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  1. In regards to the techie, as you proposed the target is a 12 for success so his odds to succeed would be manageable - but it was an extreme possibility being suggested. As for the Solo, most have high EMP to accommodate large amounts of cyberware, so if Lifepath is rolled after Stats are assigned / rolled and before equipment is purchased then his EMP should be sufficiently high to pass a mere 12. I guess the first question I would have to consider is how you envision the Lifepath process? Currently, our group works it thus - 1) Pick role 2) Roll Lifepath 3) Assign / Rol
  2. Having sat and thought, and then run through possible character builds in my mind, the possibilities to alter a planned character via this new Lifepath idea has me giddy as a school kid. Like many others, I go in to a character design with something of a plan for overall appearance and capabilities in mind - but a Lifepath that is Stat based instead of just Good / Bad / Romance means I might plan on a Mouser style techie and then roll every year as a BOD result (unlikely, but for arguments sake) and end up with a guy that looks like Paul Jr. from Orange County Chopper and now I have to expand
  3. While I am always excited to see a game from my childhood reinvigorated, Osprey Games currently has out a very similar game called Gaslands and it's designed to be used with standard hot wheels vehicles (making them cheap to acquire and fun to mod out with stuff from the bits box!). For any who care to give it a peek while we wait for SJG to run their Kickstarter - https://gaslands.com/
  4. I generally try to stay out of Senior Officer Mikael Van Atta's way while he powers through these mental exercises, but this time I'd like to throw my 2 cents in the air - maybe they'll hit a mark, maybe they'll simply float away..... 1) I think the main effect of the Lifepath charts should remain "fairly" minimal. These events are as likely to be from teen years as they are early career, so they should be story builders rather than game changers. While a gain or loss of €100 shouldn't define a character, it lays a foundation for defining who you became - which is what the random charts
  5. Does this mean we might hear of techno-viking panzerboys running cargo?
  6. I’d enjoy dusting off my books and trying out the darker side of the series if you can make it happen.
  7. As a teenager, I worked a farm in California one summer. It was a sprawling facility that included areas for crops - almond trees, tomatoes, corn and broccoli to name a few - a cattle herd complete with a feed lot and slaughterhouse, a race horse division and a hotel on I-5 that had a restaurant serving fresh items from the farm and cattle divisions and a private airstrip for people to come in for the weekend or just a meal. So outside the standard field workers, there would be employment for animal handlers, slaughterhouse operators, restaurant and hotel staff, transportation specialis
  8. Now if we can advance the CP setting as well as this sequel handled the continuation of the original, I might be able to get a group to come together and play!
  9. So I'm getting a little turned around by this - are you proposing an early life generator that continues on through to the normal start point, thereby adding a few more rolls and events to flesh out your character's youth, or is it primarily to be used to generate characters who enter play before the usual charts begin at age 17? If it's the latter, then eliminating most of those good luck / bad luck rolls doesn't make sense to me as you are laying out what happened to make an 8 year old in to a burgeoning solo/fixer/rocker/etc. Part of me wants to suggest that the Mechwarrior 3rd
  10. I totally agree with removing the Romantic roll, how about replacing it with a Family Status Change event? Good rolls could be things like rich Uncle adopts you, Mom gets a promotion and can afford private school, etc. Bad rolls - Dad caught embezzling from the corporation and sent to jail, you and Mom relocate to Combat Zone. Family based traumas, dramas, and successes during your formative years can have the most unique story line implications.
  11. People may want to bitch and moan, throw derogatory statements up for debate and appreciation - but I can buy ammo without having to show an ID and proving that I am lawfully exercising my Constitutional rights. And thanks to how this election went, our forum members in Cali can actually feel confident that the Supreme Court will strike such restrictions down - unless they secede....
  12. Boris tears a strip of his shirt off and makes a quick field bandage to slow the bleeding. For a moment he stands in a daze as he hears the noise of the rotors disappearing in to the distance - Are you fucking kidding me? A proper aerial surveillance and support unit abandoning ground forces in the middle of an active search? Who trained these people? A few seconds wasted, Boris breaks to his left and looks to put distance between himself and the search team. Call girls who leave money in a mark's wallet, gangsters who leave a target alive for apprehension, and now police who allow
  13. Now hidden amongst the containers Boris slows a fraction to keep from loosing his footing and to give himself time to view his course. He takes the second left followed by the first right, working deeper in to the stacks. You bastards better come in force, or I'll see to you leave in pieces, he thinks to himself as he glances back for pursuers. Again taking the second left and first right turns offered to him he slows his pace and begins to creep toward the next intersection listening intently for the hunters. He clenches his cyber hand into a fist and flexes the arm, prepared
  14. TigerGuard

