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  1. Just out of interest, Destecado, what is it that you're actually wanting the Carbon Plague to do here? it's been a while since I've read the materials, so I might be missing something, but other than the differentials for tissue mineralisation where else are you going with this?
  2. I'm biased by my own preferences here, which I guess is kind of the point. Would you use an armor class system or a modified target number to resolve attacks? Target number, for me, which is based upon the skill of the indivdual. Advantages and Disadvantages? Do they make character generation more difficult or does it add something unique once the character is complete. I think that they add something to the game. Even when I was using CP2020 I added on a homebrew system that added an advantage/disadvantage system to it since I just liked the flexibility of mechanically representing your thoughts on the character. Thus in part the system that I selected as my "preferred system." On the other hand, some of the "Trait" information in FATE games are also appealing, but I haven't as of yet brought myself to look at it for the purposes of conversion or integration. Skill based system? Without a doubt. Should there be classes or should the skills themselves mold the character into what they are? Say no to classes... Unless they're a reference to a cultural thing, in which case swing at 'em. It's what I do. And I get around the "sooo much" problem by just ignoring anything that I don't want to include. Amusingly, I use a "FUDGE overlay" when dealing with online play. Kage
  3. Since I'm currently randomly searching around the boards for inspiration, especially after recent burnout from another game universe, I thought that I would drop in with my own reply. I thought that I would start with the original post... Yes, I still purchase various game systems even if I only just use the one. I "know," which is to say have discussed it with people online, many people who still purchase games. Indeed, if you're to believe the general trend of some forum discussions, many people still prefer to buy games and prefer to buy dead tree versions of them. I exclusively download purchased materials from a number of sources. While this includes a number of different systems, I mostly just use them for setting information in my system of choice (which I also purchase electronic materials from). I tend to believe that it's a revolution. Things change and things stay the same... eventually. Hence the "old school" movement. My primary concern is finding people to game with then finding people to introduce to the hobby, and the former is by far the hardest thing to do. As with any niche product, perhaps it has forced them to try and attempt numerous crossovers to try and draw in other related niche markets. I consider WRFRP 3 and Deathwatch (both by FFG) to be fairly "crossover" in this sense. I don't have the market experience to answer that with any security, but I would imagine that there is going to be a market for them, even if it can be argued to be a diminishing market. Ditto. They do, however, satisfy my needs. Well, I would just love for someone to ingrate BumpTop with a decent online RPG "tabletop" solution, but I'm not sure that is going to happen. Nope. I never could, even when I played the darned game. Kage
  4. Thanks, Destecado. I've decided to come back to this after burning out on another setting, but I'm going to use the ersatz accommodations as "plot" rather than "setting." Makes things a tad easier in the long run. And I love those images. Very, very inspiring. Kage
  5. Ha, it doesn't bother me, but I wouldn't want to break any forum rules or anything. Kage
  6. Thanks for the additional articles, Destecado, and I love the reminder about the Maginot Line. How appropriate that they might want all the gribblies to fly over it this time. At this point I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for contributing to the thread. Now all I've got to do is synthesise the materials and write it up into the setting description. And now the off-topic stuff... If you would like to continue with the discussion, feel free to IM me or email me at any time. You're not going to get an argument from me in the slightest. At the moment two of the other little projects that I'm working on is finalising the "Powers of the Mind" supplement, which is basically an alternate approach to psykers that is more 'fluff'-based than game based, "Servants of the Imperium" which attempts to provide all the information that should have been in Dark Heresy, and for some strange reason "Adeptus Astartes" because, well, why not--it's shameless speculation. Anyway, catch you around at some point. Kage
  7. In many ways do not "puzzles/riddles" rely on the metagame, or at least partially so? Otherwise it might become an issue of rolling skills to determine the solution rather than engaging the faculties of the players as mitigated by the personality/experiences of the character? On my own behalf, if I were familiar with the group in question I really wouldn't mind bringing the metagame into it. Kage
  8. If you want, throw them my way. There are people out there who don't want to tow the official line, so the more the merrier. Indeed, and thanks for the imagery. Kage
  9. Sorry for the lack of responses recently--I've been waylaid by my other love of the moment, Warhammer 40,000. (Okay, not so much a moment!) There have been some interesting discussions coming up and, well, I've delved into them. This includes trying to bring back the Anargo Sector Project from it's death... <hint, hint, Destecado> As soon as I understand it. That's not a criticism in any way, just an indication that I need to fire up the 'ole brain and catch up with you. I've already done some fairly extensive research--well, web-based research--on the Deep Level shelters, but thanks for posting this information so that anyone can jump in specifically on the ersatz shelters. That was cool. I didn't come across that particular one and it does tie into the campaign/setting-specifics in terms of purchase by shadowrunners... *cough* Edgerunners. Interesting. Coupled with the "vacuum tube system" of Shadowrun canon (cf. London Sourcebook) this means that I've got a host of other options. Hmmn... Actually, way to complicate things Destecado. It was already bad enough with just the tube and Victorian sewer system. One has to understand that London Sourcebook was likely published before this concept, or at least before it became common knowledge. I'm personally imagining that the "vaccum tube system" is considerably deeper. The Deep Level stations become the first "node" in going to the outside world, as well as giving people the right "tools" for underground living, but it was the deeper, deeper stations that are the true bastions of (meta)humanity. That and I was using the Victorian sewer system as a bit of a "thieves highway." Sue me. If you cannot reach the wallet in your pocket then do you know how poor you are? Okay, not particularly funny but there you have it. Kage
  10. That definitely provides some of my imagery, along with many post-apocalyptic movies such as Terminator etc. Indeed. For the specific setting, though, it is the ersatz settlements that I wish to concentrate on and then scale it up to the government and corporate side of things. Kage
