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  1. Jake Van Huysmann, Prowler • Job: Freelance Procurement Agent • Pad: Currently between residences… • DOB: April 4th 2001, Nijmegen Policed Zone, The Netherlands, EU: 25 years old (April 2026) • Dutch • Jake looks pretty slick for someone recently released from prison; spiky, jet black hair, high-neck, slimline leather jacket, black jeans/cargo pants, t-shirts/crew necks. Jake also sports a selection of black, tribal tattoos across his arms and body, and the scar across his face lends an edginess to his overall look. • Jake is painfully aware of how successful he once was a
  2. Tetsuo ‘Gunshi’ Akimoto, Solo • Ronin hired by Matt Black • Pad: Currently between residences… • DOB: January 23rd 2003, Tokyo-Chiba, Japan, Pacific Prosperity Sphere: 23 years old (April 2026) • Japanese • Tetsuo dresses in a pseudo-corporate style - very sharp, but slightly conservative suits, wears his black hair slicked back with a severe undercut and sports round, chromed mirrorshades • Tetsuo is motivated by his own ego. A strong believer in his own abilities, he is arrogant and cocky. He values himself over all others and lusts after power and money. To Tetsuo, peop
  3. Vincent Bauer, Undercover Cop trapped between Matt Black and The Job • Faceman and muscle for Matt Black, owner of The Works nightclub, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • Pad: Low rent, three room apartment in Municipal Apartment Zone 4, Black Hill, Night City (owned by NCPD). • Role: Cop (undercover, posing as a Fixer) • DOB: January 17th 2000, New Jersey: 26 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • Anglo-American • Vincent Bauer is tall, lean man with rough close-cropped hair and a five-o’clock shadow. He always wears a worn, black leather coat, T-shirts, hood
  4. Geist

    Matt Black

    Thanks guys. Charlie and Oscar were pretty fierce in the campaign. They were both controlled by the same player which made combat pretty intense. Replicated the close tactical unity the pair would naturally have really well. And Graham played them both really creepy - most of the time they were quiet and placid, and when trouble started they'd explode into action, suddenly hyper-aware of their immediate situation. And they could lay down some serious fire. Polly was awesome too, in her own way. As a fifteen year old girl, she'd turn on the 'cat from Shrek' routine but had the morals
  5. AU-5903 ‘Charlie’ & AU-5915 ‘Oscar’, Solos • Bodyguards to Matt Black, owner of The Works nightclub, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • Pad: Small room on the 2nd floor of The Works, corner of 22nd Street & Coronado Drive, Exchange East, Night City. • DOB: Unknown. Approximately 20 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • African • Physically, the pair are very striking. They are pale albinos with strong, African features, 7' tall, lean with wiry, athletic frames, dotted with scars. They are both hairless with black barcodes on the backs of their necks alo
  6. Felix Winter, Corporate • Holistic Marketing Executive, Biotechnica Corporation, Night City Office • Apartment 3904, Level 39, Utopia Falls, Biotechnica Secure Sector, Silent Sky Archology Complex, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • DOB: March 13th 2001, Night City: 25 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • Anglo-American • Felix harbours a desperate fear of returning to the gutter and will use anyone or anything to make sure he stays on top. He has a love of all things expensive and prides himself on his exceptionally good taste. Felix is also very passionate a
  7. Polly Carbon, Netrunner • Hypersystem Architect for The Works nightclub, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • Pad: Loft above The Works, corner of 22nd Street & Coronado Drive, Exchange East, Night City • Role: Netrunner/Data Cutter • DOB: February 9th 2011, North Oak: 15 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • Emancipated Juvenile status since 19th June, 2025 (forged/net fraud) • Anglo-American • Into Utility/Leisure Wear, blue shaggy hair and make-up (inc. contacts), lip ring and tattoos - wears her dad’s old MARPAT armour jacket (SP14 - no insignia or pa
  8. Matt Black, Fixer • Owner of The Works nightclub, Night City, Freestate of Northern California • Apartment 2929, The Vanwelt Building, Ascension Drive, NorCal Plaza, Night City • DOB: July 31st 2000, Los Angeles: 26 years old at campaign start (March 2026) • Anglo-American • Into expensive Business & Leisure Wear - suits and shirts with no tie, Italian shoes etc. Matt always likes to look sharp - it gets respect, it gets you noticed. Matt’s a sucker for expensive brand names and labels - Flein, Gucci, Yoshiko, Desanto, Armani etc. The latest Yoshiko morphwear is his current
