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  1. On 07/10/2021 at 11:53, Allen1 said:

    Rusty is a bit concerned about this, but he does want to take a shot at the gun truck.  His suggestion is to make your pass on the enemy's rear at just between 850 and 900 meters.  This will give him 5 to 6 shots before being out of range instead of just 3 shots, if you close to under 400 meters to use the grenade launcher.          

    How do we stand off at 850 or 900 meters when the MG only has a range of 500 meters and the GL is ranged 200 meters?  Unless his skill is good enough to give him an extended range, it seems we have to get closer.  Unless Samantha waves us off because she has the auto-GL online again, in which case we can go back south to hit the Pursuit Group.

  2. RPG’s have same LOS issues to the vehicles as the vehicles would have if Cossack seized them. The buildings we’ve been fighting from block Rue’s line to them, just as she’s been protected so far by them. I am (over?)confident that Rusty and Cossack can eliminate the two immobilized gun platforms and their entourages, the ground force will have to take out the vehicles looping around from the initial assault. 

  3. When I counted hexes during the battle, the end of the big rig we had been using as a snipers perch was ~196 meters from the road that comes up south of Fawkes current position. So it should be another 200 or so meters to where the Gun Truck is. Depending on how quick we got to it, any vehicles around the big rig / Merchants of Death defensive corner should be in range. 

  4. As I understood it, we had comms and the battle map but our compatriots devices are jammed. There was a discussion that Cossack doesn’t have a link to Rusty because of this, and some talk went on about how Angel could overcome that given time but that we lacked time. 
    And my thought was to have Cossack make the assault on the Gun Truck to kill the gunner and any remaining Raffen there. After that, he could man the .50 and Rusty could then use the truck bed as a defensive position to fire his GL or MG at the Pursuit Group when they came in range. We’d surrender the mobility in exchange for added firepower to overwhelm the remaining assault. The biggest problem is that it seems to be three turns to every one Gevhog, and I’m 3 move turns from reaching the Gun Truck so that’s 9 combat turns out. If @Allen1 moves the time forward 6 turns, then my next action will have me moving into range of at least shooting the Gun Truck. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    With 8-Ball down, Suzy comes on the radio,says she is taking over command and orders Jamal, Mitzi, Stepan and Fawkes to fall back to the next line of buildings (Fawkes is already there).  Jamal and Mitzi will follow this instruction as will Stepan (he is an NPC) as his cover has been destroyed by the .50 cal.  Let me know what Fawkes wants to do.    

    My previous, detailed response, was wiped out as I hit Submit and I'm tired so this will be short - if Suzy's realignment calls for all 5 of us moving simultaneously for those 6 turns, Fawkes is out.  That's how a retreat becomes a rout.  If her movement plan allows for covering fire while elements retreat to cover and provide covering fire the next round for the next set of retreat, then I can handle that plan tactically.


    Cossack's plan at the time we called it was to rush the Gun Truck from behind and offer to 8-Ball (now Suzy) to either capture it or destroy it.  Capturing it allows Cossack to man the .50 Cal and turn it on the Raffen from behind, while destroying it can be done in a rapid move that allows him to continue forward and rain grenades on the remaining vehicles before turning south to once again punish the Pursuit Group. Your call.

  6. I have to think it’s best for us if the unprofessional’s do not have access to our radio waves. If the hud setup from Suzy gives us battlefield clarity, fantastic, otherwise I think we need to depend on call-outs from within our group (especially Fawkes in his elevated position) to dictate where the 2 man groups respond. You are totally right that the bands are likely to be panicked and they need to stay focused on just defending the length of their buses. 

  7. Sorry it's taken me a bit to get back here - Cossack does intend to ride forth and show these wannabe's what a real raider is!  To that end I will be heading out to take on the column that has split off to circle around.  They may think they're safe from the armadillo, but they can't hide from me.  As I said at the time the permission to film was presented (and rejected) Bambi's going to get a story out of me no matter what - and her cameras / drones better catch this in HD 😎

    Fawkes does not intend to waste ammo on unlikely hits, but will make use of rounds of aiming to get better odds that his first few shots matter.  Once they get closer he will be more free wheeling with his attacks until they are close enough to engage with his Dragon.

    We do need to address the gap that will be left in the defensive perimeter when the gevhog departs.  Someone talented needs to be posted there as the space will be big enough for bikes and possibly small autos to drive right into the heart of the defensive position.  

