion over cyberpunk 2020 rules? That the damage system is 100 times better is one good reason. But another is that it is very compatible with cyberpunk. Most stuff can be just used as is (weapons, armour, most cyberware, skills, etc.). Oh yeah - and want to know what else I did today? I bought a copy of both the Protect and Serve and Rockerboy sourcebooks through E-Bay! What a score!
  24. I'd like to say that it's up to you, but the problem is that if we do use fuzion rules (which I hope we will) then the process is a little different. In the meantime you could tell me what kind of character you'd ideally like to play, or your opinion on whether you'd like to use fuzion or not (if you have no idea then by all means check it out - the link is above).
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