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  1. I hate to do this mid campaign, but I am finding it hard to remain interested in the game these days. So I hope you all don't hate me too much but I am going to with drawl. Thanks for the run fellows, I look forward to playing with you all at a later date.
  2. Chino tests out the modified remote. ooc: I figure the remote needs a few rolls. basic tech(general tweeking and modification of the R/C car) Int 9 + Basic Tech 4 + d10 =15 electronics(wiring up the surveilence system and other electricals) Int 9 + Electronics 5 + d10 =15
  3. ooc: thanks Lupo for taking the reigns Chino will do a bit of of searching on his phone to find Mr. Ramons apt number. Library search 2 + int 9 + d10 = 21 (23 with the two points of luck I wanted to put towards it but i forgot to do it when I rolled.) http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3288889/ oh I forgot I wanted to put 2 points of luck for the search so it would be 23 If Chino can find the apt number he will head there if able and pretend to be wasted, he will have his phone handy to take snap shots of the locks on the door, and if no one is around he will liste
  4. Chino stumbles next to Lupo "Mah-ghts a-swell"
  5. ooc: do the cards seem to be rfid? id roll but im on my phone right now. oh and sorry again for my usual tardiness life is kicking my butt with the hwlp of skyrim. "we may not need to be that crass hombre. keep an eye on those card readers try to get the make if you can. im going to message mel." chino pulls out his phone and sends mel a message. 'will need a few things. mostly a new radio reciever. I will get back to you about the model when near home. love you little bro' ooc: btw was being cryptic do to possible phone snifing
  6. Chino looks at Gator, "Dunno how far we can get on foot in this neighborhood but lets find a spot to plant a camera or two to watch him entering and leaving his place."
  7. Here is a partial list of programs I should have started months ago. I hope you have a copy of Bartmoss' Brainware blowout. Also I was hoping to use my pirating abilities to drive down the cost of the ware. Dunno how that roll would be handled. Ill finish my list. I promise. And again sorry for my lack of snappy posting. I am still doing Autocad Classes and am working in the design department at work now(woot woot) so my schedule is all fubarred. (Excuses excuses (I know)) Portal 750 eb MU6 class: Intrusion Strength: 2 Options: invisible Termite 160 eb MU2
  8. Chino shoulders his pack and follows Gator. As soon as he is the passenger seat of Gators ride he will keep his phone ready and will relay the where about of their target.
  9. ooc: you aint planting shit inside chino. Chino looks at Gator. "You any good at drving." He prods the newest member of the group as he fishes out his phone to check the bug that Saint planted.
  10. ooc: we will also need a remote. preferably something with a long battery life and an encrypted signal. we can recycle the bugs that chino has bit he would like them to be encrypted. chino can get on the web presence aspect and see what they have available. im betting this restraunt has decent security.
  11. "Does your man have any idea about how many cameras. What firm do they get their guards from and what do they pack?" He pulls out his phone and texts Saint 'Is this guy for real? Who would spend that much for vinegar?'
  12. Chino pulls down the side of his sun glasses revealing his new eyes. "So how many bottles are we talking about here?"
  13. ok will get to that after work. ill have a proposed list of programs to submit as well. Can I use bartmoses brainware blow out as a source of code?
  14. Chino enters the floor from the employees only door. He has sun glasses on and has his phone to his ear. He is speaking in broken english to his mother, trying to calm her down about something. He nods to the crew at the table, He finishes his call before he heads over to the table to take his seat.
  15. Do I have a go ahead for the upgrades? Ill wait for a response before I mod my sheet.
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