  8. 2 hours ago, Allen1 said:

      The first assault group will be 1000 meters out when the 40 mm auto GL comes on line and Fawkes along with Stepan & his Dragunov are now in long range.  

    I am very familiar with the Dragunov, but I do not see stats for it in the Reference Book.  I'm guessing its range is comparable to the M-90?  Fawkes would like to see Stepan up on the roof of the rig with him - each at opposite ends of the trailer.  This gives both of us time to make maximum effect of our extended range, and we should each be able to greatly reduce the cycle quantity via engine or driver shots, and possibly target lighter armored vehicles like buggy's.  Once the range is decreased, Fawkes can switch to his GL/Rifle and mix and match based on available targets.


    2 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    It is important to note that the only people that have underslung 40mm GL are Fawkes and Rue

    Rue has had a GL under her FN-RAL since the Mexico run, and I thought we bought 2 more before this - 1 going to Fawkes, the other I thought went to 8-Ball?  I know Fawkes specified a mix of HE / HEDP / and Flash Bang.  He's already used one HE, and specified he was reloading with HEDP, which should be handy on one of those pesky armored vehicles.

    Hopefully we survive this, and Cossack will be able to use this as a teaching moment pointing out to the Death Merchants that the way they park their bus means their entry door is exposed to the marauding horde.  From now on they should park the opposite way so they maintain maximum defensive positioning along with the rest of the convoy.  He has no issues going Cav at this point if someone is willing to man the MG.  I believe we can be a powerful force do to the unexpected nature and sheer audacity of the maneuver.

  9. I do like the idea of the gloves - the problem is I would have used them on Attila and Genghis to incapacitate them and remove them from the scrum, like Jamal was attempting to do!  That's why I'm saying we may need some clarification from the Label about whether we are expected to protect them from themselves?  I'm confident I can handle most random fan / belligerent stranger encounters with judo grapples until Security arrives, but what does the Label expect next time they wade into the fans?  I'm not(!) going toe to toe with random chromers so these 2 schmuks can enhance their mega-violence image.

  10. Fawkes would like to make sure everyone is aware that the first night at the Oakland Coliseum, the area of the disturbance by the "juvie gang" was our designated parking area.  We were redirected to the rear area due to the size of our motorcade, otherwise we would have been in the area of the disturbance.  This could be coincidence, or it could have been intentional and we were merely not where we were supposed to be.  That partly explains why he got so jumpy when the Death Merchant ruckus started, he was concerned it was a diversion to get an assault team into the compound.

    If Celestine consults Cossack, he will remind her that she is her own person who makes the decisions best for herself and this sort of photo op could help her build a career in modeling or choreography is she so desires.  She is aware of the incident at the prison, and fully informed on the issues with our various adversaries in NC (Mob, VB, possible Ukrainian mafia, etc.).  Cossack will support her in whatever decision she makes. 

     Cossack wants to talk with Jamal and Mitzi about whether we need to have a discussion with Nancy Chang regarding the "security" we're providing.  Cossack is completely prepared to intercept anyone who rushes the stage, but he would like Nancy's decision on our expected response should they leave the stage again to engage the crowd. If it's "good press" that they take on these other gangs and win, it'll be "very bad press" if they are taken out by Cossack or Jamal (Cossack is considering asking Mitzi to get him a stun gun from her Nevada contacts to assist in this), but slightly "less bad press" if they simply lose the encounter - their unconscious bodies being protected by Cossack and Jamal could possibly be bad press, which is why I want a ruling from NancyCossack does not believe his security responsibilities extend to actively participating in another melee (should there be one, and yes I know there will be).  But this does also raise the question of how armed are we allowed to be?  I know we leave our long arms in the vehicle area, but are we allowed to carry sidearms? Is there a limit to how many?  Cossack's standard carry load is his 2 Corporate Protectors in underarm holsters, Mare's Leg on his right thigh, and Spitfire on his left thigh. I didn't think the TOWA's in belly and back holster configurations would be appropriate, just so you know I did show some restraint.