  9. Handgun and INT, I would say… Or COOL. Unless you think that 12 guage makes you look hawt.
  10. We've drifted to that way of using stats and skills over the years, mainly through in-game requirement. We thought we'd been quite cleverly exploiting the pleasingly fluid system (Interlock™). I don't recall ever having seen it stated in the 2020 book. Makes sense though.
  11. Yeah. That's true. My bad. WTF was I thinking?
  12. Yes. The lines between the two genres has definitely blurred in recent years. It seems that common cyberpunk tropes such as computing, hacking, cutting-edge technology, über-commercialism have become fodder for techno-thrillers as the real world hurtles past those original 80s concepts. Might explain the way cyberpunk games have drifted towards a gun-fetish style. There's alot of gun play in techno-thrillers. Plus, the Japanese/animé take on western cyberpunk (designer ultra-violence) seems to have a lot to do with it. While there is nothing wrong with a cyberpunk techno-thriller, it
  13. Oooooh! Tell us more! Love what you've done with Neuropolitan. You were going to update that setting IIRC?
  14. Sablehawk, awesome link my friend. Malek77 - fucking sweet write-up! God, I love this game.
  15. PM your email address - not sure if I've got the right one. You should have the map by now…
  16. Map has now been emailed! If you look at the combat zone at the bottom of my map, it doesn't seem very large. But the further you travel south, the more it spreads east and west and blurs into the ruined and semi-abandoned suburbs. That's what I tell my players anyway. Sorry if I seem over-enthusiastic, I've not shown anyone other than my regular players. Plus, I've not looked at this stuff in a while. Cheers, Paul
  17. Wisdom, I've added some locations to the submissions thread if you want to take a look. I also have a layered PDF map of my expanded Night City which you might find useful, although mine is more 'graphic' like a tourist map... I'll try and send it tonight after work.
  18. Here are the locations I detailed to go with my updated map. The numbers, street names and districts correspond to the map and are listed on it under Hospitality & Leisure. These locations were designed to give my PCs more to do at night and to compliment the existing NC material. Although it's probably more relevant to my campaign, I hope you can find something useful: 1 Alzo’s Corner of 23rd & Farren, Lockwood Alzo’s place is a small, discreet brick-fronted building that dates back to the late 1990s. Largely run down and covered in gang tags, you wouldn’t know this was a
  19. I'm interested! I did an expanded NC map last year for a pretty detailed 'sandbox' fixer-driven campaign. The map itself is fairly open but I've given district names to areas, new street names, gang turf marked on etc. Even various AV parking! It's currently a layered PDF, so you can 'switch off' certain things like district boundries, gang areas etc. The best part is, like your good self, I left the 'official' Night City intact. I can email you a copy if you like? I might have to shrink the file a bit - it's 7.2Mb; I designed it to print BIG. I have some expanded locations th
  20. I agree with Malek on this one. By the way, this thread is über-awesome and I will be using this system in my upcoming campaign (New Year start if I have my way…). Good job ICE-9! And thanks.
  21. The GM put the characters together for us and none of the PCs have Psychometry as far as I know. I've been actively looking since session 1, but haven't found any of our kind anywhere in Night City… We're screwed.
  22. Yeah, I'm playing in one now! I'm a vampire fixer called Able Kane. Kane and the other PCs have had their coven burned out from under them by a group called the Sun Knights. A couple of our 'safe houses' have also been torched. Other rival covens are suffering the same fate it seems. Currently trying to find out what the fuck is going on and more about the Sun Knights so we can take the fight to them. It's pretty frustrating to keep getting hit but not being able to strike back. And it's a pisser having to crawl into a hole everytime the sun comes up, but hey, we're vampires. And we
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