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    From my vantage, it depends on our mission and style. I've laid out my proposed aversion to harming kids so I would get along well with your moral veteran, but if we are going to be employed taking on a lot of young gangers then the moral flexibility of the other might be more needed.
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    I was toying with a filipino born fixer. Just rough sketch at this point so I can switch gears to be accommodating if you have a solid idea already. knowing team purpose and structure might sway me as well.
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    ok, first noob question - I'm working out a character now, and I need to know if I have to allocate funds for a place to stay, or if that is too insignificant to worry about? If I'm paying, is it just standard costs per the main book?
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    I'm interested Wraith, but I have to admit 0 experience in an online setting. If you get enough interest to get something going and are willing to allow me to learn as I go, I'm in.
  5. They already accomplish the same thing by mixing 1 district that votes strongly for one party and 3 districts that vote for the opposition into new districts, thus diluting the first's power base. This data is easily collated based on the last election cycle and does not require information gathered by the census. I clearly remember the clamoring over the Texas redistricting effort in 2002. Both sides made political hay out of that. Furthermore, all politicians are comfortable because no one is willing to vote out their reps who are getting them all the nice freebies, it is all of thos
  6. Mabon watches the Televangel animation cycle through. Didn't that name come up on my search? Is it just a coincidence? He shakes his head, wishing he could clear the cobwebs. This isn't the time or place for such distractions, he chides himself. Focus on the task at hand, and let's find some work. Mabon palms his id card and slips his hand into his jacket pocket. Definitely not the crowd to pull a wallet out in front of. If they don't hassle me at the dispenser then at least I know I don't look like an easy mark. Or they really do think I'm a cop. He chuckles under his breath as h
  7. Just to toss my two cents out there - I'm a little frustrated by the idea that ethnic origin = cultural information. I would argue that cultural information would revolve more around sexual preference, education level, health status (as in obese or emaciated, alcoholic or abstainer, etc) since those are things which denote the culture we as a society have created and live in, and can influence. I have no control over where any of my family members were born, raised, immigrated from or emigrated to, and the fact that I was born in San Diego, California makes me a Native American by birth and
  8. Came across this article on FARK and all I could think about is how much easier the rapid fire rules would be with this - http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10451247-1.html Of course, this only increases the need for good mapping programs.
  9. Generally I have the character come up with their backstory before rolling the life path. They have to figure out why the chose the role they did and what their motivations and goals were. Then after the life path they have to examine how their character has been affected by all of these random events. Its great to see a player take their uber-monster and rationalize what happened on a job that got them addicted to drugs, or how they will handle the Corp that is hunting them. Plus the friends they gain make great contacts, especially for non-Fixers, and enemies give me fantastic tools to m
  10. We've already added to the maintaining loyalty issue by adding a modifier for time worked versus pay. The book states that you can have a faceman work up to 36 hours a week, while only being required to pay him his base profit for the month. In the example provided in Wild Side the faceman would normally work 9 hours to generate 300eb of monthly profit, but as your employee he can work up to 36 hours a week while you still only pay the 300eb. This seemed blatantly wrong. So I house ruled that every multiple of extra time worked for your organization is a +1% increase on the disloyalty roll
  11. Basing it on the Corp scale is definitely workable, especially if you break down the 1-5 level pay the same way Wild Side does for facemen. I would assume by this, you support the idea that paying office staff should be taken from the monthly profits and not just wrapped in to the operating expenses?
  12. I hate to post a question that may have already been covered, but the search results yielded nothing helpful and I've spent 3 days tooling through older posts with no luck.... So here goes - Wild Side provides a terrific description of how much it costs to hire a faceman, but does not seem to cover the monthly costs for secretaries and accountants - two types of mundanes that it advocates a fixer to employ. As a GM, is it worth hassling over their paychecks? Or should I just consider that the "profit" the fixer receives at the end of the month is after payroll deductions? As a rule, I
  13. If it's properly sealed, and maybe has a decon shower at the top of the stairs, this thing would be perfect for relic recovery from the irradiated zones. Roll in to Baghdad, loot the museum, roll back out to the desert and drop the tailgate to have an elevated platform for your auction. Corps and the EU elite would pay handsomely to any runner who could reach the site and purchase these "lost" antiquities.
  14. What about adding in some Skinny Puppy, Manufacture, or even Bauhaus? Anyone else remember the second season of War of the Worlds back in 1990, starring Adrian Paul? The club scenes where Skinny Puppy is blaring as the crowd hangs on the chain link fence trying to get at the band... always how I pictured chromer clubs.
  15. I was 8 years old when I saw Excalibur in the movie theater and it hooked me. Soon after I convinced my parents to buy me a copy of 2nd edition D&D and immersed myself in the books. It was always hard finding people to play with, usually the "group" was a gm and single player but it was funner than hell. I became a regular at the one store in town that carried any rpg stuff and would often spend the afternoon flipping through the various books. A few years later Twilight 2000 came out and I became fascinated by a system that did not require characters to have an alignment and beh
  16. Jordan is not listed as one of the nations destroyed in the conflagration, nor is it listed as a surviving entity. It seems that perhaps the nation is destroyed in another manner. The nation does not have enough water resources or sustainable agriculture to feed its population. Also, it has been a destination for "medical tourism" since the '70's. The population is already scrambling for food as the world situation worsens and tensions rise. The refugees fleeing the fallout from the nuclear attacks flood in to Jordan from eastern Iraq, south east Syria, and parts of Saudi Arabia. A
  17. Perhaps this is covered in another post, but what becomes of the poppy and coca areas affected by the DEA designer plagues? Can they still be utilized for other crops or are they rendered infertile for some period? The Beqaa Valley of Lebanon is well known for the wine vineyards which have been in existence since before Roman times, but also well known for their narco fields. If they can no longer produce poppy, can they be turned in to a breadbasket for the Middle East? Of course, that is dependent on whether the region's crop lands have been affected by nuclear fallout in a manner simil
  18. I am not jettisoning this idea at all, I am merely suggesting that a nuclear Libya may not fit in to the proposal. General al-Gaddafi is well known for his rhetoric, and has routinely been accused of using terrorists to further his own agenda. If his government was approached by the EC to enter in to some sort of partnership as a junior member, would he be the type to demand a more equal footing based on the threat of his nuclear arsenal? Further, given the armed reaction to illegal immigrants by EC forces as early as 1994 (Eurosource Plus) I am inclined to wonder how cooperative Libya woul
  19. No, the date is not canon. I chose it because you can easily google Ramadan and then attach that as the date, so it was just totally random. I do not take in to account many of the real history events after the late '80's, such as Total S.A. and the French support of Libya, simply because of the alternate timeline in the game. The increased power the EC enjoys in the Cyberpunk history might have steered a course away from these actions. In the alternate environment we can hypothesize a half dozen reasons why there is this shift in policy. As for the EC involvement, it was onl
  20. Being new to the board I don't want to step on any toes since this seems to be a project of the upper echelons, but if I might throw out a few pieces for consideration I would like to - As described in the timeline - tensions are escalating throughout the area. Rumors suggest that the Iraqi's have purchased nuclear missles from the renegade Soviets and Eastern Europeans looking to make fast cash (these rumors turn out to be true). There is also talk that Libya is trying to secure it's own weapons from the same sources. On January 10th, 1997 (the first day of Ramadan), the port of To
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