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  1. 2 hours ago, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    (refering to how 8-Ball's Renault was repeteadly ending up in a mechanic's shop back in Colombia. Curiously enough, in each case it was Cossack driving it :P).

    First - Cossack has never been to Colombia. 
    Second - As I recall your vehicle was shot to hell with Hollow sitting inside, and banged up in a high speed pursuit that resulted in a kidnapped teen being rescued. 

    With those 2 points made, Cossack is insulted that you seem to be inferring that his driving ability is suspect. 

  2. If we wait and the explosives fail to go off then we are in the position 8-Ball was fearing and wanting reinforcements for. If they’re already gearing up to storm the stairs just as Angel is finishing his work then 8-Ball is in the right to worry about numbers at the defensive position. It’s all very cinematic to think we can collapse the stairs once they are full of psyched up gangers, but should the explosives mis-fire then Hollow and 8-Ball could be screwed! At least 8-Ball has all of Jamal’s grenades now and could toss those down at the start if the big bang fails. 

  3. Given our uncertainties, why are we waiting to blow the staircase?  We're being paid to recover Raven's materials and IP, not to eliminate the Trash Chippers.  We spoke our peace and gave our terms, they've violated the terms so blow the stairs and let us continue with the job we're being paid for.  If the charges fail, or if they come up with a new plan, then call for reinforcements to defend the stairs / react to their aggressions.  We hesitated outside the Nano Lab for various reasons and Fawkes moved to protect the group during that time of indecision and he's nearly dead for it.  Let's be decisive and carry out our plan and drop the staircase and reset their planning period, not ours.

  4. Fawkes' actions were the result of a mathematical equation - his wounded status would surely see him acting near to last in all subsequent rounds, Cossack had just unloaded a full magazine into the golem with 0(!) effect, and by getting face to face with that thing it meant the next round it would spend killing me thus allowing the rest of the team time to retreat deeper into the lab and possibly come up with a way to defeat it.  You can go with the Vulcan logic of 1 life to save many if you wish, or just look at the list of soldiers who were posthumously awarded medals for sacrificing themselves to save their squad / platoon / company.  I did not expect Fawkes to survive one way or another as there wouldn't be time for proper medical treatment if the fight went on, so best to sacrifice himself to save the others.

    At this point Fawkes is not going to be sidelined - I don't see anyone with stars on their lapels to order me to stand down, and 8-Ball being a student of WWII should be more than familiar with the stories from the Battle of the Bulge and Okinawa, or tales of the Devil's Brigade, to know that soldiers don't come off the line if the fight is still on.  Given ammo, and someone with first aid as support, he can hold the staircase as per our original plan.  Now that Jamal has stopped the bleeding, I intend to move Fawkes towards the stairs and pick up a rifle from one of the dead gangers as I am down to just 3 full magazines (it is my intention to leave this place with a looted assault rifle and a shotgun!)

    Now as to the new wrinkle from the 20th floor - Cossack and Fawkes will both voice support for a parley.  Obviously, Cossack, 8-Ball and Hollow are the 3 in closest proximity to engage in such discussion and 8-Ball likely has an ability to speak their lingo, so he might be best for this.  Fawkes is more than willing, but perhaps his current status would embolden the remaining Trash Chippers, and it will take him a looong time to get down there.  Cossack will vote for offering the remaining gangers the ability to withdraw below the 15th floor, on our guarantee not to do any further damage to the building and limit our actions to removal of our employers property (he's also willing to do a mean Josey Wales meets 10 Bears negotiation if he's allowed to go to the meet).  We can still rig charges on the stairs at Floors 16/17 in case they break the truce, but perhaps if those left alive know that they will still have their haven after we vacate then they will be honorable.  Also, since we have control of the cameras we can drop that stair section before they get close - even if they are able to call in reinforcements.  This brings us back to the point of holding the stairs, if Fawkes is one of the 2 then Hollow (and his gazelle like movement rate) is freed up to quickly re-check the floors above and possibly gather tidbits of value (like assault rifles and shotguns), while either 8-Ball or Cossack can help with the hauling of material to the roof.  The faster we accomplish our mission, the quicker we are out of here.  We've been active in the assault for ~5 minutes, the survivors are calling for a parley now to figure out what the hell is going on; so trying to contact outside help and give them time to gather forces / resources at 2am and march to the tower will take time.  Speed is our friend.  

  5. Things went quick, so I may have missed some discussion details -

    Do the stairwell doors open onto the stairs or onto the floors?  How heavy are the doors?  We've gone rather cautiously so far, but with our new parameters it matters if they are heavy and slow to open, or swing easy with light touch.  Then again, some of us have 10+ strength, so maybe easy is in the eye of the beholder?

