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  1. ... They are so beautiful. Oh I LOVE them! I don't know what happened, whether form or function came first, but that it is one awesome shape. Seriously. This is the kind of thing that should click onto a Full-Borg's wrist mounted picatinny rail.
  2. Wonder if it handles mobile targets...
  3. Good heavens Mr.Drow...google docs. Just use that. Seriously...how many cam-girl popup adverts are there in the world... That or post the essential code so I can rebuild it? Think of it as a kit...
  4. ...palpitations... Quad Mount Minigins? For Each PC? Mounted on AA turret style technicals?!? Would it be...enough? We may need to go to AGLs. O____O
  5. I'm watching it and going "Squee!" And "Damn skinweave!" at the same time. Although she's probably a Gemini. Sigh.
  6. See? Right there. Mark has fixed the edumacation system. If Maths teachers talked ballistics and damage rolls I might have listened. So many lost opportunities. @Master_Drow So...have you got this setup as a calculator thingy in Excel? Care to post it?
  7. You mean... ...I could be doing... MOAR Damage!?!?! *tears of joy are wept* Meanwhile. I am bad at maths. As you have just discovered. So. (M - 1.5 A + N/2) * H = Damage Is that 1.5 x A? Um. Order of Operations fail. (M - (1.5 x A) + (N/2)) * H = Damage ...???
  8. That particular line makes me very, very happy. We need single neuron electrodes, safer transdermal connections or data transmission, and that feedback loop. So close. So close...
  9. If you had a cheap printed rifle that had a built in magazine that was never intended to be reloaded...could you get away with an aluminium breech and barrel?
  10. 13lb trigger pull? Pardon me being from Down Under where we aren't allowed dangerous toys, but does that seriously mean you are 'lifting' 5 kilograms with your index finger? Wouldn't you get a crampy finger and pull the whole point-of-aim off to the side? i.e. Major Contributing Factor? Good lord, why not just put them in plate armour and have them run in with a club? ((And I shall quote my friend here, upon hearing the story : "Whyyyy??? Whaaaat did you do thaaat for? I wasn't doiiiing anythiiiing...whyyyyy!" lol. ))
  11. That. That is beautiful. *tear*
  12. Perhaps as animals, or other environmental organisms. Or lunch. A point I'd make - is that there are creatures stronger, faster, and with better senses than humans, but they don't dominate the planet. AI - or Sophant Systems (SS's?) - might be as harnessed to pragmatic purposes as much as steam engines, cattle and dogs have been over the centuries. Specialisation might mean dependency on humans, with humans retaining overall experimental/adaptive pre-eminence. OR - the raw intellectual horsepower of it might do the 'hard' Singularity thing and transform everything unpredic
  13. I second Comp's suggestion of GURPS Illuminati. Otherwise : http://intheknow7.wordpress.com/anatomy-of-sarah-l-palin/
  14. You can create a conspiracy to order out of common elements. There's the Pragmatic to Spiritual axis : "American stealth technology is based on alien ships!" "American industrial advances depended on..." "The World is being prepared for a Saurian takeover..." "The Grays are the next step in spiritual evolution..." The Liberty/Unity axis : "The Illuminati want a world of mind-slaves to do their bidding." "Sarah Palin is a mind controlled sex slave from Henry Kissingers MK Ultra programme!" "Freed of the body, a Ninth Stage spirit can travel the universe." "All living
  15. Yeeeeaaahhh...dats the stuff... I do wonder. How do Nightclubs work in notably violent communities? I understand they continue to function in Africa and dodgier parts of SE Asia, and that it's common and easy to grease the door-men so you can bring your guns in. A Favela area Nightclub sounds mind bogglingly dangerous to me. How can anyone, much less an attractive girl, feel safe to go out knowing the club is gonna be full of guns, drugs, thugs, rapists, STDs and likely the target of a rival drive by at any moment? For that matter - how do Nightclubs work any
  16. 'Combat Zone' is a term created by the oppressive Plutocracy to deny the vitality and feasibility of a potential Socialist alternative to debt-slavery and profiteering. The only 'combat' is when the Mercenary Defenders of Kleptocratic privilege attack the legitimate industry of The People, who work to survive outside of the failing debt system. Corporate controlled Government has completely failed the People! Business no longer pays an acceptable minimum wage! Survival demands Action! The People will continue their legitimate struggle and inspire other communities... ..
  17. ...loveliness...space and time and all loveliness... *melts*
  18. So DS got me thinking about Police, and Police in CP2020. In Night City in particular. How on God's Blackened Earth could you Patrol a street in that city in anything less than MetalGear, 12 man squad with Light-IFV support? Imagine trying to pat a Boosterganger down! How could you know what they had built in? You could say 'assume the position' and discover they had 360° joints. They might explode. They might leak something on your troops that is later found to contain nanites of uncertain use and origin. If the crowd turned on you, it would instantly be a BHD situation, given the a
  19. Y'know, DS, I watched that link about a week ago now and I'm still deeply perturbed. Why are they so mad? Are they that scared?
  20. Using the cloth tube construction method - lay a lawn irrigating hose through it, and fill it with a dirt/gravel/concrete mix. Shape to suit, then pump water through. Now that should slow bullets down. It would also make a hilariously hard to remove instant structure for the next big Occupy invasion, and I'm all for that. Somewhere arctic - you could fill it with water/snow. Something I've thought of for aircraft hangars - like the big inflatable ones the US uses? I imagine an expanding liquid foam that you could pump through them, to harden them. You could put stake
  21. I wanna see some Minis and Dice on it! Good work!
  22. Oh how I can't stand awkward date videos... ...but very nice interpretation of a AR world. Perhaps a game in that - the Internal Affairs division of an AR corporation, weeding out corrupt misuse of the system before someone presses a 'reality altering' suit!
  23. Now this, this is super classy : Vimeo : Justice, New Lands Rollerball reimagined by 'CANADA', a SFX shop working for the French band Justice. Yes. It has Snake Plissken in it. And I can't get enough of the credits... 7 minutes of awesome. Enjoy.
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    More Elysium stuffs...
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    http://www.slashfilm.com/official-image-ma...mkamps-elysium/ GLEEEEEE! That picture...just that image alone...oh wow. *hyperventilates*
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