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  1. Yeah, that's probably how I'll do it, visualized by ladders/stairs, elevators or some such ^^
  2. So basically there's no offical movement rule between levels of a system? Even though offical story "datafortresses" have several levels... right. Gonna have to wing it then.
  3. Right, got some questions for ya cyberheads in here, seeing as this seems to be active forum to some degree. Mostly stuff I never saw plainly mentioned anywhere. 1.) I've seen a lot of "Data Fortresses" or netplaces or whatever they call em everywhere, that has... several levels. Now I've failed to see how you move between these levels. Do you drill through the datawalls aka "roofs/floors" to go up and down or is there some elevator place I haven't noticed. Or do you go out a level, rise up and drill through the wall again? And if that's so. What's stopping a person from going to the top level at ones 2.) I got the basic's in. But say you go to a corp place, where their system is off the net. If you jack into a terminal there, where do you end up then? Inside the datafortress at the location where the terminal was located, or outside the fortress and have to hack your way in? And again comes the ... oddity of a several level datafortress into play. (Now I would kinda assume that if he uses the data terminal in the normal way "aka has a password and login name, he will sorta start at the terminal place, but only do legal stuff) Well, if that made any sense. Cheers.
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