  11. An enjoyable book, though. Some nice concepts in there but, yes, you're right it does go about transhumanist. Kind of like the Stephenson's The Diamond Age in that regard, though I wouldn't dare compare the two. And does this site have a "recommended reading" bibliography? I've been reading far too much fantasy recently, but some of the sci-fi that I've been reading recently has inspired me once again. Hmmn... It's the Deep Level stations that start off the ersatz living, and then it moves down to "vacuum tube tunnels" that are a part of the game setting. This system of pressurised tunnels would form an ideal "survival bottle," but in the long run I think that it would be more problematic than not. In short, though, been to that link, done that, and have the photographs. Literally. That's a possibility, but for now I think that the fixed settlements are the way forwards. On the other hand, as an escape route... Yes, that's something to be kept in mind. Indeed, it was used in some novels that shared a similar premise. With that said, I don't think that for this experiment I'm going to go too far down the route of "land trains." That is, indeed, the basic idea. While the ersatz colony needs to work as-is temporarily, with the right (scavenged) technology there's no reason that it could not become a more planned colony. Perhaps not one to rival the truly planned colonies, but definitely something to think about. In the specific scenario, it's more of a natural disaster; a product of the natural rhythms of the world. But that gets into some of the fantasy elements that don't naturally translate over, so probably not best to overtly dwell on with this particular forum. Though, of course, those examples aren't really an arcology, at least by the definition of that word. Maybe ersatz pseudo-arcologies, but to deserve the stand-alone name it would appear to need a bit more deliberate planning. For example, in specific reference to the game setting that I'm coming from, the "government" kaers would probably count as arcologies. The ersatz versions? Well, I would say not to start with... A good concept there... It might also be integrated with some of the setting/genre specific concepts. Another cool concept with regards to water management. And very Dune. Just so long as I don't see giant worms... Kage
  12. Given how they handled Dark Heresy and the Inquisition, I have my doubts that they will be able to successfully provide enough structured material that is not filtered through the normal bias one sees in 40k materials. Ain't that the truth. I think that it's at the 1-2km range, but that seems to be getting into the deliberate structures rather than the ersatz. Not that this a problem. It does seem, however, that power isn't going to be a huge problem... And now that I was gandering around another forum, I came across this thread that, while I haven't read it yet, seems to cover the same subject matter: A post-apoc thread on the Steve Jackson Games' GURPS forum. Kage
  13. In that case, I'm glad that I could be of service. One part of me is also thinking about "inverted" living, or the idea that you build down rather than up. Sort of a terrestrial version of Aquarius, or some of the concepts that have been bandied around with regards to future construction projects in Japan. (This is something that I'm sure that you guys know more about then me.) Incidentally, Destecado, it might be a bit pulp, but you might want to check out Styles' The Last Mortal Man. Perhaps once again a bit of old territory for you guys, but still something that you might be interested in. Regardless, this "old feel" is kind of the imagery that I wish to evoke, though I realise that this is not a requirement for the "underground living" discussion. Ha, thanks for posting that Mecklen. If nothing else, it points to another poster looking into similar concepts, especially since I recognise that chappy from forums that deal with my system of choice. Ha! That's exactly what I was thinking! Although that project has for various reasons closed down, that is indeed me. It was actually a PM from that project that got me back in touch with Destecado, and discussion about a "Servants of the Imperium" sourcebook/supplement as an alternate to the Dark Heresy product (and one where you could actually talk about how the Imperium works, how it relates with local society/government, economics, etc.). You know, all those things that you need to explore in a sci-fi setting, even if 40k has long since canonically gone down the "medieval fantasy in space" approach. Right, back to preparing food for the in-laws... (Incidentally, the chances are that if you see someone with the name "Kage2020" posting on one of the boards, then it's going to be me.) Kage
  14. Although for the Warhammer 40,000 universe and containing some generally wacky ideas as a result, something that might be of interest in appropriately tweaking might be the Ecorium concept of . Some of the concepts therein seem like they would work both for planned and ersatz underground living. That does still present a vulnerability, even if it is disguised in some fashion. Perhaps this is one of those things that would have to be chalked up to "plot device" and left at that... Well, at least for the moment. That is something that might appear on the deliberately constructed "kaer," but not on the ersatz ones--it would just require too much retroengineering (in my mind, anyway) to make it unfeasible. Fair enough. I have my doubts that in the setting in question there are going to be so many shelters around... Of course, the technological underpinnings of many of the advanced structures in a cyberpunk setting are going to contain many of the technologies that we're discussing anyway, so they're going to be rife for plundering by inhabitants of these underground settlements. Hmmn... in the setting in question, the use of "organometallic" bacteria is common in cybernetic prostheses, where they are used for depositing conductive (etc.) metals within the human body. Bacteriorhodopsin is also used as a means of storing information in data systems, so... All definitely within the boundaries of reality as an upscaled architectural element. Hmmn... one wonders whether some association could be drawn with cyanobacteria, e.g. spurlina-related products? Just a random thought that I haven't, erm, but much thought or research into. An elegant solution for an inelegant age... Sorry, couldn't resist. Actually, the CO2 Scrubbers-2 seem like another solution for the question, "What do we do with all this heat?" so might be a perfect synergistic solution with the more mundane ones mentioned herein. Well, there are a number of suggestions to the problem of "living in space" (which includes living on other planetary bodies), but I'm also pluming what technical details I can out of such works as Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy. Of course, they tend to be a bit lite on the details for those books, but definitely a source of inspiration. Well, architecture/ecology, but definitely. I've been taking a gander at some of Paolo Soleri's concepts to fuel some of my own. Hmmn... Interesting. Power is not going to be a huge problem, then, even for the ersatz settelements. Dang it, now I've got to go back to writing about 19th-century slave quarters... Kage
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