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  1. So now hat Cyberpunk RED is going to be reality, and it's set to take place after V3 and before 2077 I need to catch up on the Lore. I've never ran/played the stormfront scenarios or even looked at V3. Is there a timeline or similar somewhere I could read up on?
  2. I know Wisdom has a good one over on Datafortress, but it is a bit overwhelming. Is there a slimmer, 4 page printable screen somewhere? Heck even Wisdoms would be good if it was B&W
  3. Slade

    Time Wave Zero

    Not to mention the hand gestures when he is diving coming from Johnny Mnemonic.
  4. Been awhile since I ran a game, but I think our house rule was in a 3-round burst first shot has the chance to hit location, the rest are rolled normally. maybe a little OP especially if you take the previous rounds to actually aim.
  5. Hey folks just finished up Version 1.0 of an editable Adobe character sheet. Just used the standard sheet from the book for now. A few of the cells add together etc. nothing too fancy, but interesting none the less. Now just to find a place to host the file. Any takers?
  6. Well if you are going for a kill/don't care if you hurt them a little you could just make a needle the size of a stiletto blade out of high strength steel, be quite effective in my opinion lol. Plus with that large of a needle could much easier pump a massive dose etc.
  7. Well for now he is settling on two Excalibur Nightsticks, both modified with a heavy duty bones mcoy (I'm thinking 1d6ish AP vs soft armors). One is loaded with from the book Sedative (So what does the BOD 25 save mean? D10+BOD+Resist torture and drugs?), and the other will be some poison. So far I've given hi the option of a high dose of nicotine, or Palytoxin, which is produced by corals.
  8. So I have a Med-Techie that is wanting to use poisons as his main weapon. What are some fast acting poisons he could use, along with difficulties in making/finding them himself?
  9. Slade


    Haven't seen this posted yet:
  10. What bullets to her right? Just re-watched the video looked like most of the suppressive fire was on the side away from the Max Tac guy.
  11. But that's a barbie doll I don't mind drooling over. lol
  12. I saw that too and just smiled. Also love the Bladerunner-esque cop cars. Cannot wait for February for the next news.
  13. Phenomenal resource you are putting together here CitizenX. I guess I will be the first to offer any assistance.
  14. Slade


    Sieg Zeon!! actually, lol. Yeah much more reminds of the hover bikes from the One Year War.
  15. Awesome idea. And with the surge in 3D printing I'm pretty sure you could get them a lot cheaper then $4-6,000.
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