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  1. I was a diehard CP2020 player back in the day. I had all the books and a fair collection of websites and external resources. Unfortunatly our 2020 group disolved about 10 years ago. We've been doing other things in the interum but I find myself wanting to get back into CP but things have obviously changed since I've been gone. I see they released a new rulebook (I'm in the process of reading through it now, but it didnt get good reviews from what I've seen). Excuse my ignorance but can someone point me out to a few good CP sites that have kept up with the new stuff (the only ones I still know of are Datafortress & Blackhammer) I dont mind using the new rules if they are any good, but there appear to be a few sets of homebrew rules out there too. I'm trying to screen out all the things that are old or dont make sense or look good but theres still alot out there. Any help you guys could provide bringing me up to speed on whats changed and when and what else is out there would definintally save me a ton of time flipping and skimming through sites and rules to try and rebuld my CP supplies and hopefully let me get a game together again. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am an old school CP2020 player who is trying to get back into the game after too many years away. I will undoubtedly have a bunch of questions and posts in the future (hopefully more good than bad), but for now I figured I would start out small and ask what are your Top 10 house rules, changes, additions, and/or clarifications to the original base system that make your game easier or "better". Thanks in advance.
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