    Also, are there lights in the stairwells?  I know the info you provided above states that Samantha has control of the cameras in the stairwells, but we've never discussed if there are lights and what type of lights (honestly we aren't affected either way because we have alternate vision sources, so I hadn't asked).  If there are simple white lights then everything is well lit, if only "emergency" lighting is available then there are maybe some dark corners, and if they're using torches here (like our pre-raid intelligence indicated is used in places), then we have dark areas, smoke, and active heat sources that will mess with IR and such.

    Finally, with the access that Samantha and Suzy have gained so far, are they anywhere near being able to turn off lights on certain floors or on the stairwells?

  6. Actually, my idea of parlay is - Hi I'm Sergeant Fawkes of the US Army, I have been ordered to eliminate all active opposition within this building so that a group of technicians may remove US government material abandoned by Raven Microcybernetics when they fled this facility.  Now, you can collect your comrades, your gear, and your pride and evac to the lobby where you will be left in peace to plan next weekends market and fight night; or you can stand in opposition to my squad and we will add your flayed skulls to the pile we're building up on the 32nd floor.  Perhaps whoever takes over this tower after your demise will offer prayers at that shrine, in hopes they avoid a similar demise? (Preferably this speech is given while holding a live grenade in one hand and a cigarette in the other, or with some demo charges strapped to his chest.)

    As far as thinking it's possible to negotiate with them - 1) They're carrying out a thriving enterprise here so they aren't just some strung out gangers.  2) Watching a show on the Diplomatic Security Service, one of the operatives discussed having to go out into the streets Freetown, Sierra Leone or Monrovia, Liberia to rescue some American citizens and having to negotiate with some warlord who was using a pair of human skulls and intestines as a street barrier (I can't remember if that was the Butt Naked Brigade or not, either way, cannibal warriors hopped up on battle drugs were willing to cut a deal). 3) Fawkes is genuinely frustrated.  We have encountered several awake gangers on the various levels (probably the night security) and they've been pathetic.  The last floor was a sad dorm compared to the rather spacious bedrooms above so it's more than likely we've decapitated the leadership and these are going to be the wannabes and hanger ons.... That doesn't make their firearms less lethal, but soldiers deserve soldiers and this is rapidly becoming a war against boys. 

    As to Genghis Khan, he employed a system of three differently colored tents to announce his intentions to an enemy city which worked magnificently - once people knew what the colors meant.  If the remaining members of the gang don't know what they're facing then they will most likely stay in place waiting for word from one of the bosses (after all, they were able to out think the previous 2 Corp backed assaults so they must be really smart in the eyes of the lesser members), and we will have to clean them out of various nooks and crannies.  This can get painful.  Cossack and Fawkes are prepared for this, but neither will stand for sparing the wounded or taking prisoners - Fawkes just put half a mag into a naked chick.....

    Cossack ran from the mafia boss he failed, and it not only put his life in danger, but also that of the team and Celestine.  Cossack will not spare an enemy who could come back to harm him or one of the team.  This trope is played out over and over again in cinema, which Cossack now realizes mimics life more closely than he'd thought.

    Fawkes on the other hand abides by the following zen principle - Die while you are alive and be absolutely dead. Then do whatever you want: it's all good.  This is not RPG bravado, this is actual behavior I have witnessed from several friends who are retired special forces.  I respect these men, and appreciate that they are willing to occasionally allow me insight to their lives.  Fawkes is modeled after them and will continue to live every moment as if it could be his last. Perhaps this story will serve to highlight - I met Johnny at work, we became friends because I was always reading Battletech books at lunch and he was looking for other players.  He sat down and introduced himself and we became friends, over the following weeks we shared more about our pasts and he told me the story of how his father used to always sneak into his bedroom when he was a teenager and put a knife to his throat and tell him "Sleep like a dead man, wake up one."  I discounted this, couldn't possibly be true.  Then the night I went to his parents house to pick him up to go to the movies I ended up having to spend hours with his parents - his mom was Korean so I had to have some food, which became a lot of food, and his father wanted to talk because the first time I met him I addressed him as sir and he was impressed by the show of respect.  Anyways, a few hours in (and about a 12 pack of beers for Mr. Woodard) he starts to tell me how he used to sneak into Johnny's room when he was stationed in Panama doing anti-narco ops into Colombia.  The story is matching Johnny's word for word until Mr. Woodard starts to get a tear in his eye and his voice catches and he looks at me with this smile and proclaims how proud he was the night he went to go in and found the trip wire Johnny had attached to the door and traced it down to the C-4 Johnny had "acquired."  He couldn't contain his excitement as he described how well Johnny had arranged the device.  Johnny just shrugged like it was no big deal and his younger brother James rolled his eyes and lamented that Johnny hadn't done a better job of concealing the wire.


    13 hours ago, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    As to splitting and / or running - I'm against that. Yes, move through safe terrain quickly, but slice the pie on your corners carefully. The last thing you want is to run onto a ganger lying in ambush, and eat an entire mag-worth of rifle AP bullets. Militech Softhell Armor or not. Speed and brutality / violence of action - sure. But carelessnes - nope. 8-Ball has came into this building with 8-man team, and his intended outcome is leaving it with the same 8-man team, preferably unscathed.

