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  1. Jake Van Huysmann, Prowler • Job: Freelance Procurement Agent • Pad: Currently between residences… • DOB: April 4th 2001, Nijmegen Policed Zone, The Netherlands, EU: 25 years old (April 2026) • Dutch • Jake looks pretty slick for someone recently released from prison; spiky, jet black hair, high-neck, slimline leather jacket, black jeans/cargo pants, t-shirts/crew necks. Jake also sports a selection of black, tribal tattoos across his arms and body, and the scar across his face lends an edginess to his overall look. • Jake is painfully aware of how successful he once was and is willing to do whatever it takes to get back to the top. He values himself over anyone else and has a compulsive need to gain money and power. In Jake’s view, people only exist to be used on your way to the top. To others, Jake appears to be moody, rash and incredibly stubborn. He rarely admits when he is wrong. He is well educated and speaks both Dutch and English fluently. His most valuable possession is a chip containing seven minutes of digital footage from his privileged childhood, showing a happy and rich family life, now lost. • Jake’s early days were affluent and secure, his parents both successful divisional managers for Dornier Aerospace. The family resided in a self-contained DA facility on the edge of the Nijmegen Policed Zone, protected from the outside world in their luxury arcology by Dornier security specialists. They were attended to by a team of nannies, tutors and other staff. Jake, his brother Michael and sister Hannah were each enrolled at the company educational academy, starting out on the path to their expected lifelong careers with Dornier Aerospace. Then, one rainy October day in 2016, both his parents unexpectedly took their own lives. Jake and his siblings were separated and sent to different company care facilities. Jake, the eldest, found himself in Berlin where he learned to speak a little German. Major Life Events: • It was in Berlin that Jake met Nadia in 2017. She was 15, a year younger than Jake, and he was immediately impressed by her streetwise ways. She survived as a con artist and a hustler, using her youth and charm to gain the trust of her marks and reaping the rewards. She encouraged Jake to get involved, and soon he was working for her full-time. They made a good team and soon became inseparable. • In 2018 Jake and Nadia stopped dancing around their feelings for each other and became a couple. They moved into a run down flat in a Berlin tower block soon after. One night, Jake saved Nadia’s life when she was set upon by a group of boosters. He shot a couple of them with a found Soviet-era handgun he kept tucked into his jeans. She was incredibly shaken and was always a little quieter after that night, but Jake was still madly and deeply in love with the girl who had constantly been there for him since the loss of his parents. No matter what came their way, they managed to cope, together. Waking one morning to find the door to their flat forced open and Nadia gone, Jake was hysterical. He combed the streets for weeks looking for her. Nothing. His heart broken beyond repair, he scraped together the last of their money and left the filthy Berlin suburbs. • Jake signed his EBM contract in the spring of 2019. He was barely 18 years old and was now indentured to a major corporation. EBM promised him a new life, a fresh start and he grasped it with both hands. Jake had a natural aptitude for athleticism, having a keen interest in parkour in his early teens in the DA arcology and, later, the alleyways of Berlin, and EBM encouraged this, enrolling him in a variety of courses and training him professionally. Jake never thought to question what they might be training him for, he simply embraced his new life and the anonymity. • 2020 brought Jake’s first real taste of company infighting. Assigned to a company retrieval team led by Sienna Blanchard, a highly trained EBM solo, Jake discovered she was on the take from a variety of sources. Rather than report her corruption, he decided to take advantage of his knowledge instead and Jake began blackmailing Sienna. It wasn’t long before they were both discovered and Sierra was retired from the company. Jake was transferred to the States. • In 2021, Jake discovered his brother Michael was also in the employ of EBM NorCal. They reforged their relationship during this period. This was hard at times as Michael was already an executive and moved in very different circles, looking down on Jake and his repo jobs. Then, short on cash, Jake managed to ‘procure’ an R&D device with a view to selling it on the streets of Night City. Michael discovered his brother’s misdemeanor and tried to persuade him to return the tech. He even gave him money so that Jake had no need to sell it. Over the months that followed their relationship faltered. • May 2022, Jake was arrested by EBM Internal Security operatives and, following a company show trial, he was convicted for Possession of Stolen Goods, Grand Larceny and Embezzlement. He was sentenced to three years in a mid-level security correctional facility. He narrowly avoided the company recommendation for Personality Adjustment. • Jake adjusted to life in prison surprisingly well. The routine of his daily existence reminded him of life in the Dornier Aerospace arcology. In February 2023 he made a friend of ‘Cowboy’ Kirk Conner, an interstate tech smuggler imprisoned for tax evasion and trafficking. Jake took the rap for a whole host of misdemeanors that Kirk was involved in, ensuring that he got his parole. Kirk left the facility promising to hook up with ‘Dutch’ (Jake) when he got out. • Jake ran afoul of Tommy Wong, a vicious Triad leg-breaker for the 14K, in June 2024. The pair just didn’t get along - Jakes presence alone seemed to piss Tommy off. Jake seemed to revel in the antagonism, causing Tommy to lose face with the other inmates. This animosity boiled over one morning during the laundry shift, with Tommy Wong cutting Jake up pretty bad. Jake spent some time in the prison hospital and lost the sight in his right eye. • Looking forward to his release later in the year and prepared to do anything to decrease his term, Jake became an informant in July 2025. He passed a lot of information to Detective Patrick Kincaid from Vice. In doing so, Kincaid gained a lot of kudos back at the precinct. Kincaid owes Jake some serious favours… Jake was released early in November 2025 and headed for Night City looking for a place to live and somewhere to work. He found Kirk, who has been trying his best to find him a way off Welfare ever since. • 2026: Now - Jake has to report to his Parole Officer every Monday and Thursday until June 30th 2026. His Parole Officer is Candice Brown, ‘The Bitch’. They've got this little arrangement: Jake gives Brown 50% of his income in exchange for a clean parole record - no guns, no drugs, stable employment etc. The alternative is tagging, which Jake really wouldn’t appreciate. The Numbers: 60 Character Points & 6000eb + 1000eb Monthly Income INT: 8 REF: 9/13/ 12 TECH: 7 COOL: 7 ATTR: 5 LUCK: 4 MA: 6 BODY: 7/- EMP: 8/4 RUN: 18m LEAP: 4.5m LIFT: 70 SAVE: 7/- BTM: -2/- DAM: +0 REP: 0 Humanity: 80/32.5 Skill Points: 62 Skills: Sneak 5 Hide/Evade 4 Stealth 5 Awareness/Notice 4 Pick Lock 3 Handgun 4 Athletics 6 Electronic Security 4 Melee 2 Cyber Tech 5 Medical Tech 3 Motorcycle 4 Streetwise 4 Brawling 3 Biology 4 Drive 3 Education & General Knowledge 2 German 3 Cybernetics: HL EB Neural Processor 5 1000 Sandevistan Speedware (+3 for 5 turns) 3 1600 Boostmaster (speedware enhancement +1) 2 650 Chip Socket 3 200 - Ambidexterity Chip - 800 - Death-Trance (1-3 minutes to enter; Medtech 25+) - 1000 - Stress Less Chip (+1 COOL/+1 EMP interaction) - 350 - Photomemory RAM (INT+2 vs 15 for specific memory) - 1600 Pain Editor 6 200 Interface plugs (pair) 3 200 Right Cyberoptic 8 500 Left Cyberoptic 5 500 - Image Enhancement (+2 Awareness) (Both) 2 600 - Infrared (Both) 2 400 - Digital Camera (2 options) (Left) 0.5 300 - Live Feed (upto 2 miles) (Right) 1 1000 - Times Square Marquee (LED message field) (Right) 1 300 Smartgun Link (+2) 2 100 IR Resistance (+2 to Stealth vs. IR systems) 2 800 Olfactory Boost (+2 awareness via smell; locate 50%) 2 100 Total Cost: 47.5 12,200 Gear: SP10 Kevlar Weave Top (EV-0) 70 SP4 Leather Jacket (EV-1; 2nd layer - SP15) 200 Black Denims, Cargo Pants, T-shirts 100 Black Nylon Backpack 10 Nylon Shoulder Holster 20 Low Impedance Cables (+1) 60 Smartchipped Colt AMT 2000 12mm Automatic 1000 Box of 50 12mm rounds for Colt AMT 20 Electronic Toolkit 100 B&E Tools 120 Butterfly Knife (P/C/1D6/1m) 15 Motion Sensors x4 160 2x Disposable Cell Phones (10 calls each) 30 Citizen & Finance Cards - Total Cost: 1,905 Remaining Euro: 100eb
  2. Tetsuo ‘Gunshi’ Akimoto, Solo • Ronin hired by Matt Black • Pad: Currently between residences… • DOB: January 23rd 2003, Tokyo-Chiba, Japan, Pacific Prosperity Sphere: 23 years old (April 2026) • Japanese • Tetsuo dresses in a pseudo-corporate style - very sharp, but slightly conservative suits, wears his black hair slicked back with a severe undercut and sports round, chromed mirrorshades • Tetsuo is motivated by his own ego. A strong believer in his own abilities, he is arrogant and cocky. He values himself over all others and lusts after power and money. To Tetsuo, people are simply worthless obstacles. Tetsuo is a religious man and tries to visit a shinto shrine every day to pray, offer incense to his ancestors and to revere the spirits of the dead. His most valued possession is a string of worn prayer beads that belonged to his father and grandfather. • Tetsuo Akimoto and his brother Nawa grew up in a zaibatsu owned farming complex sprawled across the hills to the north of Tokyo. He managed to get off-site as often as he could, staying away longer each time. Then, following an argument with his father, Tetsuo never went back, fleeing into the streets of Asakusa in Tokyo to start a new life. A year later, his father died in a farming accident and his mother died not long after. Some say it was a broken heart that killed her, but Tetsuo believes it was the atrocious working conditions at the complex. Major Life Events: • In 2019 Tetsuo was recruited to work for Ellis-Itami Corporation by his brother, who already held a low level data entry position there. Nawa believed an honest job would help settle the wayward Tetsuo. The 16 year old had other ideas, stealing the custodial patents for Okuda’s thermoptic technology and defecting to Makita Genetics. They promised to enroll him in their Special Projects Division. • Tetsuo escaped Makita’s SPD in October 2020 with the help of Dr Yoshi, one of the medtechs working in the department experimenting on Tetsuo and other SINless teens. Yoshi helped Tetsuo escape into Tokyo and set him up with some Yakuza contacts. • Tetsuo had quickly settled into the life of a gangster by 2021. He was barely 18 years old and had already earned the nickname ‘Gunshi’, meaning strategist in Japanese. He revelled in the crimes he was instructed to commit and enjoyed the rewards. He was a bad-ass Yakuza footsoldier and was crazy enough to try anything. However, his ego got the better of him when he spurned the romantic advances of Ryoko, the gumi’s netrunner. She wasn’t much of a looker and Tetsuo knew he could do better. Ryoko didn’t see it that way and was both embarrassed and furious. From then on, things started to go wrong for the young solo. • 2022 brought nothing but bad luck for Tetsuo, prompting him to visit shinto shrines twice daily in an attempt to appease whichever spirits he had angered. The clan had kept him out of a lot of their recent stings and his money was dwindling. His position was becoming untenable. Then, as if out of nowhere, he discovered a warrant had been put out for his arrest, in connection with the murder of a prominent Arasaka executive. Tetsuo knew that he was as good as dead. • In 2023, at the age of 20, Tetsuo’s luck changed. After laying low for what seemed like a lifetime, he