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  1. Cyberpunk is supposed to be about style over substance, so carrying a walking stick as an affectation announces you aren't a run of the mill street denizen, even if said walking stick is shaped like a baseball bat.  But I can see where 8-Ball would say it doesn't fit his style. So from my personal time being around bikers I can suggest a lock on a bandana.  Too conspicuous or obvious? Switch it out for a large tubular metal lighter and carry a pack of cigarettes. Then there's the mag lite flashlight.  Too large? Grab a couple of pocket flash lights with a pop out end spike.  If questioned, they're emergency glass breakers in case your client is trapped inside a vehicle. Of course you could also choose to go with the metal chain epaulets. Steel toe boots are always popular. This last one will be very strange, but it was used by a personal friend who worked as a bouncer and sometimes lived the nomad life out of his truck - he carried a 10" silicone dildo in his jacket inner pocket.  It's like beating someone with a rubber hose and there's no way security or police could justifiably consider it a weapon unless they actually witness the assault (which in this case would have been Cam taking pics of you beating someone with a large marital aid... not sure how that would affect your rep).

    Next are suggestions from a friend of mine who is highly proficient in multiple martial arts - 

    Lead lined gloves and matching elbow pads sewn into your jacket.

    Carbon fiber / kevlar collapsible baton - perhaps camouflaged by carbon fiber panels on your jacket or pants?

    Metal business cards - these can have a decently sharpened edge and if you have a bunch of random ones made up you tell security it is your job to carry the cards Martina is given while doing business. Or they can be made to resemble a deck of playing cards.

    Hair picks with those nice pointed handles - they make terrific poniards.  Standard plastic would probably see you through one or 2 fights, but a high density plastic / carbon fiber option should be good to go for a long time.  Throw a compact and lipstick or eyeliner tube in the pocket with them and you can claim they are Martina's emergency touch up supplies. 

    Necklace made of 550 cord and a bunch of washers.

    In situations like yesterday where we are in a restaurant, specify that you are ordering a steak so there will be a knife on the table and make sure you keep it if the service is cleared.

    He too liked the tactical pen idea, but if it's been ruled a specialized skill then that's that.

    Hope something in there inspires a flicker of an idea.



  2. I know the general opening to each adventure begins with a world overview, but have you considered putting out a World Gazeteer? The current status of the US has some impact on our coming adventure, and I should have asked at the onset what is the situation in Ukraine - is it independent or still part of a Neo-Soviet empire?

    You've obviously put a lot of work into your setting since you've been using it over several different groups, and if at all possible it would be nice to know what Cossack 'knows" about current world affairs.

  3. 2 hours ago, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    Huh. I didn't know it was their turf... I thought it was a nice area just north of the campus - that's why we were there at all...

    In character - both times we went to the Art Gallery just off campus we’ve had shootouts with them. The cops at the first post scene mentioned they were a known cancer of the area, and the Maxx’s at the second were tipped they’d be there and knew them well enough to pack heavy ordinance (let alone being there in the first place instead of standard NC cops).
    Out of character - the night you went to the bar looking for your Juliet, VB’s were prominent outside the club and mentioned inside as well.

    There have been quite a few bread crumbs tossed out that the VB’s love the business scene around the fringes of the NCU and the students seem to be popular customers. 

    Chalk it up to letting your guard down because you’re so smitten and let’s plan how to get payback without violating the coming truce. 

  4. I’d like to add 2 actions to my to-do list if possible - 

    1) Go to Bob Waite’s and have a blue and yellow pocket square For my black takanaka suit, and matching hat band for my fedora. Then I’d like the feather I took from the VB to be attached to the hat - over or under the new hat band, however they think looks best. But I will pay extra if necessary to have this ready by Friday so I can wear the pair to the meeting. 

    2) Hand write a letter to Celestin and get it sent. 