  11. If assigning team members to the bands is accepted - and Mitzi requests the Cyber Revolutionaries, and 8-Ball's knowledge would be beneficial in dealing with the Heartthrobs - well Cossack will gladly volunteer to work with the Death Merchants; 3 out of 4 of the members have a reputation to earn with him!  The clown is good where he is, as long as it's on the other side of the room.  As I said previously, Fawkes will volunteer to lead the vehicle security.  

    3 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    I’m trying to think of any places along the route that would (legally) require the vehicles to stop. In this environment, I’d advocate a policy of not stopping for anything unless legally required. 

    Samantha and Suzy will point out that on a couple of the runs between jobs/cities, they will have to stop to refuel / change batteries on their drones.  When we have to stop then we should do it in towns and not just anywhere.  Otherwise, they agree, no stopping unless necessary.

    It was my plan to suggest not stopping, as the busses and rig will make really big targets much like barns when stopped - and most anyone can hit a barn with plentiful ammunition.  That's why I was wondering where we would know we have stops / checkpoints.  Now we have to plan on keeping eyes on the vehicles during the Port of Entry stops.  As hired security, there shouldn't be any objections to our stopping with the busses / rig.  One easy means of sabotage is to slip some euros to an underpaid government employee to disconnect a brake line, slip some contraband into a side compartment, or flag a vehicle for operating outside of specifications.  We can hope that Nancy's experience will provide strong support during these moments, but us being in place to observe the areas away from the cab might be crucial.  However, it might not cost much more to bribe some lesser LEO along the way to stop us - either to detain one or more of us, or just make us late enough that the band(s) miss the engagement.  8-Ball, Mitzi, and Nancy need to agree on protocol before we jump off.  Based on his past, Cossack will advocate for going through any roadblocks - regardless of who is manning them - unless we are at an official border area.  But Cossack isn't from here, doesn't fully understand the laws, and is openly prejudiced against LEO's, so take that recommendation with a grain of salt and see his preference above for word from the triumvirate.  

    In addition to looking at the Old Timey Shop for some cold weather and camping gear, Cossack needs to schedule a run to Nancy's Book Nook to buy a book on Voodoo Loa's (which he will spend time reading during the 3 weeks to come) and to the Kundalini dealer to see if they can get the GevHog smartlinked before we depart.

  12. Another round of questions -

    1) Will the big rig be required to stop at the Nevada Port of Entry when traveling from Sacramento to Reno? Likewise when going from Lake Mead to Los Angeles?

    2) Is Nancy Chang riding in the big rig? One of the buses? Or have her own transportation?

    3) Is there any controlled entry / exit to the Reservation? 

    I’m trying to think of any places along the route that would (legally) require the vehicles to stop. In this environment, I’d advocate a policy of not stopping for anything unless legally required.  

  13. In terms of December weather - current times - we seem to be looking at 10-15 °C for highs, and lows of 0-3 °C.  Most unpleasant in my books, but something Cossack is probably used to from his time in the Carpathians.  I would suggest everyone purchase sleeping bags, thermal underwear, heavy gloves and jackets - and maybe even winter hats.  As to procuring accommodations, it's been Fawkes' and Cossack's plan from the start to bivouac with the vehicles as leaving them unguarded seems ill-advised.  I would go so far as to say we need full time sentries, to the point that I think Angel is going to have to step up and take the last shift of the night with either Rue or Jamal (they can alternate), as the last 2 on shift can actually sleep in the van for the morning drive if they're that tired/cold. Looking at current maps, the longest single drive (outside the end run from Los Angeles to Night City) seems to be the Lake Mead to Los Angeles run which clocks in at an expected 4 hours.  

    I think we should also discuss dividing up site security.  Cossack should not be guarding the Cyber Revolutionaries as he has a personal interest which could compromise his performance, and Fawkes will straight up admit that he'd trade some action for backstage access - so it's probably best to task him with motor pool security. I believe we should look at dedicated assignments providing a pair of guards to each band, and each 2 person team should get to know the bands they're assigned to and what to expect from their fans, while Fawkes and his partner will need to strike up a working relationship with the drivers and crews.   Also, it should be contractually stated what lengths of security is being procured.  As 8-Ball has pointed out, we cannot monitor the food provided to the bands, nor are we able to cover all of the band members should they choose to enjoy the festivals with the crowds.  Providing security while in transit, to and from the performing area, and coverage while on stage and/or in the vehicle area seems to be the extent of our capabilities - unless Universal Records will commit to no parties, no groupies, and no carousing (yeah, right!).  