scored enough cash to get out of the country. Already able to speak English, he fled to the United States. • Shortly after his arrival in Night City in May 2024, Tetsuo was once again working for the Yakuza as well as anyone else with enough euro for his services. The gumi didn’t involve Tetsuo in too many sensitive operations, as they were aware of his shortcomings back in the old country. When the Night City clan fractured and the ‘civil war’ began, Tetsuo tried to keep his head above water and sided with the original Oyuban, now known as Father Ghost. This greatly displeased the pretender to the throne, Nagamasa The Demon, formerly the Night City Underboss. Nagamasa sent enforcers to kill Tetsuo, but none returned to confirm his death. The Demon was now furious… • In August 2025 he made a friend of Takashi Murphy, a successful Night City infobroker. Tak has lots of corporate and media contacts and introduced Tetsuo to Matt Black. • 2026: For some reason, Matt Black suddenly has a need for another gunman and Father Ghost requested information on Matt Black… The Numbers: 60 Character Points & 5500eb + 2000eb Monthly Income INT: 7 REF: 9/13/12 TECH: 4 COOL: 8 ATTR: 5 LUCK: 4 MA: 5 BODY: 8/- EMP: 9/6 RUN: 15m LEAP: 3.75m LIFT: 80 SAVE: 8/- BTM: -3/- DAM: +1 REP: 0 Humanity: 90/57 Skill Points: 60 Skills: Combat Sense 5 Awareness/Notice 5 Handgun 5 Martial Art: Gun Fu (x3) 6 Melee 4 Weaponsmith 3 Rifle 2 Athletics 5 SMG 2 Stealth 5 Intimidate 2 Drive 5 Pilot Vector Thrust 5 Electronic Security 3 Motorcycle 2 Shadow/Track 4 Cybernetics: HL EB Neural Processor 5 1000 Sandevistan Speedware (+3 for 5 turns) 3 1600 Boostmaster (speedware enhancement +1) 2 650 Chipware Socket 2 200 - Stutter Chipping (1 turn to designate friendlies) - 310 - Independent Action Chipping (can choose diff. targets) - 250 Pain Editor (ignore Stun saves) 7 200 4 Interface Plugs (2x pairs) 6 400 Smartgun Link (+2) 2 100 Biomonitor (+2 Resist Torture & Drugs) 1 100 Neural Bridge (ambidexterity bio-implant) 5 600 Total Cost: 33 5410 Gear: Flein Duraweave Suit (SP10, +2 Wardrobe & Style, EV-0) 500 Takanaka Executive Kevlar Lined Overcoat (SP16) (EV-1; 2nd layer - SP20) 2000 Yoshiko Shirts & Ties 400 Twin Black Nylon Shoulder Holsters 40 Compact Black Leather Belt Holster & Clip Pouch (small of back) 30 3x Low Impedance Cables (+1 smartgun connection) 90 2x Smartchipped Glock-30 10mm Machine Pistols 2820 Box of 150 10mm Caseless Rounds For Glock-30s 45 Smartchipped Militech Arms Avenger 9mm Automatic 500 Box of 50 9mm Caseless Rounds For Avenger 15 Gun Cleaning Kit 50 Electronic Toolkit 100 Penlight 10 Black Nylon Holdall 5 Trauma Team Account (500eb/month) 500 Nokia-Zetatech NZ-40 Cell Phone (100eb/month) 75 Citizen & Finance Cards - Total Cost: 7280 Remaining Euro: 100eb
  3. Vincent Bauer, Undercover Cop trapped between Matt Black and The Job • Faceman and muscle for Matt Black, owner of The Works nightclub, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • Pad: Low rent, three room apartment in Municipal Apartment Zone 4, Black Hill, Night City (owned by NCPD). • Role: Cop (undercover, posing as a Fixer) • DOB: January 17th 2000, New Jersey: 26 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • Anglo-American • Vincent Bauer is tall, lean man with rough close-cropped hair and a five-o’clock shadow. He always wears a worn, black leather coat, T-shirts, hooded sweats and faded denims. Sports a gold wedding band but never talks about it… • Vincent is a man torn between two worlds and doesn’t like it. He began his career as an upholder of the law and now he’s trapped in an undercover operation by his own actions. Too afraid to back out and turn himself in, and too uncertain to completely make the leap into the shadowy world of the Street. Bauer just wants to survive until he can get out of this mess and put his life back together. He knows that Black is aware that he is a cop and Bauer now feels like he’s being played by both sides. • Bauer has come to believe law and justice are not the same thing and sometimes crosses the line when dispensing justice, especially when he knows the law alone won’t sort things out. He feels a sense of loss with this realisation. He absolutely loathes department politics but still gets sucked into playing the game, against his better judgement. He hates people like Black and everything they stand for. He hates everyone around him at the moment. Bauer is just itching to nail these fuckers and bring their shit crashing down around them. • Addicted to SynthCoke and booze since his career and marriage went south. Not a really heavy user, but enough to make him think twice about mentioning it at his next evaluation. • His father, Vincent Bauer Senior, was a New York union-man executed by the mafia in 2015. His mother, Frankie, died of lung cancer in 2018, thankfully prior to the nuke in the Big Apple. • Partner: Detective Patrick Kincaid (main liaison on this undercover operation) • Ex-Wife: Alison Bauer (DA’s Office, Night City) (she’s a bitch, but she’s hot!) • Boss: Captain Meredith Chavez (Ladder climbing, career obsessed lifer and major ball-buster) • Precinct: NCPD Precinct 1: Municipal Criminal Justice Complex, Night City Central (Medical Centre North) Major Life Events: • 2017 - 17: Bauer joined the US Army in February of 2017 and completed his basic training. He was discharged on medical grounds after a leg injury received on exercise in Alaska. Militech turned down his application the same year. Bauer always felt that he had been an average soldier at best and so looked to find an alternative career. • 2018 - 18: Vincent joined the NCPD and was an idealistic and enthusiastic recruit, despite working in an underfunded and badly neglected precinct. He soon met and fell in love with an attractive and ambitious law student called Alison Dean. • 2019 - 19: Bauer was a young, uniformed beat-cop on the midnight shift, Night City’s red-light district. He was first on the scene after a 911 call was made from a notorious make-shift puppet parlour. The murder victim was Matteo Marzotta, a member of the NorCal Board at EBM and a founding member of the newly formed Biocontrol agency. Strangely, for a victim so high profile, the case still remains unsolved. Maybe if Bauer were to close the book on this one, he’d regain his previous status and get his life back on track. • 2020 - 20: Still in uniform, Bauer was attached to Homicide; consequently, 2020 was a very busy year for the young cop. He also began to better understand the politics inherent to the force. Vincent married newly qualified lawyer Alison in June. • 2021 - 21: Promoted to Detective after passing the exam with flying colours. He stayed with Homicide but found it increasingly difficult to remain untarnished by the corruption that was rife throughout the NCPD. Alison gained a deserved reputation as a successful litigator for the City Government. Bauer’s partner, Jensen Davis was shot and killed during an attempted arrest. Vincent felt helpless but believes that another cop fired that fatal shot because Davis knew too much. • 2022 - 22: Promoted to Detective Sergeant and transferred to Special Investigations. Alison now worked for the District Attorney’s office. The Bauers were known as an up-and-coming ‘power couple’ in law enforcement circles. Vincent was responsible for an investigation team trying to bring down a major narcotics ring suspected of being corporate controlled. It was discovered that Bauer’s team had been compromised and the case quickly collapsed. He turned a blind eye when the cop/corporate spy was executed by a member of Bauer’s team. • 2023 - 23: Vincent was demoted back to Detective when the previous year’s failures came to light. He began to drink heavily and use recreational drugs. His relationship with Alison became increasingly strained. Both Bauer and his new partner, Detective Patrick Kincaid, were not adverse to making some money on the side. The pair justified their actions to themselves and to each other; the dirty money was for their families, for the future. With Kincaid’s influence, Bauer slowly became the kind of man he had always hated. His actions became more violent. • 2024 - 24: Vincent and Alison’s marriage finally broke down and the estranged couple divorced. Luckily, the pair had no children. Vincent moved out of the North Oak family home and back in to the rookie quarters at the precinct house. In December of 2024 a major investigation in to organised crime syndicates began and Bauer volunteered to go undercover. He was assigned to infiltrate the network of a ruthless fixer called Matt Black who was believed to have far reaching criminal connections. Bauer was disappointed, as he suspected the operation to be more about keeping him out of the way for a while. Bauer threw himself in to the job regardless and began compiling a file on Black’s business associates and reporting back to the department. He also used the assignment to line his own pockets. Ya know, for the future… • 2025 - 25: On an errand with Charlie and Oscar for Matt Black, Bauer shot and killed a family of four on Christmas Eve, while high on SynthCoke. He doesn’t remember much about it but strongly suspects Black has evidence of the crime. Bauer is now caught between a rock and a hard place… • 2026 - 26: Now The Numbers: 63 Character Points & 6000eb + 1200eb Monthly Income + 800eb/month NCPD Salary INT: 7 REF: 8/ TECH: 4 COOL: 8 ATTR: 7 LUCK: 5 MA: 6 BODY: 7/ EMP: 8/6 RUN: 18m LEAP: 4.5m LIFT: 70 SAVE: 7/ BTM: -2/ DAM: +0 REP: 0 Humanity: 80/52 Skill Points: 63 Skills: Streetdeal 2 Authority 3 Interrogate 5 Streetwise 4 Human Perception 4 Persuasion & Fast Talk 2 Awareness 6 Library Search 3 Shadow/Track 2 Athletics 5 Brawl 3 Handgun 5 (+3) Drive 4 Stealth 3 SMG 3 Electronic Security 4 Weaponsmith 2 First Aid 3 Cybernetics: HL EB Neural Processor 3 1000 Motion Detector Implant (70%) 6 200 Kerenzikov Boost Level 2 (+2) 5 500 Smartgun Link (+2) 2 100 Interface Plugs (pair) 1 200 Cyberoptics (L&R) 6 1000 - IR, Image Enhance (+2 search) 2 500 Chipware Socket 3 200 - NCPD Visual Recognition Chip (IDs) - 400 - Night City Map Chip - 110 Total Cost: 28 4210 Gear: Black Leather with SP10 Kevlar Inserts (EV 0) 120 SP10 Kevlar T-Shirt (EV -1 - 2nd layer; SP15) 90 Black Nylon Shoulder Holster 20 Colt AMT 2000 12mm Automatic (Smartchip) 1000 Low Impedance Cables (+1) 60 Box of 100 12mm rounds for Colt AMT 40 Pocket Electronic Toolkit 100 Pewter Hip Flask of Jim Beam 60 2 doses of SynthCoke 200 5x Stripwire Binders 5 Penlight 10 Beat-up 2015 Ford ‘Elise’ Sedan 500 Zetatech i850 Palm Top 250 Motorola™ Basic Cell Phone (50eb/month) 50 Citizen & Finance Cards - NCPD ID badge (in apartment or car) - Total Cost: 2405 Remaining Euro: 800eb
  4. Geist

    Matt Black

    Thanks guys. Charlie and Oscar were pretty fierce in the campaign. They were both controlled by the same player which made combat pretty intense. Replicated the close tactical unity the pair would naturally have really well. And Graham played them both really creepy - most of the time they were quiet and placid, and when trouble started they'd explode into action, suddenly hyper-aware of their immediate situation. And they could lay down some serious fire. Polly was awesome too, in her own way. As a fifteen year old girl, she'd turn on the 'cat from Shrek' routine but had the morals of Pol Pot. We used the early draft of Run.net by Interrupt and it worked very well. I recall Polly sitting huddled amongst air vents and comms dishes on top of the NC Convention Centre, hood up against the rain, cradling her chunky yellow deck, enveloped in her dad's old armoured jacket, wrestling control of the entire security suite to give the PCs inside free reign. Good times. Oh, and Polly had never fired her gun. She learned everything she knew (+3 skill) playing first person shooters online. She picked up an SMG once and prayed and sprayed which knocked her on her back and nearly made her cry! The other PCs in the room were pretty 'emotional' too… And yeah, I loooove the Mockery site. Got some good ideas from Krypter's Neuropoliton too.