     I never advocated running amok, or charging recklessly around each floor, but I'll be damned if I'm moving 6 or 7  hexes anymore.  Once through the door, both characters will move at a speed that allows them to reach a defensive position or engage an enemy.  Being overly cautious can bring about our deaths just as quickly as being overly reckless.  If we are going to do blitzkrieg and clear the remaining levels, great I'm down, but if you are going to advocate we continue to use the full team on each floor then the lower floors have even more time to gear up and prepare. 

  7. On 14/06/2021 at 01:35, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    Sun Tzu advises against that: always leave your opponent an avenue of withdrawal, for men fight desperately if they have no escape. Somehow I don't expect many of them willing to surrender (but I advise to accept any surrenders, and then release captives. They'll spread panic and promote desertions). 

    An avenue of withdrawal is only of use if the enemy are aware of it.  This current state of confusion will make it unlikely that they know which way is an open escape route.  If there is an internal PA/Emergency speaker system that Suzy can access, we can always announce that descending the stairs will not be met with opposition.  This in and of itself can cause flight, panic, and infighting.  Fawkes is also psychotically willing to call for a parlay at the next door and try to negotiate a withdrawal of the survivors - in their best interest, and frankly because they've been such piss poor opposition that he's tired of killing them! 

    If the party is opposed to either of these psychological warfare techniques, then both Fawkes and Cossack are going to lobby for divided teams and sprint attacks - no more walking the floors.  Speed and brutality are their favored methods from here on out - and neither will be in favor of taking captives, they may prove a future detriment to our enemies, but they will be an immediate lodestone around our necks.  

    For what it's worth, Fawkes is more of a fan of Genghis Khan then Sun Tzu.....

  8. I will gladly accept the National Guard armor in exchange for that helmet.  😎

    So we spend an indeterminate amount of time looking for suitable materials to build an armored barricade from, or take ten minutes to lash a handful of backpacks to a desk, table, or filing cabinet with a length of rope we bring with us - the armored portion of which can quickly be dismantled and moved as we switch positions?  Plus, we must carry quite a bit of gear with us - ammo, food, medical supplies.  It seems appropriate to take as many empty duffle bags with us as we can so we can have a starting point of collecting/loading the material we are being sent to retrieve.  The more things we prepare ahead of time, the less we have to scramble for under pressure.  Another use of the backpack could be to utilize it as a riot shield while traversing the stairs.  First man in line wraps the straps around his left arm, holds it over his torso as he walks, right arm carries a sidearm to counter hostiles - thus giving himself an SP18 shield over 40% of his body - while second and third man in line carry automatic weapons for overwhelming firepower.  While we expect to encounter gangers or civilians armed with low powered handguns, planning for high powered weapons seems prudent.  I would suggest there is value to practicing navigating a staircase in tactical formation - first man in combat crouch so second or third man in line can fire over him - one over the left shoulder, other over the right.  This takes a level in trust of the trio to know how the other 2 will react to threats, and an understanding of how not to react to place yourself in another's field of fire.  

    And speaking of pressure, we know there is power to some of the building as the automated defense systems are still operable.  We know 1 of the 2 teams sent before us was taken out by the automated defense systems.  We know the second team attempted to enter the tower (entry attempt unspecified or unremembered), and were never heard from again.  It's likely that the building security camera system is still operational (like the air defense) and possibly under control of the residents (like the air defense).  So, I have the following questions for all of us to consider -

    1) How tech savvy are the tower residents? Are they simply in control of pre-existing tech, or is it possible that they've upgraded the security? Like maybe putting sensors in the elevator towers?  To assume that they're good enough to hack the system security left when the Corp vacated, indicates they're capable of installing thermal or IR scanners in the elevator shafts.

    2) We know 2 teams were hired by the Corp to try and retrieve their merchandise.  How many Corp squads took a shot at it before that?  The more teams that gained entry, even in a limited capacity, the better the equipment that could be scavenged from the corpses by the residents.

    3) Is it possible that the current residents are backed and/or supplied by another Corp that is trying to retrieve the items left behind by Raven?  For all we know, the upper floors are actually occupied by Tech experts from a Corp trying to reverse engineer the very material we are trying to recover.  

  9. On 25/05/2021 at 22:46, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:


    • 3 sets of combat armor (a MetalGear and two sets of National Guard armor, one of them with helmet and inserts) - and obviously he's not going to wear more than one of them ;) Though keep in mind these are sized for him (BOD 😎
    • Similar with guns - a FN-RAL, a 10ga semiauto shotgun, and a 12ga one (not to mention a pistol to spare). All the stuff with web gear, spare magazines, ammo and what-not. 

    Cossack would be happy to buy or trade for one, we can definitely work that out - do you have any interest in a smart linked helmet for your new motorcycle hobby? 

