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  1. Only partially related to the general topic, but have any of you looked at this site? http://www.rpgarchive.com/index.php?sysid=...&sort=Alpha
  2. I have a very simple house rule that should resolve this issue for you - it's called a story line. There have been numerous posts citing examples from experienced GM's on how to resolve over armored characters - acids and other liquids which will affect exposed areas, gas or flame weapons, heavy objects dropped from heights, attention from law enforcement, and social stigma's (which should be huge in any game that repeatedly states it is STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE!!!!!). Your guys want to drop $2,000 on an SP22 trenchcoat? Fine, what's the protection against the garrote that just slipped over his
  3. You keep arguing that it is an issue of mechanics when it just isn't. Hiro doesn't randomly die in chapter 3 because Gibson didn't want the story to go that way - Hiro had no input in the decision. As the GM you are the author, and if you don't want over armored, gun toting, cyber pyschos rampaging through your story it is up to you to stop it, not the weapon and armor equipment lists. Colorado is an open carry state - meaning any citizen can carry a hand gun in a non-concealed fashion without repercussion. I see a person do this maybe once every 5 years. Why so infrequent if it is "leg
  4. OOC: I'm happy with the way this is resolving, a powerful friend who owes a favor is always better than money - but if we were a decoy for the assassination then we were being watched, up to the point we went in the front door. So who the guy is that hired us has just become VERY important. If we determine he's a wine connosuier or rival restaurant owner, then we can discuss returning his fronted money and saying we failed, or the attack on the restaurant foiled our attempt and the place will be too hot to try again, and taking the hit to our reputations. But I don't trust co
  5. "We kind of need to know Mel. If we tell him we failed our reps will take a hit, if we tell him why we failed we break our word to the man here, and if he set us up to be a smoke screen for this hit then someone deserves a right fucking slapping. So we need to finally know who this guy really is and why he hired us."
  6. Cassel hits the gas and makes the first hard right, goes 2 blocks and makes a hard left, followed by another right at the next street - keeping an eye in the rear view for a tail and checking front and rear for police lights. OOC: if no tail is evident, speed will decrease to just below posted limit. If there is a tail, he will call on Saint for defensive fire and reach out to Lupo to try and cross paths as a distraction.
  7. "The flight of the Valkyries is inbound," Cassel says as he guns the engine and puts the van into gear. "Hold on Felipe, this could get a little bouncey."
  8. "Engine is idling steady boss, give me the go and I will be on the road."
  9. I need some clarification please - Mel went down the air vent after dispersing the gas, and Saint came down from the roof to trade me the empty gas bottles for the carrying cases for the wine bottles, then he went inside to join Mel in grabbing the loot. So what I need to understand is just how did Saint get inside the building? and am I parked in the alley behind the restaurant or what? I don't want to pull a Mo in all of this, so please give me a heads up as to the location of things so I can make an appropriate post
  10. "Good job Felipe, now get in the back and just chill for a bit." Cassel drives over to the designated spot to pick up the empty tanks and hand off the cases.
  11. Are the NAFTA nations overtly supporting this activity, or is it all plausible deniabilty and the characters are on their own if they get caught?
  12. Cassel has Basic Tech / Electronics / and Electronic Security... can he try to assist Felipe on another attempt? Or do I have enough knowledge to try and jack up the system myself so it shuts down?
  13. Cassel takes out a pack of cigarettes and lights one then hands it to Felipe. "Dude, take a deep drag, relax, and run through it again. This is no time to let your nerves get the better of you. Mel says you can do this, don't disappoint her."
  14. "Boss, you want me to stay parked here while you aerate the place? Or should I cruise a bit and come back once you're ready to go in?"
  15. So it's a small thing, but for claities sake - the young lady on the npc list should be Gator's date not Cassel's right? Or did I miss something?
  16. My vote is for a temporary NPC, or Kabuki runs Chino as an NPC for these last few steps. I'd just like to see this thru to the end.
  17. "We've come to far to back out now. If C-man is indisposed, perhaps Mel could reach out to one of her contacts, or we could talk to Lupo and see if someone in the Pack could handle this last minute." Cassel takes a long drag on his cigarette, "Did we dig up any info on our employer? And maybe why we're doing this?"
  18. Since Angus is the primary person I've seen respond on forums and such, and his departure from Cubicle 7 was announced in November, I'm thinking this project may be totally fubar. Could be wrong.... but I'm really glad I didn't prepay for this.
  19. Cassel paid for 3 teams to tail Saint. Used his personal money, set the parameters, and they are reporting directly to him.
  20. Wasn't suggesting we skip the recon, was just looking for an alternative to water sawing in to the place. The less obtrusive we can be the better. Having the water truck to act as a screen for the guys getting on and off the roof, maybe even being able to be the stowage point for the contraband, all sound great... I'm just worried cutting a hole may be overkill. Whatever we're going to do, Cassel is as ready as he can be.
  21. Question - can Chino fit down the child size vent that was found in the restaurant roof? That might b e our best first entry point. Hell, maybe he can just go in by himself, and pass the bottles out to us
  22. "Back up a sec... it is a restaurant, and they do have to have a way to get new goods in, and trash out, so why don't we go looking for some of the back of the house personnel? I'm sure bribing a dish washer or busboy to open a back door for us would be cheaper and less risky then cutting power lines and all. Maybe there's an underground entrance - like from a parking garage or something."
  23. Cassel turns up at the club early in the evening, after giving his 3 surveillance crews 1000eb each and a map of the zone to scope. They will be told they are tailing a porsche and watching if anyone else is following as well, and that the license number will be texted to them when it is known. Until then, they should familiarize themselves with the area, security measures, and police routines. They are to turn over all of their notes to me after the op, so I can compare their impressions with my own. After grabbing a drink, and letting Boomerang know she is the sexiest woman in the
  24. Cassel will do his best to record the entire interior of the shop, especially any active security systems, all the time commenting on strong lighting, shadow effects, and any other bs he can think to lay on these ladies. Boomerang can choose 3 or 4 of her favorite outfits to be charged to the "corporate" account Saint left then they will depart and take Boom back to the club. From there Cassel will head back to his pad, turn on some good tunes and begin going over the tape footage they just recorded and take notes on the cops, the cars, the traffic, and anything that catches his eye.
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