  5. AU-5903 ‘Charlie’ & AU-5915 ‘Oscar’, Solos • Bodyguards to Matt Black, owner of The Works nightclub, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • Pad: Small room on the 2nd floor of The Works, corner of 22nd Street & Coronado Drive, Exchange East, Night City. • DOB: Unknown. Approximately 20 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • African • Physically, the pair are very striking. They are pale albinos with strong, African features, 7' tall, lean with wiry, athletic frames, dotted with scars. They are both hairless with black barcodes on the backs of their necks along with their coryimbic implants. Their eyes are milky white as if they had cataracts, due to the implanted nictating membranes that protect the eyes from bright dazzling lights, smoke, toxins and other irritants. Neither clonal has any discernable fingerprints. They wear black and dark grey, form-fitting, flexible armour, occasionally wearing black vinyl disposable raincoats (available from vending machines) over the top of their gear. • Even though they are clones, Charlie and Oscar exhibit slightly different personality traits - Oscar is cold, quiet and humourless, whereas Charlie can be more talkative. Both have little empathy as it’s been beaten, shot and gene-modded out of them. They see each other as brothers and it would be almost impossible to turn one against the other. They are loyal to Black as he is their Commanding Officer as far as they’re concerned. Oscar and Charlie are afraid of capture by Biocontrol or a similar entity, neither having any idea what would happen to them if they were picked up. Both really, really like the rain. In all things they are very much driven by instinct and training, both being addicted to the rush of combat, adrenaline and endorphins. • Charlie and Oscar are the last of N’kosa Mambi’s fever dream of a Pan-African empire - illegal combat clones he gene-modded to the eyeballs, literally. They were developed using stolen Makita Genetics patents. Most of them have been hunted down and exterminated by Protocol forces after the battle of Angel Falls, but these two made it out. They are designer soldiers; lethal savants grown in vats, raised by VR tactical programs, and honed by the Sub-Saharan bush wars. Back in the warzone, the superstitious locals called them ‘Ojiji’, meaning ‘shade’. • The pair met Matt Black when he took them in for Otto, the man who smuggled them out of Liberia. He treats them both very well and always provides for them. He’s a good CO, but they are starting to become aware that they are treated differently to the others that work for him. The girls at The Works are a constant source of fascination to both Oscar and Charlie, but they have both been told that they are strictly ‘off limits’. They like Polly as she is nice to them, and she’s colourful and funny. • Their tiny, bare room contains a pair of military surplus cot beds, blankets, an old office water cooler and various cardboard boxes loaded with ancient stuff. The window has been painted black, but is peeling allowing the clonals glimpses of the bay. An electric heater provides warmth for the pair and a bare bulb provides them with light. Major Life Events: • 2022 - 16: During the Namibia Campaign, Oscar suffered from an addiction to the combat drugs that his unit were using to push them beyond their design parameters, losing some cognitive abilities due to neural damage. While Charlie was on the Angolan border with Namibia, his plan to go AWOL was foiled by Joseph Kizengé, a retired Police Chief leading a squad of militia assigned to Charlie’s unit. Charlie was picked up and mercilessly beaten for days. He vowed to kill Kizengé, but never got the chance. Maybe one day… • 2023 - 17: Oscar sustained a vicious torso injury at the hands of N’kosa Mambi’s bodyguards and nearly bled to death. Oscar believes it was because Mambi’s inner circle hated the clonal troops they had to fight along side. Oscar still bears the deep machete scars to this day. Deep in Angola, Charlie’s unit, penetrating behind enemy positions, was involved in a night-time strike against a Dornier Aerospace corporate facility. The bitter orbital corporation is still actively hunting those involved. • 2024 - 18: Oscar was trained in melee techniques this year by Arasaka contractors assigned to an Angolan airstrip where Oscar’s unit was garrisoned. Charlie saved the life of a Network News 54 war correspondent called Maria Tuttle, during a night attack on the same airport. She owes Charlie a big favour… Oscar and Charlie’s Platoon Five-Nine fled north to Liberia as Protocol Special Forces aggressively attempt to bring N’kosa Mambi’s campaign of violence and bloodshed to an end. Otto Kleist, an enterprising arms dealer helped Oscar and Charlie and a handful of other clonal troops escape from Liberia on a container ship bound for South America. He then smuggled them into the US. They soon discovered that they had been indentured to Matt Black, who in effect was their new ‘commander’. He fitted them both with audio implants and a secure radio link between them and himself. • 2025 - 19: Oscar and Charlie do the occasional operation for Matt Black. Wisely, they are used sparingly as the Protocol noose tightens worldwide. The international agency Biocontrol is known to be hunting any clonals that got out of the African warzones. Charlie takes to the instruction of a technician called Walt who works for Black, and became adept at bypassing electronic security systems. • 2026 - 20: Now The Numbers - AU-5903 Charlie: 60 Character Points & 0eb (financially dependent) INT: 7 REF: 11/10 TECH: 5 COOL: 8 ATTR: 4 LUCK: 4 MA: 10 BODY: 7/10 EMP: 8/5 RUN: 30m LEAP: 7.5m LIFT: 100 SAVE: 10/ BTM: -4/ DAM: +2 REP: 0 Humanity: 80/41 Skill Points: 54 Skills: Combat Sense 5 Awareness/Notice 4 Handgun 4 (+1) Martial Arts: Sambo (x3) 3 Melee 2 Weaponsmith 3 Rifle 4 (+1) SMG 5 (+1) Athletics 6 Stealth 5 Resist Torture/Drugs 3 Hide/Evade 2 Wilderness Survival 2 Heavy Weapons 3 Electronic Security 5 Cybernetics: HL EB Neural Processor 2 1000 Cyber Audio - Basic Module 3 500 Implanted Radio Links (Matt Black too) 1 100 Anti Dazzle Nictating Membranes (+4) 1 500 UV/IR Blockers (UV/IR resistance) 2 1500 Nasal Filters (70% effective) 2 60 Wireless Smartgun Link (+1) 1 300 Advanced Muscle & Bone Lace (BOD+3) 3 3000 Speed Grafts (MA+2) 3 750 Neural Bridge (Ambidextrous) 4 600 Erased Fingerprints - 100 Enhanced Sight: IR, Teleoptics 4 1200 Coryimbic Implant (plug & upto 6 chips) 4 500 Reflex Enhancement (REF+2) 5 3500 Synthskin (stored camo patterns) 2 400 Skinweave (SP12, Diff 20 to spot) 2 2000 Total Cost: 39 16,010 Gear: Black & grey Nylar Body Sleeve with Ceramet Plates (soft; SP14) (EV -1 - 2nd layer; SP17) 600 Black Nylon Interchangeable LBE Rig 50 Black Nylon Shoulder Holster 20 FN P90* - Suppressor & Black Nylon Harness 1000 Militech Arms Avenger 9mm Automatic 530 (standard smartlink with cable - Cory Plugs) M9 Survival Knife (with accessories) 50 Box of 50 9mm for the Avenger 15 2 Spare FN P90 50-round Clips 40 3 Spare Avenger 10-round Clips 30 2 Boxes of 50 5.7mm Caseless for the P90 36 Electronic Toolkit 100 First Aid Kit 10 2x Motion Sensors 80 5x Stripwire Binders 5 Telescoping Baton 30 Total Cost: 2596 Remaining Euro: 0eb The Numbers - AU-5915 Oscar: 60 Character Points & 0eb (financially dependent) INT: 7/6 REF: 11/10 TECH: 5 COOL: 9 ATTR: 4 LUCK: 4 MA: 10 BODY: 7/10 EMP: 7/4 RUN: 30m LEAP: 7.5m LIFT: 100 SAVE: 10/ BTM: -4/ DAM: +2 REP: 0 Humanity: 70/31 Skill Points: 54 Skills: Combat Sense 5 Awareness/Notice 4 Handgun 4 (+1) Martial Arts: Sambo (x3) 3 Melee 4 Weaponsmith 3 Rifle 4 (+1) SMG 5 (+1) Athletics 6 Stealth 5 Strength Feat 3 Hide/Evade 2 Wilderness Survival 2 Heavy Weapons 3 Demolitions 3 Cybernetics: HL EB Neural Processor 2 1000 Cyber Audio - Basic Module 3 500 Implanted Radio Links (Matt Black too) 1 100 Anti Dazzle Nictating Membranes (+4) 1 500 UV/IR Blockers (UV/IR resistance) 2 1500 Nasal Filters (70% effective) 2 60 Wireless Smartgun Link (+1) 1 300 Advanced Muscle & Bone Lace (BOD+3) 3 3000 Speed Grafts (MA+2) 3 750 Neural Bridge (Ambidextrous) 4 600 Erased Fingerprints - 100 Enhanced Sight: IR, Teleoptics 4 1200 Coryimbic Implant (plug & upto 6 chips) 4 500 Reflex Enhancement (REF+2) 5 3500 Synthskin (stored camo patterns) 2 400 Skinweave (SP12, Diff 20 to spot) 2 2000 Total Cost: 39 16,010 Gear: Black & grey Nylar Body Sleeve with Ceramet Plates (soft; SP14) (EV -1 - 2nd layer; SP17) 600 Black Nylon Interchangeable LBE Rig 50 Black Nylon Shoulder Holster 20 FN P90* - Suppressor & Black Nylon Harness 1000 Militech Arms Avenger 9mm Automatic 530 (standard smartlink with cable - Cory Plugs) M9 Survival Knife (with accessories) 50 Box of 50 9mm for the Avenger 15 2 Spare FN P90 50-round Clips 40 3 Spare Avenger 10-round Clips 30 2 Boxes of 50 5.7mm Caseless for the P90 36 First Aid Kit 10 2x Motion Sensors 80 5x Stripwire Binders 5 Telescoping Baton 30 Total Cost: 2496 Remaining Euro: 0eb *Refitted wireless FN P90 Heavy SMG Type Acc. Avail. Con. Shots ROF Damage Reliability Range Cost SMG +2/+1 Poor L 50 2/3/25 5.7mm (3D6 AP) VR 200m 1000eb • Retooled for caseless ammunition • Screw-on flash suppressor (-1 WA when fitted) • Rigged with a wireless smartgun link (uncommon) • Attached to firer via nylon SOPMOD body-harness
