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  1. Cassel looks back and forth from the old and young ladies before finally settling on the older woman. "I'm so sorry, such a terrible faux pas. With your alluring figure and sensual presence I assumed you had been hired to pose. Please forgive me. I'm sure a few shots near the store name will be terrific, so if you don't mind taking my darling companion and finding what suits her figure." Cassel motions to Boomerang with his hand "Might I see the dressing room? There might be a request for a few changing room settings - but I promise you there will be no nudity or indecency in the shoot."
  2. I am actually interested to see this pass and attempt to be used. As a nation we have grown complacent and accepting as the federal government has taken more and more power for itself. Will exercising this authority actually cause the disgruntled masses to openly resist and maybe even get angry enough to put down their xbox controllers, or turn off this week's Survivor episode? I've been amused by the various Occupy protests as I watch the protesters dressed in designer brand clothes, clutching their half calf, no foam, Starbuck lattes while they listen to their ipods and chant about
  3. Cassel pans the camera up and down the older woman, then tuts to himself and begins talking very quickly while walking towards the younger woman... "Well first thing we need to do is get you two changed, are you signed for a full session or just entry level? Oh Miss, Miss," Cassel calls out to the younger woman before the older can answer, "I need to get these two ladies in to something that accentuates their finer points." Cassel will pan the camera up and down the younger woman as he approaches. "Hmph.. It's too bad you are already engaged here, a trio would have made this set most amazing.
  4. Cassel scans the shop as he approaches Saint and the older sales lady. "I see you've found our primary location and another model, are we doing preliminary shots and vid tonight, or just finding proper outfits?" He'll slowly pan the camera around while waiting for the response, mumbling about lighting, obstructions, and angles as he does so.
  5. fair point, never heard of that rule. so that takes the conventional courts off the table, FISA might have different rules and I'm sure there's a work around somewhere in the bowels of the patriot act. be that as it may, however, there's still a third branch of the government that could provide a check on this power. the matter could simply be reviewed by the house select intelligence committee. the point I'm trying to make is that somebody needs to review these findings, it can't rest with just one man from one branch of government to order Americans killed. Yemen is an active ba
  6. the courts try people in absencia all the time, usually it's people who skip the country to avoid their day in court but we have prosecuted people who reside outside the us in this way. dropping a hellfire missile up their ass is the only new aspect in play with my plan, which is really much more efficient than sending in a team to extract someone from a hostile country. when i think of the president being able to strike down anyone on the face of the earth with no oversight, all i can think is "what if nixon had that power?" you look back and we have put some petty and vindictive sons of bitc
  7. 1998 - President commits perjury in Federal Court - serves remainder of second term after Senate acquits. 1986 - Administration sells weapons to finance an illegal operation - underlings serve jail time or have charges dismissed / pardoned. President serves remainder of second term, Vice President wins election to President 1988. 1962 - 1973 - Project 112 - unknowing US military personnel are exposed to biological and chemical agents to test the weapon effects. 1960's / 70's - illegal military actions carried out in Cambodia and Laos. 1953 - CIA begins Operation MKULTRA -
  8. Yet you trust the government to carry on in absentia trials "just this once" for just this one criminal? When does your definition of Now enter in to our history? None of the negative aspects you list are occurring for the first time in our history. On the other hand, I'd like to hear the tale of the government that hasn't committed most of the crimes on your list. And while we wring our hands over our massive military budget, we simultaneously demand that our military respond to countless natural disasters across the globe and act as policeman to the world in order to
  9. Trying to sell this as doing the pre-shoot testing... seeing what outfits she looks best in, what areas of the store have the best lighting, provide most attractive backgrounds, etc., so that your precious time is not wasted on these menial tasks - while actually trying to document as much of the interior as possible for later review. Will also ask to see / shoot the storage room in case a "working girl" montage is going to be shot I will explain that by reviewing the video, I can see where additional light stands need to be placed to allow for proper photos.
