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  1. Richard Pilots OTV to about half way between Santa Maria and first OTV, and breaks. He turns the OTV towards Santa Maria, on the same course as the first OTV is heading, and accelerate to about half of it´s speed. He then goes on to pilot the grapping hooks as far from the hull ass possible (stretching out as arms), and pilots his OTV so that "hands" can barely touch the hands of first OTV. He then accelerates, trying to get OTV:s to move at same speed, so they can grap each others.
  2. Richard get´s space suit on, and jumps in OTV cockpit. He uses intercom to, on open frequency. "This is Richard. I´m coming to aid you, don´t panic." Then he uses the intercom to speak in the ship; "Ok, clear the launch bay, I´m going out." After this, he proceeds with launch sequence.
  3. "I´ll get on it right away." OOC: Is the Deep space OTV in hangar, ready to go, or does it need some work? And can the fuel be transferred from OTV to another?
  4. "So what were you thinking of doing with OTV", Richard asks Ben. "We don´t have more shuttles, and I doubt turning Santa Maria around would be reasonable. We MIGHT be be able to Rotate around assuming they are going to hit the ship, so that they might hit docking bay, but that is hazardous at best."
  5. The quiz has few bugs(like netrunners favorite cyberware is NOT cybermodem), but who cares, it´s fun. Here are the alternative results
  6. Apparently, this is who I am, sort of. I got assassin first, but I wanted this, so I cheated by reading the source and looking for right answers. But then again, I guess that just confirms this, doesn´t it?
  7. QUOTE (wilphe @ Feb 15 2004, 05:31 AM) Becides all those nice curves make bullets bounce off... So that is why in anime/movies the bad guy never hits the "girl-with-the-gun". Well, makes sense, sort of. Doesn´t it?
  8. QUOTE (Agamemnon @ Mar 8 2004, 04:32 PM) Eeeeasy... Ichabod Crane and some random policeman in Sleepy Hollow. Now why on earth did I somehow expect you to answer this... *mumbles something about psychological profiling.* BTW, your quote...
  9. Man 1: *Looking at a body* "Burn it." Man 2: "Just a moment, if I may... we do not yet know the cause of death." Man 1: "When you find 'em in the river, cause of death is drowning."
  10. "Well, all I know, you don't change horses in the middle of the stream." In what movie, and in what reference was the line used. Who ever posts the answer can post their own comment for others to recognise. Yes, I´m bored.
  11. QUOTE (bookwyrm @ Mar 3 2004, 01:39 AM) QUOTE (SnowDog @ Mar 1 2004, 10:33 AM) QUOTE (encanta_anima @ Mar 1 2004, 10:45 AM) A book. It's small and subtle and easy to smuggle, or stash away, or make to look inconspicuous. Hmm... what's in the book? Cyberpunk V 3.0 So you are assuming it WILL be out in the next 20 years? Or does one have to order AntiAging nanites to see it?
  12. A set (vial, aerosol can, hypodermic needle, whatever) of nanites. No-one seems to know exactly what they do, but every one has theories. The thing is, the encoding is too difficult or impossible to solve, but can be copied. They end up with nanites, that they can reproduce (with right equipment), but have no idea what to do with. And everyone wants the nanites. You can worry about details later if someone is stupid enough to try the nanites on themselves.
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