  6. Felix Winter, Corporate • Holistic Marketing Executive, Biotechnica Corporation, Night City Office • Apartment 3904, Level 39, Utopia Falls, Biotechnica Secure Sector, Silent Sky Archology Complex, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • DOB: March 13th 2001, Night City: 25 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • Anglo-American • Felix harbours a desperate fear of returning to the gutter and will use anyone or anything to make sure he stays on top. He has a love of all things expensive and prides himself on his exceptionally good taste. Felix is also very passionate about all things Oriental; lifestyle, culture and philosophy. The most important person in his life is London, his stunningly beautiful girlfriend. She is his rock and Felix isn’t certain what he would do without her. Felix dosen’t have a particular valued item as all his possessions are important to him; he is a very materialistic man, despite his cod zen philosophy. • Felix grew up in the newly built low rent apartment blocks synonymous with the South Night City Housing Project. His father was an unemployed Iraq War veteran who suffered terribly from PTSD, while mom waited tables in a Valley North roadside diner. One day in 2015, the NCPD knocked at the door to report that his dad had been shot and killed during an attempted armed robbery at the local Lucky Dragon convenience store. After that, his mother turned in on herself, spending most days engrossed in soap operas and drinking whatever she could afford with her welfare cheque. Felix was left to his own devices. Life in the Projects was hard and drugs were an ever present part of life. It wasn’t long before Felix was regularly using, rapidly progressing to Class A substances and a major narcotic dependency. With that came a need for money to score more gear, and Felix wasn’t an unattractive teen… Major Life Events: • 2017 - 16: Felix first met Matt Black at the same time he started to turn tricks for Twisted Victor, a notorious South City pimp. Matt was a year older than Felix and was employed by Victor as a faceman; he performed any errand Victor needed doing. Matt seemed to enjoy the work. Felix started out fairly casually in the skin trade, but as his addiction grew so did his reliance on Victor’s clients. He went from giving physical attention to lonely corporate women, to doing anything for anyone, male or female, as long as it paid. Felix used more drugs to block out what he was doing. His clients’ requests got stranger and more dangerous. Black even saved Felix’s life a couple of times when things got really crazy with clients. • 2018 - 17: Twisted Victor helped Felix get clean and had him fitted with the latest neural cut-outs, turning him into what the street called a ‘meat puppet’. Clients could do anything they wanted to a meat puppet and they wouldn’t feel a thing, or even remember much about it, as long as it didn’t get too extreme. And it paid well. Felix started to bleed off some of his and Victor’s earnings, stashing it until he could get out of that seedy business. He used some of the money to enroll on an undergraduate course at NCU, part-time. • 2019 - 18: One rainy night in July, Felix suffered an unbelievably vicious sexual assault from a smart, rich client. The trauma overloaded his now dated neural cut-outs, and Felix’s fight or flight response kicked into overdrive. He brutally killed the client who was abusing him. He then fled into the night, battered and bleeding. The major news networks identified the victim as Matteo Marzotta, a member of the NorCal Board at EBM and a founding member of the newly formed Biocontrol agency. Felix went underground. • 2020 - 19: With a successful facial resculpt, Felix resumed his studies, achieving a place on a Marketing Degree course. He threw all his energies into this endeavour and consistently came top in each of his elected modules. Towards the end of the year he met and fell in love with London Hajnalka, a 22 year old Hungarian fashion model studying photography and making waves on the West Coast couture scene. He moved in to her Bayside apartment soon after. • 2021 - 20: Spurred on by his improving fortune, Felix finished his degree and was quickly hired by Biotechnica after considering several offers from other leading transnationals. He began his career in the Marketing Division alongside the Adverting and Mediamatics teams; the so-called ‘pixel pushers’. He was a very popular addition to the busy department. 2021 saw huge growth for the biotechnology industry and Felix was at the forefront of that boom. • 2022 - 21: It wasn’t long before Felix was promoted to bigger things. He was made a Holistic Marketing Executive in May. He travelled the globe for the corporation, pitching theoretical projects to medical concerns, exclusive European clinics, military contractors, bio-start-ups in the Far East and supervising demonstrations of product beta tests. Life was a whirl of meetings, conferences, press demos, industry awards and lavish parties. London’s modelling career went stellar in ‘22 as she worked the Paris catwalks for Chanel, Furstenburg and Mizrahi, as well as becoming the celebrated avatar en mode of Vogue Online. • 2023 - 22: Attended a company sponsored Personal Protection Course with a number of other successful Biotechnica executives, becoming surprisingly proficient with handguns and discovering a love of Karate. Felix’s hectic lifestyle was enhanced with his growing interest in zen living and oriental culture. Haruna Biolabs of Tokyo made a tentative gesture of interest towards the young exec, with Felix declining politely. • 2024 - 23: Haruna made a failed extraction attempt at Felix and London’s home. Both were shot and injured, but Felix managed to hold off the extraction team until the company solos arrived. London received cutting edge cosmetic surgery to repair her wounds, but was out of circulation for too long. Her career was as good as over. By way of recompense, Biotechnica employed her as a PR Executive and moved the couple to a secure company apartment in the exclusive Silent Sky Arcology Complex. • 2025 - 24: Armando Geithner, the new Marketing Director was appointed in a surprising corporate coup. He ensured that his staff spent more time in the office and was notorious for epic telepresence meetings lasting for hours. Felix noticed that Geithner was very taken by London, the PR department falling into his remit, but nothing untoward has happened to date. Geithner also brought new blood to the team including Erin Main, Felix’s new PA, Ryan Gross, ambitious Marketing Analyst with eyes on Felix’s job, and Pandora, the departmental LAI assistant. • 2026 - 25: Now The Numbers: 60 Character Points & 7500eb + 5000eb Monthly Income INT: 8 REF: 7/8 TECH: 4 COOL: 8 ATTR: 8 LUCK: 5 MA: 6 BODY: 7/ EMP: 7/5 RUN: 18m LEAP: 4.5m LIFT: 70 SAVE: 7/ BTM: -2/ DAM: +0 REP: 0 Humanity: 70/49 Skill Points: 62 Skills: Resources 5 Personal Grooming 2 Wardrobe & Style 2 Interrogation 2 Streetwise 3 Human Perception 4 Interview 4 Seduction 2 Awareness/Notice 4 Expert: Biotechnology 4 Language: Japanese 4 Language: Mandarin Chinese 5 Stock Market 2 Athletics 4 Driving 3 Handgun 5 (+3) Martial Art: Karate (x2) 2 Pilot Vector Thrust 3 Stealth 2 Cybernetics: HL EB Neural Processor 4 1000 Augmented Reality DNI Chipping 1 400 Chip Socket 2 200 - Stress Less Chip (+1 COOL; +1 EMP) - 350 - Biotechnica Product ID Chip - - Pain Editor 6 200 Smartgun Link (+2) 2 100 Interface Plugs (pair) 3 200 Biomonitor with PDT (+2 resist) 1 150 Level 1 Kerenzikov Boostware (+1) 2 500 Total Cost: 21 3100 Gear: Eji Raincoat with SP10 Nylar Inserts (EV 0) 800 SP10 Kevlar T-Shirt (EV -1 - 2nd layer; SP15) 90 SP10 Yoshiko Armoured Attaché Case 100 Low Impedance Cable (+1) 60 Sternmeyer Type 35 11mm Automatic (chipped) 800 100 11mm Caseless Rounds 36 Black Italian Leather Shoulder Holster 80 Numan-Lloyd ‘Platina’ Palm Top (SP10; EMP) 500 Biotechnica Carry & Conceal Handgun Licence - Biotechnica Corporate ID - Biotechnica Rapid Reaction Card - Range of branded, designer leisure wear 20,000 Range of Tanaka ‘Executive’ Business Wear 15,000 Aizu-Shoto Omni™ Agent (150eb/month) 500 Citizen & Finance Cards - Total Cost: 38766 Remaining Euro: 4450eb Winter’s Company Aerodyne Silver Audi-Boeing A7 - lots of extras - satnav/GPS, windshield HUD, leather interior, passenger environmental controls, sound system, SP40 impact suppression gel safety system, LAI cruise control, hands free comms etc. Worth 400,000eb (Biotechnica company registration/IFF transponder)
  7. Polly Carbon, Netrunner • Hypersystem Architect for The Works nightclub, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • Pad: Loft above The Works, corner of 22nd Street & Coronado Drive, Exchange East, Night City • Role: Netrunner/Data Cutter • DOB: February 9th 2011, North Oak: 15 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • Emancipated Juvenile status since 19th June, 2025 (forged/net fraud) • Anglo-American • Into Utility/Leisure Wear, blue shaggy hair and make-up (inc. contacts), lip ring and tattoos - wears her dad’s old MARPAT armour jacket (SP14 - no insignia or patches, just tatty velcro strips where the name tags etc. should be) and a hooded, light grey sweat-top over a dark grey rubberised nylar vest (SP10), baggy black cargo pants and Nike hi-tops, finished with a customised and worn out Hello Kitty back-pack that’s seen better days… • Polly is naturally sneaky and deceptive, having gotten used to keeping secrets over the years. See all, hear all and say nothing is her mantra. The person she most values, now her dad has passed on, is Katherine Miller, the woman who introduced a 10 year old Polly to the other-world of the Net. Consequently, Polly also values knowledge (and is quite the trivia buff). She sees most people as obstacles in her way, an attitude developed during her father’s illness and one that isn’t getting any better with age. Her most valued physical possession is a moth-eaten photo from Christmas 2022 showing her mom and dad with Polly, all happy and smiling. One day, she’d like to make enough money to get into some prestigious med school some place. • Polly’s life as an only child was pretty non-descript before she got her first deck. She spent her formative years in a secure Militech-monitored suburb, the same corporation that employed her parents. Her mother worked a clerical job in the legal department and her father, a US Marine Field Medic and a veteran of both the South Am War and the Long Walk, was now a security guard. Later, her time was divided up between high school, making money on the net and looking after her sick father as his medical insurance money slowly trickled away. As soon as he passed away, Militech took back the family home and contacted a Trinity orphanage to take Polly into sheltered accommodation. She never made it onto the bus… • Polly Carbon met Matt Black, the owner of The Works, not long after avoiding Trinity. He bought her a coffee, she told him her story and he saw an opportunity. She now works for him on his netsite (500eb per week), his employment offer completing the fraudulent emancipation (his business license number was used in the faked file), and she crashes in the empty loft above the club. She gets on well with most of the girls who work there and sees them like the big sisters she never had, but she never lets them know the real her. See all, hear all and say nothing is her mantra. • The loft above The Works is kitted out simply. The room is clean and walled with bare plaster board and is furnished with a double futon with a tattered chocolate brown leather headboard, vTunes dock and amps, a microwave, coffee maker, a Budweiser beer cooler and an old brushed steel medical refrigerator cabinet, a couple of mismatched side lamps and a neon Coors sign for illumination, an oscillating desk fan with coloured acetate strips attached to the grill and the exposed oxy-red steel I-beams are used as shelving. Polly has a cactus she calls Milo. Dotted