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  1. How many team members will be going to Human Resources for sexual harassment training post op? Tune in next time and find out!! Had a lot of laughs reading this one.
  2. It's not really much to add to the conversation but one of those semi trucks would likely be dedicated to water. Canteens are lovely for drinking out of, but the pack is going to need a lot of water for cleaning, bathing, and the like.
  3. I read a study recently the japanese population is dropping. People aren't getting married and having kids there as much as they used too. China is the same way. With China it would make a little more sense as it's a very dense population and the government might be pressing for population control. Japan is a little bit of a mystery. They come up with sex robots and porn is more mainstream there than anywhere else, but the baby population is down. It's also kinda strange the Crime rates in japan are among the lowest in the world.
  4. I have personally always wanted to play in a setting like Japan or Korea or just someplace far east. The previous posts gave you some corps long overlooked in the books for the setting. When I run in a western country and someone has a weapon like the enfield double tap or a towa pistol, I treat it like it's a rare weapon. The reverse would be just as true there I would imagine. American guns would be more rare. Norinco, Daewoo, Armscor are all eastern gun manufacturers. Good luck with your setting and keep us posted how it's going
  5. Mike, the 4.7X30mm H&K round is horrible. While it is easily suppressed to the point where you can dump 20 rounds into a terrorist and not wake his buddy in the next tent. You need those 20 rounds to reliably kill the man. That little issue is why some units are moving away from MP7 PDWs. One of these days i should video a side by side of a HK M416C, a FN P90 and a HK MP7. For the most part a short barreled 5.56X45mm Assault Rifle stomps all over the other two weapons. Oddly enough I did the math on this round and the 5.7 mm round. Know what they both have in common. The old formu
  6. My preferred weapon is a .357 revolver. Why? Because I can switch out the caliber to suit my needs. For home defense there is nothing in the world that will stand up to a 357 hollow point to the center mass. For target practice and for the wife's use I can swap out those 357s for 38 special. Decent hitter without the recoil of a 357. Makes me wish I had an M-47 Medusa just so I could plink with just about any caliber i wanted. The gun itself sucks when firing anything smaller than a 357 or 38, but it can fire 9mm and some other rounds fairly easily. Gun Jesus Reviews the Medusa As a
  7. What I like best about your write ups is the players actions between jobs. They behave like normal people who want to learn new skills and develop. Lots of players just want to be drones only it it for the jobs and shut down after the job is done.
  8. The FN Five Seven has made a bit more of a splash than folks realize. It's a popular round for military and law enforcement applications and is the official handgun of the Secret Service. I have done some research on the gun and the round and really the standard 5.7 is not any more effective against body armor than a 9mm. The AP ammo for it is VERY effective at getting through body armor. Like you I thought what was basically a rifle cartridge in a pistol would be an AP round naturally. After some youtube research I found several tests had been performed with standard 5.7 vs body armor and its
  9. Well, but you're up to no good yourself, ain't ya? I'm waiting to see what that will come to Update is two full scenarios written with more than a few chances for some roleplay in between. I have shared the missive I have thus far with someone who has published goods and am waiting to hear back with opinions.
  10. I'm jealous of your crew...i never got to play the forlorn hope adventures all the way through but always wanted too totally jealous of your crew...loved the Forlorn hope adventures and never got to play them all the way through.
  11. HANDLE: Wilbur {Formerly Known As Scattershot} ROLE: Solo CHARACTER POINTS: 60 STATS INT [ 6 ] REF [ 7 ] TECH [ 6 ] COOL [ 7 ] ATTR [ 4 ] LUCK [ 6 ] MA [ 7 ] BODY [ 7 ] EMP [ 6 ] Humanity [ 60 ] run [ 21 ] Leap [ 5.25 ] Lift (kgs) [ 280 ] Lift (lbs) [ 617 ] Carry (kgs) [ 70 ] Carry (lbs) [ 154 ] SAVE [ 7 ] BTM [ -2 ] SKILLS Combat Sense [ 6 ] Awareness / Notice [ 6 ] Handgun [ 4 ] Arasaka Te [ 5 ] Rifle [ 5 ] Athletics [ 5 ] Submachinegun [ 3 ] Stealth [ 6 ] Driving [ 2 ] Motorcycle [ 2 ] Ed./General Knowledge [ 3 ] Intimidate [ 3 ] Heavy W
  12. Ephedrine is not really necessary for breathing issues. PLENTY of medications that are prescribed for asthma and copd. Zyrtek and claritin are the only antihistimes I have seen prescribed and Ephedrine is old school drug for asthma and there is no evidence it does much as a decongestant. It's more used as a stimulant and in this state you have to sign at the counter to buy a bottle of it. If someone is managing their sob with ephedrine then they are doing it wrong.
  13. I actually read something that said the Feds were going to pass a law to make gun laws universal from state to state with texas as the blueprint. Not sure I buy it, but it makes more sense than all this state to state crap that has been going on forever. In some places gun control is so skewed it's ridiculous. My brother in law retired from the military a Lt. Colonel, was a green beret, and worked with the CIA and secret service. The city of Baltimore would not give him a concealed carry permit. You can bet every dealer on the streetcorner had one though.
  14. You know you are living in a state on the downhill slope when they are passing bogus laws against 1911s. Isn't Oregon working on some idiotic 5 round max capacity law?
  15. The latest is an EAA Windicator. I always liked 357s because you can swap out the ammo and shoot 38s for target practice. It's heavy and powerful but the kick isn't too bad and it's fairly accurate for a weapon with a 2 inch barrel. Since a gun owner should also be responsible there are other toys I bought with it. A holster of course and a safe to keep it in. Wouldn't want my grandbaby to get it so it's locked up tight.
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