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  1. These batteries are good shot. In cuple of days I will be reasearching amount of power needed to create basic prostetic arm of human capabilities. As far as I dug in - it's a f**kin lot... But this need confirmation and lot of study...
  2. Dude - about link. They are speaking about full borgs. And as we know they are just robots with brain, and all equipment needed to keep it alive. Robots simply HAVE batteries... some sort. Robot doesn't need intestiles, testicles and kidneys. Even if brain need - that would be about 4% of normal mass, leaving rest of the torso with nothing. I'm speaking of flesh-cyborgs, with all limbs, eyes and ears replaced. That stuff really need some energy, and you still need all of your organs. So what do you suggest? Backpack 100 pounds dark-energy batteries?
  3. Hi! I'm new here! I'm not good at Internets. How the hell did it get here? So... Basically I guess you've read some Cyberpunk literature. Neuromancer? Cyberpunk 2020? Anything else? Fine. Profficient with Cyberpunk RPG, so I guess you've got some characters of your own? Wonderful! Implants, they are. So, we take a guy from a street, some random thug with cyberpsychose. Remove legs, arms, eyes, replace with implants. Artificial heart, liver, custom-made buttocks cybermuscles. Mr. Studd. Anything else. Generic Cyberpunk character. How the hell are those all implants powered? I don't think these are supplied with Duracell batteries. Power-cells? Oh, please, if they were so efficient, why use diesel cars? Highs' Boson? Miniature Nuclear Power Plant? Cold-fusion generators? Or maybe even... ...right. No idea on my side, so can any1 provide me with an answer? Ok, and when we decide how to power these implants, tell me, how to charge the batteries? AC power socket? Doing cock push-ups? And how about the maintenance? Didyaknow that guns, when you are fighting in sand, need to be cleaned daily? How about cyberjoints? Cyber-implants are supposed to work in all-round conditions, including heavy rain, snow, deep water (or other fluids, like in sewers) or even in our moms. Right, I'm joking right here, but think about it. I'd like some real life answers, not some sci-fi mumbo jumbo about how the nanomachines power the implants with linked fusion high-particle photon reactions using silicone provided with tablets and magicka that flows around all over the world. And clean the implants from sand or sludge of unknown source. So, how would you explain, basing on your knowledge and experience, how this stuff works? How do ya' think people might make it work in future? (Assuming the world won't end on 2012.)
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