around the space are several home-made bean bags - salvaged polybeads heat-sealed inside brightly coloured industrial plastic sacking. The room isn’t quiet, with some sort of noise coming through at any given time; the hum of the rooftop aircon, bass music from downstairs, muffled conversations, sounds of sexual activity, the rain beating on the roof and the sky lights… Major Life Events: • 2021 - 10: Polly made a friend of Katherine Miller, a friend of her mom’s and a Professor of IT at Night City University. She was the woman responsible for building Polly’s first cybermodem. • 2022 - 11: Polly made an enemy of local drug-cooker, Kennedy Slain, on the fringe of the corporate ‘burbs. Whilst working on a v-mail order set-up for him (kids would v-mail Pol with their order and Kennedy would drop it off in his car), Polly decided to lift a mere 80eb from his online account. He went crazy when he found out. He wants to kill Polly at the first opportunity - nobody steals from the Slain! (particularly not little girls…) • 2023 - 12: Got lucky on a random data cut on the local Lucky Dragon store and gained 700eb which she tucked away for a rainy day, just in case. Good job too, this year her mom ran out on them one night as Polly’s dad started to get real sick with the Wasting Plague. Her dad started to instruct her on how to give dosed meds, clean wounds, give injections etc. • 2024 - 13: As her father’s condition deteriorated, Polly would sometimes bail due to the pressure, ending up at various gatherings. At one frat party she crashed, she met a young woman called Laura Fitzpatrick, a tech for the NorCal State Government, who listened to her sound off about her mom leaving and her dad’s illness. She then subtly gave Polly the URL for a back door into the Central Registry and information on Juvenile Emancipation (Laura’s brother Dale had just gone through the process). • 2025 - 14: Became close friends with Cassie King at North Oak High, a few months before her father died on May 12th. Cass would cover for Polly when she skipped school to get meds for her dad. Cassie’s parents are mid-level corporates, both working for Infocomp. Pol still has Cassie’s number in her cell. Cassie sometimes calls to see what exciting things Polly is up to down town… • 2026 - 15: Now The Numbers: 60 Character Points & 7000eb + 2000eb monthly income + 700eb (got lucky!) INT: 9 REF: 6/5 TECH: 5 COOL: 8 ATTR: 7 LUCK: 5 MA: 6 BODY: 5/ EMP: 9/8 RUN: 18m LEAP: 4.5m LIFT: 50/ SAVE: 5/ BTM: -2/ DAM: +0 REP: 0 Humanity: 90/77.5 Skill Points: 42 (level 9 max - based on age) Skills: Interface 6 (+1) System Knowledge 4 Programming 4 Library Search 3 Cyberdeck Design 1 Medical Tech 3 Hide/Evade 2 Streetwise 3 Forgery 1 Awareness/Notice 2 Persuasion & Fast Talk 2 Athletics 2 Driving 2 Handgun 3 Education/General Knowledge 2 Pilot Vector Thrust 1 Electronic Security 1 Cybernetics: HL EB Neural Processor 3 1000 Interface Plugs (pair; gel cap covers) 5 250 Cybermodem Link 1 100 Chipware Socket 3 200 Chiplok - 150 Kiroshi Shift-Tacts 0.5 200 Total Cost: 12.5 1900 Gear: SP10 Nylar Armour Vest (EV 0) 55 SP14 Light Armour Jack (EV -1 - 2nd layer; SP15) - Cybermodem & Software (see below) - Low Impedance Cables (+1) 60 20 blank data chips (10MU each) 200 Electronics Toolkit 200 Compact First Aid Kit 10 Nylon Hello Kitty pack 5 Dai Lung Cybermag 15 6mm Automatic 50 25 6mm rounds for Dai Lung 10 Basic Sony Cell Phone (50eb/month account) 50 Switchblade 15 Variety of clothing 550 SantaCruz Smartboard (8SDP) (+1 Smartwheels) 200 Citizen & Finance cards - Total Cost: 1550 Remaining Euro: 1990eb (spread amongst various accounts) Polly Carbon’s Cybermodem - ‘The Deck’: • The Deck is encased in a dirty yellow plastic Takara-Tomy casing dating back to 2021 and is decorated with layers of stickers, marker pen scrawls and a couple of dangling phone charms • The casing has wafer-thin kevlar inserts behind the insulating foam layers, giving the unit SP10 • The Deck has a total of 20 SDP (30 points of damage destroys the unit beyond repair) • Polly still has the original Takara-Tomy ‘trode set, made of faded pink plastic, just in case • The Deck now interfaces with a pair of Zetatech low-impedance cables • The guts of the modem are a mix of Mitsubishi-Koridansu and Toshiba parts - RAM, processors, drives, ports etc. • The Deck’s insides are cooled with a fibre-optic-thin web of LN2 nano-tubes from EBM • It has an added Naksha interface pad and trackball, Zetatech notebook display and speakers, an Aizu-Shoto printer/scanner, Desanto chip reader/writer and a Microtech web camera • The Deck has evolved over the last 5 years, looks forced together and is powered by a pair of EBM laptop batteries taped to the underside, but is surprisingly solid • The Deck has several saved avatars ranging from cartoony to chic and sophisticated, as well as a selection of hypercard files (online IDs with faked names, addresses, URLs, v-mail accounts and cell phone numbers…) that can be altered to suit her needs • The Deck runs several layers of VR on it’s home domain (5 years of overwrites) but runs smooth enough. The basic feel is a cluttered room - a home office or study organically taken over by a teenage girl. Files look like books, CDs and other objects. A moderate window looks out onto a crudely programmed and pixelated garden. A blocky Barney avatar sometimes appears if Polly looks at the window too long, wanting to play. Older now, she just finds him creepy and avoids staring at the window. One day, she really should reprogram this bit out… Command & Target Points: 60 (30 Command & 30 Target) Command Specialties: Locate 3 Query 3 Conceal 2 Edit 4 Control 3 Infiltrate 4 Secure 2 Encrypt 2 Decrypt 3 Run 4 Target Specialties: Files/Database 5 Cybernetics 2 Communications 4 Sensor 3 Remote 3 Cybermodem 3 Vehicle 3 Weapon 1 System 4 Sysop 2 Modem Ratings: Speed +2 (5 actions) Initiative: 11 + 1D10 + 1 Deck INT: 2 CPUs: 1 Memory: 20 Basic Virtual, No AI Barriers: Security 1 Static 3 Complexity 2 Camouflage 1 Polly Carbon’s Downloaded Software Suite: Worm STR2 5MU 380eb Intrusion - opens barriers in 2 turns, no alert Looking Glass STR3 3MU 310eb Detection - detects disguised icons Watchdog STR4 5MU 610eb Detection - detects entry, alerts operator Feedback STR4 3MU 960eb Anti-System - kills interface and blocks user plugs Black Mask STR3 3MU 600eb Evasion - makes icon look like something/one else Killer IV STR4 5MU 1400eb Anti-Program - 1D6 to any program strength Zetatech Installer STR1 1MU 300eb Utility - compresses programs to half, but -1 speed Total Software Cost: 4260eb
  8. Geist

    Matt Black

    Matt Black, Fixer • Owner of The Works nightclub, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • Apartment 2929, The Vanwelt Building, Ascension Drive, NorCal Plaza, Night City • DOB: July 31st 2000, Los Angeles: 26 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • Anglo-American • Into expensive Business & Leisure Wear - suits and shirts with no tie, Italian shoes etc. Matt always likes to look sharp - it gets respect, it gets you noticed. Matt’s a sucker for expensive brand names and labels - Flein, Gucci, Yoshiko, Desanto, Armani etc. The latest Yoshiko morphwear is his current favourite. His favourite drink is Shanghai White vodka (China’s first vodka, established 2009). • Matt is naturally arrogant and detached, always plotting his next score. He values money and power over everything else and the more he aquires, the more he values both, and it’s like an addiction to him. Many would say (quietly) that Matt Black’s favourite person has always been himself, and he’d be inclined to agree. As for other people, he has always felt that they are all just tools to be used and then discarded, or they tend to be annoying obstacles that need to be removed. All that Matt owns is valued highly, until that is, the item has served it’s purpose and is no longer useful - a view he also holds regarding his business associates… • Matt has a soft spot for Polly Carbon (another PC) and gets a bit paternal around her. He sees a little bit of the teen Matt in the netrunner and can’t help wanting to steer her in the right direction. Luckily for Polly, Matt is only sexually attracted to powerful, older women and he’s never really figured out why. Hell, he’d sleep with any woman providing she had money or access to power, but it’s the age difference that really pushes his buttons. A combination of power, money and maturity could have him eating out of a woman’s hand in no time. • Matt Black met Polly Carbon not long after she avoided Trinity. He bought her a coffee, she told him her story and he saw an opportunity. She now works for him on his netsite, a small VR advertising node (500eb per week), his employment offer completing the fraudulent emancipation (his business license number was used in the faked file - well, Stompenato’s (mafia NPC) business license…), and she crashes in the empty loft above the club. One day, maybe the State Government would like to know she’s an illegal adult, or perhaps Trinity would really like her back, not to mention her dubious online activities… • The Vanwelt apartment is a spacious, open-plan living area in the mid-section of the fairly exclusive (at least according to the residents) and secure building with large windows looking east across Del Coronado Bay. The decor is minimalist with a cutting-edge, modern look. It came fully furnished and includes a super-king sized bed, large flatscreen multimedia hub, lounge, dining area, kitchen area, shower room and bathroom. Vocal recognition operates all appliances and facilities, as well as the lights, aircon and window surfaces (which are also glare reactive). The plush apartment has an integrated NAI (Non-sentient AI) security ‘centre’ with white noise generators, door motion sensors, restricted entry to each floor, biometric locks and alarm system. Vanwelt provides professional and discreet security for the building, with direct alarm lines to the NCPD. • Matt regularly makes use of aliases such as Matt Noir, Christopher Black and Mark Vincent, but his main alternate persona is a solo called Sebastian Gunn, an alias enhanced by his recent Feature Alteration Implants. Major Life Events: • 2016 - 16: Matt Black arrived in Night City from Los Angeles on a Greyhound bus, 16 years old with only 25eb to his name, after escaping the drunken, red neck, trailer-trash that passed for his parents. Within weeks he was running errands for a South City pimp known as Twisted Victor. Due to the follies of youth, Matt found himself getting involved with one of Victor’s joygirls, a petite, scarlet-haired 19 year old called Stacey Nix. It