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  1. Cassel calls Lupo. "Boss there's a situation, anyone in LE you can trust - local or fed? Or maybe a media type that is sympathetic to our cause? I'm trying to think before acting, just like you councilled me." Cassel looks warily at the truck.
  2. "Saint, I'll expect you to keep my cut til I can come and collect it cuz I ain't tucking and running from this. No way in hell I'm counting on some cop to do the right thing by these people, and I don't plan to spend my life wondering when someone will come looking for me based on info from one of them. After all, at least a few of them got clear looks at us when we opened the container - if we'd had the intel or forewarning of what we were hauling maybe we'd taken precautions. You all bounce, I'm calling Lupo," Cassel takes out his cell.
  3. "When the cops take them from the stifling metal container we leave them locked in you think they will say what nice folks we were? Plus they can give descriptions of us, and if they get turned over to the buyer by corrupt cops then he will not be gentle getting our particulars from them. And Gator, if you touch those gas cans, I'll kill you."
  4. "I think you were late to the party. Half goes to Money off the top, then every one who took part in the caper gets a percentage of Saints half. So we aint in the money as deep as you think, but we are deeper in the shit then you seem to realize. The people on the boat have friends, and the guy in the shiny car has a crew. All of them will be looking for us and for them," Cassel motions his thumb towards the open container. "And as if that wasn't aleady bad enough, the Pack doesn't tolerate the slave trade so they may take issue with us if we try and walk away from this container like we didn'
  5. "Saint, Lupo aint going to like this tale one bit - so I hope you have one hell of a happy ending to put on this or he's going to lose it!" Cassel looks at Money, "and I hope this teaches you something about gathering intel beyond the dude was driving a flash car so it must be a good score." Cassel shakes his head then mumbles, "Christ, Lupo is going to have my head for this."
  6. "We ain't in nothing til the job is finished, and we are far from the fucking finish line. Chino the money, the truck, and the trailer need scanned. If they can trace any of this we better squash it fast. And whats the plan for transferring the cargo?"
  7. "Dude, this is not time to go from boy wonder to boy blunder... Get this shit fixed before we get nailed!" Cassel will speed like a demon til we are clear of the area, then drop his speed to be less apparent once he is confident that we are not being pursued.
  8. Cassel revs the engine, "6.9 on the richter scale!" then puts it in gear and starts rolling as Mel and the dog finish climbing in.
  9. Cassel will return fire in the spray and pray manner as he makes for the rig in all haste. "New plan, extract in the rig or beat your feet y'all. Boy Wonder, Lunchbox, that means you!"
  10. "What a rush!" Cassel yells as he pops his door and readies his loaner HK for any targets that may present themselves as he heads for the semi.
  11. Going to ask this now so I can stay in character when the rest of us learn what's in the container - what's the Packs' position on slavery? I know we probably do our fair share of people smuggling from place to place, and we don't frown on prostitution or such, but if these women are being brought in as sex slaves does the Pack take exception?
  12. Cassel guns the engine and heads for the semi. "Go big or go home, Money! It's time to rock and roll."
  13. OOC : drivers drive. And the whole power slide while guns blaze out the windows is visually gratifying, despite being tactically ill advised
  14. "Mel, Money," Cassel looks at the two of them. "Which of you is driving the van out? I'm going to get this bitch in there fast and as close to the rig as possible so me and C-Man can get in it taking as little fire as possible. Then one of you needs to drive her back to the rendezvous point, so decide quick cuz it looks like shit is about to pop. Chino, just concentrate on getting in the rig behind me. Don't worry about popping caps in anyone unless your life is on the line or we are rolling out the gate in the tractor. But you might want to say a quick prayer anyway." Cassel winks at Chino th
  15. Cassel puts the comm gear on, then looks to Saint giving a vague motion to the departed Gator - "Ok, so he's going to set up on over watch and you're crashing the party on your bike. I assume that leaves the four of us with the van. Who hits the wire first? You or us? Am I using the van to get as close to the rig as possible, or are me and Mel pulling the sneak while the van is parked a safe distance?"
  16. My two cents is that I don't need to see the rolls so if you don't find a way to do it, I'll be fine. The story will unfold as it should
  17. Giving Boomer a ride before I give her a ride. Last night on earth and all that. Then back to the club at the appointed time
  18. Cassel decides to stop lurking in the doorway and finally takes a seat - after grabbing one of the 94's. "Probably best to talk to the Pack. We meet up somewhere and swap the cargo on to a new rig, they get to take the hot one and strip tje bitch for parts." Cassel looks at Saint, "you ever watch a pack of nomads strip a vehicle? It's like ants on a buffalo carcass, they'll have it finished before you can finish that drink. True thing of beauty."
  19. Cassel enjoys his hold on Boomer's ass as she relates the message, then leans in and plants a few delicate kisses along her neck. He tilts his head enough to whisper in her ear, "Can you have one of the girls bring us some drinks? And if you're still here when we finish talking to Saint, maybe you and me could take the bike for another ride." One last squeeze of her ass, and a quick wink before Cassel heads for the basement. "I'm going to talk to Saint, anyone going to join me? Oh, and I already asked for some drinks to be brought down."
  20. OOC - I'm fine with Saints. It keeps Money from knowing where we crash - and by the way, we need to settle on where we are staying.
  21. Civilian, it has been determined you do not NEED an environmentally unfriendly car. Please report to your nearest Government Motors to be issued your environmentally approved Smart car. Trust us, as elected government officials, we know what your needs are and how best to provide for them. Have a good day citizen.
  22. "Your call momacita," Cassel says as he tilts his chair back and relaxes as he tries to recon the area discretely
  23. "Mel, while the kids are out playing you could always wander over there and make a few bucks... Or advertise your new establishment to the sailors, give them the address and contact number. At least then the cops will think we are just working the crews and not scoping the place."
  24. Thank god. I was hoping it was rather satirical, but there is so much stupidity in thr world anymore it was easy to believe
  25. Read a story yesterday about rioters returning merchandise to stores because they are unhappy with what they took One looted Games Workshop store has had much of its inventory returned. Apparently the rioters thought looting a game store was going to net them a stash of PS3 gear.
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