  10. As much as I hate big government, look on with dread as surveillance cameras become not only common place but accepted, and the TSA tramples our privacy, I actually have no issue with the action in question here. If al-Awlaki had stayed within the United States to spread his message then I would agree he is subject to our laws and is defended by the rights all Americans are privileged to have. Instead he left the country, entered in to an active war zone, and participated in actions deemed to be treasonous. If we had sent forces to arrest him we would have been in violation of interna
  11. Cassel reads Saints' text laying out the situation, and sends a quick reply - Got it boss, give us 5 minutes to finish our drinks, and another couple to get there. Putting his phone away he leans in close to kiss the side of Boomerang's neck and whisper in her ear, "Looks like plans have changed, finish your drink casually then we got to go." A quick nip of her earlobe to make her exclaim in surprise before we both settle back in laughter and return to our drinks. As we head over to meet with Saint I will lay out the plan - she's a model to be fitted for swimsuit and lingerie by the st
  12. After Boomerang has changed out of her work attire, Cassel will escort her to the suburban - leaving his weapons in the bar lockup. Once in the vehicle, he hands her the vidcam and as he drives to the area explains what he needs - she is to discreetly record the area we drive through around the bar trying to focus on security teams / police in the area, and general traffic. If there is a late night coffee bar or sidewalk cafe, we will park and walk to it as we record... kissing, laughing, and joking like two people newly married and making the most of their honeymoon. Cassel is trying
  13. "If it's all settled then, I'm gonna blaze. I'll call some of the outriders I know in the Pack and arrange the surveillance crew, and see about the cases. Right now though, I want to go drive the neighborhood and get a lay of the land and check night time activity. Mind if I borrow Boom to work the vidcam for me Saint?"
  14. Cassel thinks through the list, then pulls out his e-book and starts entering notes as he shoots questions at Saint. "You want sedans or SUV's? Any specific color or style? You driving yourself and the model to the lunch, or you need a professional looking driver? I can contract some of the outriders from the Pack to run observation on you and see if anyone tails you coming or going, if you want. I'll see what I can do about the cases, but they might need to be fabricated. As for the photo shoot, why re-invent the wheel? You've got a whole building of people who do that sort of thing,
  15. Or they Could give it to Uwe Boll to reboot...... ....... Hollyweird can always make something worse
  16. "How long do we have to recon this place before we go? Short intel ruins ops likes this and gets people cuffed or coffined." Cassel looks at Money,"I'm not down for another fubar'ed job."
  17. "Going or coming and com..... eh, well enough about that. What's the good word?"
  18. Cassel gives Boomer a swat on the ass and a quick wink before heading over and taking his place at the table.
  19. Based on what we've been up to I'm using 20IP to increase my Streetwise from 2 to 3, leaving 5IP unspent. And my character sheet has been updated to reflect this change and my added gear.
  20. I'll go top end and pay the $5k to have it done right and looking nice inside.
  21. ok, so adding $1000 per vehicle link, the $1000 for surgery cost, and I'm going to call $600 per +3 Expert chip since I'm not getting any answer, adds another $4200 to my bill.... so - $3,500 (first job) + $40,000 (second job) - $8,545 (first gear / cyber listing) - $4,200 (amended items) - $5,000 (travel expenses) - $4,000 (tithe to the Pack) leaving me $21,755 leaving $21,000 stashed within the van and carrying the $755 plus my previous cash. I'm also going to start seeking a price for outfitting my van with a hidden safe, entertainment center, and slee
  22. Two of the procedures I listed are Minor category - do I pay the $500 for each or can they be done at the same time for one cost? I will add the surgery cost and vehicle cost to the previous total if it all meets with your approval.
  23. Cassel's plan - 1) Move his van back to the Pack camp and conceal his loot ($35,000) within. 2) Offer Breaker, or some other such dependable person, $500 to take care of his van while he is out of town. 3) Call Boomerang and see if she wants to go along for an extended weekend ride as Cassel just wants to get out of town and refocus his thoughts. A four or five day ride, visiting hot spots, clubs, and places of interest, with $5k for expenses. 4) After the trip (solo or tandem) Cassel will look to get the following work done - by an approved, in network medical provider
  24. Cassel shrugs and nods his head towards Saint. "Sorry boss, but the man said to let Saint handle it and that's the path he's taking. You choose to follow the story and peeps through your online read, I'm all for it. You see a way we can help without implicating you and me, I got your back. Other than that I think its time for a ride."
  25. OOC - has anyone closed the doors on the container? Looking through the thread I see where we opened them but not closed.
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