was a rough affair, with Stacey doing a lot of ‘freebies’ on her nights off and dabbling in mid-level narcotics, such as LP9s, Rez and Synthcoke. The relationship ended late December when she took 300eb from Matt’s wallet and split. She called a few times after to try and get back together, even going so far as to confess her love to Matt. Too late though, the bitch had taken Matt's money… • 2017 - 17: In early February, whilst doing over a trick who hadn’t paid one of Victor’s girls, Matt received a call from Stacey telling him she was 3 months pregnant and living in San Fransisco. Later DNA tests confirmed that the girl was Matt’s. Laura Nix was born with narcotic dependency inherited from mom. Again, Stacey told Matt she still loved him and would wait for him. Matt just wanted his 300 back… plus interest. This year, Matt first met Felix Winter (another PC), one of Victor’s 16 year old meat puppets from the Projects. • 2018 - 18: Sick of Victor’s bullshit, Matt set up with a guy called Infojunky, a tax audit data-miner for the City, and an accomplished netrunner. Using the SINs of the deceased, the duo payed fraudulent tax rebates into fake bank accounts, usually off-shore. Biz was good and some of the money went towards a deposit on The Works, the remainder coming from a long-term ‘loan’ from Jonny Stompenato. • 2019 - 19: Feeling like the SIN scam was getting too hot, Matt decided to cash in with one final payout. With the Stompenatos constantly on his back, he started blackmailing Infojunky, threatening to reveal his transgressions to his employers. Matt got a couple of pay-offs, but Infojunky wriggled out and was really, really pissed. Fuelled by revenge, Infojunky has been running online interference ever since. • 2020 - 20: Sick of Stacey’s constant phone calls, and with no sign of his 300, Matt decided to bring things to a head. He informed her family, friends and employers about her colourful past in Night City. He even sent out a handful of hi-res feeds to better illustrate the point. She lost a lot of friends and her current boyfriend, as well as her job. She made no secret of the fact that she wants Matt beaten to a pulp. Matt’s plan is to rekindle some sort of friendship with Stacey and then betray her when the time is right. • 2021 - 21: Ran into Twisted Victor again, who passed on how to run a successful ‘puppet’ operation as well as helping Matt polish his act a little. Twisted Victor’s charm school… • 2022 - 22: Matt was introduced to Kelly Carson, a 30 year old paramedic and ex-exotic dancer, by Twisted Victor who was moving stolen pharmacuticals for her at the time. In the beginning, things were pretty good, but Matt couldn’t stop himself from sleeping around behind her back (and he still doesn’t really know why…). She left him suddenly one night in August. Matt still has very strong feelings for Kelly. • 2023 - 23: On the rebound, Matt embarked on a steamy affair with Melissa King, a hot 34 year old Infocomp junior exec he met at a party. It was a messy time, off and on every few weeks. Melissa was married to Josh and had a 12 year old daughter called Cassie. Unfortunately, Joshua King was a lawyer - a high level lawyer that wanted Matt dead and buried. The affair ended relatively quickly, with no strong feelings from either Matt or Melissa - it was more a physical thing. • 2024 - 24: Matt was arrested by Biocontrol agents on the night of May 17th for the illegal import and distribution of prohibited biological material. After a long week in jail, Matt was released without charge due to insufficient evidence. He strongly suspects that either Infojunky or Joshua King had something to do with the trumped up charges. Ironically, only weeks earlier Matt had purchased the illegal African clonal solos, Oscar and Charlie (more PCs) from an arms-dealer called Otto, who died shortly after. • 2025 - 25: Matt made an enemy of Candy Promise, one of his dancers, when he seduced her older, bisexual lover, Maria Goldovskoya, and ruined their relationship. He then framed Candy for distributing prohibited Category A narcotics in his club, just to get rid of her. She rightly hates Matt Black with a vengeance, and is probably plotting her revenge in prison right now… • 2026 - 26: Now The Numbers: 60 Character Points & 5500eb + 5000eb monthly income INT: 7 REF: 7/8 TECH: 5 COOL: 8 ATTR: 8 LUCK: 5 MA: 5 BODY: 7/ EMP: 8/6 RUN: 15m LEAP: 3.75m LIFT: 70/ SAVE: 7/ BTM: -2/ DAM: +0 REP: 0 Humanity: 80/54.5 Skill Points: 63 Skills: Streetdeal 7 Awareness/Notice 5 Wardrobe & Style 4 (+2 for Flein) Intimidate 3 Streetwise 3 Human Perception 6 (+4) Interrogation 3 (+2) Accounting 2 Expert: Bioware 4 Athletics 2 Martial Art: Gun Fu (x3) 2 Handgun 4 SMG 3 Drive 4 Pilot Vector Thrust 2 Basic Tech 2 Cyber Tech 3 Electronic Security 2 Pharmacuticals 2 Seduction 2 (+3) Persuasion 2 (+3) Cybernetics: HL EB Neural Processor 4 1000 Cyberaudio - Basic Module 9 500 Implanted Radio Link (to the clonals) 1 100 Voice Stress Analyser (+2 HP/Interr.) 1 200 Amped Hearing (+1 Aware) 1 200 Digital Audio Recorder Implant 0.5 100 Feature Alteration Implants 3 3000 Tailored Pheromones (Gullible) (+1) 1 1000 Chipware Socket 2 200 - Nice Guy Eddie Chip (+2 EMP skills) - 500 - Ambidexterity Chip - 800 - Photomemory RAM (INT +2 vs 15) - 500 - Stress Less Chip (+1 COOL, +1 EMP) - 350 Level 1 Kerenzikov Boostware (+1) 3 500 Total Cost: 25.5 9050 Gear: Sony-Diahatsu Medium Needle Gun 250 100 Standard Needle Gun Rounds (AP) 100 Black Nylon Shoulder Holster 20 SP10 Kevlar Weave Vest (EV 0 but -1wFlein; SP15) 70 Sternmeyer Type 35 11mm Automatic 400 100 11mm Caseless Rounds 36 Black Plastic Belt Clip for Type 35 20 5 Flein Duraweave Suits (SP10, +2 W&S) 2500 Variety of everyday clothing inc. overcoats etc. 5000 Yoshiko Morphwear Jacket & Trousers 2500 Aizu-Shoto ‘Black Book’ Palm Top (SP15; EMP) 250 Citizen & Finance Cards - Motorola Genius™ Agent (150eb/month) 220 Total Cost: 11396 Remaining Euro: 1604eb (spread amongst various accounts) Matt Black’s Assets: • The Works nightclub and 4 storey building - worth approximately 210,000eb • Matt’s own BMW 9018s performance sedan - 2024 plates - worth around 75,000eb • 2025 Toyo-Chrysler Omega medium sedan - lots of extras - satnav, HUD, leather interior, sound system, impact suppression gel safety system etc. - worth 16,500eb Total Value: 301,500eb Matt Black’s Regular Weekly Outgoings: • 3000eb per week - Stompenato loan (ongoing - owes approximately 95,000eb) • 1500eb per week - faceman payments (500eb each) • 600eb per week - netsite - includes Polly Carbon’s 500eb salary • 600eb per week - fuel and Sal Scagnetti’s 300eb salary • 300eb per week - Vincent Bauer’s take • 1000eb per week rent (Vanwelt Building) • 5000eb per week - club stocks and staff salaries Total Outgoings: 12,000eb Matt Black’s Regular Income: • 4955eb per week - club admission fees (average) • 3000eb per week - alcohol sales (average) • 900eb per week - ‘extras’ provided some of the dancers Total Income: 8,855eb (regular deficit of 3,145eb per week) The Works The Works is a three-star strip joint nestled between a warehouse and a run-down strip mall. The club is located near the bay at the east end of 22nd Street, Exchange East, Night City within walking distance for Charter Hill money. The front of the club is covered with neon, displaying ads for various brands of alcohol. Admission 10eb admission fee Monday to Thursday, 25eb Friday and Saturday Hours Open Monday to Saturday, from 7pm to 2am Clientelle Mid-level corporates, high-level street trash, and the occasional group of students from NCU Matt Black’s Leverage On His Associates (the other PCs): • Oscar & Charlie - illegally biomodified combat clones smuggled into the United States - classed as hazardous organisms by Biocontrol • Felix Winter - ex-'gay-for-pay' meat-puppet Biotechnica Marketing Executive, who killed a trick in 2019 - Matteo Marzotta, member of the EBM Board for Northern California and a founding member of Biocontrol • Vincent Bauer - drug addict undercover cop on the take from Matt Black, posing as a fixer, who believes he murdered a family of four whilst high in December 2025 - Matt knows it was Charlie and Oscar; Bauer was too fucked to know any different • Polly Carbon - illegal adult status, Trinity™ abscentee and wanted hacker
  9. Handgun and INT, I would say… Or COOL. Unless you think that 12 guage makes you look hawt.
  10. We've drifted to that way of using stats and skills over the years, mainly through in-game requirement. We thought we'd been quite cleverly exploiting the pleasingly fluid system (Interlock™). I don't recall ever having seen it stated in the 2020 book. Makes sense though.
  11. Yeah. That's true. My bad. WTF was I thinking?
  12. Yes. The lines between the two genres has definitely blurred in recent years. It seems that common cyberpunk tropes such as computing, hacking, cutting-edge technology, über-commercialism have become fodder for techno-thrillers as the real world hurtles past those original 80s concepts. Might explain the way cyberpunk games have drifted towards a gun-fetish style. There's alot of gun play in techno-thrillers. Plus, the Japanese/animé take on western cyberpunk (designer ultra-violence) seems to have a lot to do with it. While there is nothing wrong with a cyberpunk techno-thriller, it appears to be more the norm rather than the exception. Perhaps the cyberpunk genre needs to be redefined? Here's a link to a rather nice take on Cyberpunk 2020 blended with a contemporary techno-thriller - Dystopia: Hostile Takeover: http://www.thirdraildesignlab.com/dystopia.html Although I don't buy in to the idea of it being a 'pre-cyberpunk' setting…
  13. Oooooh! Tell us more! Love what you've done with Neuropolitan. You were going to update that setting IIRC?
  14. Sablehawk, awesome link my friend. Malek77 - fucking sweet write-up! God, I love this game.
  15. PM your email address - not sure if I've got the right one. You should have the map by now…
  16. Map has now been emailed! If you look at the combat zone at the bottom of my map, it doesn't seem very large. But the further you travel south, the more it spreads east and west and blurs into the ruined and semi-abandoned suburbs. That's what I tell my players anyway. Sorry if I seem over-enthusiastic, I've not shown anyone other than my regular players. Plus, I've not looked at this stuff in a while. Cheers, Paul
  17. Wisdom, I've added some locations to the submissions thread if you want to take a look. I also have a layered PDF map of my expanded Night City which you might find useful, although mine is more 'graphic' like a tourist map... I'll try and send it tonight after work.
