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  1. I'm due to start a new 2026 campaign soon and have been considering adding some sorely needed extra detail to Night City. I've got the sourcebook and run several campaigns there over the years and my players are familiar with it, but there has always been something missing. It's not exactly The Sprawl, is it? And don't get me started on v3… I've been reading CyberBear and Destecado's vision of New York and I like it a lot. If I had more time I'd probably go with their source material. I've also been studying Tokyo via the net and what makes it tick as a sprawling, urban metropolis - the c
  2. I've used the standard 'guns-for-hire' ploy on occassion with some success, but, as you rightly point out, there always seems to be something missing. Interweaving the lifepaths can add more of a dimension. Also, have each PC already know one other PC very well, creating a chain if you will. I have had success with groups that knew each other before. In my music biz campaign, I had a PC rockergirl as the group hook. She was a loose cannon and wanted out of her DMS contract. The other 5 PCs were her crew/entourage/support consisting of solo security specialist, DMS trouble shooter, medtech
  3. It's an intuitive thing. I'm always aware of avoiding overloading a player and also aware of what pushes my players' buttons. To be honest, half are gun-monkey power players, the others are more the immersive type. I run with what they are most likely to appreciate and respond to. If they aren't likely to get a kick out of it and really use it, I won't waste my time. And they've come to see this stuff as maybe holding useful info for the game as I really do play on the life-path as well as in-game stuff. There are no hard and fast rules. If it adds to a player's (and my) experience, it's all g
  4. I checked out your sheets not so long ago. Love the style. There's some stuff on there I don't use but overall they're really slick. Was tempted to use them regardless, but my players would be asking too many questions about the unused portions. I may do a 'lite' version for my own use if that's okay with you? As for the files, they contain the standard 2-side sheet, life-path written from the PC's perspective, the aforementioned CV (maybe), the PC's take on the other PCs and NPCs in the group which includes some 'skewed' perspectives (I roll PCs to tie them in to the campaign, othe
  5. Jesus! That's a lot of kit. I thought I took my 19 years GMing CP2020 seriously until I saw your set up. My essentials are: 1> The official GM screen, although I have been known to custom build my own with genre style artwork on the players side. This is where I BS my rolls, away from prying eyes. 2> My black binders. I have several black ring binders with all my extra rules, ware, guns, NPCs, maps etc. 3> The box o' books. I have a file box with my collection of Cyberpunk supplements. 4> My handouts. I'm a graphic designer/illustrator by trad
  6. I'm no expert, but could it be a Finnish or other northern european edition? The seller's location is Finland according to the listing. As a graphic designer, I'd love to see an English language 'reimaging' of the CP2020 rulebook - improved layout, new contemporary artwork, full colour throughout, glossy stock and a quality hardcover. Maybe I'll put it together myself when I win the Lotto jackpot!
  7. I concur - as a forum 'noob' and a 20 year CP GMing veteran, I can honestly say that this particular thread has reinvigorated my desire to start a new campaign, moreso than any other. Kudos to ya Cyberbear - keep up the good work!
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