  5. 19 hours ago, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    Well, 8-Ball is going to have his to-do list updated - you tel me how much of that he'll be able to get done during the time-skip :P

    • See Mia before she goes for holiday. Likely, he'll be visiting her in the hospital the very next day. And he'll take his guitar with him.

    Along with the guitar, can you take a couple of Chrome Berets (or at least one of us from the house)? You keep going downtown alone and someone seems to be picking up on that....

  6. During the 4 day fast forward I need to pick up the edgerunner gear I have at Bob Waite's - an armored shirt and armored pants that were damaged during the shootout with the detectives but I failed to take to the shop - and go to Nancy's Book Nook for a copy of The Art of Seduction, which I can read on the zeppelin trip to New York.  I have several skills at 0 that have accrued IP and I need to get them above 5 points in order to be able to move them up to level 1, so I will be doing a few odd things like this over the coming sessions to make it happen.  Also, once we find out who our new neighbors are, I want to go by Wu Chang's and have a couple dozen chinese donuts delivered (anonymously).

    Character wise, I'd like to do the following (unless I missed something again.... 🙃 ) -

    Spend 10 IP to increase Wardrobe and Style from 1 to 2

    Spend 23 IP and 7 Bonus IP to increase Handgun from 3 to 4

    If you'll forgive the inner munchkin for coming out briefly - are the Spanish Lessons from Marty going to continue to increase our skill level, or are we accruing accelerated IP to advance it?


    Now just a couple of questions -

    1) Does the Palace Armory stock the various weapons featured in the Survival Games handout, or are they hit or miss on inventory?

    2) The Ambidexterity Chip allows two one-handed weapons to be simultaneously fired at full ROF on a single target correct? Does one or both weapons take a negative modifier? I'm not in a rush to run out and get one, but I may decide one day to go full Josey Wales and pack 5 or 6 handguns so I need to plan accordingly 😁

  7. So the list of movies Cossack was seeking on his mall trip -

    1 El Dorado (1967 - starring John Wayne, James Caan, Robert Mitchum)

    2 Quiet Man (1952 - starring John Wayne, Maureen O'hara)

    3 Magnificent Seven (1960 - starring Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen)

    4 Big Jake (1971 - starring John Wayne)

    5 For a Few Dollars More (1965 - starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef)

    6 Outlaw Josey Wales (1976 - starring Clint Eastwood)

    7 Bladerunner (1982 - starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer)

    8 Apocalypse Now (1979 - starring Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall)

    9 Devil's Brigade (1968 - starring William Holden)

    10 Three Musketeers (1973 - starring Michael York, Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, and Charlton Heston)


    Was it announced during the wrap up that we are fast forwarding to the weekends big event, so anything minor we needed to do during the week should just be posted here?

  8. To rip-off Edna from the Incredibles - No Hoods!

    I'll talk to Bob at the first opportunity of our next session and go from there.  


    I'll pass on getting tatt'ed at this point - honestly I would more likely get a lot of movie based tattoos if I did, and the point of the designs I'm picturing for the suit is (if you don't mind the genre bending to allow me to get my Battletech geek on) maskirovka.  Witnesses describe someone with lots of tattoos, hard for the cops to roll me up.  Street thugs catch a glimpse of it and fail to make the Awareness roll to id the suit and they might think it's an organized crime thing they haven't seen before.  I'll put it on the back burner for now.

  9. I have a jumpsuit already, but I'm looking for something thinner and lighter that can be worn more as underwear underneath my designer suits - along the lines of armored stockings but covering ankle to neck to wrist. It might work best as a two piece shirt/stocking set.  I'm cool with using the jumpsuit cost, but being that I'm looking for a thinner material I'm preparing for a possible higher price.