  18. Here are the locations I detailed to go with my updated map. The numbers, street names and districts correspond to the map and are listed on it under Hospitality & Leisure. These locations were designed to give my PCs more to do at night and to compliment the existing NC material. Although it's probably more relevant to my campaign, I hope you can find something useful: 1 Alzo’s Corner of 23rd & Farren, Lockwood Alzo’s place is a small, discreet brick-fronted building that dates back to the late 1990s. Largely run down and covered in gang tags, you wouldn’t know this was a bar if it wasn’t for the grime encrusted and flickering Budweiser neon above the steps that lead down from street level. The upper floors are a mix of low rent student apartments and delapidated squats. The interior is decked out in a traditional bar room style - long laminated wood-effect bar with worn bar stools, table booths, round tables and chairs, a digital jukebox and various college sports memorabilia. Three flatscreens are mounted above the bar at angles showing sports, news, music or porn. Alzo himself is a lethargic, wirey skinhead in his early 40s and can often be found reading a well worn bible, whilst taking hits from any number of bright plastic inhalers with Chinese labels that he keeps behind the bar. He carries a small supply of booze in case the cops show up, but otherwise he normally supplies various recreational narcotics to the local students. Security Level: 0 2 Arcade Atomic Corner of 27th & Century South, Angel Falls The crumbling Arcade Atomic is a glass fronted corner carved out of an early 2000s red-stone tenement. The glass is plastered from the inside with fading game posters an inch thick and a layer of dead bugs, and plastered with grey street grime on the outside. The whole façade is rain streaked and worn. Inside is no better. Threadbare carpet tiles held together with industrial tape and cables can be seen amongst the rows of hologames and Augmented Reality booths. Two bullet-proof booths dispense plastic tokens for the machines, usually manned by beligerent goth teens, one booth being empty at any given time. The back wall, next to the filthy lavatories, is lined with relatively new soda vending machines as well as a Turbo-Dog vendomat. Many of the patrons are Dog Soldiers members. Security Level: 1 3 Comic Station Shibuya 27th Street, NCU South A large, four storey acrylic fronted manga, comics, animé and collectables store with so much neon kanji, it’s an aerodyne navigation hazard. The first three floors are an exercise in OCD geek, whilst the fourth, top floor is a members only bar. Popular with netrunners, urban-hip lower corporates, students and tech nerds, the collective IQ of the place could run the city grid alone. Security Level: 1 4 Sensutours 22nd & Sterling, South City Sitting opposite Chinatown, this renovated brick built bar is the home of quality braindance holidays. Clad in smoked grey acrylic and gun-metal grills, with the bright neon-yellow Sensutours logo, makes the place look relatively respectable. In reality, this DMS owned facility is a front for invasive memetic advertising and social engineering research. Patrons are unaware of the activities carried out while they are ‘dancing’ the holiday of a life-time. The subliminals they carry are then ‘virally’ passed on via standard social interaction. Patrons are biometrically tagged and monitored by DMS researchers. Problem cases that arise will then be ‘brought in’ to a special clinic for further examination. Security Level: 2 5 Valley of the Kinks - taken from an adventure for GURPS Cyberpunk, freely distributed online (I'll find the reference to the author if it's used) 27th Street, El Nino This sim-stim boutique lies a block down 27th from Comic Station Shibuya. From the outside, it appears to occupy the bottom level on the north side of the Lattimer Building - a 30 storey mirrored complex containing a variety of businesses. In fact, the parlor also extends underground for some way. A garish neon sign indicates the parlour - neon pink glyphs and stylised Egyptians on a black plastic backdrop. Two black pillars with embedded neon glyphs hold up an arched clear-perspex awning above the doors, a sooty grey colour towards the back and streaked by the rain. Holo ads flicker near the kerb, advertising the deals of the day. The large glass entry doors are flanked by two security guards. These are physically identical young men (natural twins). They each wear black long-sleeved shirts and black trousers with red flack vests over the top. They each also wear reflective sunglasses and are carrying both a tonfa and an auto-pistol on their hips. The security guards will not speak unless directly spoken to. If they do speak, they will find be scrupulously polite. However, any question other than one for street directions will be met with “I’m sorry sir, but I’m not allowed to give out information like that”. If patrons look like they might frighten clients, the guards will say either “I’m sorry sir, but I’m not authorised to let you in dressed like that” or “I’m sorry sir, but I’m not authorised to let you go inside with that”. If anyone has visible cyberwear and is not wearing a nice suit, they are sure to get the first response. Anyone with a visible weapon is sure to get the second response. Immediately inside is a large white marble room some 12 feet high. Soulless, high-pitched electronic mood music plays quietly in the background. Potential customers wander around each other and various plastic potted plants as they view the selections displayed on holographic stands about the room. There are usually five polite attendants. The sales attendants are dressed much like the security guards, except that they have no weapons, and their red vests are made of pseudo-silk lined SP10 kevlar. When a customer has made a selection, an attendant will receive their payment and take them to an underground booth to enjoy their show. Those with chip sockets or plugs can simply have the experience slotted into their head - a trip chip. This costs 20eb per hour. Those without chip slots must wear special VR helmets and body ‘trodes, for which there is an extra 10eb per hour charge. Given the name of the place, it should hardly be a surprise that the majority of the simsenses are of a very sexual nature. Moreover, the majority of the simsenses cater to minority tastes and most of these tend towards violence. Some allow the user to be the victim of violence, although most (and certainly the more extreme ones) allow the customer to be the perpetrator. Security Level: 2 6 The Cage 26th & Sterling, South City Only a block from the gang contested 28th Street Park, this retro Punk Rock nightclub regularly errupts in violence. Owned by a 7ft middle-aged punk called Warsaw, this concrete slab of a building oozes aggression, from the graffiti covered exterior, to the concrete, metal and chainlink interior, to the screeching anger that passes for music. This place looks like it should’ve been abandoned decades ago. The Cage has a mosh-pit unlike any other… Gang disputes are not tolerated here, so it’s a good place to talk (shout?) to various gang members without being interrupted by an attack. That being said, fights will unsurprisingly break out. Security Level: 1 7 Riverside Babylon Garvey & Riverside Avenue, New Port A smokey, hazy, claustrophobic regae and rastafarian bar catering to a surprisingly wide variety of patrons, many of whom are young wage-slave types looking to chill out. Dark wood and orange plastic predominates. A favourite haunt of members of the Voodoo Boys, although they were barred for a shooting a month or so ago. Babylon boasts amazing industrial views of the Port Authority District, with it’s 24 hour arc lights and navigation beacons. A popular place for fixers and other movers. Desmond Silk, the owner, is currently fighting hard to keep the Kombinat from muscling in, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Desmond lives opposite the night-spot in a small, converted tug moored off the Riverside wharf. Security Level: 1 8 Blacklight 13th & Angel Boulevard, San Gabriel This large, mid-level nightclub was recently refurbished using Binh Xuyen money, after a devastating fire. The entire interior is clad in matt black rubberised plastic. Music of choice here is Technoise. The large, central dance floor is illuminated by a column of white and UV light, creating a striking visual focus, especially when the floor is packed with gyrating dancers. The periphery is decked out with various seating areas. There are several wide gantries and walkways surrounding the space with more private seating. There are five seperate bar areas, two of which are up on the gantries. UV spots are scattered throughout the space. UV body stencils are available near the cloakrooms for 10eb each. There are white suited security staff patrolling the club, glowing under the UV. Front door security is handled by an LAI housed in a converted industrial cybershell, fixed into the entrance ceiling. Clusters of manipulator arms can blossom out of the central body. Multiple optic mounts give 360° views to the LAI and security team. Some of the waldo arms are tipped with powerful tasers. Also, each patron is scanned for weapons. A fee is charged to store them securely. Security Level: 2 9 Dubculture 5th Street, Little Odessa This converted warehouse is dirty, faded and dark, both inside and out. All the ground floor windows are boarded over and the upper windows have barred grills covering them. The Dubculture sign was painted onto the building around 8 years ago, and years of acid rain have taken their toll. The once bright paint is faded and flaking. Kombinat foot-soldiers come here to pick-up members of the opposite (or same) sex. The club is open 24 hours a day, with cycling staff shifts every 6. Stay in the club long enough, and you’ll notice the tech-dub play list runs on a loop. Security staff also operate in a shift pattern but they never seem to have a full compliment, so security is minimal and, very occasionally, non-existent. The place is regularly closed due to a shooting or stabbing. It is popular with the unemployed and shift workers from the west side of Night City and is only ever at one-third it’s maximum capacity at any given time. There’s a 5eb entry fee, providing there is someone on the front desk to collect it. Dubculture is owned by Curtis Lang, a young and moderately well connected fixer who specialises in bringing those with a need together with those with a solution. Curtis rarely handles any tangible goods, prefering info and connections. He lives in a spacious, minimalist loft apartment in the Riverside Complex, New Port, rather than above the club he tends to neglect rather than mismanage. Curtis is on good terms with the Kombinat. Security Level: 0 10 Sliders 22nd Street, Lockwood Situated next to the Danceteria on 22nd Street, a block from the Uptown West NCART subway station and the nearby Hyperlife™. This strip-joint takes up the inside of a 5 storey concrete slab and glass office building, repurposed by painting out the ground floor windows in a rich burgundy, with a black male and female silhouette logo, spotlit from below. The windows on the next two floors are covered with aircon units and exterior screens, showing fast-cut erotic imagery. One always seems to be badly pixelated. The screens are on the north and west sides of this corner plot. Staged orgasmic moans with an underlying pumping bass rythm can be heard almost a block away. The last two floors have their windows obscured by thick burgundy curtains, with a hint of red light bleeding out. The roof is a cluster of more aircon units, conduits and satellite dishes. Inside, the floors are covered with deep, crimson carpets and black rubberised surfaces. There is a mirrored catwalk ending in a round stage, chrome poles on mirrored podiums, red spot lights, matt black rubberised ‘greek’ pillars and plastic jungle creepers randomly placed. There is a central round bar with a rubberised surface wide enough for the mixed gender dancers. Black wrought iron spiral stairs allow staff access to and from the bar area. The dancers come in via four widely spaced entrances with diamanté curtains and dry ice vapour trails, flanked by biomodified security staff. Behind the scenes, these four entrances lead to a warren of feeder corridors than converge on a stairwell that leads to the dressing rooms on the first floor. They also lead to the dedicated security station and offices. The second floor is storage and offices that are rarely used, and staff break rooms. The third and fourth floors are a maze of narrow corridors that smell of perfumed disinfectant, lined with small plastic cubicle rooms with smoked acrylic doors. These are where the illegal puppets and joy-girls/boys ply their trade, providing you know Khun Kom Sa (Thai for Mr. Handsome), the club’s owner and pimp. He is a small, greasy Thaiwanese homosexual in his early fifties, with an over-keen eye for the male dancers, staff and puppets. He wears a dazzling variety of pastel leisure suits, loud tropical print shirts and make-up. He has his own plush apartment here, reclaimed from the maze that is the top floor and the rigid polypropylene pleasure pods. Khun happily pays protection money to the local Azande (he knows he could pay a lot more than he does) as they provide extra security. There are at least 5 or 6 large Africans in expensive designer suits, with tribal scars across their faces, in the club during opening hours. There are usually 3 or 4 here playing cards and enjoying a drink while the dancers rehearse, when the club is closed. Security Level: 2 11 Simulcra Corner of 22nd & Angel Boulevard, Heaven’s Gate Sitting opposite the Uptown West NCART subway station, this converted low rise apartment building now houses Night City’s premier adult fantasy braindance experience. Although the squat, two storey exterior is clad in dirty pink and grey plastic, the laminated pale grey interior is extremely clean and fresh. Timed air freshening units spray exotic scents into each of the six suites. Black plastic pods line the walls like sarcophogi, each housing an oxydised coated-aluminium braindance couch with temperfoam inlays, pink plastic Takara-Tomy ‘trode sets and a sanitising wipe/contact gel dispenser. Tasteful, erotic images are projected at intervals onto the walls, while soft, romantic music plays quietly from hidden speakers. The six suites are large and spread throughout the building, over the two floors. A small, discrete reception desk is set in a small lobby with no windows, and all visitors must be buzzed in by the receptionist who monitors the exterior with cameras housed in the building’s cladding. Access to the Simulcra pods requires - you can sign up in the lobby or register online: 50eb registration fee, 400eb per session or 5000eb for a yearly subscription. Members can enjoy clean facilities, soft to very hardcore programmable fantasies, the post-’dance bar area on the upper floor and a Hyperlife™ across the street. Lots of members are conservative-looking, corporate couples looking to spice things up safely. It is a little known fact that the Simulcra is owned by Saracen Productions and security is very tight and, even though it is in the heart of Azande territory, they are almost never seen around the building. Security Level: 3 12 The Flesh Café Corner of 23rd & Angel Boulevard, Heaven’s Gate A small, fetishist-chic bar with dangerous furniture, dark rubber walls and lots of shiny latex. Patrons