    Xavier, on the other hand, doesn't have deep enough ties to the group to be bartering or making deals, and a shotgun isn't really his style.  He could use it in a pinch, but he'd much prefer an assault style rifle.  I do have a contact I could reach out to, but their willingness to aid in this sort of thing might be iffy (but man one of those Militech M31a1 kits would work so well for this mission....)  Xavier will take it up with Mitzi to start the next session.

    Is it worth getting some of the armored backpacks from Chromebook 4?  We know we have to carry a good deal of ammo, food, and medical supplies up the ladder - and I'd suggest a good number of empty duffel bags in there too.  At approximately 1kg empty, each of us should be able to carry 5 - 10 compressed bags inside our packs.  And once emptied, the armored backpacks could be used as a make shift defensive barricade.  Yes there will be an EV penalty on the climb, but Cossack, Hollow, 8-Ball, Jamal, and Xavier should all be trained enough to handle such an encumbrance. 

  10. 5 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    The point here is to cut a hole into the main elevator shaft (running from the basement to the top of the building) in Sub Level B or the doors to that same shaft in Sub Level A.  From there, the Team climbs up all the way to the roof.  If that elevator is still operational, then we can cut into the controls there and have uncontested control of those elevator cars.  Also, at that point we can do a physical tap into the roof auto-guns and control them.  This is Suzy's specialty.  At this point the Team should be ready to openly attack.  

    This should occur at 2am to 3am in the morning when most people will be asleep and we will be behind the gang's initial defenses.  It should be a short, sharp fight down to level 29.  At that point you have reached the floor where the control room for the lesser executive elevators are.  

    (Note: it isn't on the map, but is located behind the wall of the rightmost office on Level 29.)

    Once there, Suzy can cut any control to those elevators from the floors below.  From there, the Team must move quickly down the stairs till they reach Level 18, the Fashionware Laboratory.  This is as far down as the Team needs to go.  All of the items Raven Microcybernetics wants are here and the floors above.  We secure Level 18 and hold it against attack.  From here we search for what we came to find and move it up one level (19) to the cyberlimb laboratory.  We fall back our defenses; maybe blow a staircase out if need be.  Strip the cyberlimb laboratory and continue our retreat up the the building until we reach Level 32.  We move stuff to the roof and call for evac!

    I would suggest using the elevators as little as possible.  If we have put two of the three elevator shafts out of operation, we want the gang to think that we can't use them either until we have a large amount of swag to move.

    Of the nine people in Detroit:  Samantha (remotely) runs drones to watch for building scaling and watches for movements on the floors below.  Suzy and Angel do most of the search and disassemble.  Three of the others be ready at each possible point of enemy attack (two elevator shafts and the stairs) and the last two will be schlepping the gear upstairs but ready to fight if necessary.

    This is a preliminary plan with some possible ideas on the attack before we get Jamal's family's Intel.


    I may be misunderstanding how you're picturing this, but as I comprehend it you're advocating getting to the roof then the entire team makes a fast strike down to Floor 29 to get the control room - thus leaving anyone (or anything!) on Floors 30, 31, and 32 to attack us from above while we try to defend against those coming up from below.  The tarped item on the roof, and the automated air defense makes me think this gang is more than simple boosters so I'm not going to take for granted that the higher floors will be abandoned.  I'm never a fan of splitting a party, but I really think this situation calls for it.  Xavier has the best armor of the group, and a certain sociopathic viewpoint that makes him prime for taking point and Hollow's combat skills makes him the best candidate for joining the spear tip and I think we should split 2 people off at each floor to do a sweep and secure as we proceed down.  At each floor, we pop the door and Angel tosses in some flash bangs then 2 sweep in (pairing a combat capable with a non-combat specialist like Jamal/Suzy, then 8-Ball/Rue, then Cossack/Angel).  If the first or second pair encounter any resistance then we can actually stop the descent and support them - as opposed to facing these forces later as we get pinched from above and below - and if there's no one there then they will quickly rejoin the sweep down the stairs.  

    And before anything else, we have to attend to team deficiencies.  For my part - 1) Cossack has no armor beyond clothing, so the best he could do is stack a jumpsuit on top of his body suit and skinweave and suffer the EV penalties.  2) Xavier has only a handgun to his name (and access to the team sniper rifle, which seems ill suited to this environment).  If Marty left "a bunch of guns" (as was stated in seemingly OOC discussion, so not something I can directly act on), perhaps Mitzi should make some of these items available to team members at a discount.  Buying a semi-auto rifle from the gun shop for 500 is doable, but perhaps putting 250 back into company coffers for the same result is more beneficial?  Cossack had a full auto AK before we left for the Caribbean, so I don't know if it's still in his inventory - but we aren't supposed to be passing gear to our secondaries.  