    I'd like the end result to look like a cross between the Russian criminal tattoo and a Yakuza full body tattoo - but different enough that neither group thinks I'm actually crossing over into being a poser.  To that end, it would incorporate slavic pagan symbols, along with sunflowers and nightingales since they are national symbols and a lot of blue and yellow.  Horses and crows seem to be linked to Cossacks, so naturally they'd have to be in there and a back piece of holy iconography or something similar.  I find a lot of nice examples of all of these elements on Pinterest by searching Cossack Tattoo, but since I do not know the language or understand all of the image meanings I do not want to grab pics and then later find out it is tied to some neo-nazi / hate movement.  Being nationalistic wouldn't be out of character for Cossack, but there is a fine line between nationalistic and intolerant.

    Putting all of this together means something very unique, and possibly outside the scope of Waite's ability.  Hell, it might be completely unrealistic and I have to alter my plans altogether.  So I figured I'd give the big boss time to roll all this around before I go searching during the next session.



  10. Trying to plan ahead, I'd like to look into an armored body suit that is light enough to wear under  my stylish but unarmored designer suits.  There are no body suits on the Chrome 4 Armor Revised sheet, so I need to know a proper starting price, as well as whether I can actually wear it under my suits without penalty.  

    I'm envisioning an SP 12 spandex type suit, that if seen under a sleeve or collar will look like a yakuza style body tattoo - preferably slavic imagery though. So unless there's an aspect I'm missing, it should work out as (Cost of suit) x 5 (SP12) x 3 (Edgerunner) x 2 (Very Good Quality) 

  11. Thank you, that's very helpful.  While I plan to focus on the John Wayne / Clint Eastwood Westerns era, knowing I can expand to include a Fight Club or Boondock Saints reference opens a lot of potential.  I look forward to recommending some good options for movie nights to share with the Chrome Berets and 8-Ball.

    Considering that I know Interpol is watching, trying to get some illegal downloads to save a few bucks seems like a really, really bad plan.  I'll pay full price, keep the receipts and proudly display the cases (if they come in one) on a shelf in my room.

    Now that the Armadillo is "mostly" complete, going to a movie won't seem so inappropriate to Cossack - especially since 8-Ball shouldn't be travelling to the city center on his own.

  12. I have a few questions in order to better integrate part of my character's drive / motivation / background -

    1) The tv's in our bedrooms, do they have attached or built in media players (either video tape or digital chip)?

    2) Is there an itunes like service for purchasing old movies to download on to digital chips? Or something resembling a Blockbuster where you can purchase digital copies of old movies?

    3) My skill in 20th Century American movies - do we draw the line at pre-1990's movies since that is where the original CP introduced the alternate timeline, or can I reference actual films released pre-2000 IRL?



  13. Hello everyone, sorry I missed the session - it sounds like everything went well though.  During my down time I ended up with 2 questions, the first may or may not have been addressed during the last session - there's a protection gang by the Church (The Knight's of St. Spyridon I believe?), and I was wondering if anyone has arranged an official meet and greet between them and the Chrome Berets?  It would be a real shame during the coming troubles if these 2 groups were distrustful of each other - or worse, down right hostile.

    My second question, which I will bring up once we're back in session, is if anyone will split the cost of a Cooking chip for the Home Scholar?  We're moving up in the world it seems, so it'd be nice to be able to cook some real food a couple times a month.  Just wanted to throw this out now so people can roll it around in their characters mind.

  14. Is it Marty's plan to set up the turret in the armadillo in the same remote manner?  The smartgun link built into the helmet has expanded potential now that I understand I can wear it outside of driving - and gain armor protection, as opposed to the goggles I purchased for our little walk on the wild side.  

    I will need to go ahead and make arrangements for the Universal Link, rather than nickel and diming my humanity as my list of job requirements increases, and I'd like to pick up some extra magazines so that I have a minimum of 4 for the AK for this run, and enough AP / Incendiary rounds to fill all four magazines.  I realize the rounds are not as effective / efficient as DP rounds, but I'd like to add the chaos created by the potential incendiary effects should the need arise for me to utilize a hand weapon instead of the vehicle mount.