often in extreme fetish wear. Anything goes in this place. Smells like lubricant. Security Level: 0 13 Zoners Corner of Lazarus Street, New Port One block down from Dubculture and opposite Little Odessa, this long, dark, narrow space carved out of an old, corrugated polymer industrial unit is a haven for serious wirehead addicts and braindancers stiming illegal sims. There is no bar in this neon-tube lit ‘tunnel’; refreshment needs are catered for with a long row of poorly maintained vending machines. Seating is a ramshackle collection of decommissioned office chairs rescued from dumpsters, old car and AV seats and a scattering of disjointed plastic tables. Looks like a student rec room after a nuclear war. The whole place reeks of ozone, nicotine, teenagers and hash. The owner, Bobby Rot, is a 16 year old emancipated juvenile and a hardcore button-head. He has an office at the back that consists of polymer lean-to’s attached to scaffolding rods with industrial adhesives. This space is practically knee deep with sim consoles and empty soda cans. The best thing about Zoners is the illegal power and cable hook-ups for running the wirehead rigs. Hard-to-trace net access is available in this pit, although Bobby will want a fee to let you do it. He’ll also let you store stuff out back, no questions asked (he’s too lethargic to go and look at what you’ve stashed). Bobby will accept payment in stimulants if you’re strapped for cash. Security Level: 0 14 The Danceteria 22nd Street, Lockwood A couple of doors down from Sliders, The Danceteria is a large nightclub with moderate security that caters to the neo-wave trance scene. Patrons are bombarded with loud dance music, laser light shows and abstact holograms, all-in-all a very trippy experience designed to compliment a variety of popular drugs. Many well to do students from NCU mingle with slumming corporate brats, unified by their social drug of choice. No-one seems to know who owns the place and their are too many management levels for the place to be more successful. Even the staff are spaced-out recreational users. Most of the staff are West African illegals. In reality, the Azande own and operate the place, using it to launder money and move drugs. If anything happened to this club, the Azande would be losing a considerable investment. Security Level: 2 15 Pablo’s 25th Street, Lockwood This pool hall and bar sits across the street from a badly beaten Starbucks self-serve. The place is small, only holding 3 pool tables and a hologaming pit, with a bar running the length of the west wall. The beer here is cheap however as Pablo gets it from boosters ripping off distribution centres in the city’s north west districts. The two floors above the pool hall are derelict and unusable, with Pablo’s apartment situated on the very top floor above. Pablo was a solo in his youth and is very security conscious, especially with gangs like The 186 and The Dog Soldiers on the doorstep. He has a deal going with the members of the Reality Blurs gang to dispose of any corpses that end up in the bar, for a few hundred euro. He has never asked where they end up. This means Pablo is quite happy to kill someone outright in his establishment. The pool hall exterior is covered in gang tags. Security Level: 1 and 2 upstairs 16 The Hypomatic Corner of 26th & Century South, Angel Falls Only a block from Arcade Atomic and dangerously close to Nogo, this small corner store has been refitted as an automated drug bar with card operated units that dispense various illegal substances via industrial robotic arms. One wall is vending machines, one is a row of couches and industrial robots, one a mix of flatscreen TVs, the last wall is an armoured control booth. The industrial theme is strong here, with black and yellow hazard stripes, chequer-plate flooring, dirty orange and white corrugated metal walls and heavy, bulky seating. Very popular with local boosters. Owned by a minor Yakuza leftenant with links to Haruna Biolabs, as a private sideline and money laundering business. Overdoses are very, very common. Prices vary. Security Level: 2 17 Absolute Zero & Below Zero 20th & Simmons Street, Uptown Über-chic nightclubs in a corporate secure zone, reputedly owned by the Synthesia corporation. The main nightclub, Absolute Zero, is a brushed aluminium façade with the name laser-cut from the metal, and back lit with blue neon. Large external screens cover the two fronts of the building, one showing the interior of Absolute, the other the inside of Below Zero. The security here is smart, intelligent and trained in Europe. Getting a weapon into either club is extremely difficult. Below Zero is a smaller club, below street level, with semi-frosted acrylic skylights set into the sidewalk. These are kept as clean as possible. The interior is a rich, dark blue with light blue neon trim, signage and lighting and is designed as a ‘chill out zone’ to complement the nightclub above. Many lavish parties are thrown here, and the entire place is treated as a VIP area, with 10,000eb per year membership fees and VIP access, or 200eb on the door for non-members. Absolute’s interior is bright white in contrast, with the same blue neon embellishments. This is a larger, more traditional nightclub, but the beers, spirits, wines and champagnes are all real and excessively expensive. It costs 100eb on the door or free with the Zero membership. Queues are very common and the door staff regularly turn people away for not looking good enough for the establishment. Dress to impress! Security Level: 3 18 Happy Daze 24th & University, NCU Campus South Happy Daze is a 24-hour bar and lounge that caters mainly to the bourgois student population. The patrons are heady mix of stoned frat-boys and emotionally enhanced genius-level A-graders. Some low level corporate types also frequent The Daze, especially between 8 and 10PM, after finishing work. Drug use is accepted and actively encouraged. Dealers from the Blood Razors and Alien Riot can be found here on occasion, and if they cross paths, all hell breaks loose. The decor is mainly maroon, easy-clean acrylic panelling on the walls and worn, beige slip-resistent tiles on the floor. All the furniture is bolted down and has padded corners for safety. The lighting is always subdued and its always hard to tell what time of day it is once inside. A permanent pall of pale blue smoke hangs in the stale air. The popular music here is mainly the latest trance inspired digital euphoria, fresh out of the Pacific Prosperity Sphere. Security Level: 1 19 L’Orange Mechanique 18th Street, Commerce West A block down from the Nakumara Leisure department store and situated in the shadow of the Sumo Foods business tower, this über-minimalist lounge is a quiet haven for stressed salarymen and over-worked civil service types who like chic but affordable surroundings. Everything inside is either matt or gloss white plastic. Classical music plays softly in the background while patrons relax on the organically shaped, ergonomic furniture. Low lighting keeps the place from looking too stark. A small selection of aparatifs can be ordered from the AR menus that can be accessed by those with compatible devices, or from the quality stock printed menus distributed by the staff upon request. It is a little known fact that the lounge is monitored by both Infocomp and the Special Intelligence Commission. Security Level: 2 20 Black Lotus 22nd Street, Lockwood This exclusive sauna bar situated in the shell of a converted tenement is reputed to be Yakuza owned. The tile clad exterior is jet black with glossy black and vertically aligned kanji script reflecting the ubiquitous city lights. A black door plaque next to the armoured entrance has the words Black Lotus in English laser-etched into it. The dark interior is an exercise in Japanese industrial futurism. Traditional music is piped into the steam rooms and massage suites, the bar and lounges. The upstairs consists of hotel-style suites and meeting rooms. This private club is strictly members only and fees run into a few grand a month, depending on who you are and how connected you might be. A favourite of successful fixers, euro-solos and Makita Genetics corporates who want luxury, privacy and expensive call girls on tap. The reclusive shoemaker, Brother Voodoo spends alot of his time here in a secure hired suite. Highly trained security staff are never far away. With Azande turf only a block or so west, there is some tension, but the tribals aren’t foolish enough to make a move on the area just yet. Security Level: 3 21 The Foundry 31st Street, Black Hill West This abandoned factory building squats opposite Municipal Apartment Zone 4 and in the shadow of Route 16. The Foundry isn’t really a foundry - its a grungy nightclub. The large main room is huge, dank and windowless, lit only by a few permanently swinging electric lights that cast weird shadows on the brick walls. Pipes cover surfaces and pass overhead in all directions. Many of them drip warm water down onto the concrete floor. Indstrial ‘music’ made of deep metallic clanks and grinds reverberates though air thick with the smell of sweaty bodies. Yet somehow, some people think that this is a pretty cool place to be. The clientele tend to look rather strange even for the club-goers of the 21st century. Chains and piercings are common, as is pale silver metallic makeup. Obvious cyberwear gets admiring glances from all quarters. Here at The Foundry, self-mutilation is a serious fashion statement. A favourite haunt of boosters, posers and fetishists. The club was acquired by the Kombinat when Oshima Entertainment were trying to snap up Saracen Productions’ assets back in 2023. Security Level: 0 22 Neuroteric 16th & Angel Boulevard, Commerce West This spacious and airy restaurant is renowned for it’s excellent cuisine and for it’s holographic menus and entertainment. The large interior is partitioned with etched glass screens that allow a sense of space whilst maintaining privacy. Tables are fitted with white noise generators as standard, along with a variety of holographic entertainments. Each table area can provide a different experience each time you dine at the Neuroteric. Patrons can even control the ambient lighting from their table. Security Level: 1 23 Frozen Thoughts Various Locations Frozen Thoughts outlets are part of a sim-stim franchise owned by Diverse Media Systems. Each establishment is designed around a core layout, yet styled differently depending on where the outlet is located. These facilities range from tasteful (Palmdale) to shabby (Black Hill). Security Level: 1 24 The Nihon Club 21st Street, Uptown This selective gentleman’s club is popular amongst mid-level corporates with a an overinflated sense of self-importance. The club is located on the top floor of a 12 storey electrical retail hub opposite the Modernbody store and dwarfed by the austere, block dominating Protocol building. The Nihon is essentially an overpriced private hang-out for corporate ladder climbers who like to network. The security system is pretty sophisticated and based on biometric data. Owned and operated by Yoshiko. Security Level: 1 25 Blueglass 26th Street, El Nino This intimate, old-style bar specialises in live heavy jazz cabaret and cajun cooking. Popular with the local NCU crowd as well as those looking for something a little different. Every Tuesday night is Swing Night! Every Thursday night is Burlesque Night! Free Southern Comfort with every pitcher of beer! Also popular with southern nomads, truckers and panzerboys. Security Level: 0 26 Kursk 22nd Street, Uptown This large and popular nightclub is built into the side of a multi-storey carpark and features a huge Soviet wreathed red star above the entrance, and the foyer is decorated with artistic pictograms of Uncle Joe Stalin. The interior is dominated by an actual T-34 tank traversing a slope of stylised soviet rubble. Grainy black and white footage from World War 2 is looped on several huge screens that loom over the nightclub. Eastern Front war attrocity montages, Soviet and Nazi propoganda with a europop soundtrack. Bar and club staff are dressed as Soviet commisars. Members of the Gestapo Moderns frequent the club most nights, but not in great numbers. Owned and run by Rudolph Kane, a retired euro-solo. Security Level: 1 Well, that's all the detailed night spots I have. I'll try and work on some more from the map (and get the map emailed over to you)... In my game, Sliders, the brothel/strip club, is a burnt out shell after twin albino vat-grown solos in the employ of the fixer Matt Black decided to RPG it out of business. Matt owned a strip club himself and decided to neutralise all competition, with hilarious (for me) results.
  19. I'm interested! I did an expanded NC map last year for a pretty detailed 'sandbox' fixer-driven campaign. The map itself is fairly open but I've given district names to areas, new street names, gang turf marked on etc. Even various AV parking! It's currently a layered PDF, so you can 'switch off' certain things like district boundries, gang areas etc. The best part is, like your good self, I left the 'official' Night City intact. I can email you a copy if you like? I might have to shrink the file a bit - it's 7.2Mb; I designed it to print BIG. I have some expanded locations that correlate with the map that may be useful. There are lots of undetailed locations listed in a panel to the side of the main map. I didn't get around to those before the campaign began and just made things up on the fly. Plus, there are some obvious 'influences'... Gang names abound, but, again, I just winged it in play. I originally intended to detail them all, NC Sourcebook style. Glad I didn't as the PCs chewed through quite a number of them! Feel free to grab names for gangs, even if there's no specifics. Cheers.
  20. I agree with Malek on this one. By the way, this thread is über-awesome and I will be using this system in my upcoming campaign (New Year start if I have my way…). Good job ICE-9! And thanks.
  21. The GM put the characters together for us and none of the PCs have Psychometry as far as I know. I've been actively looking since session 1, but haven't found any of our kind anywhere in Night City… We're screwed.
  22. Yeah, I'm playing in one now! I'm a vampire fixer called Able Kane. Kane and the other PCs have had their coven burned out from under them by a group called the Sun Knights. A couple of our 'safe houses' have also been torched. Other rival covens are suffering the same fate it seems. Currently trying to find out what the fuck is going on and more about the Sun Knights so we can take the fight to them. It's pretty frustrating to keep getting hit but not being able to strike back. And it's a pisser having to crawl into a hole everytime the sun comes up, but hey, we're vampires. And we get to ignore things like morals and other pansy shit. And we are double-hard bastards! We took out the entirety of the Philharmonic Vampires gang last week. Wasn't pretty. From a players view point, it's a bit strange being 'evil' without feeling like the group is going to be disappointed in your antics. Plus the power level is very different to what I'm used to, but this creates an arrogance that seems appropriate for a vampire game, although non of the PCs are taking too many risks just yet. It's hard to shake of that paranoid caution we've perfected over the years… The Psychic stuff is pretty cool, with some good effects without being a game breaker. So far, so good.
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