  11. 7 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    This would seem to be the desired fate for the Voodoo Boyz.  Cossack, what did you think the reaction would be for wearing the late gang leader's "Flamboyant Feather" so openly one block from that gang's main public hangout.  You had one opportunity to return it and keep the peace, but no, there had to be blood!  Well, of course!  I would expect no less of a true cyberpunk!  The books themselves just cry out for any group to take them down:  Night CIty Sourcebook; page 141; Encounter #9 - "Run across another victim of the Voodoo Boyz.  You know, something should really be done about them."

    Some kind of war with the Voodoo Boyz now appears inevitable.  It will probably take a while for them to get all fired up and actually do something about you all.  Of course, that will depend on how much you 'get in their face' from now on.  You really don't know that much about them in regards strength, numbers and such.  As of the moment, they are not much of a threat.               

    I expected that someone would see us go in and that there would be a scout party when we left to verify the situation.  The possibility that there would be a small ambush crossed my mind, but I did not expect a war party of the size that confronted us.  I offered Voodoo Boy #12 the opportunity to reclaim the feather in an honorable fashion, but that pansy didn't even manage to actually make it into the fray.  I do not believe that the Voodoo Boyz have sufficient honor to accept the return of the feather and then part ways peacefully (perhaps I miscalculated, but I have no regrets).  Furthermore, I have been stewing for a year over their cowardly shooting of Mia so at this moment in time I'm actually of a mind to get kitted out and see how deep I make it into their hangout.  As I see it, I've made positive impacts on the lives of Mary, Kathleen, and Elixio - what more is there really left for me in this life?  I can look forward to a soul crushing 9-5 job that will barely make it possible to pay my bills?  A possibility that Celestine might forgo her fight and come join me here?  And if she does, she'll be a constant target for those who want to hurt me - just like Mary and Kathleen are now.  So going out in a blaze of glory has a lot of positives at the moment. [OOC - there is a certain pride in talking about a character who survives a campaign beginning to end, and there can be an equal pride to a character going out in a memorable fashion that fits the toon and the world setting.]

    As for secondary toons, I will gladly pass the techie to Senior Officer Mikael Van Atta if he has a good feeling about creating one.  I'll play around with making a Prowler and a Marine Force Recon this weekend.  Once I have something, I'll post it up and see what kind of feedback is sent my way. 

  12. My current reservations are -

    1) I've created an issue for the party with my antagonizing of the Voodoo Boyz.  If I duck out now, that's rather cowardly.  And I can't say how frustrating it would be if a new character got all sorts of kills simply because I opt for a switch one session. (Ok, this is mostly sarcastic, but I really enjoyed how pitiful they came across last session and I want to add a few more fetishes to my ensemble.)

    2) Things seem very shaky on the financial side of things right now.  I know we have the September and October paydays coming, but that doesn't give us a lot of time to find a high end money stream and I worry that if I put too much focus on a new toon then I will get a rude surprise in Cossack's near future.  Now, if we can maintain a certain level of connection outside of game days - emailed to do lists, answered by resolution statements for instance - to make sure our originals do not get left behind or blindsided by empty bank accounts, etc. then I'm more than game.

    18 hours ago, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    The idea is interesting.

    However, actually inventing such a secondary character - that'll be somewhat challenging. 

    1. Where can we source those characters from, apart from the Chrome Berets ranks?
    2. What roles do we need those characters to fulfill? With our primary characters, we have quite some stuff covered, and mostly to a degree a novice character can't compete with.

     1) I would say that Mitzi's numerous contacts can be a source of introduction for new characters.  Or our reputations can attract people from our old neighborhood who want to get out of Wu Dang's fiefdom, or even students from the university who think we might be the escape from the regimented life they're looking for.

    2) I agree that maybe a Medtech or Techie could be of use, as could a Netrunner who specializes in drones.  Also, we might look at getting a new Prowler since our previous one has graduated and may not be too keen to risk her new position on a simple B&E.  I would say that an Ex-cybersoldier could be of use so that our solo needs are met by someone other than an NPC, and he might be referred by the folks at the Forlorn Hope. Traveling further afield, with some consultation with @Allen1, we might find a Nomad to be a useful bridge to a Pack, or a low-level Corp may be looking to gentrify one of the adjacent neighborhoods and need a capable team.  Perhaps a Private Investigator needs a new stomping ground, and support to back him up.  I also think your statement about a Face could be beneficial depending on the specialization (and I think it would have to be specialized so that it does not overlap with Mitzi).

  13. Cossack would like to take a moment to curse whatever person designed such an atrocious apartment layout - the kitchen should be where the bathroom is, the bathroom moved to the bedroom's location and the bedroom should slide over to the kitchen.  Seriously, the bedroom next to the hallway wall where you can hear everyone coming and going, or if you're entertaining, they might hear the same??? And who wants to sleep in a cave? The living room and bedroom should both be placed next to the floor to ceiling windows so the occupant can have some sense of day/night. 

    Having vented that I have a few questions -

    A ) I know tv services are not provided in the rent, but are there tv's installed in the units?  If so, where?