  15. 24 minutes ago, Allen1 said:

    Marty will also buy a Remote WAD Weaponry Chip +3 for Cossack.  She will use her Programming Skill to allow Cossack to aim and fire the 40mm GL as a second action to his driving, by aiming the slaved grenade launcher wit the video imager.  As crazy as this idea sounds, she will tell you she has done this before.

    Cossack has a Vehicular Weapons Skill of 4. Does this not meet the needs of how this new setup will work?

  16. In terms of the helmet, I’m not looking for data manipulation but just the ability to use the Low-Lite, Infrared Imaging, and Targeting Site while receiving the SP18 head protection. In most ways it just seems like a set of smart goggles built in to a protective headset. 

    As for learning a knife set - between spanish lessons, handgun lessons, vehicle maintenance/repair, and the need to start practicing my Judo with 8-Ball to enhance our teamwork and maintain fitness, I think I’m currently full up. At least I will have something on my hip for cutting bindings, or restraints and such until such time as my education opportunities open up. 

    I will gladly take the Stress chip if Mitzi and 8-Ball pass on it. But as with most things, if someone in the group can put it to better use I will naturally defer. 

  17. Cossack would like to acquire one of the Kendachi mono-knives if possible.  I'm not going to take it out of the hands of a trained professional if one of them wants it, but I would like to have it on my hip should the need ever arise.

    Also, I would like to ask about my smart helmet that I use while driving - is it usable as a stand alone headgear similar to what Manuel uses during the data-jack scene in Elysium, or is it strictly of use when jacked directly to a vehicle? 

  18. I do plan to ask Hollow, 8-Ball, Mitzi, and Marty for advice, tips, suggestions, etc - but interacting with other PC’s needs to stay in real time in my opinion. The provided list was only my desired list of NPC’s I hope to have contact with and provided with the intention that Allen1 can plan these interactions to happen in real time, or gm hand wave them as minor issues and handled. 

  19. Building sandcastles....

    Before I get started on my shopping spree, I want to make sure I'm properly tracking my funds - after deductions for phone, food, and living I am do to receive €1500 on the first of each month.  This month, however, I will only receive €774 as I was fronted €726 for the pistol and accessories. 


    Cossack's to do list goes in this order - 

    • Call the Night City DMV and get an appointment for a drivers license.
    • Head to Bob Waite's Custom Tailor and arrange for my jumpsuit to be repaired.
    • Visit the San Paulo Gun Shop - I am looking for a Mare's Leg, a customized shortened repeating rifle (preferably in .44 caliber) with an oversized lever.  I will explain it was made famous by Steve McQueen in an old TV show, but prominent appearances in Once Upon a Time in the West (where it was in the hands of Woody Strode), My Name is Nobody,  and even the sci-fi cult classic Serenity cemented it's place in true americana.  If they can't acquire or fabricate one, perhaps they can recommend another store which can?   If they can make it happen I will also be in the market for a thigh holster for this new setup, or a referral to a reliable shop that can make one.
    •  I also need to purchase 2 boxes of standard 11mm ammo for my new pistol and arrange some time in the shop's shooting range to try and improve my newly acquired skill.
    • I need a couple of jumpsuits to wear while working in the garage on the armadillo - I'd like to start at the Grange Avenue Used Furniture and Thrift Store in case they have second hand clothing.  If they don't I will check the Old Timey General Store, and failing there I will see if the Petrochem Station/Saul's Garage  has anything (unlikely, but seeing what services they offer will still be helpful).
    • Go to Cyber World and schedule a treatment for Upgraded Skinweave SP10 (Chromebook 2)
  20. When we reconvene on the 20th, Cossack would like to get info from Marty before everyone parts ways for the night. As we wrapped up the previous session she said I would be driving her somewhere the following day and Cossack would like to know where and what time so he can look at routes and such (he’ll go out to the humvee with his helmet if necessary to jack in to the Nav system). 

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