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  1. Any floaties in the pool will probably get punctured too... Heh. I've been watching Band of Brothers (very cool. A lot better than I expected) and they're forever talking about surettes (sp?). They sound like a pin you use to block off main arteries...is this true?
  2. Corporation or Mega-Corp? I've always equated Mega-Corp with multinational. The 'bigness' of them comes from their Governmental independance - they span so many countries, and have so much influence, they can do what they like by just shifting controversial things around, thus avoiding unpleasant Gov't restriction. I also assume Corporations are a collection of business', either horizontal or vertical. Without the mega, they fit, or are generally controlled by the Gov't of one country. (Horizontal Corporations might own numerous mining companies, thus they are entirely in h
  3. Quote Would people who do this be known as 'Tailors'? Eheheheh... Quote Designers will keep recycling 20-30 year old ideas (for the most part) in women's clothing because just about everything has been done. Oh I so hope we go through the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles again...fashion would actually look stylish again! It's crappy atm. I hate this demi-70's crap. Regarding cosmetic surgery...is there anyone here who would not get it? Especially as it gets safer and cheaper... Cyberpunk Clothing style...do you think we may really see the much touted noir look
  4. Having rule mechanics that detail the effect of all hits would be too hard to handle - but a nice detailed and long winded medical story for the gm to read and learn about traumatic injuries would allow the gm to be informed enough to judge the effects of wounds... Perhaps a sample history for a gunshot, a stab and a burn? *shrugs* Quote So if a limp suffers 8 dammage and is disabled -the bone is hit , because it´s the reasonable explanation .Going from that the therapy will have to be more differentiated .And the nessecary equipment . Yes! Please...
  5. Cool! This will be interesting... Um - just for those of us who have no freaking idea...could you tell me a story about a bullet? I completely get the bang --> hit part (duh) but once the bullet makes contact I have no idea...like - what really is so bad about having a hole in your skin? Or liver? I thought a lot of organs were just a squishy lump of cells that did a job, and while having a heap blown out might cause leaking and general inneficiency...I can't quite connect it to instant death. What are those little bag things Dr's dangle above your stretcher? What is sh
  6. I'm not here to argue - I just think that the big ole' pile of additions seems like a really good idea. ++; ...and it looks like it would dilute Combat sense down to a reasonable level... *shrug* On awareness... What is Hanns or Monster gonna do if they hear a gun go off near them? What am I gonna do? More than likely I'll try and see what made the funny bang noise...not really knowing what it is...
  7. Quote Realtively, I would love to be the loving surrogate mothers OB/GYN in conjunction w/ the biologist. One issue tho... I would like to base the character loosely on myself. Joe - you are *SOOO* in! I've been having a find old sweat about the doctor - and I would love to have someone with real medical experience aboard! If you'd care to have a look at the files thread, you'll see links to the most important history, and Surrogacy Basics has the rest...I'm emphasising a good character story over stats, and in general the history is RL. For 2002 -> 2010, have a look @ 'world_
  8. malek77


    I'm going to put in here links to all the uploaded files relevant to the game so far, so you can easily get in and have a read. They'll mostly be .doc's, but if that distresses you I'm sure I can get an ugly old .rtf version up. (I'm also considering making them .htm, but that will be a bit later on...) Surrogacy.doc This is the initial plot outline. If you like what you read here, you should probably join in! World_History.doc A bit of raving on about what my world is like. Its from 2002 up to 2010, and represents a major departure from the normal time l
  9. Go for it! As things look now, I'd probably 'attach' a security character to one of the other pc's to help them...(unless you had a different concept!)
  10. Character Creation Finally... Story Create a story. Have in mind the above classes - if there were any cool ideas you liked, pick them out, roll them into a character. (you aren't bound to an archetype - mix and match) Think about how they would be training now to become what they are in 2010. Write up a story charting their progress, when they became an Agent for Wells Montgomery or a doctor, what things they have done along the way. Use RL history as your basis, and assume the only significant change is that Europe is taking over from America as the world's policeman!
  11. Essential Characters : (whether pc or npc) >I'd really, really like it if someone would have a go at being the surrogate mother. This won't prevent them from running around with a gun or involving theirself deeply with the plot...bear in mind the power this person will wield. Esp. if they go rogue... They could be one of those hire-a-mum type people, or a member of the Corporate team who decided to do it for the power. >Biologist. We're going to need someone to constantly rave about stem cells, cloning and corrupted DNA strands. Someone with real biological background wou
  12. It's the 1/12/2010. Christmas time. If you were back home you'd soon be enjoying a cold christmas, with all the snow, turkey and presents you could want...but work has taken you to the other end of the planet. Australia. It's hot, it's humid, and its busy as hell. But at least you're in a city... You're a travelling Franchise Agent - you have a portfolio of business' to promote the interests of, and you are often assigned to various teams to complete a management job assigned to you by your Management company - Wells-Montgomery. You've just concluded a deal, relieved to swim ba
  13. Quote Monday Morning Road Rage I like it a lot! After watching Fast & the Furious, I came up with some drag racing rules...maybe I should chuck 'em in? (whoever wants to handle the vehicle rules, I can probably type them up and send them, and you can rip them into whatever form you like) Quote What about spliting emp into an "emotional stability" and "gets along with others" stats. Potential. Definitely... I also agree with splitting up body, but disagree with scrapping tech. Quote 1. 19th/early 20th-century Steampunk 2. Late 20th-centur
  14. Yes, I know what GURPS is - I'm wondering how the GURPS technology level system works!...sorry for not making that clearer (I have a habit of making ambiguous and unintelligible statements!) Quote Cyberpunk house rules source book. The definitive guide to optional rules (!). That is *SO* it. That's how I vote we should approach it. And it means we can quite happily fill it with disagreement, argument, and other ways of doing things! [smiling for the camera, places vote in box] ...it would also be a wonderful angle of approach to RTal. It also could give the
  15. What legal tack would we take with it? Are we going to try and make it such a major departure that it is an entirely new game, or will we have to look at some kind of Interlock licencing? Trying to make it through rather than around RTG appeals to me, because I (and I think many of us) are attached to elements of the current system, and it would be nice to make CPv3 a real fan thing...how good for advertising is that? Quote good place to start forming the "technology tree" It seems like it's heading towards GURPS' "tech-level" system though. Probably. I don't kn
  16. Issues I think we'll need to address: How inclusive/pluralistic should we make it? Like - should we focus on the hi-tech urban CP style, or should we try and allow for Mad Max badlands? Regarding technology: I have that incomplete technology listing thing hovering around in the background. The modularity of such a tree should probably allow a large degree of gm controlled changes. http://home.kooee.com.au/murrell/storyFiles/tech.doc I have a feeling that all through any book we produced, should be just random movie/book quotes that relate to the topic at hand - so
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