    B ) Is the bed secured to the wall in the bedroom? 

    C ) The bedroom furniture appears to consist of a bed, a dresser at the foot of the bed(?), and a workstation with chair.  Is that accurate?

    D ) Are the windows covered by blinds / drapes, or are they capable of darkening via remote?

     Now, as for a to do list -

    1) Get the money for Mouse and deliver it.

    2) Reach out to Suzy to see if she can use a hand at her garage in exchange for future trades.  

    3) Go purchase a GevHog.  With the outlays for housing and food I can't do the smartlinked expense, but I'm not going to put off the purchase like I did last time we were here.  If the second action works out favorably, then it shouldn't be long before I can add the option.

    4) Go visit Bob Waite's to get my grey suit repaired.

    5) Go to Nancy's Book Nook and look for a book on the Dacians.

    6) Help out at the Chrome Beret club house getting some of their projects done.

  14. 41 minutes ago, senior officer Mikael van Atta said:

    As for the heart of the matter - honestly, there's only one reason why the A-20 is there at all. That being Voivod's desire to ride it in the ambush. Rule of cool, if you will.

    Otherwise I'd much more prefer to have an extra rifleman (or three, as that's how many crew an A-20 requires) in the field.

    Considering the link we put in, Voivod should be able to fill all 3 crew slots correct?  We've mounted the auto firing system allowing me to direct link into the vehicle to control the weapons while piloting it, the only thing lacking is someone to load the missle launcher - which I may or may not actually be able to make use of in this encounter.  

    @Allen1 thank you for pointing me at Shockwave.  It's a bit ridiculous that they state a hover is sometimes treated as a ground and sometimes an air vehicle, lay out the maneuvers a ground vehicle can do and then denote all of said maneuvers as unable to perform in a hover.  Why not just do 3 charts - ground, hover and air?!?!?!? Looking at the Combat Maneuvers on pg. 72 of Shockwave, it lists Rapid Direction Changes (all of which it says a hover may not perform in the Chase/Race Maneuvers section) and says Moving Pivots are a specialty of vehicles that can hover, allowing them to turn any direction they want. When done while moving, these are Difficulty 15.  So, given this maneuver, if I'm moving north at the beginning of my movement and perform this action to face the A-20 west during my move, do I continue to travel north for the remainder of this round due to my momentum?  What direction am I traveling at the beginning of the next turn? This all seems a bit shaky since I can't perform a bootlegger, but I can perform a Moving Pivot (which states any direction) which means I can be heading north, make a difficulty 15 pilot roll and switch my heading to south - thus performing a bootlegger at Diff15 instead of Diff25. Huh?

  15. On 08/04/2021 at 13:05, Allen1 said:

    By calculating the deceleration rate of the A-20, Voivod could enter the battle board on the third or fourth turn depending on the speed he wishes to enter with.  (By the way, you CAN'T do a 'bootlegger reverse' in a hovercraft, I checked.)  These beasts don't turn well, so if you come in too fast, you can easily crack it up in the woods. 

    Where can I find the rules on maneuvers and modifications? Based on Maximum Metal and Shockwave the Panzer has Acc/Dec of 20 / 10 so I could be as high as 80mph on the turn I enter the map (but I'm guessing I will be going slower and actively decelerating at least on the turn when I enter the map, if not also the turn before). But I kind of need to review the rules and maneuver options as I try to actually prep for this.  I do know the turn radius rules - 1/3 actual distance traveled on mild turn (up to 30 degrees), 1/6 for tight turns (above 30 degrees), and 1/12 for extremely tight (I don't see specifics on how tight is extremely...) all of which are doubled for being a hover type.  So as I comprehend this equation, if I'm doing 40mph on entering the map my distance per combat turn is 40mph * 1.33 = 53.2 meters, then my mild turn is 1/3 of 53.2 =  17.73 meters * 2 (hover) = 35.46 meters. Rounding both up (assumption, not sure if that's correct) means I can do a turn of up to 30 degrees that takes 35 meters, and requires a total of 19 meters moved before / after the turn.  A tight turn requires 18 meters and 36 meters moved before and / or after.  If all of this is mathematically sound then I can plot a chart for all of the speeds, if it's incorrect then please enlighten me where I went of the rails.  The other piece to enter into the equation is when does the Acc / Dec factor in?  Does the speed change happen at the beginning or end of the turn?

  16. Cossack will recommend a flying wedge with the panzer at the point, supported by heavy mg's on the helicopter and multiple drones loaded out with rockets to prevent escape.  He'll also ask for permission to mount external speakers so he can blast Fortunate Son as we charge in.  Once these ideas are shot down (for the obvious reasons), he'll adjourn to the vehicle bay to help prep the tank and duster's and grumble about how no one appreciates the Cav anymore.