    Cossack will strongly disagree with the idea of switching from a 2x2 to a 1x2x1 as the outriders job is better performed by the drones and cutting our combat effectiveness in half could prove detrimental.  Mitzi and Hollow will be unable to return fire while maintaining convoy coherency since they'd actually have to stop, and possibly dismount, in order to be combat effective.  I don't expect my concerns to be considered since we're only facing some minor acts of sabotage or harassment by a couple of down-on-their-luck punks... easiest 25k we've ever pocketed

  14. 7 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    Yes, Angel has the skill to build a carrier, but the question would be does he have the knowledge to do it.  One of the problems with Angel is he has no vehicle skills, so he has no basis to know how to build it.   

    I would interpret this to mean that Angel would not necessarily understand how this would affect the performance of the van, as placing the carrier on the front of the van would have a different impact as to attaching it to the rear.  For instance, he may not be aware that we would have to reinforce the frame to carry it on the front, or that we have to check the suspension on front or rear mount, or whether we'd have to add a lift kit.  Once we load the van with 4 people, and supplies / gear for 8(!), then that 220 lb / 100 kg anvil hanging on the ass may drop it enough that the tires don't have clearance, or the transmission can't handle the haul without overheating.  I get the impression that all that is being said is that Angel should consult with Suzy, or Mouse, or Cossack about this since he can't search the info on his own at this point.


    22 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    Except the helmet has no power/battery of its own, so, it won't function except as an armored head piece. 

    Ok, so then you interpret it in the opposite manner than I do, and that's what I was trying to verify.  As that is how it will be run, can we power the helmets using the vehicles?  Or put together a small portable battery unit?  

    Fawkes has a few queries as well, now that it's been decided he's going.  1) To use the hatch at the rear of the van for extended periods, would a platform or such need to be added?  2)  Will the location of the hatch provide Fawkes with sufficient room to rest his M-90 while trying to sight down it? 3) If not, can we fabricate something to allow this?  


    20 hours ago, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    As mentioned before, I don't expect high-end trouble on this job.

    Then why are we taking RPG's????  I don't suspect it would cost much to hire the Raffen Shiv to take out a poorly defended convoy since they would get to keep all the spoils along with the pay - and I consider the Shiv to be high end trouble.  Determination, numbers, and a moral flexibility that allows you to do the things the other guy would never dream of will often out match technological advantages of high-end troublemakers. 

  15. 21 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    The helmets that Whyte Hat uses with their Militech EMA-1 "Softshell" armor are Militech M-88A2 Enhanced Combat Helmets.  Yes they have superior communications ability and a lot more.  Look on pages 35 & 36 of the Fourth Corporate War Book 2 - Firestorm - Shockwave.  It is described there.

    @Allen1Ok, so as I read the write up, the helmets can function separate from the body armor.

    Does our team have the know how to create a carrier to mount to either the front or rear of the van to transport Mitzi's LongRider?  I see the logic of a 3rd and / or backup vehicle, but I think we'll need the interior of the van for carrying all of our extra gear and supplies - like a case of Shower-in-a-can so anyone working internal security at a gig can be presentable, even if we don't have access to proper facilities.

    @senior officer Mikael van Atta please lay out for me your proposed deployment.  What I suggested was based on each team being self-sufficient and mutually supportive.  As I'm taking my personal ride, I'm driving it.  I acknowledge that there will be times and situations where someone else will have to be at the controls - so that's either you or Hollow based on a chip.  Next consideration is if we actually agree to mount the MG on my GevHog, in which case my partner also has to be proficient at Heavy Weapons.  Hollow's +2 starts him at a 14 - if you meet or beat that, cool.   Next comes the question of your Bermuda, as it seems to be a superior ride compared to Mitzi's LongRider (except for range); are you comfortable with another team being on that?  

    I realize we'll probably have to agree to disagree on this, but in my opinion we're putting all of our eggs in one basket by allowing the entire team to actually go on this run.  Based on the requirements and logistics, I don't see how we can hope to succeed with only part of the crew, so we're rolling the dice from the jump - and if we lose any vehicle and it's accompanying crew the survivors are fucked, regardless.  I'm not saying the remaining group wouldn't be able to complete the task, but the reality of having to guard the vehicles AND the bands with less than all 8 of us would be a herculean feat.

