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  1. Meheh. Muahahahahaha. *fzzk* hehe. *FZARRRRRRP* How big is it? Last unit I heard of was fridge sized. The word 'Picattiny' gives me all kinds of crazy hopes, but I doubt it's M203 sized yet.
  2. Quick sketches - in an A3 drawing book if live, photoshop online. Have been using Diaspora's tag system with success - superior to a grid, much faster. Not using a grid means you don't get those crunchy mechanical situations where dashing leaves you a metre short of cover, simplifies the postures of the combatants. Highly recommended - speed of play is greatly increased.
  3. Possibly an in-game rule, for playing live, might work. Something like "You must constantly talk about what your character is thinking, feeling or doing." And let the GM misuse this information at will. Mechanically, I believe the biggest risk would be friendly fire. Being that twitchy and un-inhibited... :S But! I believe you could train yourself to cope with it. Particularly if it was a spinal acceleration. Our nervous system works at 80 kph now. I wonder how much this would increase it? And on that note - what does pain become? With all the barriers lowered, you might feel
  4. I'm not sure seizures would be your biggest issue. You're reducing the threshold of action potentials becoming actions, which means everything in the affected field is going to go sooner, weaker, with less 'revision'. I could imagine it abruptly causing Tourettes, torrents of memories, spasms, 'social disinhibition', involuntary urination, and maybe even heart palpitations. Possibly nausea, as the brain sees everything go haywire and decides it has been poisoned. Maybe if the field applied to the spinal cord, and the field increased the amount of energy available so the in
  5. Slightly spoilerish, but I knew it! Strait-a-way! http://badassdigest.com/2012/06/14/prometh...ys-unmade-dune/ Maybe the Engineers are the Tleilaxu? They were grey skinned freaky geneticists... But that would make a hopeless, hideous tangle for fluff purists.
  6. http://io9.com/ Beautiful Prosthetic Legs that are made to be seen. Nuff' said, really.
  7. Something to put on a buggy, rather than man-pack around. Interesting range...1500m. That's not that far. I'd expect it to be handled by heavy rifles normally. Wondering what its for - anti-sniper in cover? Anti-technical? Anti-Anti-Tank-Missile-Launcher? If it's faster than the 'bigger' missile, I wonder if you could take out the operator before an AT rocket landed home? But that involves getting within 1.5ks of a missile with a 5k range...on foot. Hmm.
  8. So it's searching for the lost at sea, hauling out the live-but-trapped in a mine, or bagging up what's left for a proper burial, and relieving whoever was on scene? ...Sounds like an emphasis on scanning and recovery equipment, and post-first-aid medical stabilisation for moving people to a full hospital by air. *Continues sketching...*
  9. My criminally non-canon idea is that Cyberdecks are the size of iPhones, and have jacks for your DNI but no screen. The idea is a pocket-sized PC that needs no display or control interfaces, because it relies entirely on mental signals for input and cyber-eyes/smart-glasses for output, so its entire volume is dedicated to memory, processing and battery life. http://venturebeat.com/2011/11/18/usb-android-computer/ This would make it a common accessory for anyone with DNI. That it has other uses...weeeellll...that's unstated in the advertisements that talk about 'discreet desi
  10. Place : Library Antagonist : PE Instructor Goal : Transcendental Ascension
  11. Speaking as resident assistant/minion/artist... I believe Joie has higher gravity, 1.3G. This would result in flatter oceans (but powerful currents) and a very dense lower atmosphere (but a thinner upper). The Ekranoplan that we've been designing is capable of Ground-Effect and fixed wing flight (at reduced efficiency). When I'm done designing engine positions, it'll be able to do a Vectored-Thrust-Hover as well. We believe Ekranoplanes to be a perfect compromise position given the atmospheric and oceanic conditions, and are assuming two centuries of development in engines. T
  12. Sounds like you got the Marine Corp... Re sprinting/shooting : Athletics rolls for that stuff can slow them down, cause a few to trip over/shoot foot/get off-side and surrounded. But one thing at a time or two things badly is a good, low maths, solution.
  13. Are the Japanese big on primogeniture? I'd say it entirely suits his story to have killed them, or maybe they were stupid wastrels who died in bike crashes. It's also possible the writer picked the name at random from the credits of their favourite Anime, but I wouldn't know anyone who does that. >_> I'd think the rifle connection is the main thing, with a hint of WWII Revenge. Given his age, he may have experience the war, but, y'know, it's a good theory. You could have some fun with it, definitely. It would explain where Arasaka's failure-aversion and extreme over-reactio
  14. How high do you want it to get off the ground? Assuming Earthly conditions, Ground Effect Aircraft (Ekranoplanes) like to be 12m in altitude. Hover-craft, of the rubber-skirt variety, have only inches of altitude. Unless...we're talking about very high-power fans, that make it fly like a boxed in helicopter. You may have a choice of options there - low power 12" altitude for cruising flat hard surfaces, mid power 12m for crusing over water (so you don't get that weird sucking effect and go down) or high-altitude high power drain flight for low altitude flight, ~ 500m. For ref
  15. G-Force... Micro-Gravity Combat Operator? LEO-Sec? 102 Spaceborne Infantry? Orbital Operations Contractor (COO), Orbital Ops Detachment (OOD), Orbital Assault, Orbi-Sec, Black-Sky Force, Militarised Extra Vehicular Operations, Space-mobile Operations Group (SMOG?)... Any of them work?
  16. malek77