    In terms of field craft, spider holes shouldn't be too obvious since they're only large enough for one man - but I'm a tanker not a foot slogger so maybe they're more obvious then I think.  @senior officer Mikael van Atta just make sure the L is situated in a way that allows me entry on to the map with a field of fire that doesn't jeopardize our own people, because I really intend to make the most of this moment.  After all, I don't know if I'll get another chance at making a full fledged tank run again.

  17. Looking at the Mk.19 Wiki page - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mk_19_grenade_launcher - the ROF is as follows - 

    360 - 390 rpm (cyclicThis is the mechanical rate of fire, or how fast the weapon "cycles" (loads, locks, fires, unlocks, ejects).

    40 rpm (sustainedThis is the rate at which the weapon could reasonably be fired indefinitely without failing. In contrast to the cyclic rate, the sustained rate is the actual rate at which the weapon would typically be fired in combat.

    60 rpm (rapidRapid rate is a rate of fire between cyclic and sustained . It is usually much faster, although less accurate, than the sustained rate and is only used in emergency/final defensive line situations. The rapid rate is not sustainable for long periods because it eats up a great amount of ammunition (more than the troops are likely to carry on a patrol), the heat generated requires barrel change times to be reduced, and with the one spare barrel usually issued, prolonged rapid fire will result in shortened weapon/barrel life.

    Thus 40 rpm, or approximately 2 rounds per 3.3 seconds, seems the more reasonable assessment. Further, the ammo box for the Mk. 19 is 32 or 48 rounds (the v5 Reference Book states 50)  which indicates the 360+ rpm is not the least bit feasible with a man portable weapon.  I hate to cut myself off at the ankles since the higher rate of fire is likely to benefit me (us) more, but I work with too many ex-military who often complain about the unreliable nature of the AGL's to argue for 20 rounds ROF. 


  18. Marty has already gone to great lengths to secure one barrio's loyalty, and she is making important inroads into a second.  This assignment is an expansion of those early moves and we need to be very open that Father Aguinaldo is receiving this assistance at Donna Vargas's behest.  I believe that it's important that people begin to realize that Donna Vargas can get things accomplished through the people she trusts, not just her own direct intervention.

    There comes a point where we 4 (or 5 if we count Reggie) need to be identifiable as something other than Marty's shadows. Maybe it's my love of the dramatic, or the allure of the silver screen hero, but I think we as a party need to use this moment to solidify ourselves as a group slightly separate from Donna Vargas, while obviously part of her realm (if that makes sense).  I suggest we utilize a few small details about her character as a foundation - her Dacian Tribal Tattoo and her Romanian surname Lupescu.  Those two combined make a short step to the Dacian Wolf.  Between Cossacks love of films and 8-Balls gang/military history background, we should both understand the benefit of a symbol or caricature for influencing people and groups.  Further, just as Donna Vargas did not wish to be seen as being party to a barroom brawl when Hiroko was insulted, I believe she would enjoy a buffer between her "legitimate" endeavors and her "civic improvements." There really can be a intimidation factor when someone is told that the War Wolves are coming if you keep doing what you're doing, as opposed to Donna Vargas is going to get you.  That's not to suggest that the result is different in any way, but it provides a layer of plausible deniability to a public figure.

    Eh, maybe that's all just incoherent ramblings but it makes senses in my head.

  19. As I see it, it's the details that make the story a good story.  When I was perusing the weapons list to outfit Voivod, I chose a weapon described as compact and light weight, intended for use by paratroopers, because it made sense that a driver would want something easily stowed inside a vehicle.  You on the other hand chose an FN-RAL.  The weapons are very similar in stats, and appearance, but different in caliber.  In the new story we can swap magazines back and forth as needed, and loot bodies to no end in order to maintain our ammunition supply.  In a good story, we have to be aware of our limitations, work around our shortages, and plan for the unexpected around the next encounter.  I do appreciate that they've streamlined SMG / Rifle / Shotgun into Shoulder Fire, but I detest that Drive / Motorcyle / Pilot: Hover / Operate Heavy Machinery are now Drive Land Vehicle.  Over specialization via simplification destroys story and setting, in my opinion.


  20. I've read it cover to cover, flipped back through to reassess, and come to the conclusion that the whole thing needs to become kindling to get me through the cold winter.  Throughout the entire book, the only thing that really excited me was the Role specific portion of the random background - and only because that will reign in players who think that every starting character is somehow world famous and more capable than any NPC ever discussed in the lore.  I despise the direction of current RPG's to "streamline" skills and equipment.  I've been invited to join groups for Pathfinder 2.0, and 5th ed. D&D, and had to decline because of the game mechanics that allow more playability.  If I want that kind of playability I'll stick to Skyrim and 2077.  

    The setting was a jumble of missed opportunities - and as an aside, what is it that causes these game creators to think that the greater north west US is some idyllic spot?  

    You can say I'm a grognard, old school, Neanderthal, whatever... I play pen and paper games for immersion and the challenge, this version provides neither. 