    The New

    OOC: Do I seem to still be in the docks, or have they dropped me in a different warehouse district? Also, after my first turn or two, do I spot any sort of perimeter fencing which I can head for? Otherwise I need to look for another building which I may be able to seek refuge in
  15. Fucking raining? Just when I thought the day couldn't get much worse, but apparently I have been corrected! Boris breaks to the left as the thought brings a smile to his lips - just before the sting of the bullet brings a grimace. That is another one I owe you for my friend, he thinks to himself as he takes the first opportunity to break to the right. Boris quickly falls into a tactical run, staying low while moving fast, quick glances for pursuit whenever he makes a turn.
  16. Well then comrade, you have about 10 seconds to cover 50 meter's, Boris tells himself before taking a steadying breath, and then a second one before breaking in to a sprint for the door opposite the landing vehicle. Just before the door Boris launches himself into a flying punch and aims his blow for the center of the door, prepared to fall into a roll should the force of the impact actually clear his way. (OOC - I can see this ending in an epic fail very easily, but I'm holding out hope the dice fall in my favor. Either way I will be laughing)
  17. TigerGuard

    The New

    Thanks, that makes the decision much easier
  18. TigerGuard

    The New

    One thing I don't see in the description that I need to know to move my line forward is the wall structure. I'm picturing the standard hangar made with metal framing and sheet metal walls. If this is correct or incorrect please let me onow so I can make good my escape
  19. TigerGuard

    The New

    Greetings Gratwin, I emailed you the info you wanted and I pray it is delivered because I didn't actually save it prior to sending Hopefully it gave you the info you wanted
  20. TigerGuard

    The New

    Boris's mind set right now is battlefield extrication. 15 seconds to evaluate his surroundings and he's making a break based on that. Fast checks of the exits and if somehow these people are so unprofessional as to have left keys in the ignition before he makes his move. Regardless of how he got here, and who he owes what, this is now combat and the first rule of combat is to survive - so that means leaving, and fast...
  21. Boris rolls out of the trunk and takes cover against the side of the car and immediately falls into his training - quick glances at the car (is it a junked hulk? or does it look serviceable?) and the paths to both exits - looking for cover along the way and possible alternate exits - while also listening to the bird above to try and determine which direction it is moving and whether it is ascending or descending.
  22. Damn them all,Boris thinks to himself as he prepares the pistons in his arm,they will remember I was here.He begins to pound his arm against the container wall before him, cursing colorfully in Russian as he does so.
  23. Cruising the net for interesting - non-japanese weird - vending machines I came across one in Canada that sells IKEA parts for their furniture kits and it sounded very appropriate for the areas not specializing in coffin motels to have larger vending machines that sell furniture kits. Something made from a few plastic pipes, a couple of joining screws and a rolled up pad that contains a snap and expand foam pack. Customers can choose a soft gel insert or a hard pack that will form fit the buyer upon release. Easier then lugging a rocker recliner through the Combat Zone, and if you have some
  24. Boris slowly lowers his hand and does what he can to evaluate his situation without moving - listening for any noises (muffled voices, electric humming, water, etc) and trying to perceive any light source or passage of air. He also attempts to move one finger on his cyberhand just to see if the systems ha been disabled.
  25. Boris notes the flash - guilt by association now, or someone looking for me specifically? Either way, it strengthens his resolve to go shopping after work. Clothes fitting to the locale and a nice concealable weapon will make things better... at least it gives me a fighting chance should things go down. And I need to find Seraphine, she might have a better insight to the low side of things and can help me get a bit off the grid. Dimitri and Magda are great people and all, but they don't need a shit storm brought down on them once my past catches up. "All done here Sergie, what'
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