    It is with profound regret that I'm stating Babilon is, in effect, dead. Barring the last scene (which I'll explain in a moment), it was great fun. I was very impressed with the results and flow of the game, which is a direct result of your participation, for which I thank-you. Learnings : 1. Dashing from Decision-Point to Decision-Point isn't railroading, it's just sensible. 2. Say 'yes'. With consequences. If players want a rocket launcher, why not? They're common enough in RL - it's the consequences that 'moderate' their use. 3. Tagged Zones work for tactical PBP games.
  17. I've been ogling that for a while...thanks for the recommendation. I did read (on the site for it) that one of the martial artists is an expert in some special breathing technique designed to allow him to absorb abnormally potent impacts...does that explain any of the back-breaking?
  18. Private arsenal ships in the fight against piracy... Hmm...
  19. malek77


    Art dammit : this is an official hand brake post. It seems LAN is not compatible with GM plannings. Where I'm at : Building the bridge to Italy. Rebuilding Shiny and Murray. Integrate Bundy. I could just warp us all to Italy, but there's loose ends here... Any thoughts?
  20. malek77


    Master_Drow : Yes. And when you get shot...he's your Guardian Angel. That ten-sided grim reaper has your scent now... Some questions and confusion have been raised, and I thought to answer to the side of the story threads, to keep things clean. On the Dot. Thinking this through in hospital, your characters would realise that Tango-2's suicide deliberately f***ed MohZak's intelligence network in Babilon. Tango-2 'broke.' To frame his decision... Had Sophia told you to abduct Lima's family to prevent him talking to MohZak, and to cap t
  21. malek77

    3. Dar Al Zaika

    @ Blakebeard Bundy : //ooc : Emp + Social rolls here, it takes a few goes... Mrs.Lima is glad to be freed but disinclined to move until Mahmud helpfully shouts that her husband is well, and then all goes to plan. The kids are too dazed to resist, one with a nose-bleed. The wife, doesn't look if she can avoid it, but doesn't flinch if she must. It starts to hit home when they find Lima. He is soaked red in other peoples blood. He tears his shirt to show them he is unharmed. Loose brass from the Aero showers off his back. Then they run to him. Bowen gather
  22. Just thinking today : Emotional Investment. Combat games generate Emotional Investment by having the player design the character. There's a sense of ownership, and thus, something that is 'risked'. The players need to have emotional investment in the thing you're trying to build or achieve. If the game is you telling them they want to build a house/rocket/tank, and they just roll 50xD10 with some narrative, I suspect there will be some sense of ennui. But if they own the thing they're trying to make - it's their meta-character, you could, in much the usual manner of a gm,
  23. malek77

    3. Dar Al Zaika

    //ooc : Dammit, I let myself get jammed up with doubt. Right. Let's get this moving. // @ Blakebeard : Character sheet with options for Renovation is in email. A faint metallic clink. The lights come on. Streetlights, lounge-room, in doorways across the road. You hear air-cons kick on with a huff at the dust caking their grilles. It feels like you've just walked mud all through the rich neighbour's shiny thick pile carpet. Made a mess. Splattered blood around. The ringing goes, your eyes adjust. The Sirens are close now, very close. You can hear a whimpering, a mu
  24. //ooc: Finally! Map! 'The Gulf' is about the economic shock of Arabian oil supplies tapping out...leaving Iran the only undrained, but sanctioned off well, dripping at the seams with inaccessible wealth. A Rebellion breaks out, supplied covertly by the player gun-running from Iraq. China sends 'Advisors' to assist with suppression as Russian agents, looking to regain prestige after WWIII, try to expose American black weapon deals... The Russians are on to you, and have told the Chinese where to look. Your vehicles are to the NE of the map. You need to get through Zone P. Squelc
  25. My experience - which was playing a squad of PA against Infantry using CP2020 + Max Metal as a tabletop wargame, was that PA are a class of vehicle designed to kill themselves. Blue Team : 3 x Militech Commandos. Red Team : 2 x 10 man Sections armed with ARs, RPGs, sniper rifles. I used the deceleration rules, and degrading cover - SP x 3 = SDP for cover, so massed ARs should have been able to whittle away at the PA. It was a bloodbath. The PA sensors meant they could engage the infantry outside of their effective range, with far heavier fire that literally chewed away t
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