  21. On 09/02/2021 at 10:12, Allen1 said:

    So, I am suggesting a new 'House Rule' for PCs and named (important) NPCs:  A head shot only instantly kills when it does 2x the damage needed to destroy the Head (i.e. 18 points).  A hit that does 9 to 17 points puts the character in a coma.  The result of which leaves the character unconscious for a number of days equal to the number of damage points over 8 (i.e. 1-9 days) plus 1d6+1 days.  At some point during this time the PC (or important NPC) must make a straight Death Save to survive.  Also, the character's normal healing rate is reduced by 50%.  This rule wouldn't apply to a coupe de grâce or formal execution.       

    Would this new House Rule replace the Mulligan you allow, or augment it because you can't sway the scales of fate?  If this is in addition to the Mulligan, I think it becomes too much of a good thing.  Maybe I'd even go so far as to say you're putting 2 mushrooms in the borscht (to quote a very intelligent man I know 😁 ).  I looked at the damage in Red as Senior Officer Mikael van Atta mentioned, and I might be more supportive of blending your advanced damage with a random effect from a table because of the ways it could enhance our stories.  While someone may survive the damage, once they awake from the coma and learn of the random result they may still feel it best to "retire" the pc.  Such people can become important NPC's or powerful patrons/contacts for the remaining team members.  Things like this drive the story in unforeseen directions, but it is still in the pc's hands to decide the ultimate fate of the character in that moment.  In general, for PC's and important NPC's, I would be fully in favor of a roll on a random damage chart anytime a limb blown off or instant death result occurs. 

    Given what happened during the last session when I took that hit, instead of shifting the shot to Reggie I could have taken your extra damage and if the math had fallen in my favor (which I don't think it would have),  been in a coma for a long while and awoken to (random roll of 2) a lost eye which would reduce my ranged attacks and Awarness Checks by 4 until I either replaced the eye or got a cyber implant.  If the result had been a 6 - broken jaw - I would suffer a -4 to all speech related activity.  Ok, so do I stay the strong, silent type or do I get an implant to repair the damage?  Do I even have the funds to get an implant?  Do I retire Voivod and start a new story with a new toon?  

    Regardless, insta-death or extended coma still leaves the player in the uncomfortable position of missing extended game time or having to introduce a new character into the group.  Given your willingness to influence the scales of fate, you might consider a modifier to the coma duration (or proposed random chart, or both) based on the length of time between the injury and medical attention being applied.  Hell, the bonus could be further swayed depending on whether the injured receives generic first aid or full treatment by a medtech - thus making Cecia even more important to the group.

  22. 8 hours ago, Allen1 said:

    Furthermore, originally all limb destruction (9 pts. going through in one hit) ended with a cyberlimb or a replacement meat limb from a Body Bank.  Then with there was the introduction of 'Bone Glue' that gave skilled medical personnel the chance to save the original limb.  Using that on a head wound is a bit like 'Humpty Dumpty', so that isn't very workable.      

    The movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle had a plastic wrap that injected a nanite foam into head wounds.  Is it a bit hokey? Yeah sure. Any more hokey than a "glue" that mends a fractured limb in 5 minutes? Not really. Too be honest, some sort of advanced wrap that combined bone glue, skin foam and nanites sits far better with me in terms of saving blown off limbs then just a dose of bone glue.  Saying that applying such a wrap to an extremity - arm, leg, or head - that has sustained "destruction" level damage in X number of rounds after the injury will allow a saving roll later to save the extremity makes a better story to me.  It also should inspire PC's to have a sense of urgency in providing first aid to one another, rather than just relegating that activity to after the encounter.  Overall, I guess I'm arguing that better roleplay and character optimization should be encouraged over limiting the effects from the dangerous world.

    Your house ruled Mulligan is more than fair.  I benefited from it during the last session, even if I did suffer survivors remorse by the time we hit the underground complex.  As players we make choices that have an impact on our survivability - for instance I keep defaulting to lower SP armors because it "fits" my perceived background as a driver who favors mobility over coverage.  Had I sought the full kit that 8-Ball secured, then the helmet and my skinweave might have prevented me from reaching the Mulligan choice.  Now that I've survived, do I adapt to our increased combat orientation and up armor? Or do I continue to avoid EV penalties and run the risk of quick death?  The choice is mine at this point, and the results are unbiased and out in the open thanks to the ASTRAL roll.  I can't argue that I'm being treated unfairly because all of the rolls for all the players are out there to be seen.  As it stands, I believe 3 out of the 4 current PC's have used their Mulligan, and we're 20 sessions in!  With everything we've been through, and not having a single official player death, I'd say your system is well suited to the setting.  

    In the end, it's your game to run and I'm along for the enjoyable ride.  

  23. On 03/01/2021 at 11:51, Rockwolf66 said:

    So since all I can find is .32 ACP I need a Vz. 61 then?

    I’d rather have that fully loaded then a box of .45 ACP and an angry demeanor. 

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