  16. Man-buns for the win!

    But let's not forget killer drones.

    Corporate security for the wealthy.

    And a government run program to spy on all civilian communications.


  17. Good to know.  So I'll take feedback from 8-Ball (and Mitzi if she cares to share) about whether the preference is for Fawkes to delay the surgery and add his guns to the group, or if they feel we've got it covered and prefer to not make the pie that much smaller.  One positive in favor of Fawkes going, we can split into 2 man teams to accompany the bands while keeping 2 others to maintain vehicular security.

    If we accept the job, Cossack's preference is 2x2 on the Outriders - Cossack and Hollow as one pair since he can back me up on the ride if I get incapacitated (if he has Heavy Weapons to man the MG), and 8-Ball with Mitzi as his ride along for the same reason.  This leaves Rue and Jamal to share the driving duty on the van, while Fawkes maintains over watch.  Does Angel's tech abilities run into radio's at all?  He might be able to scan frequencies and alert us to issues before they arrive.  We could also invest in some chips for people to get them competent on driving or motorcycles - but investing the time will eat into other preparations we need to be making.

    Do the helmets from the Whyte Hat armor suits include built in comm units?  I know they had visual options that would be beneficial, but we'll also need reliable communications between all 3 vehicles while providing protection to the 4 riders.  If not, 2,400 isn't too much to spend for us to get 3 more Smart Helmets (since 8-Ball already has one).

  18. What is the reciprocity between NorCal / Socal / Nevada and Night City?  If our weapon licenses are valid in those jurisdictions, does that include up to our MG?  If it is legal, we might be able to put a pintle mount on the GevHog, but we would need someone qualified to be the gunner.  We could also consider a rush job to convert the van's roof to apc style hatches so someone inside could open them and stand in the back cargo area to launch rpg's without blowback issues.  The rpg's may not be covered by our licenses, but if the need actually arises to use them, I'd rather pay that price then lose my life.

    Next, in terms of personnel, Fawkes may actually be unavailable for this run as he's planning to get some cyber legs installed and his recovery may take him past the jump off for this job.  If we're bound and determined that we need Fawkes, I could consider paying the cost for the parts and surgery now (or having Mitzi hold it in the company account) and make a reservation for the surgery upon completion of this gig.

    Another consideration is what skills does everyone have in terms vehicles?

    Cossack - Drive / Pilot: Hover / Pilot: Gyro / Pilot: Fixed Wing.  Chipped - Motorcycle / Operate Heavy Machinery

    Fawkes - None

    Hollow - Drive?

    8-Ball - Drive / Motorcycle?

    Mitzi - Motorcycle

    Rue - ?

    Jamal - ?

    Angel - ?

    I like the idea of Cossack and 8-Ball riding Outrider at the lead of the convoy, but who drives the van?

    5 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    Your planning and expertise is being called on.  You need to get the convoy to the gigs on time and provide overall security.  At the gig venues, there will probably be some local security to back you up, especially at the big hotels and casinos.  Whoever is in overall charge of security will have to deal with them (and their egos).  This is a job that the Team needs to plan themselves.  Who comes is up to the Team.  You have a budget to plan around.  There is a little room for negotiation on some things, except for the fee (€25,000).   

    Does the above statement mean we are providing band security at the gig as well and have to liaise with the venue security?  Or are they providing security inside the venue and we are tasked with protecting the parked vehicles? Or are we expected to run the gauntlet and protect the vehicles and all 3 bands while at the performance halls?


  19. @senior officer Mikael van Atta ok, so we add the bow to the list of difficult weapons to trace - does this place you any closer to having a plan to move against the VB's?  I'm looking for you to do this in an intelligent, covert manner because otherwise Fawkes and Cossack will just scoop up the claymore's and grenades and go heavy metal on the Burkett.  If push comes to shove, Cossack can decide it's time to do a Blues Brothers and see if there's a Disco Pants and Haircuts store in the Burkett.

  20. 2 hours ago, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    ...of course, if he had a right type of sword to accompany a longbow, he could reenact "Mad Jack" Churchill. I guess it would give the Chrome Berets quite some reason to scratch their heads :P Though learning to play bagpipes is something I'd consider going over the top there :P

    Some sort of boombox / portable digital media player should suffice to put the fear of God - or at least Macbeth - into them!

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